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  2. 1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4

    Starting to add the PE from the exterior set, first up surfaces for the airbrake bay....... And Col's mystery about to be revealed........
  3. Paint match for RAF Phantom fibreglass nose

    I've justed painted it medium sea grey, slighlty darker than barley grey, job done
  4. I'm almost finished La-15 from Mars Model - its were not easy to fit two sides fuselage parts and upper part + wing - even even need clamp to fix - that the fuselage has met in a circle profile.
  5. Excellent work to date Rich,this will look's a cracking beast when built!

    Now that is nice, lovely little dio & modelling. I've long been keen in one of these myself. Steve.
  7. There's nothing wrong with them them .Looks well made and painted.Will look forward to more of your builds.
  8. 1/25 49 Mercury Wagon

    Thanks Homer.
  9. TVs best characters

    Sounds like something I should hunt down. Steve.
  10. Yep that's right. I somehow cant help but think with the proliferation of Moths used in Military and civil roles....and variants thereof. Its a goldmine waiting to be modelled......maybe its just me???

    Very fine work on this small scale,Cheers.
  12. Valom MD.450 Ouragan 1/72

    I would be proud of a build like that, it looks good to me.
  13. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Only if they've forgotten to calibrate the speedo for the wider wheels...
  14. Airfix Sea Fury of the RCN

    Good to see a start Grahame,lovely kit it certainly look's superb on the sprue.
  15. Dewoitine D.520 1/72 RS Model

    Thanks chaps, much appreciated! :-) Hope it will help too! Anyway, do not hesitate to contact me via PM should you have any questions. Hallo Roman! Yes, the kit was riveted in my usual fashion (in the Surfacer, not in the bare plastic) with Rosie the Riveter tool. The paints are Gunze Aqueous throughout, as follows; Light Blue Grey H67+H325 (50:50) Brown H17 Khaki Green H80 Grey H307 Hope it helps! Cheers Libor
  16. RAF Dark Green 1942

    What is the true colour of Dark Green as applied to UK manufactured aircraft during WWII? For many years I've used Humbrol 30 and it is very close to US FS 595A Ref 34096. I got a copy of the Federal Standard paint chips back in the 1970s and it is kept in the dark. RAF Dark Green is a bluish green with no hint of brown. Recent tins of 30 are, when dry, almost exactly the same as 30 painted on to models back in the 1970s. Exploring airbrushing and acrylics purchased a number of Vallejo paints, covering WWII RAF colours. I was given a basic set of LifeColour paints. This week I tried both Life Colour 538 and Vallejo 71.016. Both claim to be RAF Dark Green, but once painted and dry are VERY different. The Vallejo seems to be more like 34096, a dark olive green colour with no blue hue at all and the Lifecolour is worse, a light earthy colour, more like 34027. What is the general experience of the colour accuracy of acrylic paints form the various makers? At the moment, based on one trial I'm very suspicious of all these acrylic paints..based on these two the temptation is to bin the lot!
  17. Count me in Giorgio,not sure what with but there's a huge choice out there.
  18. I thought I would make a airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk2c it will be out of the box put using some PE bits.This is what Ive done so far.
  19. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    For what its worth i can see a couple of panels that are different tones of white. These are located as you asked on the spine behind the cockpits.
  20. Test parts pics Source: http://www.modelarovo.cz/de-havilland-dh-88-comet-1-72-novinka-az-model/ V.P.
  21. wow, bright mustang, those seats look really comfortable mate, congrats!!!
  22. Paint match for RAF Phantom fibreglass nose

    Modeldecal instruction sheets for the earlier grey Spey engined Phantoms from around 1981 make no distinction between the Barley Grey uppersurfaces and the radome however by the mid-80s there is a distinction in the drawings and the radome is described as being 'a matt-finish brown-tinted medium grey (similar to Barley Grey with a brown tint).' No explanation is offered as to whether that had always been the case but not previously remarked upon or if it was the result of several years exposure to the elements or was it a slightly different finish. By 1988 the term 'satin-finish medium brownish grey' was used however in Sheet 115 which includes 1435 Flight markings from 1991 the colour scheme drawings are back to making no distinction between the Barley Grey uppersurfaces and the radome and no mention is made of any possible difference. Just to add a little more confusion to the mix both the Linewrights Aeroguide for the FG.1/FGR.2 includes artwork for an aircraft with what they describe as a 'Medium Sea Grey' radome while one of the 29 Sqn. options from around 1982/1983 has what is described as a 'semi-matt medium neutral grey' radome although other options on the same sheet make no differentiation between the radome and uppersurface Barley Grey. Over the years some images of actual aircraft show what are obviously differently coloured radomes while others do not so maybe just a case of pick your aircraft and compare images.
  23. Desert Rat "El Alamein" 1942

    Very nice, like the way you have depicted him in typical 'tommy' with a tooth missing
  24. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    Waves back! I know Ryhill, used to have a mate lived in Havercroft, just up the road from you.
  25. TVs best characters

    Probably not a widely known film from 1971, although it did have Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in it. It's based on a radio play by Dylan Thomas and probably wouldn't be to everyone's taste. David Jason played Nogood Boyo, a disreputable character, who had a memorable scene splashing in the sea with an apparently naked Ruth Madoc. There's lovely!
  26. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    If the UK honours it's commitment to the purchase of 138 F35 - and given the fact that we keep making it known that we Will, it's not a case of having enough money for two variants. A split purchase of B and A variants will be Cheaper than an all B order. The airframes have a lot in common so we are not looking at having to have two completely different support structures.
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