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  1. Yet again, they have boxed a Ford Mk.II as a "GT40". It does make one wonder what else is incorrect...
  2. Aye aye - looks like we have another masterpiece in the offing!
  3. Looks interesting. On a related bit of trivia, I'm just reading Peter Falk's '33' book, where he recalls the struggle he had with Porsche management to get different width tyres on the 2.7 RS. It was definitely the first road-going Porsche to have them but was it also the world's first? Anyway - I'm looking forward to this one.
  4. That looks lovely. As a recent Mini owner (1275 Open Classic with electric sunroof), I'd suggest that to be really accurate, you need some rust holes in the footwell. Like the kind you can see the road through. I think they were installed at the factory.
  5. That is really lovely: great skills! Any chance of doing Westbury's hill climb car?
  6. That's nothing: I've sprayed body shells before, and thought that the overspray on my thumbnail was better than what went on the car!
  7. I've had this before when applying clear coat over a painted surface which wasn't fully cured. Nowadays I try (and sometimes forget!) to let each coat fully dry, and apply thin coats if I'm doing a plastic model. My cure for the latter is to stick to resin
  8. That does indeed look beautiful. I can almost hear the crackling exhaust note
  9. That kit is a real curate's egg; the engine looks nicely-detailed but the springs look 'soft'. Almost like it was moulded by a number of different people!
  10. Nice work: another oldie-but-goodie getting the 2021 facelift!
  11. That looks a great deal better than it should! I really enjoy these old kits, brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century
  12. It's a generation on from the DB5 kit! Good work
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