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  1. Impressive, I have soft corner for Japanese F-15s and built few of them. This one is a cracker. I am gonna do a similar one in the future. Cheers
  2. Thank you, Kapam Glad to know you like it. Thanks Mate Thank you, Malcolm. There are so many interesting subjects from Far east that need to be told, imho Thank you Troy, learned more about the aircraft, much appreciated. I hope you can view now @jean Thank you Kevin, cheers Thank you, planning to do a Yankee one in the future as they flew here, during the HUMP sorties Thank you, Alain. Really appreciate the kind words, encouragement like these lift up the spirit, cheer Thank you, Cheers Mate ..................... Here is my American Big Boys
  3. Thank you, glad to know you like my model, cheers I hope you can view now? Academy/Minicraft as the kit, however, it was boxed by Eduard Greetings, Steve, Thank you so very much. I haven't gotten into the details of the aircraft and the mission flown by it. I just the markings as it was conspicuous. If I come across the aircraft mission will surely share here. Thanks
  4. Greetings Folks, Always wanted to make a B-24 in RAF marking which flew in CBI, and here it is KH211 Audrey's Back. This also completed my ww2 four engines for American bombers the other being the B-17 and B-29. The kit was a bit tough to work around. It was sold by Eduard with lots of bells and whistles, however, the original, Academy/Minicraft plastic was the best to work around. The fit was not great and there are errors in my model. Some of the PE was too small and used in places that won't be seen and I left some as well. For painting, I just use a basic green and modulate the variants using mixtures of yellow, brown, and grey, and I like the way she has come. The painting was more fun than actual building the kit. So here it is, thank you for watching and any feedbacks are welcome. Cheers
  5. Thank you gents, really appreciate the kind words. Really wanted to do some models around Battle of Imphal, being a native of Imphal and seeing hardly any models kind of make me sad so thought why not contribute some by building it.
  6. Greetings folks, I always wanted to build a Type 95 Ha-Go tank, most of the kits out there were really expensive, however, about a decade ago managed to get it through HLJ sales a Dragon kit, but the bane department charge a bomb when it finally reached me. Didn't build it for ages as I find the Japanese camo really hard with the three-tone camouflage, however, during the covid period managed to do many free-hand camouflages with the 20$ Airbrush I set on my endeavor and started building it. Had a major accident while building it, I cut my finger badly first in 15+ years of modelling so have to pause for a few days. Camouflage was painted using Tamiya acrylic adding a bit of extra colours for modulation then wash with actual mud from here cause the tank theme is Battle of Imphal/Kohima so why not use actual soil from here. One Type-95 was knocked about 45 minutes drive from here. I didn't paint the yellow band as by 1944 it would have been omitted. The weather would have been muddy during the period so made my tank a bit weathered and dirty. Thank you for looking. Cheers
  7. Thank you mate, indeed it was hard painting took my time, cheers Thank you, much appreciated the kind words, cheers Thanks Pete Thank you, cheers
  8. Hi Guys, My recent build, took some time as I got the kit with many broken parts and a few missing parts as well I painted the Berlin's camo as it look very striking. Not much into armour so if any errors and inaccuracy my apologies, built straight out of the box. Paint use Tamiya and local stuff. Cheers
  9. I have built a one but never shared here as it was for a friend and a commercial project, the only picture I could find now. It was 80% red and pinch orange and yellow.
  10. Thanks Mate, appreciate the kind words, cheers It is not perfect however this the best I could, glad to know you like it, cheers Thank you Sat69 appreciate the kind words, mate, cheers
  11. Thanks mate, I fought and won the battle hehe, cheers Thank you Steve, always appreciate the encouraging words you have said all these times, cheers Thanks Mate ............. As I wait for the decals couldn't wait myself from paint the nose banner. I realized the sq marking is triangle and not diamond shape for this particular one so it was doable and painted it.
  12. Actually one these aircraft was based here and flew, about 4km from my current home here, Great work, cheers.
  13. Thanks Martin, looking forward to your built, You Indian subject are quite remarkable and delightful to see. Cheers Thanks Mate, indeed color is quite striking and couldn't ingore It was a tough fight but won the day I guess, Thank Mate I agree, this xtrakit is quite hard to built however, once it is done she come out nice. Thank you, cheers Thanks Pete, appreciate the kind words, cheers Yeah, natural light do sure give the right lighting to highlighting the details, Thank you, cheers!!
  14. Thanks Mate, cheers Thanks Mate, I think India was one of the largest operator of C-119 about 80 aircraft that is quite a lot yet there aren't many in Indian colors. I did like to build a An-12 as these two aircraft were the transport work horse in early days and An-12 in Indian subject also very rare yet it has so many nice schemes especially ad hoc of 1971 war painting. Thank you once again, cheers Thanks Mate, Indeed she is HUGE, when I was building he, the work bench would be fully occupied by so have to make part by part then assembled all together, I have one more and thinking of building as camo version or another colorful one. Thank you once again, reall appreciate the kind words, cheers
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