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  2. As you can all tell Sywell was a nogo but instead I have made the new first cast of the Gannet prop spinner, more of that in an appropriate place Here I did a little refinement of the nose leg yoke and popped an axle tube (John Aero again) into the wheel I made from a nice thick Airfix Jaguar wheel The front part of the yoke needs aiming higher towards the sky and the pivot holes fitting but it is close enough for photography Here the axle alignment is being adapted to life on the 'plane I have to check but it is possible the front axle pin is as hollow as the mainwheel axles, it may need leaving see-through if so. I love digital zoom, this little Olympus is a sweetie taken standing up several feet higher than the leg it works nicely Havent even got it on super 'macro' yet either Do we think this will do to work with? I will be putting the retraction jack into the small yoke on the back after I dress the leg properly, probably before I stick the entire issue into the nose leg bay Shown here with its predecessors Left mine, centre Matchbox and right Frog I think that will do, huh? Now where did I leave that pesky Gannet?
  3. Lincoln apparently were always Kader products, the name being dropped for some reason. I wasn't aware of any Kiwi connection. There's a longer discussion on these kits here which includes a comment that the Britannia has not been confirmed - it has now - but the DC-6 was a DC-7 (which is what I remember). I suspect a fuller list of the original releases can be extracted from the first (all kits so far) booklet originally produced by Scale Models magazine way back when, and presumably in later books since.
  4. Maintrack "Project-X" kits

    Does anyone have a complete list of these? (Moderator: I'm not exactly sure where to post this, so feel free to move it to whatever forum you deem post appropriate.)
  5. What's For Tea???

    And a few herbs especially mint ...
  6. Did a variation of this - tried one with 1:30 and one with 2:00 exposure - just changing this variable made no difference. Tried one (i) using wire wool to thoroughly clean the surface and (ii) after laminating going over it with an iron (on the 'silks' setting) and then (iii) using 1:30 of exposure to UV: This was after less than 2:00 in the caustic mix. Hey - at least some of the exposed resist stuck.....progress of a sort Definitely using the same caustic mix ratio. As for the resist and lamp and caustic soda - I followed Mark's links when I was buying all the stuff - but it was about 9 months ago and I can't honestly remember if I was able to use the same supplier for everything or not. The lamp looks to be at least generically the same. I suspect my old laminator can't be hot enough because the exposed resist adhered better after using the iron. I could order some more resist - it's very cheap - just in case - but a bad workman blames his tools...... I'll try again with a tad hotter iron (wool setting) and a tad longer exposure (2:00) If it was too easy it wouldn't be a challenge and it wouldn't be as enjoyable.......
  7. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    I'm mostly out of it now.....I might be able to offer some references for your Pacific Sherman (need to check).
  8. Super Etendard - Italeri 1:72 (1986) *images working*

    Hey i can see the photo’s finally ... Very good looking so far.
  9. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    AIR 76/175/23. He's shown as 'JA' but his service number etc is corrrect and the 'A' is crossed out on the header card.
  10. Red Dwarf XII - The Return of Holly

    I thought exactly the same after seeing the trailer's Max, I always loved his deadpan delivery and hearing Holly say to Rimmer. " It's the morning, and your in a corridor" after asking certainly made me smile again.
  11. The Britmodeller Model Shop Directory

    Had a quick look through and could not see this one in the list: Setchfields 21-25 High Street Poole Dorset BH15 1AB Tel : 01202 673300 They have a whole range of stuff - Planes, targets.... (sorry armour & AFV...) and sinky things (oh yes - Boats & Ships - that's what they are called ) Paints, glues and all sundries. They also do a large range of railway items and things for scenery. Found them today and had a pop in. fantastic range of Airfix, Italeri, Revell, Zevezda, Trumpeter and quite a bit of Tamiya armour/AFV. I was only interested in wingy things so didn't look at anything else! Definitely worth having a call in if you are in the area.
  12. Maybe reinforce the edges of the track a bit before making the impressions.....Looking forward to the next installment. Trying to get myself back into the saddle and this is very encouraging.
  13. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    Hi Sabrejet, Any chance you could ping me the reference for his second set of "officer" records? I've found his airman's record (AiR 79/46) and the officer record that mentions the posting to 109 Sqn (AIR 76/175/22). I can find no reference to his grading as fit for pilot training or the Aeronautical School reference etc. Many thanks, Mark
  14. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    That sounds perfect...
  15. What's For Tea???

