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  1. An amazing build It looks like a 1/48th kit ! Congratulation and thank to share your build
  2. It is finish and close this year for me.
  3. No major difficulties for this kit except the radar who need some attention and filler. The kit has some errors who can easlly correct The following site point these errors https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2019/08/sword-172-douglas-ad-4w-skyraider.html A globa view And a gallery AD-4W Skyraider AEW
  4. Final step before the end. It miss only antenna
  5. Hi I set the decals. They are thin but sometimes difficults to get off from the sheet. Instructions are sometime not very clear. I think I set some decals that are not on the real plane. I set the angle decals on the tail on only one side like the real plane The decal doors are too small. I cut their center to avoid to have a decal on the windows.
  6. Yes, I see this error on the sword profile and decide not paint this black stripes.
  7. the roundels on the top wing painted. I added the fin but my glue ... not glue. I finish it with cyanochrilate but on a fin, the adjustement are a little faire I applied a varnish coat for the decals set tomorrow
  8. Now the Musketer Yellow stripes Because I hadn't the exact position of the roundel, I paint it too far. This is why my stripes is too far too. Now I can paint the roundels on the upper wing
  9. Hi A little advance I paint du dark blue I made mask for the serial and insignia I reduce the the insignia and serial on the under wing. I think the decals are too high
  10. Thanks for your drawing I tested my gear legs and they are a little too long. The axe of the wheels is bellow of the bottom radome Not on the photo, last night I follow the instruction and glu pieces 48-49, but after reflexion, I think these pieces are not necessary. I removed them
  11. Last step before the paint And the silhouet paint mask for the serials are ready
  12. Alleouia ! After several seance of putty -sanding (I use the classical Gunze putty and the Gunze liquid putty 500 for the finish) the radar integration finished. I add some spacer for the engine. With these I think the engine placement will be better And a photo for tailspin turtle. I hope it helps
  13. Hi The radar is in place. But I need to use miliput for this. There is a gap on the radar rear. The gap is so important that I use miliput. For this, I set a tamiya tape on the fuselage. I made a miliput puddle and put it on the radar. I dry the tamiya tape and set up the radar. The water avoid the miliput to glue on the fuselage. After I glued the radar and fill putty between radar and fuselage. I think I will use acetone for smooth the putty
  14. Hi, Fuselage closed. I inserted some plastic rod to extend the fuselage for a better fit with the wing. Wit this, the gap between the wing and fuselage is minimal I inserted the cockpit after close the fuselage.
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