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  1. This is the first model of this weird and wonderful airplane. I like it.
  2. Hence it is advisable to somehow fill the needless holes that represent rivets. I have seen this kit built in unmodified form and it really looked off
  3. Does it fool the eye? It sure does. But in reality I think it should be exactly opposite or reverse and that's harder to achieve. I just recently happened to stand over a P-47 wing and ammunition cover panel had exactly the same stressed skin, but with internal framing sticking slightly out.
  4. From here it looks like a potential masterpiece to me.
  5. It was better that I bought Betty instead of this one when I had tho choose between them, after all. Thank you.
  6. How did the canopy fit to the fuselage? I have read somewhere that it is too wide or something similar.
  7. Oh, if there's nothing on the aftermarket to replace them with, or if you dislike my suggestion, then nevermind.
  8. As I was born in the former Yugoslavia I know something about F-84. In fact I just saw two of our former G models two weeks ago. The framing was fitted to the outside of the canopy. Do yourself a favour and fill those pin holes on the canopy with Vallejo putty and paint them over. I have seen this kit built up and it really spoils it a bit. The tyres however Will need to be replaced.
  9. Keep in mind that canopy on real aircraft had strips taped on for reinforcement and since this was a tape, there were no rivets. The canopy in this kit is full of rivets. Also the tires look weird. Josip
  10. Now that is finally a step in to right direction. Theis kit needs replacement guns as the desert cries for water. Also the rivets are another must have. As for Eduard PE, I think that its as good as invisible. Try painting various panels in different shade of metal.
  11. Despite some flaws its a big and impressive model. I'm getting mine on monday.
  12. The kit of my youth. I had built 2 of them. One visible flaw with this kit is the angle of the wings. Instead of being straight and slightly upwards the outer wings point a bit down and the wings have a slight gull like appearance.
  13. Please check my model. I think that with that surface the best solution is to paint the markings.
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