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  1. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Aston Martins & Lagondas

    I suspect they did get rescued: even back then, Astons and Lagondas were not common or cheap, even in the state that these were.
  2. Back when I was a lad, there was an overgrown yard full of old cars which we used to pass every weekend as we went out with the parents. As I got older those cars became more interesting until I finally plucked up the courage to speak to the owner and ask if I could have a look at them. Incredibly, he said yes and these are the products of two or more visits, circa 1980. Sadly it's long gone now, under a small housing development and how I wish my camera skills had been better! Even then, I thought this Aston Martin DB4 would be a lovely car to own - it's still my favourite Aston I think. Note also the DB Mk.III bonnet section to the rear: And another early DB4 with no roof: shame I was more interested in the essentially complete Lagonda behind it! And that Lagonda 2.6, which looked like it just needed towing out and a good shampoo: Then a maroon DB5: again, camera work commensurate with an excited young teenager... And another gem for me: one of only 55 Lagonda Rapides built, based on the DB4: And I have to admit not knowing definitively what this is, but I think it's a circa 1933 3-litre Tourer with spoked wheels and a beautifully-made engine with a very striking rocker cover with 'LAGONDA' machined into it : Then a couple of Lagonda 3-litres and another 2.6 to boot: And finally, a whole host of DB.2; DB Mk.III and DB.2/4: And I see what seems to be another white DB4 (and possibly another tail-on) behind this DB2/4. I did have some slightly better photos which I took a while later when I had a better camera. If I find them I'll post them here.
  3. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Not sure about the Karmann but yes I think that was a Triumph 2000/2500 on top of the Super Snipe. I also recall that the pale blue car to the right of the Velox photo was a Buick with the 215 engine which later became the Rover 3500 V8: first time I'd seen the engine.
  4. Sabrejet

    Modelcollect B-52H Sprues

    Many thanks for posting: I'm sure this will make an impressive model. I dare say the aftermarket will serve it very well too. I'll wait til I see one assembled and painted before saying anything else (or at least that's what I say now!)
  5. Sabrejet

    RIAT 2019 - Looking for advice

    I'd suggest Friday and Saturday. Travel early to get there by 7.
  6. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Well here goes some more. This time a breaker near Manston in Kent, which I think was called Westwood's. Vauxhall Velox (?): Karmann Ghia: Daimler (Majestic Major?) and Humber Snipe to left: A Jaguar which would probably nowadays be a desirable restoration prospect: Triumph Mayflower and another Minx Californian to the right: Austin 16s: Ford V8 Pilot: Series IV Humber Super Snipe: Nuther Daimler: Sunbeam Alpine Series IV: Sunbeam Talbot 90 and Ford 100E Pop/Anglia/Prefect at right: And this one we managed to buy (for £200 if I recall): it was a rare 4-speed manual 289 V8; engine and gearbox went into a Cobra replica and the rest went to a Mustang enthusiast: Finally, serious kudos if anyone knows what this is: I'll leave it for a bit and then announce the winner in a day or two:
  7. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Well I have found the first of the Aston Martin negatives but am searching for the rest. So hopefully there will be some better ones that this (DBS):
  8. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    I have yet to find the derelict Aston Martins and Lagondas. Seriously.
  9. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Found another: Mark III (I think) Humber Super Snipe. This one was in a yard at Upton near Poole. Long-gone too I imagine.
  10. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    They also make me realise what awful rustbuckets these classics were.
  11. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    I wonder if this is a pastime for anyone else? I used to tour the scrapyards searching for Humber bits but took my camera along just in case I saw anything interesting. If you have anything maybe post it here? For starters, the following are from a visit to Tite & Sons scrapyard in Lyons Gate near Dorchester in deepest darkest Dorset, circa 1986. The scrapyard is still there but not like this. Suffice to say, always ask permission! First off, pre-war Standard Flying Eight: Mark Hillman Minx: famous only for giving the AC Cobra its tail lights! And a Minx Californian (also with tail lights that would later be fitted to the AC Cobra) I remember we alerted another owner about this car and I think it was rescued for spares. Not sure what the van was, but at left I think is an Austin 3-litre hearse and at right a Capri Classic. Next a couple of Alpines: Series I/II and a III I think: both with the big fins and one with the side windows lacking quarterlights, so an early one. And still with Lucas J Lights fitted! Ford Pop: Next a Singer Gazelle Series estate (Series III?): never a common car: Hillman Husky which looks like it had been banger-raced: Another rare one nowadays: early low-roof Series Hillman Minx (Series II?): And finally a lovely-looking and eminently restorable Austin Devon van: Any more for any more?
  12. I finally got round to buying a slide/negative scanner and scanning my old garage-borne pile of negatives. I hope to post a few scrapyard photos (used to be an obsession of mine in the 1980s) but here to start is a derelict Jensen Interceptor, which up til the late 1980s was dumped in an old garage forecourt in the village of Shrewton on Salisbury Plain. It still had its Austin Sheerline-derived 4-litre straight 6 and nowadays would be worth restoring, but I imagine it was scrapped. Would be nice to know if it did survive. I recall it had been restored in the 60s/70s and ended up in a river in Wales before moving to Wiltshire. Ring any bells?
  13. Awesome: great finish and just the right amount of wash.
  14. Yay! Some of my favourite projects coming back to life. Welcome back! I built the BBR/Project 43 333SP a while back and it too has those 'fins' aft of the front wheels. Thank goodness for photoetch is all I can say. I look forward to seeing more of this one. Did I say I adore the 333SP? I think I probably did, several times.