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  1. It seems some "test builds" are underway with a few modellers. One makes reference to not having any instructions, so possibly these have yet to be finalised / printed?
  2. Nice work! More effort bringing your knees up into your chest will help the backloop. Good recovery though! You need to tell the dz that the reserve ripcord cable needs to be longer (probably by 2") on that rig.
  3. The artwork was done a year or so back (Bucc over Lossiemouth??) so I wouldn't get excited...
  4. I used to love that series! Jacques was well ahead of his time with oceanography and ecological topics. Certainly the equipment development was impressive too. An impressive life and I wonder what he would say if alive today...
  5. It did. On the US weapons ranges during Red Flag, the Bucc got so low that missils shots against them were impossible. The best oppportunity was when having to pull up and over a mountain ridge, but there again the jets rolled inverted crossing over the ridge and back into the next valley, minimising the exposure time where a shot could be taken against them. We can only hope that both the Phantom and the Bucc will be released in 1:48th in the near future!
  6. hairystick

    The Weather,

    Well, The Land of the Long White Cloud has had an exceptionally warm autumn and winter, with proper cold only arriving now. The skifields have had minimal coverage, which also affects the hydro-lakes later in the year. Presumably we'll see all the coal-fired power stations put on line to keep all the "eco-friendly" electric cars powered up... A nice high of 14 degrees today, with 2 deg overnight. Try going for a swim in the late evening, just before dark. It cools down the body temperature and makes sleep a little easier. Well, at least that works for me.
  7. An absolutely stunning job on this sexy lady. Fabulous work recreating the patina on the metallic finish too. Well done indeed.
  8. So, airfix are slow learners then...
  9. I'm wondering what happens with the rest of the hornby group. Do train people get "sub-standard" products? Do slot-car people get the same? If airfix is supposedly the "cash cow" of the group, then there is, as the saying goes "trouble at mill!".
  10. Really loving the rivet detail on the doors! That really makes a difference, but then "hey" the whole model is doing the same! You are quite correct on that one. Some years ago I was informed that the company who made the first "5-minute epoxy" had to sacrifice 75% of the strength of the product, to be able for it to set so quickly.
  11. Call me unimpressed. Again... "Kit is in production" has been trotted out previously ~1.5yrs ago? Unless the kits are boxed and on the way to the distributors then stop all the horse-guano that constituutes an attempt at "marketing" and let results speak for themselves.
  12. A superb record of the testing phase Sven! A lot of unseen images and I bet a few publishers would love to have seen these for their books. The F-20 would have been a great asset for a few Air Forces around the world, especially going against the trend of "large, 2-seat" systems that were all in-vogue at that time. Thanks for posting these!
  13. I'll note that down for any further deliveries and will leave a banana outside the front door to see if there is any improvement in service!
  14. DHL Express... Had a delivery note letting me know that they had tried to deliver a parcel (very nice of them). I immediately telephone them to arrange delivery two days later "OK, no problem. It's entered into the system" I'm informed by the man on the end of the phone. "Please don't attempt delivery tomorrow" I say "as nobody will be able to sign for it". Everything is deemed noted and plans are set... So, what happens the next day? Another note saying "we tried to deliver"... GRRR! Back on the phone to a different "customer service person" who informs me the parcel has been returned to a depot all the way across town... & (wait for it!) since TWO delivery attempts had been made then they would not be doing another one for the day agreed upon. After making my point that I had specifically stated to deliver at a time agreed with them, I still would have to drive to the depot. To make matters worse, I'm contacted by the European company that sent the parcel, & they are wondering why they got informed of "refused delivery - held at depot" messages are coming at them. Luckily I was phoned back by a much more helpful DHL person who put the package onto a small local courier and it was delivered in an hour. Why can't they read the delivery instructions that are provided to them? I guess the van driver gets paid per delivery "attempt" then throws it back at the company to become "their problem"? [/rant mode]
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