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  1. It confuses the rivet-counters as they are far too similar in appearace under a coat of paint...
  2. Personally, I love eliteism! It is such a wonderful fishing ground with easy bites to reel in gigantic idiots. I'm about to head off skiing where the latest and greatest equipment is mandatory... I'm still using 1980's skis and my jacket is of the same vintage. The sideways looks and comments are pure gold. It still perplexes me about everyone wearing a helmet and baggy clothes as I haven't a clue what sex a person is while trying to strike up a conversation on the chairlift (which forces the person to take their blimmin' earphones out). Grrr. Noraly is a great example of "down to earth" and having fun while doing so! It is always nice to hear "good morning internet!" while heading off to some remote spot of the planet.
  3. I did manage to find this from circa 2010: The German Army conducted an evaluation of their new NH-90 helicopters, and were not pleased. Their conclusion was that, for combat missions, another model helicopter should be used whenever possible. A particular problem was the lack of ground clearance. The NH-90 can't land on a piece of ground with any obstacles higher than 16 cm (6.4 inches). That makes many battlefield landing zones problematic. That assumes you can even get on a NH-90 and find a seat. The passenger seats cannot hold more than 110 kg (242 pounds). Combat equipment for German troops weighs 25 kg (55 pounds), meaning any soldier weighing more than 85 kg (187) has to take stuff off, put it on the floor, than quickly put it back on before exiting. Then there's the floor, it's not very sturdy, and combat troops using the helicopter for a short while, cause damage that takes the helicopter out of action for repairs. Worse, there is the rear ramp. It cannot support troops carrying all their equipment, making it useless for rapid exits of combat troops. There is not enough room in the passenger compartment for door gunners. There are no strap downs for larger weapons, like portable rocket launchers or anti-aircraft missiles. The passenger compartment also does not allow for carrying cargo and passengers at the same time. The winch is not sturdy enough for commandoes to perform fast roping operations.
  4. Just "Wow!". You have made a superb model there with beautiful weathering. I'm most impressed! Having stood under the 335 when it was back in the Deutsche Museum (Munich), she most certainly has a presence - your figure alongside is a very good representative scale. Keep up the fine modelling.
  5. Germany was one of the first unhappy customers, with the refusal to send any to Afganistan due to being "unfit for combat". A ground clearance that prohibited landing around large rocks / tree stumps, a weak cargo deck, etc, etc. The result was tasking being directed to medical evacuation flying "dustoff" style. My helo-driving contact in the RNZAF has snuck off, so I'll have to track him down and get some info on the Kiwi state of affairs with these pieces of junk.
  6. Put it down to the attention span of the "youth" of today.
  7. I've seen it twice now, on IMAX both times (probably won't get that opportunity again) and TG-M is certainly living up to the hype! Great movie. The "re-skinning" of real aircraft in flight was quite amazing. The Tomcat was an f-18 in flight, as was "Dark Star". The takeoff over the security hut was entirely real, but using the spare Blue Angel F-18 aircraft from the display team. The sequence in the movie was the last one filmed and the roof of the security hut really DID lift off (most unexpectedly!) and land back down due to the jet taking off overhead! Convincing enough for a chinese recon satellite to change orbit to have a look though! No, The "cobra" was the maneuvre used to defeat one of the other pilots during the "training for the mission" phase. 1 Vs 1.
  8. Be thankful they did that. I sent a vintage Matchbox car in a small parcel size (about a fag packet size) and the postal service lost it. The buyer wasn't impressed as it was collectible (to him at least) and none of the parties involved ended up happy - seller, buyer, or the PO.
  9. 1: Does it include designed on earth but flown elsewhere... like the little flying thing now operating on Mars? [/Devil's advocate mode] 2: Good greif! Looking at the tiny amount of propellor blade outside of the cowling, HOW did that thing get enough speed to leave the ground???
  10. The amount of "fines" that would've been handed out for breaching protocols, would have been massive! The entire class fiddling with pens... A superb slapstick approach to fighter weapons school. Potentially as a consultant or test pilot for a manufacturer in a private capacity. Or some type of related story.
  11. Likewise, looking forward to it. Ward's reviews have been positive & the airborne footage simply screams "big screen" required!
  12. I doubt this very much. I have never seen a jigsaw with any form of adjustable "depth" function. The adjustment on the side is normally for blade undercut. Essentially this permist the blade to go down - then sweep forwards and up. The intention is for cutting long straight cuts this improves the cutting action. Normally 0 for blade "straight up & down" and other numbers for increasing amount of undercut. Edit: Just found this, which me help with the explanation.
  13. Don't forget that their weapons industry likes to know about any threats, so they can devise new measures/countermeasures to update any existing weapons platforms or build into new systems. It also seems that downed aircraft and weapons that didn't go "bang" (along with those captured by the Ukrainian Tractor Regiment) are supplying wonderful amounts of information to western nations...
  14. Everyone is taking advantage of the red systems "lighting up" and displaying what they have to play with. Intel gathering and electronic signature diagnostics will be a very busy occupation at the moment. Sending a message via courier pigeon will be coming back into fashion soon... Along with RT, they make two of the most unreliable sources of "news". A bedtime fairy-story would have more reliable info in it.
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