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  1. hairystick

    Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    Possibly flying at this years air show. 104 seconds. That's the time-span involved in this accident. For aviators, this is a very nice video analysis of the actions.
  2. hairystick

    What have you purchased / been given

    It seems that I have spent ~8000hours at the modelling bench over the last three years (who'd a thunk it!) .. so this inevitably means that I need a replacement fluorescent lightbulb in my magnifying lamp. Switching it on today resulted in "bzzzzt, bzzzt, pop" and no more light emanating from the bulb.* So tomorrow's purchase will be a circular bulb. Qty: 1. * Well, we really know that these things are "dark suckers" since when you switch them on they suck all of the dark from the room. When they are full of darkness they go "pop" and dark smoke comes out to signify they are full and require replacement.
  3. Yes they do. On training sorties there are hook-up approaches flown to get familiar with the landing approach. To me the artwork is showing a "hook-up" landing and go around. They got the exhausts correct though... no afterburner required for GE engined 'cats!
  4. hairystick

    What have you purchased / been given

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. hairystick

    Grump Britain.

    An annoyance is those people (probably non-English speakers) who use a computer generated voice over for their clips. Military videos suffer badly from this and immediately get me "clicking the heck out of there"... That reminded me of a particular T-shirt that did the UK rounds in the mid 80's. Designed to enrage four separate groups at the same time... The one with the big whale with the smaller whale alongside, with the mushroom cloud overhead, jog anyone's memories...?
  6. hairystick

    Grump Britain.

    Are you my long lost twin brother?
  7. hairystick

    What have you purchased / been given

    An ultrasonic cleaner. An old one that was given to me (yippee! free = good) but when plugged in would not work. (not as good...). A mate who is an electronic genius quickly rectified this situation and it is, quite literally, humming along! I put my airbrush in and within a second of switching it on there appeared a stream of "smoke" emanating from the airbrush components. I was amazed and entertained simultaneously while it did its magic. So much so that I did three runs of 10mins on the airbrush - just because I'm easily entertained by silly things like this! Small amounts of giggling could be heard as well! I'm now slightly concerned that the brush will never work as it did before, since all the cavities are now permitting paint and air to escape through the spaces that were previously gummed up!
  8. hairystick

    Grump Britain.

    We saw nuffink'. We heard nuffink'.
  9. hairystick

    Solent Sky

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the place and that it is keeping up the standards of presentation too. I visited many moons ago (seriously, around 25yrs!) and still remember the place. The outstanding memories were the art around the place (I came away with a signed Robert Taylor print) and also the staff sharing their knowledge. I did not appreciate the cooling system on the Supermarine S6 until it was pointed out in detail. Lovely museum indeed.
  10. hairystick

    Photobucket images are back

    I wonder if it had anything to do with the message I sent them once I'd deleted all my pictures and given them the two-fingered salute as I closed my account? It was a long, and very descriptive, message...
  11. hairystick

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Best news I've heard all morning! Hopefully they will find a happy home inside a furnace...
  12. hairystick

    Airfix Classics Launched

    An interesting approach and one that could do quite well if handled intelligently. Kits that offer the "only choice in town" will make a lot of sense, as will "rare and desirable" which can be deduced from evilbay sales at exorbitant prices yet also attracting the wrath of those who paid a bit much at aforementioned auctions. Hopefully this all goes well, but you wouldn't expect to see a re-release of an Austin Allegro... Old stuff is still old. No. Just "no!". Some dogs need putting down.
  13. hairystick

    Today is the Big Day

    I'm lead to believe that the grandstand and setup for the Isle of Man TT is well underway too!
  14. hairystick

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    I'd suggest therapy sessions. Mine drove me mad with frustration for over a year! Oh dear. Across the ditch, our lunatic government want to inflict us with the same mentality. Sadly the retailers refuse to stock the items we actually want, but insist in complaining vehemently that they are losing out to the internet sales. I've been to several retailers who flatly refuse to import/stock items, so now we will get the worst of both worlds with not being able to purchase locally (preferred option) and also getting taxed if purchasing from overseas. Utter madness.
  15. hairystick

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    I'm led to believe that there have been confirmed sightings of the beast! Welsh modellers were so in awe of TCM and its abilities (the ability to move around at great speeds and distances whilst able to make plastic disappear by heating with fire) that they emblazoned it onto their national flag. The legend spread from there...