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  1. Hi all After the Mig 25, I choosed to exist of my stach a different subject. This time, I decided to go to Japan and build the beautifull Ki-61 Hien Tamiya kit. Like all Tamlya kit, it is very well engenired. The try fit show me that it is possible to not glu the wing before the paint. I decided to assemble and paint the fuselage and the wing seperatly and assemble them after the paint. My build start with the cockpit. It is very well detailled and it not need some adds I use the H66 GUnze paint and add a little weathering. I choosed to paint the insignia marks I use the help of a silhouet printer to make the mask I painted the tail in red using the Tamiya paint For the rest of the fuselage, I used the Vallejo aluminium paint. THis paint have the great advantage of being dilluted with water. Now I can start the challenge of the kit : the green spots. I use the C310 Gunze paint but after I spray it, I think this paint is to lighter. But this paint used by Hasegawa for his kit
  2. I don't know. I just follow the instructions.
  3. Hi This is my Mig 25 RB frpm ICM kit at 1/48th The plane is very large. More than 40 cm when you finished it. There are no major problem for his build. Some step requier attention but it is a very good kit. I use the AK paint for this kit. A global view Another pics in my galery Mig 25 RB
  4. Thank exdraken for this information
  5. For exdraken, yes this is the final line for this mig I must make the following things: - paint and install canopy - paint and install bombs - paint and install gears. I think, I could have for a little week. This is my fast 1/48 build. I didn't know the history of the "57" and why ICM chooses this plane. For paulsbrown, did you know how the gear is too high ? I didn't already install the hydraulic pipe and I can cut it.
  6. The update part ? I didn't know I painted the number on the sides and the red stars I used a Tamyia dark brown panel line for accentuing the structural line I applied the 150 decals
  7. The paint work After several attempt I obtained the effect I wished I used the new AK paint and the special Mig 25/31 grey I pre shadowed the structure lines. Paint the grey. Make some white spots and paint the grey again for a little weathered effect The ICM instructions were not very clear for the paint especially for the dark grey zone and the engine. ICM didn't give upper and lower side. Only the right and left side. Your salvation come with the Revell instruction. You can see all zones
  8. I have the same box I will follow your build with attention
  9. Hi Update of the day I added some hydrolic pipe to the wheel bay and painted it in aluminium The next ? closing the cockpit. Before this I must add the cameras panels. It not fit well and I decided to cut the support of this panel on the 2 half fuselage I hope to avoid the need of a joint. The try fit show me a gap behind the panel between the panel and wheel bay. I use a plastic card ti fill it Now I can glue the two half fuselage I place the cockpit and reinforce it with plastic card I start to glu the fuselage by the forward. I use clam and wait a moment before continue to glu the rear The noise is finish and can be add to the fuselage Except the plastic card zone, the two half fuselage joint very well I find a little gap between the fuselage and the noise. I think the rear panel noise is too high and I decide to sand a part The fit is far better now A global view to show the good design of this kit despite his cut The putty use is for now very minimal.
  10. Before to set the noise on the fuselage, I must paint the cockpit and wheel front bay. I start with the dashbord Unfortunely, ICM provide no decals for the instruments But more I see this panel, more I think it miss something ! I decide to sand the transparent piece under the panel instrument and search some decals in old decals sheet. I find my happy in a old Spitfire Mk VIII decals I cut some instruments and set on the transparent piece. I use Micro sol for soften the decals Now I think it is better. And yes this is not like the reality... but it is better I continue with the ejection seat. I added harnesses I finsih with the cockpit side. I paint some button in red and yellow for give some colors in this cockpit (yes again it is not true but like my instrument panel is not true too...) Following step ; the front wheel bay
  11. This morning, the goal : finish the fuselage build. I start with the paint of first stage compressor. Now the job is to start with this To finish with a fuselage with its side panel I use some clamps glue the upper of the part with classical Tamya glu and finish lower of the part with extra thin glu Finally, it has no major defaults for assembling the fuselage. And after a little drying time, I can present the wings And with a noise ?
  12. The little advance of the day The air intake is almost finished I add plastic card behind the second part of the air intake and in one side. It is for help to glue it Don't forget to paint the interior side of the wheels bay. It serve as panel at the air intake
  13. I think it could be arrive even in the best kits
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