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  1. That block is gorgeous: I don't need one, but I really want one now!!!!
  2. Yes; confirmed: F-86A/E/F Main Wheel is a 26 x 6.6; F-86H is 29 x 7.7. F-86A/E/F Nose Wheel is 22 x 7.25 – 11.5 while F-86H is a 22 x 5.5.
  3. 52-2109 was indeed a 34th FDS machine and the checks should be red/white. The F-86H featured different nose-wheel to other types of F-86 but I'll need to check for the mains.
  4. Good work there! Love a Chevron sports racer and Woolfe's B12 is a favourite. Last I recall it survived in Germany.
  5. Ditto here about guitar spring: however I usually hand-wind thin copper wire around a suitably-sized drill bit to get a similar result.
  6. Not at Boscombe Down... Maybe there was a red-tail ETPS/A&AEE T.4?
  7. Welcome @KaizenMaizer. Looks like you are doing fine already! As a modeller of around 50 years, my only advice would be "enjoy it!". As long as you are enjoying what you're doing then you've got where you need to be. Some modellers model for the result; others model for the pleasure of the process. And lots of us dabble in aircraft, armor, sci-fi etc. You'll also find that Britmodeller is a mixed bag of experiences, so there are always plenty of people who are at the same point on the ladder. And never be embarrassed to ask for advice: there's no such thing as a silly question on this forum, unless it's about knitting or cheese-making,
  8. Well so much for my memory: no red tail! And the photo is not much good either, apologies: this was taken at Binbrook on a snowy 18 March 1985:
  9. The US is probably the only place a Lightning will fly. Seen XS422 many times - mostly going straight up! IIRC the Binbrook Lightnings in later years were limited from doing the abrupt climb on take-off but the ETPS aircraft weren't. I think I have a photo of her taken at Binbrook and will check later. I don't recall many unique markings on her aside from the red tail.
  10. Lovely to see this coming along. I just wish I had the space for more MFH kits
  11. In case it's of help, this is a close-up of the blow-in door (RH side): And also a close-up of the canopy reinforcements, applied to the outer surface and made from pre-cured fibreglass strip.
  12. Incidentally, for NAA the term for the jet pipe segments was 'mice', and I can see how it may have derived from the look of the Republic versions.
  13. Though it's taken from an F-84E 'whoopsie', this shows the Republic version of 'rats' fitted into the jet pipe. These curved versions are a bit more elegant I think.
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