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  1. It's a fair point and I realise my comment wasn't exactly helpful: apologies. Let's see how they look in the flesh because I suspect the rivet detail has been highlighted a bit to show it off. Maybe not. It's still good to see a 1/32 Vampire after all
  2. Incidentally, you know that if it didn't have rivet detail, modellers would be all over it with one of those pounce wheel thingies, putting them on!
  3. Looks to be a doozy! It's not quite my area of interest but it's kits like this that turn my 'not quite my area of interest' into, 'I need one of these'! Incidentally, some of the pomposity above is just beyond the pale, but always the case with pre-release shots. It's a bit like hemorrhoids; they're a pain in the backside and you can't avoid them!
  4. I'd have to say I'm not impressed: their F-86 sheets have buzz numbers in a 'sort of OK' font, which isn't quite right. I've spotted other font issues with their sheets and also US national insignia with incorrect proportions.
  5. I've bought direct from Alpha in the past and had no issues.
  6. I've built the McLaren 720S and it's a doozy; also have the Aston DBS and 1/43 Singer in the stash. I'd rate them among the best car kits you can get (on a level with MFH, Studio 27 etc); I just wish they'd do a Vulcan or BT62!
  7. Twelve crews: sounds about right.
  8. Yes! The instructions are a bit lacking. Mainly this is regarding decal placement (small 'Manthey Racing' decals aren't shown anywhere - one goes on the splitter but goodness knows where the other one is meant to be placed; some of the smaller 'Porsche/Porsche Design' ones are also not obvious on photos). Main one though is that there are quite a few photoetch parts which aren't shown on the instructions. In particular some very small ones (about 10 I think), which had me scratching my head. They look like small ovals with a recess; kind of like a c-shape. I now think they are placed at the bottom of the front radiator mesh where it meets the splitter. Only just thought about this so I'll check photos and put them on if I'm right. Also the rear wing is moulded as a straight aerofoil where in reality the ends are turned down outboard of the wing supports. I made a simple jig that supported the middle section away from a hard surface by about 2mm, poured on hot water and forced the ends down until they cooled. Being resin it's an easy fix. Oh and make sure you prime/sand the body before paint; there are minor imperfections in the body which will show up under paint. Not a massive issue but worth sorting. But other than that it's a lovely kit. I've built three Profil24 kits so far; have another four in the stash and have put two more on pre-order. They aren't 'shake and bake' but I really like them.
  9. This is Profil24's 1/24 Porsche 911 RSR from the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours (that's quite a lot of "24s"). Two of the Manthey/factory 911 RSRs that year were given heritage colour schemes: one in Rothmans-type colours and the other (this one) replicating the infamous 'Pink Pig' 917/20. It's a lovely resin kit with a nice weight to it. Paint is Zero Paints' 911 Pink Pig colour and the rest is OOB.
  10. Does look like Princess Margaret too. You should be able to work out the squadron too by deciphering what's on the Squadron standard. In fact I think it might be 139 Sqn. Anyone?
  11. I'm more surprised it wasn't an early F-86F! Oh no I'm not....
  12. Lovely shots: saw the 1976 aircraft and subsequently made a Rareplanes kit to depict it. They were awesome.
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