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  1. So using the battleship New Jersey and her 16" main guns to eliminate a sniper, would be acceptable? Vietnam war period.
  2. Even the chinese have their version, the Harbin Z-20 or "Copy Hawk". The blackhawk/Seahawk is the common standard for utility helicopters and have proved their worth around the world.
  3. It is rather odd. If someone wishes to identify as "non-binary" so as to not be put into one of two categories of sexual identity (male/female), haven't they just re-categorised themself? Logically there is "non-binary" and "binary", so they are really just back to square one?
  4. Reading an air-crash investigation some years ago... One of the old Soviet (60's-70's) airliners had seats which were quite robust. There was a horizontal structure running across the lower back of the seat ( "strong is good!" ) but failed to deform in the event of a crash... Net result was if you survived the crash, you were unable to walk due to having both legs broken from the seat in front of you.
  5. One can imagine that the boldface items on the checklist has increased somewhat...
  6. Imy2. A Nashville-based 3-piece. They put their own spin on the covers they do, and are getting into writing their own songs too. Three talented young people.
  7. Those who cannot differentiate between "hanger" and "hangar". The former is for putting your shirts/jacket on. The latter is where you keep your aircraft.
  8. I was informed he went down that pathway amd ended up doung the Kahu testing? Tval: I believe one of the exhibits at Hendon's WW1 hangar is a product from Masterton.
  9. I try to avoid the brand whenever possible, BUT if "needs must" I will always open the box in the shop and inspect the sprues before heading home. As the saying goes... "you can't complain about Airfix quality control..."* * it dosen't exist!
  10. I have to agree Zac, that's a great documentary covering a multitude of topics. A shame they couldn't spend more time on the kitsets, but interesting regardless. Interesting to see John Lanham involved now. Ex air force test pilot. Thanks for posting this up!
  11. That's a lovely 'pit indeed! The dials and drybrushing certainly make it all "pop".
  12. If Airfix are sensible they will use everything from the 48th Buccaneer as a reference of how not to build a kit, then start from scratch and create a proper one in The Correct Scale. We need one since Tanmodel have given up (by the looks of it). Also, an Avro Arrow. F-35B while they are at it (1:48th natch!)
  13. Quite simply it is beancounters at work. The BUFF is one of the cheapest airframes to operate on a "per hour" basis. Also you don't have fancy paintwork to maintain either (stealth coatings). Just a shame they didn't go all-out and Megafortess the old girls (AKA flight of the old dog).
  14. There's a second season happening... https://www.theverge.com/2021/9/25/22691984/tiger-king-season-2-release-date-netflix Totally agree. Another superb drama with well rounded out actors and performances. I'd add Danger UXB into the same category. I have both seasons on DVD. A superb "urine-extraction" of the then current crop of over the top police shows. I believe this was originaly aired in the time slot competing with Miami Vice...
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