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  1. That is actually a very convincing attempt at recreating the famous ace's aircraft. However I think that the green was far stronger/darker on the real aircraft. Also I think that the wheel wells and leg covers should be painted in Aotake, like the flaps.
  2. One detail that immediately pops out on closer inspection are the overhead loop handles on the ejection seat. Try to replace them with something thinner.
  3. It would look even better had you choose to open the ventral machine gun position.
  4. Having built and heavily modified the Revell kit and having bought the Airfix kit I would advise you to stay with Airfix and build yourself a nice NMF B-17G. But with aftermarket defensive armament as the Airfix guns are actually more like in 1:48 scale.
  5. It would be much better if you had taken some more time to properly putty up the wing joints and maybe skip Wasing the already heavy panel lines. Otherwise it's a joy to look up.
  6. I've finished my model as Valkyrie. According to my research Marauders had nmf/silver painted undercarriage and wheel Wells, so I've painted my ladder accordingly. I don't know about your original aircraft, but I painted the wings and tails with medium green on the edges.
  7. Hello! I see that you have been up to some real good modelling. I've finished the Hasegawa kit last year and so far it's been the pride and joy of my modeling effort. Eduard boxing is definitely an improvement with resin tires and PE. I had a problem with dorsal turret base. The part of the decking towards the tail wasn't comforming to the fuselage, but had a 2mm gap that I had to prop up using a piece of plastic sprue. As far as interior painting goes I did the same thing only without the blue tinted metal. Josip
  8. Nevermind. Anything was possible when it comes to Soviets and the way they documented their camouflage patterns.
  9. A beautiful model from a beautiful kit. Now the old AM kit with that dreadfully wrong propellor and hub can retire. Your model is superbly built, painted and weathered, but it is really too dirty and the cammo is from 44/45. The early IL-2s were either green or green and black painted on the upper surfaces. Josip
  10. The sad fact is that Hasegawa kits from 90s have better surface details and far better plastic, while Airfix kits from 2020 are not up there yet. Cheers!
  11. My comment will be mainly about the kit. It is made in India. That explains a lot. My B-17 kit is also made in India and is missing a complete sprue. A friend of mine has one with air bubbles in clear parts. I guess the quality control isn't something they can be proud of. And yes. Airfix kits are mediocre. Even their newest, B-25, is mediocre for 2020 and the plastic they use is too soft. And their Lancaster is pretty basic. I've decided to supplement my Revell kit with some parts from Airfix kit. No, not the clear parts as Revell ones are far superior. All in all, the only
  12. It certainly looks like a completed FW-190 model. I've got one in Italeri boxing.
  13. I'm sorry to use this topic, but I feel obliged to warn fellow modellers. I have bought the same boxing of this kit. Made in India and with the appropriate quality control, I guess. The frame D that contains parts for bomb bay and fuselage frames was missing alltogether. I have been playing with Airfix customer service for half a year now and God knows when and if I'll get the missing frame because it has to be sent from India. That's globalisation for us. Otherwise I wish you good progress with your kit. Josip
  14. Having built the kit myself I can say that you definitely know what you're doing. Keep on the good work!
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