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  1. Very much so. What has become increasingly irksome, are radio "dj's" who like the sound of their own voice so much, they cover the intro to a song with their inane waffle. Luckily I only listen to broadcast radio while getting ready for work in the morning, but that seems increasingly undesireable. [/rant mode]
  2. to the killer whales (they'll get indigestion?)
  3. If the navigators were as adequately described by the navy as "never-guessers" ("You'll never guess where we are now Sir!"), perhap their superb skills have now been transferred to the Catering corps?
  4. Simply cannot mis-identify the intro to this song.
  5. entire communities biscuit supplies * I still get strange looks at work around biscuits, when I do the cookie monster voice. Great fun though! ** I also delight in doing The Count... "One, muah ha ha, Two, muaha ha ha, Three muah ha ha"... Where would we all be without Sesame St?
  6. It can be noted that the red stars on the F-16's had to be painted out. Someting to do with "international recognition" when operating in international airspace. Can't have russkies showing up in their delapidated Bear, only to be escorted by russkie Vipers!
  7. unlike John Wick* after *that name makes Chuck Norris tremble in fear, wet his bed & pull his "blankie" tighter, then calls for his mummy.
  8. The fleet of aircraft that they have, seems to generate enough revenue to survive. Transporting outsize loads seems to have a niche market. Just a shame it wasn't flown out along with the other aircraft that departed ... and the senior management of the company... immediately prior to the war. There will be serious reparations due after the war, so hopefully Uncle Sam may get some return on the support provided.
  9. Did you read the whole thread, or just the opening post?
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