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  1. hairystick

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    I believe the Russians have always viewed ships as male.
  2. hairystick

    737 Max

    That seems to be a flight sim and yes that item seems to be an electronic version of the instruments. I looked over a few photos and specifically avoided cgi images. If what Alan is saying is correct, then I'd be concerned about the lack of backup instrumentation! Perhaps we'll see a return to the "duck and cat" in the cockpit for flight reference?
  3. hairystick

    737 Max

    Nope. The mechanical instruments remain even on glass cockpits. Have a look at the panel and there are three dials for A/h, Airspeed and Altitude, one above the other in the centre of the panel (or slightly offset to port - due to the central MFD screen).
  4. hairystick

    Convair B-58 Hustler 1/72

    Great work so far on those cockpits. I've got the same kit "started" (insert hysterical laughter here) predominatly on the nacelles as I intended to foil the kit. With one pod covered, I now want to de-foil it and use alclad metallic paints instead. Sadly I've yet to develop an un-glue system! The small cable (clothes-line) seems to run between the cockpits. What is it for??? Surely not passing paper notes between the crew?
  5. hairystick

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    I used to believe that... then I got wise. No faffing about with caveman technologies. I'm here to heat meat then eat, not wait for hours on end for the cow to die of old age. Get him --->onto my hotplate then in my tummy!
  6. hairystick

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    Sadly a few pairs of "shredded" socks have been located. Finding a supplier of good socks at a price which does not require a visit to the bank manger, is nigh on impossible. I have become a huge fan of the "double sock" fashion. No, not wearing different coloured socks, but TWO pairs at the same time. There might be fans of Lindybeige here, who espouses this approach, & I wholeheartedly agree with him. The feet are much less prone to soreness at the end of the day and getting home from work is an even greater pleasure. One pair of socks worn over another pair. Even the motorcycle boots are warmer in the mornings! Simple. all you need to do is get the flames working. It sterilises itself after that. Burn off all the old daggyness and hit it with some new olive oil and you are good to go! (Applies to gas BBQ's. Anyone using charcoal needs to be sent back into the dark ages...)
  7. hairystick

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    Grump of the day... socks. Where did I put them? The weather has become colder and socks are now a requirement after 5 months. Sure I had some around here "somewhere".
  8. Lovely work as always Peter! I'd guess that the smaller holes are for the link to be ejected through.
  9. Brilliant! I like it. I like it a LOT!
  10. hairystick

    SR-71 Blackbird

    I joined the two top sections together into a single piece (likewise the lowers) before joining. Care is still most certainly needed. Joining the two halves requires care also, as the join along the chines likes to open up if given 1/2 a chance. Pull them together and position well prior to adding the Tamiya extra thin!
  11. hairystick

    SR-71 Blackbird

    Good to see another 'Bird underway. I made the same kit a year or two back and will recommend being careful around the join between the front and rear sections of fuselage. I'll follow your build with interest!
  12. hairystick

    Airfix Hudson

    Great work and perseverance on that old kit! I didn't know the aircraft was now inside at MOTAT, which is very good to see, and that statue is identical to the one in the old BoB hall at RAF Hendon. I believe it was made by Peter Jackson's crowd (unsure how many they did make) for the empty Trafalgar Square plinth.
  13. hairystick

    Next Kiwi Mosquito engine runs.

    Lewis Air Legends has just recieved the shipping containers and the parts are being taken out. "No damage" in transit! (Phew!). Just have to put her back together and test flights over Texas will begin.
  14. hairystick


    When anyone approaches with that as an opening greeting, there is normally a short pause afterwards. Over the years I have become quite skilled at inserting the line "That's what horses eat!" immediately after thay say that word. It normally stops them for a second.
  15. hairystick

    Andy Hill cleared of Manslaughter.

    Interesting. Most unusual for a civilian jet to have them in service.