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  1. A superb job Hendie! We all learned things about helichoptering along the way, and especially about wessies and fly kits (the less said about the latter, the better). Superlatives have all been used up in the thread, so "very nice model indeed"!
  2. Cheers Paul! I like your colour scheme on the 916 you did. Something "non-standard" so it stands out from the crowd. I also like your idea of the plasticard strips under the fairing to assist the join. I'm always finding a lot of "fill & fair" process being involved on getting them looking nice. My 916 is in the Sig. panel below, and was also my first attempt at bikes - trying to get motivated and past a hiatus in building.
  3. So far this year, my Ducati 1199 has been completed ... and the airfix Sea Fury is in the painting stage, so 2/3rds of the S.o.D emptied. After that, possibly a start on the AMK Tomcat or probably the Tamiya D-335 Pfiel.
  4. I'd agree with their larger stuff (1:14th Mossie & Tiffie) being gems, but the regular kits...
  5. I read somewhere that the book was not popular, or sold well at all, up until the time when their power was able to make it required reading in the hitler youth. From then on, sales increased.
  6. It is pleasing to see that they have finally decided to model an F-35... but sadly as a quickbuild kit. Hopefully it encourages airfix to get serious about a B variant in 72nd or even better, 48th. Being a "topical" airfraft currently, there is a market. Speaking of topical, they are ahead of the game with the new TOPGUN2 movie, which is a smart move. As for using old tat moulds... Using that logic is like walking into McDonalds and being charged the same as a Michelin Star meal "a burger is still just a burger"? Airfix are not at the same level as other manufacturers (that will come as a surprise to the fanbois) so they certainly cannot charge the same.
  7. Ooh, a nice ride you had. I'm on a VFR800 currently and love it. A good all-round bike. The comment from Black Knight is quite apt... Ducati's are beautiful bikes but can give you a very hard time... (normally electrical!).
  8. Thanks for the nice comments guys! Hi Alan. Oddly I seem to use a bike kit to get me out of a rut. Last year was unproductive, but I managed to get a few kits from a stash sale with this being among them. I'm unsure what the magic ingredient is with bikes... (although I ride a bit, so that has some subliminal influence!) Keep us updated on your progress.
  9. Hi folks. First build of 2020 completed (yeah... OK, it should have been a '19 build, but things dragged out a bit.) All out of the box. Enjoy (& get yourself a Tamiya bike kit to get the mojo working)
  10. hairystick

    Aussie wild fires.

    You have local council bodies interfering and preventing citizens from having controlled burns when appropriate. They are influenced by the small minority/large noise groups... Luckily the Fed. can override certain decisions, but the whole thing is bogged down by beauracracy (along with most of the western world). As for the PM... The less said the better.
  11. hairystick

    Aussie wild fires.

    Quite right. A mate from Melbourne said they used to rake leaves into the gutters and burn them off (out of summer season) to get rid of buildup. The green-persuasion people prevents a lot of this now... Couple that with housing areas expanding into the hills and the people moving into those houses not knowing how to maintain their property appropriately, this can eventuate into a risk area. New Zealand's Southern Alps have been turned mustard coloured in some areas due to the ash and Queenstown was blanketed in smog. We can only hope for sustained rainfall. Ans also thank those firefighters who are doing a * hard slog of a fight. * insert swearword of your choice here.
  12. hairystick

    Happy 2020!

    So far the sleeping is less than expected* but the breakfasts are up to standard! Come on in and give 2020 a try! *Attempting to get to sleep with the neighbourhood sounding like downtown Baghdad during an air raid isn't the easiest... At least they run out of fireworks "eventually".
  13. hairystick

    Happy 2020!

    A very happy New Year to you all! May this decade be one of peace and happiness for everyone.
  14. Grump: Tamiya XF-2 white gloss (in the bottle). The kit specifies to spray this colour first and then use the masks (included in the kit) to cover areas prior to spraying their next (aerosol spray can) colour. I followed this since it makes sense to paint lighter colours first. On completion, peeled off the masking to find a superbly blotched and ruined gloss white surface. Thought for a second I could save this by using water on what looked like the adhesive residue... without success. Upping a notch in power, turps did a little better. I'm now back at the "sanded back and ready for paint" stage... again. Lovely, since this was the final part before decals were going on. *mutter, grumble*
  15. Lovely detail work on those sidewalls! Ahh. That explains a lot! I did this kit a while back (somewhere in sig. link below) and it was an interesting wrestling match to get completed... A word of advice would be to test fit the cockpit glazing quite soon. I had to add layers of strip styrene around the rear and sides to close up some large gaps.
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