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  1. Thank you Skodadriver, Just the advice I was seeking
  2. What is the general advice for using Halfords automotive paints ? Do you shoot them straight from the rattle can, or decant them and use an airbrush ? If using an airbrush, do you thin the paint, if so what with (I take it they are acrylic based), and how about clean up? I've seen several builds recommending Appliance White, and the Capri Blue looks a great match. I have never been brave enough to use a rattle can, concerned about control of laying down the paint
  3. I have noticed Authentic Airliners website has been down for the last few days, anyone heard any news? Really like the the models they produce, with some great subjects. The Authentic Airliners decals website seems fine
  4. Hi Eric, I haven't seen the plastic for the new Zvezda release so can't comment. Regarding the aircraft, yes basically. The A321 was originally available as the dash100 and dash200, with different fuel capacity. Once the New Engine Option (neo) was marketed, the 'classic' was called the ceo (Current Engine Option).
  5. Thanks for the words of welcome everybody
  6. Beautiful build Scotsman07, I particularly like the grubby stain around door 2L from the jetty. Regarding the engines - everyone's entitled to a bit of artistic licence, wish I had your modelling skills
  7. Further digging. G-BPEA and G-BPED came to LHR sometime around Dec. '91 and used on Domestic Shuttles. I can't remember if they were still in Caledonian livery, but were repainted BA Landor. G-CPEL I can see from Sep. '93, followed by G-BPEI, EJ, EK from Aug. '94. Next couple came early '97 I think before 'Utopia' pre-school art class tails. The above registrations were all E4 Landor, as well as the ones that went to GLA. Some may have stayed at LGW, but I had nothing to do with those, so don't know if and when they returned to BA Landor. So the upcoming 26 decal sheet is good for the Zvezda 757 in BA Landor and Caledonian without modifying the engines, (although I really need some aftermarket 535Cs to make me a happy camper).
  8. G-BIKA to G-BIKZ and G-BMRA to G-BMRJ were all RR 535C and all entered service with BA pre Gulf War 1. As stated G-BPEA to G-BPEAF (think there was a G-BPEH as well) were all ordered for Caledonian (the BA subsidiary formed at LGW from BA Airtours and B Cal.) I think they were all ETOPS capable, and had RR E4, they certainly had a different internal fit out, with galleys front and back which caused the cabin crew grief when they came back to LHR and were used on the Domestic Shuttle flights. As also stated, two of the ex-Cali E4s went to GLA BA Regional for the GLA-JFK and GLA-BOS Once aviation started to recover post GW1. a second tranche of 757s were delivered G-BPEI to G-BPEK and G-CPEL to G-CPEV, all E4s. The 'Cs' were the first to retire, the E4s certainly were 'hotter' and used to climb like homesick angels.
  9. Hello everyone, I often refer to the wonderfully knowledgeable threads and inspirational builds on here, and thought it was about time I took the plunge and joined in. Glacial builder, prolific hoarder.
  10. Hi folks, I raised a query on the Rumourmonger forum regarding the 1/48 Eduard Mk.1 - Mk.V Spitfire. On reflection, not the right place to ask this question, so here goes. The new Eduard boxing 'Eagles Call' contains newly kitted Mk.Vb and Mk.Vc, and overtrees are available for the Vb labelled as Mk.Vb late. As well as a new fuselage for the internally armoured windscreen, there is a new lower wing for the Vb (part M3). The lower wing is different from that released in the IIb kit (part L3), the shape of the cannon fairings has altered, the landing lights have been deleted, and some minor changes to a couple of panels, and a new electrical socket near the cut-out for the carb intake. From trawling through the excellent information contained in the two Spitfire questions forum, I know that the landing lights were deleted in March '43, but what about the change to the shape of the lower cannon fairings? I was rather over enthusiastic with my purchase of the Tally Ho! boxing of Mk.II s, assuming I could build most of them as early Mk.Vb s. Ultimately I can, as no one but me is going to know. The devil is in the detail though, and Eduard have gone to a lot of trouble producing multiple parts for changes in production specs.
  11. Thanks for the pictures Andreas, exactly so! It was the table on HS that piqued my interest when I saw the new sprue 'M' listed in the table. I have found this thread (and the thread on spitfire questions) really informative, and now know not to paint crow-bars red, or call plastic seats bakelite. I am also amazed at the amount of research that Eduard put into their kits, and the variations that they offer, and understand that it is not economical to include all variations. Having invested in five Tally Ho! boxings () with the intention of building most of them as late MK.Is and early Mk.Vbs, just wondering as to when the change to the fairing shape occurred?
  12. Afternoon all, I'm a long time lurker, but here goes with my first post (so go gently please). Regarding the Mk.Vb in the recent Eagle's Call release, as well as the new fuselage sprue for the internally armoured windscreen (sprue D), it appears the lower wing has changed from the Mk.IIb release, and is now labelled sprue M. It appears the landing lights have been deleted and the cannon fairings are an asymmetric shape. Is the lower wing in the MK.IIb release suitable for the very early Mk.Vb ?
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