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  1. Yeah, honestly I do like their old kits than some of the new one, New one I really hate their panel lines it is just too deep and make it look like diecast. Thank you Thanks, Buddy When I got the kit I was bit apprehensive like what am gonna do with it, however with little love and dedications you can make a nice model out of it. Thanks once again. Thank you, Jason really appreciate it. Cheers Thanks, Buddy Italian do have some nice looking aircraft just their paint are hard to paint Thanks, Buddy Looking forward to seeing your soon, cheers Thank you Antoine, really appreciate the kind words, cheers mate Thank you, Bangor for sharing your dad story and on this armistice day want to say a BIG THANK YOU for his service. Really appreciate the kind words, cheers. I didn't know that and learned something new today, thanks, mate cheer Opus, really appreciate it mate and yeah, know am feeling quite happy with what I have done with the kit, cheers
  2. Hi Guys, Recently I got this kit from a yard sales and it seem like it is with him for almost 20 years and when I opened the decals is all messed up, I tried putting in the sun for a few days with a coat of future but no joy anyway. The kit was very basic and fairly simple to build, but there are catches tho the wing root need some filling and sanding also amount of plastic flash were just too much and also it wasn't yr typical thin flash but a rather thick one. The cockpit didn't sit very well and it was bit daunting and I have to apply some putty to give uniformity and even surface. This was also my first attempt on major mottled camo it was fun doing tho I used Tamiya paints for it. Decals, i didn't use all as some were really bad also the detail on it was mediocre and some crumbled away some too yellow after keeping outside for many days, if any of you have spare decals please do let me know. I would really happy to pay or trade. Now here is the picture, hope it is looking good, any feedback welcome, cheers
  3. Thanks Mate, Thanks Mate, Yeah and most of the aircraft being upgraded so it will be here for next 10-15 years for sure.
  4. Hi Guys, Greetings, may I present you my Sepecat jaguar Darin, Jaguar has been in service since early eighties after defeating the Mirage F1 and Saab Viggen, as the sole user of the aircraft currently it is being continuously being upgraded and these upgrade aircraft are known as the Darin and Darin III being the latest and will service for another 10-15 years. Talking about the model, the model was build from Hasegawa Jaguar, the built was smooth and relatively trouble free. The nose is mode made and I use a left over cone from elsewhere models and shape the nose according to the Darin nose. The aircraft could have built sooner but have to pause due to decal the kit one wasn't the one we use, I ask the friend but didn't get any respond so I finally got some water slide paper and designed the stencils and printed it and it register well with kit. For the paint I use Tamiya Black, White and Medium Grey which I mixed to get the grey paint of the IAF which was fairly easy. I added Two LGB bombs to make it look for the role it was intended deep strike. Thank you for looking and hope you like what I have done with the kit. Cheers Regards
  5. Really awesome mate, am also looking Allan and Chan Yong Joo too but I don't think Joo will finish in time lol, he spend too much fine detailing like a Swiss watch maker.
  6. No 8 squadron the Pursoot. We did operate PF but the kit rendition is more of Type 77 FL and during the 1971 war most of the Migs were silver and not grey also with Brown, Green Distemper applied as Camo on top at the unit level.
  7. Thank you Jason for the kind words, really appreciate and also learned something new about the p-38 with soviet connections. Cheers
  8. It is nice looking aircraft, it is just said there aren't many in 72 scale
  9. Thanks Mate, and do really appreciate the kind words, Cheers. .................................... Outdoor shooting
  10. Thank you Martin, really appreciate the kind words Thanks, Mate Haha, Steve grey can sometime can be attractive for sure, Really appreciate the kind words. Cheers
  11. Hi Guys, Firstly for this project, I want to thanks two people who helped on the way, my fellow modelers Ratish and Sanjay, for their inputs which were valuable. There are no Mig-21 Bison kits in 72 scales as of now and for that, I use the closes I could get my hand on which is the Condor Mig-21-93, the less I said about the kit it is better. Its crude, simple, details non-existence but the price was it biggest drawer. The cockpit tub had zero details, what I did was I had some resin seat so attached it and borrowed some decals from elsewhere to make a make-believe cockpit. Once the cockpit was done I started on the body, painting the exhaust and masking it, for exhaust I use Tamiya hull red, black, and silver to make that burnt effect. Once that is done I started with the body and need some love and dedications since Indian bison has their own RW and antenna and I need to remove which is not there, I use a thin plastic card to make the necessary parts. Also, the wing flare which the kit came was just too flat and doesn't look alright so I use plastic foam and made a pair of it. For painting I use Tamiya neutral grey add white and pinch of black to get that Tipnis Grey, and quite happy with what I have done. The kit didn't have any stencils so I borrowed from elsewhere and put it there and apply a clear coat, I have to really careful cause a little coat of paint will hide the nearly invisible details on the wings and other parts. Once I m done with that the aircraft was looking a bit empty I didn't paint the drop tanks to grey instead of silver to break the monotonous grey and the kit came with R77 but pylons were missing so I scratch built it and here it is. The Mig-21 Bison 1/72 scale of the Indian Air Force. Thank you for looking, Cheers
  12. Well done chap, so happy to see he has started his modelling at such a young age.
  13. Thank you, Greg even if i want to do a 48 or even larger scale due to limited space I have to stick to 72 only Thanks, Mate True, there are many P-38 out there in 72 most of them are legacy era kit, however I hear there is a new one RS Model can't say about the kit as I haven't built any RS model kit yet. Thank you, Mark. True, In real world she got a lots of weight in front. Really appreciate the kind words and cheers Mate. Thanks, Mate
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