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  1. Looks about right to me: if the flap touches the drop tank then you've gone too far!
  2. Flap deflection is 38 degrees +/- 1 degree if that helps.
  3. Just back from a short break: will try to post some pix soonest!
  4. It looks better in that guise than as a road car IMHO!
  5. Another round of the world's No.1 motorsport series (great ELMS race too!), a few from yesterday's WEC practice etc: Ginetta LMP1 - Ligier LMP2 - Aston Martin Vantage GTE - Oreca LMP2 - Rebellion LMP1 - Toyota LMP1 - Ferrari 488 GTE. Great to see two Rebellions and both Ginettas at last; they sound awesome!
  6. Just bought this (MFH 1/24 Ferrari 315S MM winner); just waiting by the letterbox waiting for it to arrive!
  7. I think the theory was that Eastern aircraft would require any replacement prop to be air-freighted and the 2-part assembly would be easier to air freight. Western aircraft, being closer to 'home' would be less of a challenge. I would not be at all surprised to find that both types were mixed among different aircraft, especially in later life.
  8. Looks nice. I seem to recall a Cross & Cockade article a while back with some nice colour side views and detailed photos. Might have to put one on the list.
  9. Only on Eastern aircraft; single-piece props on the Western HP.42s. ...as on Heracles here:
  10. This is bloody lovely. Good, good - no - great - work!
  11. Here goes: AS981 - note that this machine didn't wear its name on the nose: AS982, which as you can see, did retain its name. Camouflage can also be made out, despite the destruction of the airframe: And the only (poor) shot of AS983 I have, but which usefully shows that it too retained its name: Finally some generic shots, which are both of 'Eastern' types, so AS981 or AS982:
  12. @spaddad A bit of history first: There were three RAF HP.42s: HP.42 Eastern Type c/n 42/4 RAF s/n AS981 (G-AAUC) Horsa HP.42 Eastern Type c/n 42/2 RAF s/n AS982 (G-AAUE) Hadrian HP.42 Western Type c/n 42/8 RAF s/n AS983 (G-AAXF) Helena All operated exclusively by 271 Sqn (despite contrary info on a number of sites) from June 1940 and all were written off in a short period from 1 August to 6 December 1940: AS981 w/o 07Aug40 on flight Doncaster-Ringway for Stornoway. The upper and lower starboard engines cut out over Whitehaven and in the ensuing forced landing the undercarriage collapsed and the lower port engine caught fire. All crew escaped but petrol tanks exploded. (flight: 1 hr 5 min) – Pilot PO EG Libbey & co-pilot PO EWM Heale. AS982 w/o 06Dec40 at Doncaster: from 271 Sqn ORB “Weather: Frequent wintry showers with Westerly gale increasing in intensity towards 0900 hours. Vis: 5 to 10 miles, but 1 to 2000 yards in showers. No flying owing to gale. HP.42 AS982 broke away and slid into a depression in the ground on the SW edge of the aerodrome. Efforts were made to haul it back on to the aerodrome and secure it but these were unsuccessful and and (sic) exceptionally strong gust of wind lifted the aircraft on to the Railway line. 4 airmen were injured in the attempt and one, NCO i/c 'B' Flight admitted to Doncaster Royal Infirmary with a fractured leg and other injuries. Later attempts to remove the aircraft from the Railway line resulted in the aircraft being carried away by the wind and completely broken up in and (sic) adjoining field. Harrow K6974 also broke pickets and damaged a wing.” AS983 w/o 01Aug40 - Local flying at Donibristle. Took off carrying 24 soldiers receiving air experience and on making a landing, top starboard engine cut out when only 10 feet from the ground, causing the starboard wing to drop. Consequently starboard wheel hit runway whilst the machine still had flying speed. Starboard oleo leg collapsed and tyre burst. Pilot F Sgt Bayliss & co-pilot PO RL Flewelling. Photos to follow.
  13. Makes sense. Luckily it's no trouble because none of us are waiting for someone to do 1/32 kits of BE.2 (any), BE.12 (any), DH.6, DH.5, Martinsyde (any), Vickers Bullet and so on.
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