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  1. Wow! The ultra rare Hasegawa Spit mk. V! Seriously, I don't know what's the deal with this kit? No one mentions it, no one reviews it... Yet your looks just fine. Could you spare some words on it?
  2. Thank you for posting it. Its been quite rare so far to see one finished. You did your best, but I must say that is still a crude kit after all. Josip
  3. And there, after all those changes we have a very well made Academy Tempest
  4. Next phase is respraying the edges with a little help from tac worms and masking tape. The colors seem to be OK.
  5. I'm expecting to get one pretty soon. Lovely looking model, I doubt that I could do it any better. Josip
  6. Thank you for sharing it with us. My only gripe is the soft demarcation and somewhat uneven painting of the upper surfaces. Make some simple worms from tac and remake sharper demarcation. Josip
  7. The model is a success. Still, I prefer the Hasegawe kit for it's thinner clear parts and better defensive armament. It also has a full bomb bay and a very nice undercarriage. And as for the price, you can't get it cheaper than in Revell boxing. 20eur!
  8. The Portuguese AF beat Yugoslav AF by a single year. JRV retired it's last F-84s in 1974.
  9. A real shame about the landing gear though.
  10. That's it! I love to take pictures of foes and siblings side by side and modelers here should do it more often. It appears that Zero isn't that small after all.
  11. I like it! Nice weathering and quite interesting look for a rather bland option. It's a shame though that you didn't take time to paint the frames on nose and tail clear parts in green first
  12. I call it teasing and I don't like that. Seriously, just 3 pics of a 4 motor bomber?
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