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  1. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    You've made an old man very happy! That'll do!
  2. Sabrejet

    F-86F-40 type of nose wheel spokes in 1/48 scale?

    I've done a recent trawl of F-86 nosewheel types and ended up with seven different versions.
  3. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    A bit over-sensitive I think: I'm certainly not being anywhere near dictatorial, but I do feel like I'm verging on the frustrated. A browse through the history of FJ- Fury models reveals a number of near-misses (Matchbox FJ-4/4B for shape); many more far misses (the aforementioned ESCI F-86/FJ-2/FJ-3 mashup being a very pertinent example); and also a number of occasions where interesting colour schemes have been overlooked in favour of really very drab and uninteresting colours (Matchbox FJ-4/4B again for example, but some of the FJ-1 kits are guilty of this). RidgeRunner's comment regarding a Google of the subject is very pertinent: when you look at RC Fury models, you most often see folks doing the Reserve or drone director schemes (for the reasons I stated), and one would assume that's where the market would be. Finally, in a number of cases, kits and/or aftermarket have depicted the same schemes over and over: when you look at the FJ-3/3M alone, you'll find many, many colour schemes that have never been done before - and in most cases they are VERY interesting/colourful schemes! So I wish Caracal the best of luck; and in fact my frustration is not directed toward them, because at least they are doing something (even if it takes a bit of time). However when one looks at the number of times you get aftermarket stuff released at the same time as the kit it's based on, you do start to wonder what's going on with this series of great FJ kits...
  4. Sabrejet

    Model Factory Hiro 1/43 Alfa TZ2

    The weather has been far too nice for modelling but I did do a few dry-fit checks, just as morale boosters: wheels on: And basic engine/gearbox fit: And then finally the bodywork. So far it all seems to fit perfectly! Thanks for looking.
  5. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    I'd really hope there are some in amongst that lot: the VU- FJ-3s wore some of the best-looking schemes, along with similar schemes on China Lake and Point Mugu machines. Let's wait and see...
  6. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    Butt is fine surely? I was hoping for something we hadn't seen before: isn't VF-154 a bit too familiar: done before in 1/48 by Esci IIRC. Fingers crossed the rest will be new to decal form. In the interest of constructive criticism.
  7. Sabrejet

    1:72 Matchbox A-10A - NOT straight from the box!

    Nice job: love some proper modelling.
  8. Sabrejet

    2002 Bentley Speed 8

    Now we're talking: nice job!
  9. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    No - I'd agree.
  10. Sabrejet

    Model Factory Hiro 1/43 Alfa TZ2

    Nearly at the stage where I can try to put some wheels on!
  11. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    Nope. I do wish that Caracal would either not post, "coming in many months" notices on their site, or get off their butts and release the beepin things!!
  12. Sabrejet

    Model Factory Hiro 1/43 Alfa TZ2

    Late one: just time to post these: Front end to do, then that's the chassis almost done. Almost. I'll have to do a parts count some time.
  13. Sabrejet

    Hunter as D-558 in The Right Stuff

    IIRC there were photos in Air Enthusiast/Air International at the time, showing a concave-pointed nose and pitot probe.
  14. Sabrejet

    Model Factory Hiro 1/43 Alfa TZ2

    First paint on the chassis bits: clockwise from top: rear subframe; fuel tank; subframe supports; diff housing; drive shafts & springs; brake discs; brake calipers and prop shaft: Diff Housing with brake calipers mounted (inboard brakes for low unsprung weight): And a bit of scale: that's a fingertip, not a thumb!
  15. Sabrejet

    Model Factory Hiro 1/43 Alfa TZ2

    Small side-project: wheels and tyres. MFH provide white metal centres and very neat machined alloy rims: on the real car it's a one-piece, painted rim and I've seen silver and goldish-silver versions. For a bit of variety I am going for the latter. The spare wheel/tyre (which fits in the rear, beneath the rear screen) is supplied as an all-metal piece while the other four have separate vinyl covers. So first off, wheels assembled and cleaned-up: Then primed: the detail on the inner rim and tyre tread is incredible: And finally a coat of off-silver, wash and then silver-painted wheel nuts. Tyres need a bit of a wash and I'll paint the tyre of the spare later.