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  1. Terry, in case it helps, here are some better views: note the small 'Stinger' logo as indicated:
  2. I'd recommend the GMA YouTube programmes: it's been refreshing to see the nuts and bolts of the car and engine as it's come together.
  3. Yesterday's 78th Members Meeting at Goodwood saw the public debut of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Fancar. It's aimed to be 'better than the McLaren F1' and is powered by a Cosworth GMA V12 which revs to 12,100 rpm. The 'fan' bit refers to the aft-mounted fan, which sucks air from a really aggressive diffuser and prevents the airflow from stalling. It sounds incredible. GMA had prototype XP5 (silver) on-track, plus XP9 (dark blue) in the paddock. It's an exquisite thing. Also shown was a mockup of the 'Niki Lauda' track car, which I guess would fit nicely into the Le Mans Hypercar race category. I have to say I do like the pure lines of the T.50 and I'd love to know what sort of track times it would do.
  4. I've never seen resin landing gear bend over time: is this the last old wives' tale in modelling?
  5. Another one, sans pod: F-82G 46-394 served with 4th Fighter (All Weather) Sqn at Naha from 30 December 1949 until 3 December 1950:
  6. I have seen a few photos of Alaskan Air Command F-82F/G without the pod, this being one such:
  7. So far (unless I've missed one) all comments have referred to aircraft which have already been comprehensively kitted. So I'm just hoping for something that hasn't been done before. Something between-the-wars or possibly civilian. Or both.
  8. Very impressed by this, and again a type I wouldn't usually consider modelling goes on the 'stash' list. Happy days.
  9. Lovely work: your artistry here has got me looking at 3D printers: the fund has already begun. Not sure I'd be able to design much but there seem to be lots of files available to use as a starting point. Anyway thanks for the inspiration!
  10. Just a question: did the A-25 have wing fold? I quite fancy the HPH or Infinity kits (max resin either way ) and fancy something a bit different. Also does the Infinity wing fold fit the HPH kit?
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