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  1. Hi all This is my build of the A6M2 Zero from Eduard The details level from the box is very high and the build a real pleasure Some othe pics at this address Mitsubishi A6M2
  2. I setted the decals No problem for the stencils. It is a big difference compared to those of the P51 very difficult to set I used the tamiya brown panel line for the structural lines
  3. I painted the insignia and serials My blue band is not so "grey blue" I would like and a little different from the decals I passed the varnish too for the decals application
  4. The paint The paint of a Zero is very simple : only one color for a A6M2 of the early stage of the war I used the AK Real Color paint because I like this color for the japanese "Amber Grey" I painted the propeller too Eduard give a decal for the red line but I prefered to paint they I used the Tamiya grey panel line on the engine cowl
  5. Some other photos of the cockpit before I close the fuselage Now I can add the wings
  6. Hi I pass more time than expected on the cockpit The fault of the eduard details on this part of the kit The cockpit is very well detailled and far better than the old Hasegawa kit (I built one several month ago) I used only a part of the photoetched because sometime it is very complexe to use it and sometime the details level added is not very significatif I used the photoetch for the panel instruments For the floor I used the photoetch for the pedals. But if i cutted the plastic pedals I let a little part to glue the new pedals on it For the side, I didn't follow the advice and glu the panel directly on the fuselage The seat is very well detailled too and I think that the resin part is not necessary. For using it, you need only add the seat belt I drilled the holes behind the seat For the machine guns it is more simple I painted the machine guns with MC212 gunze paint. But I think it was more simple to have the bolt one side and the barrels on other side for adding barrels after the fuselage paint. The one piece machine guns need to mask they for the paint The cockpit The last step who you can't see after closing the fuselage is the paint of pieces behind the seat on the floor on the wings And to finish this update, the engine paint
  7. Hi all After the Special Hobby Tempest MkII, I decided to rest in the "Eduard" kit (The Tempest is a collaboration between Eduard and Special Hobby) with the last Eduard kit : the Mistsubishi A6M2 Zero I take the hand on a kit from the first box "Tora ! Tora ! Tora !" who give paint scheme for planes participating of the attack of the 7th December. I choosed a first wave plane from Soryu. I already build a Hasegawa Zero and at this time appreciate the AK Real Color. I will paint the scheme with this color.
  8. Thanks all for your comment I added some pictures of the interior cockpit that I forgetted
  9. Hi This is my finished Tempest MkII from Special Hobby at 1/48th I choosed the Pakistani scheme for his colorful who change from the classical temperate scheme I painted the serial and nationality marks The kit is a pleasure to build and has no problem except the light transparent piece who are too big and need to sand it. Some others pics at this address Hawker Tempest MkII
  10. The weathering I prefere a plane with only a little weathering On a large scale photo, you don't see it very well on the extrado But if you zoom on the model, it is better On the intrado, the weathering is clearly visible I painted the roquette But it is not an easy task because roquette and rail are in one piece
  11. The advance of the week I setted the decals. They are no plenty decals. I needed only one evening to set they After, I passed a Tamiya panel line in structural line. I used the brown color. At firt I wished to use the black color but I think it is too strong and the contrast too heavy with the black color.
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