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  1. The sad fact is that Hasegawa kits from 90s have better surface details and far better plastic, while Airfix kits from 2020 are not up there yet. Cheers!
  2. My comment will be mainly about the kit. It is made in India. That explains a lot. My B-17 kit is also made in India and is missing a complete sprue. A friend of mine has one with air bubbles in clear parts. I guess the quality control isn't something they can be proud of. And yes. Airfix kits are mediocre. Even their newest, B-25, is mediocre for 2020 and the plastic they use is too soft. And their Lancaster is pretty basic. I've decided to supplement my Revell kit with some parts from Airfix kit. No, not the clear parts as Revell ones are far superior. All in all, the only
  3. It certainly looks like a completed FW-190 model. I've got one in Italeri boxing.
  4. I'm sorry to use this topic, but I feel obliged to warn fellow modellers. I have bought the same boxing of this kit. Made in India and with the appropriate quality control, I guess. The frame D that contains parts for bomb bay and fuselage frames was missing alltogether. I have been playing with Airfix customer service for half a year now and God knows when and if I'll get the missing frame because it has to be sent from India. That's globalisation for us. Otherwise I wish you good progress with your kit. Josip
  5. Having built the kit myself I can say that you definitely know what you're doing. Keep on the good work!
  6. The painting and weathering is spot on. But that long pointy nose is a gross mistake on Revell's part and it can't be rectified.
  7. I don't think that pilots on Malta had the luxury to use personal airplanes, but flew those that were available. The fact that they were photographed in a certain machine doesn't really mean it was their regular mount.
  8. Is there anything else to add? Not really. Just splendid work and deserved congratulations. Josip
  9. Indeed it is. However, when the Yugoslav wars started in 1991 it was really out of it's depth as a ground attack plane and really antiquated. I know because I have seen them inaction.
  10. Now you really can't go wrong. Are you gonna stuck a couple of bombs more in the bomb bay? It was a heavy bomber after all.
  11. Now it looks more photorealistic. Don't forget to dirty up the undercarriage and Wells the same way later. Also the stars and bars should be stained a bit as they look too pristine.
  12. I think that you ought to try my suggestion before you seal everything. An old toothbrush!
  13. This is becoming my favourite build on this forum.
  14. The mud would definitely put it in a class of its own. Its like with Guadalcanal Corsairs. They were dirty and had tons of mud on the undersides. One trick is to make a waterbased sludge and apply it selectively by spraying it with a toothbrush.
  15. My friend has provided you with very informative photos so don't forget to paint the waist window frames and such in darker olive drab.
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