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  1. Its a Spitfire mk. IX. Its wearing the standard late RAF camouflage. Its as common as a pigeon in a city. Yet the colours are 100% nailed to my eyes and it looks real to me.
  2. Oddly, but I would leave out the bombs altogether or replace themm as they're just not up to the standard of this stunning model.
  3. What a nice P-40! Makes me wish to get one. Try to get the tyres dirtier and to slightly lighten the fabric covered control surfaces.
  4. Josip

    Mitsubishi J2m Raiden.

    Hello! I'm glad to see one of those oldtimer kits being properly built. How did u handle that ugly step on the engine cowling? Josip
  5. This is an awesomely ugly "ground plane". There is an episode of I AM Weasel cartoon where he and I.R. Baboon are drafted in the U.S. Ground force and fly a ground plane that looks pretty much like this one. It never goes of the ground and this monstrosity looks like it will never lift off too. The model is cracking! Josip
  6. Hi! This is my latest effort. I have always thought that the Italeri kit was lacking in quality, so when I got this Heller kit I was thrilled as it has more finely executed ribbing and engines, alas some things are plainly wrong. The undercarriage legs are suitable only for late/post war machines and fit badly. Also the windows are 2mm too low, so I had to cheat things a bit. Mind you, if anyone wants to do a film aircraft from the movie Where eagles dare, this is the kit to go for. Sadly I've changed my mind during the build and finished it like an anonymous air ambulance. Vallejo and Revell acrylics were used throughout the build and the markings were hand painted. The only decals are a pair of very bad quality swastikas. My goal was to depict a machine that had surwived the winter with a badly washed away temporary white camouflage. You be the judges. Cheers! Josip
  7. Truly rare! I have 2 waiting in the stash for 2 years now and am afraid to start building them because they require a lot of effort to straighten them up. The problem with 15th AF is that there weren't a lot of Js, but plenty of Hs and others, so there is very little to choose from.
  8. Its very rare to se a SAF bird. The model itself is pretty good, but there are a couple of visible flaws that need rectifying. - a very noticable canopy seam - misaligned tail guns Josip
  9. Unfortunately there is one thing that just isn't up to the rest of the very convincing setup and that is the aeroplane. I'd definitely replace it with a more up to date kit like Hasegawa 1:72 B-26. Josip
  10. I'll stay with 1:72, but will definitely buy the ICM kit because I prefer it to Airfix. Its an impresive model. Its also nice to see machine guns in proper thickness for the scale.
  11. One more thing. It looks like Revell and Academy kits aren't really the same. But I'd go for Revell any time because their decals are far superior.
  12. Josip

    Flight of the Phoenix

    This is superb! Who would have thought to see it done in plastic!?! But...change that board with real sand. It'll change the whole thing for the better. Josip
  13. My favourite Japanese bomber. I like it a lot. Especially the demarcation between camouflage colours.
  14. Thank you all. I'm glad that you like it. As for the other builds I rate the B-25 and MiG 21 far superior models. And they've been posted here before, but the ammount of daily quality models here is such that one gets inevitably forgotten in a few days. Josip
  15. Josip


    You should definitely not be ashamed of it!!! Josip