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  1. look like Kopro decals? I think this marking was based in Palel, India sometime attributed as in Burma ( I maybe wrong) anyway, very nice Job.
  2. Hi Guys, My recent project an old tool Hasegawa F-4EJ, the kit had lots of problem from fit to gaps and need some dedication, the biggest problem was aligning the air intake, and I can't sand much either as the details have already worn out a little sanding the details would go away. I added some cockpit details with some resin seat and borrowed part from elsewhere, I used some plastic card to fill the gap and sanded it, it is not perfect but I am okay with it, the greatest attraction of the kit was price. For marking I choose 37-8321 Mitshubishi F-4EJ of 304 Hikotai, carrying the RMU-10A reel pod with the TDU-10B target tug. Marking in high visibility orange. The squadron marking was almost gone so I masked and painted it. Also, I got a nice F-4EJ reference book and helped me out a lot. So here it is, thank you for looking, cheers
  3. Thank you Troy, very insightful I think am not there for those surgeries on kit as I lack skills, Really outstanding.
  4. Very nice, mate. May know what did you do to covert from Mark 14 to 18, many thanks.
  5. Thank you SAT69, really appreciate the kind words Thanks Mate.... ................................ Folded wing
  6. Hi Guys, Hope all is well, I recently started this kit a gift to me by a very good friend. Almost a year passed I didn't do anything to it. However, this lockdown has given me ample time to do what I love to do, building models The kit has five parts three sprues, one clear part, and one decals sheet, the building was smooth. I use Vallejo and Tamiya for painting as I didn't have an exact color so it was a bit of eyeballing it. The stripe at first I tried to use decals, however, when I applied I realized the decals were too thin and bottom paint became very visible so I masked and painted the stripe, and painted white circle for roundels as well. The decals register well and were quite happy, The kit gives you the option to have folded and fixed-wing but I like both positions so I did half half of it . Weathering was done using simple acrylic and exhaust by highly diluted brown with a pinch of black after the first brown got dried. So without further ado here are the pictures, thank you for looking Cheers
  7. Nice, I was making the same Aircraft, started three days ago, should be done by tomorrow.
  8. Love it, This was one of my first ww1 aircraft in 48 scale, sadly I spoiled it, i was new to rigging and wood texture painting etc. The Aircraft was broken by my parent now it has many missing parts but recently I tried to restore it, let see if I can, will share here once I am done restoring it. Cheers, this model of your brings back lots of memory.
  9. Thanks Jame, appreciate the kind words Thanks Mate Hello Martin, Greetings, I once tried with masking tape an su-24 it is somewhere here on the forum but it look more like mummy than digital camo, but it was my first try. I tried this time with cutting the masking tape into small segment like brick, and rest was your perseverance, it may push you to the edge sometime, beers helps but I ran out and no where to be found here. For color, I am drn sure it is not accurate but I tried to eyeball with whatever I had instead of following instruction, first I took the closes color I could find then added white painted on piece of card once am happy on the aicraft, Honestly it is 30-40 masking one section for a 15 sec airbrush heh heh. If you want to know more please do let me know, would be glad to help in whatever way I can. Cheers
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