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  1. No worries, places name can be tricky, North East India is full of History and if one dig up could get some exciting history, I can suggest a FB group which mostly deals on this subject. Regards You may find this group very interesting https://www.facebook.com/groups/RAFinSEAC/ @stevehnz Steve if you ever plan to come this side of the world, I can arrange trip to battlefields through a friend who run a small battlefield tour, he is one of the few Indian to get some Battle tour star and he has done many tour for many people coming from the allies and Japanese as well, We have a F
  2. Hey Bud, it is Hailakandi, The Place where I live it s not so far from Hailakandi In Assam. Yeah, lots of fighting inthose days, and Air Battle over Imphal is more or less forgotten. Thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks, Ian. Yeah it was bit daunting and sweating task, glad I could get the part otherwise I would be full of sorrow. Indeed, They are from the pictures I have seen, 8 I will stop here don't have the sanity to do another masking Thank you, Steve appreciate the kind words Thanks, Allan Thanks, Mate. Thank you Thank you, Mate. Hunter by itself is very beautiful and seeing them it formation would be a lovely sight for sure.
  4. In the year 1982 to mark the golden jubilee of the Indian air force nine hawker hunter from the 20th Squadron was painted in special paint dark blue and white, which look like thunderbolts. The aerobatic team didn't last very long and retired in the 1990s and hunter retired from IAF a few years later. For my project I use Revell Hawker hunter, good kit but I almost give up midway as the front canopy while masking fell down from my finger and took forever to find it, only to very closed to you and me looking at the wrong place, masking was a tedious work two days to do it, however, am quit
  5. Thanks, Buddy @Sky Keg That is quite a words, really appreciate it, I learned many tips and tricks from this forum and help me in my skills and always grateful for that. Still learning however, I would glad to share whatever I know. Cheers Mate
  6. Thanks, Mate, glad you like it Indeed they are, need to have few more in different colors Awesome Mate, looking forward to it, Next am planning to build a Hawker Hunter in Thunderbolts markings
  7. awesome, As far as I know I have seen Toofani with Black Archer and Scorpion, one should do the Oorial not seen a one with that markings. Cheers
  8. Thanks Mate Thanks @keefr22 really appreciate the kind words, are you going to do Indian markings or something else? Looking forward to seeing your built soon. Oho, the ladder I got it from a Zvezda kit but forgot which one was if I come to know will update you Regards ............................. The two sibling Dassault Ouragon and Mystere, Mystere is built from Matchbook kit with some modifications, tho a small piece of from landing gear is missing. It was the kit I practice to do whole aircraft riveting. Regards
  9. Hello @Wez Thank you very much, it is a nice nimble aircraft and lesser known I guess overshadowed by Mig-15/17 and F-86/100. Couldn't agree more, it is bit too much details for these scales and one little over sanding and the details goes away and it is bit of pain trying to rivet or rescribed it. I am planning to get heller kit in future and gonna make a one and maybe a mystere too then it will be proper sibling in IAF color tho I hava Mystere in French color, will share later.
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