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  1. First time am seeing this F-15 in scale model, Impressive work, Cheers mate
  2. India + Pakistan around that region is called the Indian Subcontinent, But yes, if we include South Asia then it goes till Indonesia. Lots of choices then.
  3. Calling on @ratmigs and @Linescriber please join the GB, these two are one of the most ace builder from this part of the world. ..................... I thought I build a AN-12 in IAF markings no joy in getting the kit, however, let see.
  4. Hehe, it wasn't that easy when you don't have decals softner it is just vinegar and lots of patient as I can do quickly as I have to see how the vinegar react and register the decals. Lots of on the edges time. Glad I didn't had a hammer with me. Thank you for the kind words Much appreciated Mate It sure was, and as I stated before it was a daunting task took a day and half to complete it Thank you so very much. Thank you Evert, Cheers Thank you!!! Glad to know that, cheers mate Thank you Andy, cheers Thank you Steve, really appreciate the kind words. Decals, this one work I will never forget, use almost half a bottle of vinegar to get this, wish I had some decal softner, life would have been easy hehe, Thank you for the kind words, cheers. .......................... Thank you every, really appreciate the kind words, to blue skies.
  5. Please count me IN. Much appreciated for explaining, Cheers
  6. Never been in Britmodeller, GB but being native of the region I did be interested for the GB, however is the GB only opened to name mentioned by the host?
  7. Thanks Bertie, glad to know you like what I have built. Sure no worries, cheers. Indeed it was quite tough working with those decals I made a small video will share here once I done editing it. Appreciate the kind words, cheers. Thanks Mate
  8. Hello Guys, The kit is a generic Hasegawa kit, which is no problem in the building except for some minor parts which require little filling and sanding. But what strikes me or what is conspicuous is the marking when I saw this aircraft 2 years ago I wish someone did it and Hasegawa came out and I just bought it. Yeah, the decals were just awesome and blown me away. So here it is my favorite aircraft in my collections. The F-15J Eagle `305SQ 40th Anniversary' special markings. Cheers
  9. Indeed it is massive, Much appreciated for the kind word cheers Thanks Kapam, tried my best and glad to know you like it. Cheers Well the rooftop works hehe just kidding, it is indeed a massive beast and you will truly love it once you built it. Cheers Thank you Steve, really appreciate all the kind words all these years and it has been source of encouragements, Cheers Thank mate Thank you, cheers Thanks Martin
  10. Thanks Mate, thank you Thanks Pete, It is pre drooped i bend it little more to show some weight of the rotor. Thanks Mate, really appreciate the kind words Thank you, Pandemic has opened the door to way frugal innovations some works some mehh. Looking forward to your build soon, that Mammoth need to come out of the den.
  11. Greetings Mate @roginoz Firstly really appreciate the kind words, I realized the grey painting other than one that is factory painted by LM and Boeing products in IAF service. It is 10% light blue 20% black and 70% white, the grey I feel is just about right, however can modulate here and there for what you are looking for. Yeah, I built with less weathering as I wanted to keep it clean and I heard it is sent to Russia for upgrade so I am expecting new paint job. Same here mate, I didn't build this kit for 5 years as I didn't had space but here in my hometown have some space so finally managed to built it. One observation please check the ramp are straight or bend, mine was tad bend as it was on the shelf for long time and it was bit hard correcting it otherwise it is all smooth go. Look daunting at the instruction sheet at first but once you starts with some beers all goes well mate. Hope this helps. Cheers
  12. Greetings Everyone, This was built for 15 August GB, which is Independence day of India, I thought it will take time to built as the helicopter is MASSIVE, however, I was so into and really like the kit I managed to built it in a very short time. I truly enjoyed building it. My apprehension was painting the Tipnis's grey with my local paints however with bit of trials and error I seem to get very closed to it, I think. Decals is home brew, have to run few places as the home printer is conked. So here it is, Thank you for watching. Cheers. best sad poems that make you cry
  13. That is the most uncommon and usual marking I ever seen, thank you so very much, every day is a learning day.
  14. Thanks, Mate. Thank you, things you do when the pandemic is irritating you hehe, kidding. I always wanted to do in this camo so I was sure why not. Appreciate the kind words.
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