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  1. Another who is following this thread with interest! Sounds like a real tour de force of museums and breakfast eateries! Mmm. Breakfast! *insert appropriate drooling noises here* A totally recommended stop, but if you venture into the cockpit, be prepared for a long stay. The chaps there certainly know their stuff and will keep you engrossed in tales for much longer than you planned... - am I the only one who was wondering why there are no supermarket trolleys available in Hannants? Surely this would boot sales exponentially!
  2. Chortle! IF that amount of "bang" could be bolted onto a DAVE-B, the fuel would only permit one circuit if the airfield before having to land. Then you'd need a place to dump ordnance to be able to perform that maneuvre! Classy reporting by another pretend journalist.
  3. I'm hoping to see the kit this week (not holding my breath though!) I'm not in UK, so no worries with customs and extortion excise.
  4. This may be interesting to see what eventuates. I was charged a similar amount... and today the courier arrived with a box. "Hmmm" I think to myself. The kit is smaller than I thought, and how did they get the free weapons kit in ther as well? ??? It eventuates that the weapons kit was all that was inside. ... and, still a little boy waits...
  5. Wow! Having just checked my credit card, the price of the kit, including the weapons kit postage, is well less than half of the "other" manufacturer's offering. I await delivery in a few days time. From what I'm seeing of the current builds, the detail is great. The "hips" will need to be seen in-the-flesh though. EDIT: Just looked at prices again and it is 1/4th of the price! Darn!
  6. Likewise. I messaged them regarding the pre-order and they verified the weapons kit inclusion. Shipping price had been finalised too!
  7. I believe Britain got their history around the wrong way... Dropping nuclear bombs on Australia before they invented "neighbours" and "gnome & away" was a serious mistake... Australia failed to heed the warning.
  8. What? There is a bacon-based cereal? Why wasn't I informed of this earlier!!!
  9. Thankfully something to disperse the vile dross vomited out of "mainstream" music production we are infested with. Ex-flactor and boi-bands tremble in fear! 10 year hiatus, broken.
  10. I checked my order and it appears to be arriving in-stock next week. (I'm not holding my breath though). Also, pricewise it is around 1/3rd LESS than the Tamiya offering.
  11. A lot of peole think that, but the realities are different. Simply giving a woodentop a firearm is of no use whatsoever, unless they are properly trained to use it, and not the 1-day course "you're now qualified" approach. Then on top of that there has to be a minimum amount of proficiency training... One live shoot per year is not unheard of, which means a skill set degrades, leaving the operator in a worse position. Having worked alongside, and competed against our plod, the un-armed approach is far safer for the public. If a regular cop says "stand still, or I'll shoot" do just that - they have no chance of hitting you!
  12. I used to own a Falcon panel van with full bullbars. The amount of leeway I encountered when I had that was surprising. Not un-surprisingly it could inflict a bit of panel damage when required of it...
  13. Apart from the printed instructions. Perhaps another 3yrs to get them finished...
  14. "Reduced masking"...??? Have you noticed the amount of glazing the Widow carries? A superb aircraft, enjoy your build!
  15. It seems some "test builds" are underway with a few modellers. One makes reference to not having any instructions, so possibly these have yet to be finalised / printed?
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