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  1. Bit more XJR-ography and an example of why restored cars aren't always a good source of references. This is chassis #1090 (the 1990 Le Mans winner) during the race, with Brundle aboard. Not that the door carries the names of Nielsen/Cobb/Salazar; Brundle wasn't expected to drive the No.3 Jaguar and Salazar was held back until it seemed likely that the No.3 car was going to win. At that point Brundle was put in the car and the rest is history. But post-race a bit of history re-writing was done and Salazar's name was removed from the door of this car, which appeared at the 1
  2. A bit of XJR trivia. These three photos show the same car believe it or not: Chassis 186 at the Shell Gemini 1000 in 1986 (camera Zenith SLR, poor weather) Then for the 1988 Le Mans it was the No.21 car but now in XJR-9 guise and renumbered as Chassis 188. This it it more recently at Goodwood FoS, restored to its 1988 LM configuration but with decidedly non-standard dive planes (digital camera, can't recall which one). And then finally renumbered again for the 1991 Le Mans as an XJR-12 with chassis number 991 and race number 34. Note the sh
  3. Bit more done: Hope to have some 'daylight' shots tonight if it stops raining!
  4. So let's talk rocker covers. There have been numerous versions and modern cars have a couple of variations too. Most common is the one that says 'Jaguar V12' and 'TWR' along the length. Usually the script was highlighted as bare aluminium. The car below has a modern quick-release pre-heater connection on the water header tank too: But the 1988 Le Mans cars were very different: for one, there was no 'TWR' script cast into the rocker cover (though I'm not sure why) and also there was a very prominent Refrasil-type heat shield on each side. There was a sm
  5. Definitely a case of "you get what you pay for". On another subject (and for the benefit of @Bengalensis), I just received Le Mans Miniatures' 1/24 lift-off Dauer Porsche 962 and it's the best-smelling kit I've bought in many a year!
  6. Engine then. Not that many parts, but the gearbox assy and rear suspension will add to the tally. And some beautiful (but tiny) bits of PE. Detail on these parts is gorgeous. Hopefully time for some clean-up and primer today.
  7. @mbdesignart: do you do a full Mini/Mini Cooper kit? Just looked at your website and these look like something special.
  8. You have my interest piqued! This looks amazing and I too shall be considering one.
  9. Out of interest I looked to see if I could find any photos of it but couldn't locate anything
  10. That looks lovely: remember seeing a few of these at the time, including "TR1".
  11. You can't stream it on the telly though. ANd I'm sure I just saw Porsche 956 #117 in the paddock!
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