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  1. Thanks Mate, it was after 2-3 trial and errors, and hardest part is the camo pattern is symmetrical so trying to mask similar to both side was quite hard one mistake and rework the whole thing. Thank you.
  2. Greetings Folks, My latest work, Hasegawa Mitsubishi F-2B 1/72 50th anniversary marking. Will keep it short. Thank you for watching, Cheers.
  3. Thanks Mate, learned some Japanese words, not so familiar their naming nomenclature, Honestly when I paint I don't even look at the paint instruction as sometime can get wrong I most of the time spend on google and books and try to eye ball the colors. Yes, the international brand are quite good or rather way better than one am using now but with pandemic one has to use what is available I would say it is OK for figure painting but spraying like you said it is another story and need bit of trial and errors. Wow!!! four days that is lot of modelling time, hope to see some works from you, Cheers
  4. The SPG I painted using Tamiya. The hull was red+black and for green which is IJA green, however, whatever color I tried to add little other paint hence there is a variant in the paint. I have added some WIP of the SPG. Regarding the Figure the last one was painted few years ago hence it look different and it was Vallejo, however, the other four figures is using local paint called fabrica acrylic which is the good, the bad and ugly yeah ugly some doesn't work at all and choke yr airbrush. But those which work it is a money saver.
  5. Thanks Mate, do you mean green as it on the SPG or as on the figures?
  6. Thank you Mate, Japanese subjects are bit esoteric imho, however, they look nice once built. Yeah, limited access here. Thanks Steve, am not gonna add the Ho Ni once I done with the diorama, I have a Type-95 which was used here just that it got stuck somewhere and am not able to get it once i get and all the kit and figure gonna do a proper diorama, this was an add on to the figures otherwise it look too blank. Cheers
  7. Greetings Guys, Ever since I completed the Tamiya 1 Ho Ni 1/35 (really nice kit) self-propelled artillery I didn't know what to do with figures which came with the kit, at that time I was really bad at figure painting. However, during this lockdown with some free time, I tried my luck, and here it is. I said somewhere in Imphal cause in 1944 they would be doing the same thing here perhaps a Banzai charge, there were many battles fought here. The soil would be almost accurate as it is from mum's garden and the soil is from the hill hehe bit of cheating. I poured some water and made
  8. Thanks Allan, it is now proudly house with my other four engines big birds.
  9. First time am seeing in that marker, Great work.
  10. Thank you for encouraging words, really appreciate it, cheers. Thank you, I really wanted to show how it is being hung, btw no pilot in the cockpit due to pandemic hehe, Cheers Thank you Steve, really appreciate the kind words. Thank you Chris, cheers 1/32 would be a monster and would be really fun to build, hehe as a fellow modeller all i can say is build more. Cheers Thank you Mike, lots of great models in the forum so it is always easy to miss a one. Cheers Mate Those sound of the merlin must be a music to the ears. Thank you Mate for the kind
  11. Thanks Gents, Really appreciate the kind words. Three Cheers.
  12. Hehe I will take that as a compliment for the mat, I never had a cleaned mat, I guess am honest to my paint work. I use but then I seldom take picture wip unless it is a major and you want to document it. Those figures I painted during the weekend so it was beer and figures and less camera time.
  13. Indeed, well once you start making a diorama I guess ocd kick in haha. Btw am making some IJA troops doing a Banzai charge may take some time. It is a Tamiya 1/35 IJA
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