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  1. The model is a success. Still, I prefer the Hasegawe kit for it's thinner clear parts and better defensive armament. It also has a full bomb bay and a very nice undercarriage. And as for the price, you can't get it cheaper than in Revell boxing. 20eur!
  2. The Portuguese AF beat Yugoslav AF by a single year. JRV retired it's last F-84s in 1974.
  3. A real shame about the landing gear though.
  4. That's it! I love to take pictures of foes and siblings side by side and modelers here should do it more often. It appears that Zero isn't that small after all.
  5. I like it! Nice weathering and quite interesting look for a rather bland option. It's a shame though that you didn't take time to paint the frames on nose and tail clear parts in green first
  6. I call it teasing and I don't like that. Seriously, just 3 pics of a 4 motor bomber?
  7. Well it's finished and that proves that it can be built;-) But jokes aside, I'm not convinced by Revell 1:48 British ww2 twins either
  8. It looks impressive as a good large scale model should.
  9. This is the first model of this weird and wonderful airplane. I like it.
  10. Hence it is advisable to somehow fill the needless holes that represent rivets. I have seen this kit built in unmodified form and it really looked off
  11. Does it fool the eye? It sure does. But in reality I think it should be exactly opposite or reverse and that's harder to achieve. I just recently happened to stand over a P-47 wing and ammunition cover panel had exactly the same stressed skin, but with internal framing sticking slightly out.
  12. From here it looks like a potential masterpiece to me.
  13. It was better that I bought Betty instead of this one when I had tho choose between them, after all. Thank you.
  14. How did the canopy fit to the fuselage? I have read somewhere that it is too wide or something similar.
  15. Oh, if there's nothing on the aftermarket to replace them with, or if you dislike my suggestion, then nevermind.
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