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  1. Is there any way you could put a nut & bolt through those areas of resin, to join the two sections of fuselage?
  2. but avoid head-on trams
  3. to Farley Fruitbat models
  4. An oven is commonly used in the industry for enamels. Spray them on then bake them so they dry quickly. There might be a disadvantage in putting a plastic kit into an oven though... potentially the smell contaminating the next roast? Hannants. Diabolically evil to use. Almost as bad as the "search" function on this website...
  5. Hi Fozzy. With regard to your packing for shipping... I was involved with a yacht designer who would take our models around the world for displays at boat shows and the concern was the same - airline damage... We would make a sturdy case out of fibreboard - but we would put a clear acrylic panel in the top so that people could actually see what was inside. The logic was that the "baggage manglers" would take more care. We only had a minimal amount of repair work over a decade of this sort of thing. Adding heaps of "FRAGILE!" stickers also helpd.
  6. Yeeeessss!! That is superb news indeed. A modern Blade will go down well.
  7. Those ships look really good in that paint scheme! Quite tempting to do one in 1:48th to go alongside the F-20 I did a while back...
  8. Wooohoooo! It's BACK!!! Such a great build to follow. NO wings, but perhaps the fin and tailplanes?* * for now...
  9. A bit like the Blackburn Buccaneer did? The earlier engines were slow to spool up so the engines were kept at power with the tail airbrakes open. Good for carrier landings.
  10. Looks like an alternative for "reverse thrust" on landing, directing some of the thrust slightly forwards. Interesting. I've taken to calling the amount of propulsion due to rotating blades "propellor driven". A mate of mine is 1st officer on a dreamliner & I ask him how his prop aircraft is handling nowadays... He laughs.
  11. You should be into the "ball-park" with that amount. It is a big heavy beast!
  12. I can't quite see where or how much you have used? I put the longer of the two radar noses on and filled that part completely with small pieces of lead so that it was totally full. It was just enough!
  13. YAY! Builds can continue now. I've just been to my model shop and picked up a heap of Tamiya paints, 2 spray cans and a roll of masking tape. Finally time to get the D-335 closer to the finish line!
  14. Good work on the scribing and rivetting! That looks superb. Beware! Hopefully you have filled the entire nose with lead, as this is a tail sitter... It looks like you have taken the same route I did with having to shim up the glazing with plastic card. It's not the closest of fitting canopy glazing ever provided by a manufacturer.
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