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  1. Not able to access from here too, India.
  2. Thank you gents, really appreciate the kind words, cheers.
  3. Thank you, Mates!!! I wish I could find the tail clear parts without it I still feel incomplete. Once again, Thank you for the kind words really appreciate it.
  4. Greetings Folks, My latest work, Japanese Betty. It was old Hasegawa tooling which was a simple kit. Boy!!! masking the green house was daunting tasking for a few minutes of paint work. Sadly, the back clear was missing from the sprue tree. Painted using Tamiya paints, decals were almost useless so borrowed from elsewhere. So here it is
  5. Just WOW!!! that is an awesome collections, I did like to have a one in my collections too, but don't have the budget now, maybe someday in the future and will surely come back here for inspiration. Cheers mate
  6. Thanks Davey, you word are quite encouraging and yeah few modulations here and there must have happened. Cheers and Thank you Thanks Wulfman, cheers
  7. Thanks @Winenut, Zvezda does really good 72 scales figures, but will be hard to get those models with what is going around. If I get Zvezda's model I always use it, other well better to avoid it.
  8. Thank you my friend, really appreciate the kind words. Hehe even I don't like adding pilot to my models but I sometime shoot my models like they are flying and some folks here(quite annoying) will say is that a drone plane? So just to keep their mouth zipped I add pilot hehe.
  9. Greetings folks, My latest project, an awesome Eduard Fw-190 1/72 the kit was just awesome but not so sure about my modelling skills tho. German aircraft especially ww2 is vey hard for me as German camo look very difficult plus don't have the exact paints so I eyeballed it. Apologies for any errors. Thank you for watching, cheers
  10. Very nice, I myself is working on a Fw-190 now. Cheers
  11. Thanks Mate, glad to know you like what I have built. Cheers Martin, Yeah, look like enlarged vampire to me hehe, Thanks Thank you Bertie, much appreciated Thank you, Boxcar sure look chubby compared to Hercules Thanks Dave, cheers Thank you, C-119 is big but C-130 is longer and slimmer. Cheers Really appreciate the kind word, cheer buddy Thank you Micheal, I don't have PBY-2 but I have the others all in 72 scales, one these days upload here to see size comparison. Thanks, Mike, glad to know you like it, cheers
  12. Thanks Mate Thank you, Mate Glad to know that, cheers Thank you Fred Thank you, appreciate the kind word Selamat Petang, Yes, I do plan to built a one in future but no joy in finding a one, but have seen a real one here in Shillong and one in Port Dickson Army museum Thank you, no the roundels didn't come with kit I have some printed one using it from it. May know what size of roundels you are looking I will look into it or ask friends here who might have spares, cheers You are very kind, thank you very much. Thanks Mate Thank you Maginot With little dedication turned out alright i guess, thank for the kind words
  13. Greetings Folks, This is one kit I always wanted to build for some time, however, C-119 Boxcar was out of production, However, a friend managed to get it for me. I did like to build in Mumbai, but I didn't just have the space to keep it, here in Imphal with some free space and with some motivation started it. The Italeri 1/72 kit is a bit dated and it is raised lines but it fits well, construction was straightforward. For painting, I used Mr.color silver and Tamiya and local paint for the rest of it. After talking to a few people the aircraft I painted was an orange nose and white top, I attached the b/w picture. If erroneous my apologies but I like the color combination. But the biggest challenge to the kit was the old decals, which would just crack, it took some time to make the black lines on the wings it was a daunting task. Reference picture which I used for my project. Thank you watching, cheers
  14. Thank you sharing these beautiful models here, they are truly piece of art. Cheers
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