    With a hint of Donkey!!!
  16. Excellent! What you thinking of doing? Some more work done. I'm a bit peeved with myself as have made a silly mistake on one of the wings but more on that in the next update. So, from the last update this is what's happened. The under nose glazing gap was filled and smoothed out. You'd never know there was an issue. Well, that's until paint goes on and shows more work is needed! The tail and stabilisers were built, seams sanded lightly and attached the tail of the aircraft. The fit was really tight which helped with keeping them straight and level. Hats off to italeri for that one (if it was intentional) A small amount of filler was required which has been done. Canopy was removed from the frame, tidied up a little and slotted into place. Fit was good just needed a couple of the wife's hair bobbkes wrapped around to hold it down to sit properly. As you can see framing has been masked. She actually looks like a stirling now! And then onto the wings. Ah Yes, the wings. Where do we start with these. Well, italeri has you butchering the wings to open up loads of different bits and bobs in the wings. Nightmare. Quite a daunting prospect really. Here's the wing to be chopped. @The Spadgent has Dexter. I have, erm, wait he doesn't have a name! He who should not be named was about to get stuck in. Choppy chop, sawy saw. We had this And repeat. 3 more times. Or so I thought. See the bit chopped out of the wing leading edge. Doesn't need it on the other wing. So guess what, I've had to stick back in what got chopped out and that's currently sat curing ready for filling and sanding. You live and learn. I've also masked all the side windows. I've made the decision to close the wings up and will fit the undercarriage at a later date. The instructions have you fit the undercarriage before closing the wings up which would be really awkward to paint. I'm confident that with a bit of a squeeze I can get the undercarriage in and fixed. If I can't, well, it's a bit too late now. I will have to cross that bridge if it comes to it.
  17. Where was Lemon Yellow used in the RAF?

    To be honest i second Mr.Rixon in the fact there are members that are quite sure they are 100% correct in colors or other accuracy issues. It has happened where members get quite rude if you don’t follow there train of thought. Some might say im like that however i try not to be. Now that being said. I’m sure this will Ruffle feathers and Step on toes. In my opinion and my thoughts after 30+ yrs of modeling. Painting anything to do with scale models, and i should point this out. In reality it really boils down to the good old fashioned Mark One 👁ball. If it looks correct its correct. I truly understand the whole argument for scale effect, i personally don't follow the practice as to me it isnt worth the trouble. There are those of you who believe in that. I say good for you. Just don't put someone down if they don't agree with you. Then again if i build a model i care more if it looks correct to the eye, not down to whether its exact. This includes how many millimeters off a panel line or wing are, and how accurate the rivet counts are. I fully respect everyones choices, but again not everyone follows that rule. Honestly i was once that way. I was absolutely determined everything had to be 110% accurate. Eventually that caused me to get burned out on modeling. The overall result was i left modelling and lost 10 years of happiness and enjoyment in a hobby i loved since i was a child. I thank my Wife ... yes “SWMBO” for getting me back into modelling. Much to her sadness now as ive fully gotten the modeling bug again. I will only build to my personal standards. I don't care to ever get back into that restrictiveness that caused me to lose my happiness. I fully understand and respect your (everyone’s) personal choices. I say how you all choose to build your models is correct. I ask you to respect others if they choose differently from you. Im sorry if this all seems very preachy, but i thought it should be said. Dennis
  18. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    Those are the important parts! Yes! If your process of removing resin i.proves fit, definitely worth it!
  19. What have you purchased 9

    I have discovered the true meaning of Christmas… Normally, I'd be the first to say “What! It's only September!”, but some things are worth making an exception for. Contents: Is it December yet?
  20. A Stampe SV-4 A Heller'uv a kit....

    In reply to Ian, The advantage is as you say, time. I read your post and thought "I've been looking at a civil Tutor" so I grabbed a couple of my wing blanks and apart from band sawing a bit off each and I haven't rounded off the tips, top and bottom, I made a set of wings for my 1/48 vac Tutor in 23 minutes. I now only have to scribe the ailerons and some detail. My wing ribs technique I will be showing shortly in this main thread. John
  21. FOUR better - or worse!

    is delicious on fish
  22. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Phew! my step 15 is over, but still problems to overcome. This time, it was the frame 1CF too small to come into 54E (the drawing is unclear, furthermore. Well, I did my best... The knob is really monstrous! I will do comparisons photos at the end of my build, to avoid losing time.
  23. Hi Dennis Of course a little time is needed, but I found that the more you build the less time it takes. I also count on being prepared. Those curtains, for example, that I have used in many models, were printed in different types, sizes and colors long ago in one go, precisely to have them available for future use. Same with the toilet and toilet roll, made long ago in different sizes and types as one was then needed for another project. It doesn't make the model build itself, but it helps. I have a little container with scratched spare seats, control columns and the like, made as a surplus whilst building other models. Since I invariably scratch either the entire model or part of it (as in this case) having the parts ready helps. All this of course is known by all modelers...but we hardly do it ;-)
  24. Brampton (St Ives Cambs) Sunday 24.9.17

    modellingtools will beat this one as usual. In the Foyer, with our September special offers and a preview of the Octobers special offers. Nearly finished loading the van, weather looks good for Sunday, see you all there we'll be in the foyer on the back wall as normal. Thanks, Paul
  25. Aberdeen Modellers' Society Scale Model Show - 23rd September 2017

    I wondered if you would be going. Buy anything???
  26. What's For Tea???

    Buffet... ...nephew's wedding
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