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  1. tomthounaojam

    Merlin Model Westland Wapiti

    Thank you, Sir you have kind and generous to my works, really appreciate the kind words. Well, Sir beggar can't be chooser, I tried to get the CMR kits for quite some time but no joy and someone offered me the Merlin Models kit and I couldn't say no to it, I love Wapiti has some attachment to it have seen the real one as well, but sadly have to stick to my budget. If in future since you have two if you want to part a one I would be really happy to have a one. Yes, Dorawings is coming up with 1:72 scale but that is next year also they are coming up with Wallace, however, the biggest surprise is there is 1:32 scale also coming up but that will be resin and super expensive. cheers.
  2. tomthounaojam

    HAL Ajeet Mk.I / Gnat F1 - 1:72 Special Hobby

    The original IAF designation for the Ajeet was gnat mk 2 as the gnat was mk 1, Tho they almost have same appearance as there are some different, ejection seat, different antenna, also AJeet has an all-moving slab tailplane Gnat had the elevators on a fixed tailplane, some gnat has hump on back but all Ajeet has hump iirc, also has four pylons, two are wet and two are hard? Hydraulic was made better in Ajeet.
  3. tomthounaojam

    L-39 Albatros Shark Mouth

    Thanks Mate Thank you Bro, I found it after searching it for a while and the tiny bit actually fell into my toothpick container instead of carpet.
  4. tomthounaojam

    Merlin Model Westland Wapiti

    Thank you Gents, really appreciate the kind words, cheers
  5. Kit is a eduard one decals from KP, first time I did enamel paint on it, Mother carpet swallowed a part
  6. In life there comes a time when you need to check that are you mentally sound and how cool can you keep, and while making this Merlin Models Westland Wapiti I began to know I have some sanity and hair left. Took more time on rigging tho and it was fun. I am sure it is not 100% but heh anyone who could transform some pieces of plastic and have to cut a long thin plastic beam to make struts and landing gear deserved a Mug of beer lol. How it came
  7. That is lotta pain, but the result is awesome!!!
  8. tomthounaojam

    Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 1:72

    Thanks Mate, it is a decal don't have the dexterity to paint such deleicate artwork Thanks Mate well it is rare for me to make such tidy as well Thank you Occa
  9. Hi Folks, My Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 1:72 scale by Hasegawa, nice little kit. cheers
  10. tomthounaojam

    Tu-22KD 1:72 Modelsvit new picture

    Santa Monica, freaking awesome!!!!
  11. tomthounaojam

    1/72 special hobby ajeet

    Impressive bro ,mine is yet to take off, btw hope those images I gave you helped cheers
  12. tomthounaojam

    A Czech Mig-21

    Thank you, very much even me I like the scheme a lot, lucky me I say to get the decals from very bad candidate RV kit, some say it is not the best and however, I like it bit pricey and difficult to build details is really good I have to say.
  13. tomthounaojam

    Sky Hussars Display Team Capeti Red 1904

    Thanks, Mate really appreciate the kind words. Wow, just wow, you are a lucky mate to see the real thing. She is mean looking yet look nice. Thank you for the kind words and sharing this picture. cheers Thanks, Buddy Unusual indeed but look nice I say, cheers Cheers Mate, Sky Hussar!!
  14. tomthounaojam

    Sky Hussars Display Team Capeti Red 1904

    Thanks, Buddy like a Pumpkin color.
  15. tomthounaojam

    A Czech Mig-21

    Hehe, missed a word, thanks mate Thanks Mate Appreciate the kind words