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  1. I started the conception of the camera parts It is a first for me because I will use for the first time my Elegoo Mars Printer For the moment I try to learn how to use the 3D conception program. My first try without the fuselage curve
  2. Thanks for these precisions I've just follow the instructions and the decals have this portion. I'ts now too late for me for correct this error.
  3. Stencils added. I use the Tamiya Panel Line black in the structural line. I use too Tamiya Panel Line brown on the raised rivets but it is very subtil and may be not appear on the photo
  4. Rounds and serials are painted I scanned the decals and made a mask with a Silhouette printer. With this work, the difficult is to center all the round in one roundel. I paint at first the red. Mask it and paint the blue. After I mask the blue with the help of the red mask. Finally I paint the with. For the yellow, I primer it with the white. This is why I need two day to do there.
  5. After 2 days of work (masking conception, paint), my Spitfire has receive his roundle and his serial
  6. Hi For the cockpit I use the following method - preshade in black - paint in interior green - dry brush in whith (light dry brush) - a little wash with sepia oil paint. For the seat - preshade in black - paint with a mix of brown i have in stock (I had to use the Tamiya XF-68 and Gunze H072) - paint with a lighter mix (add with a little yellow and white from the previous mix) on the center of each "leather sausage". This mix is very delited. You can pass the previous mix again if the effect is too strong. - little wa
  7. for a restart it is a beautifull work
  8. Welcome back Witch Tamiya kit you build ? The old or the new Spitfire ? It's a very good choice for restart our hobby
  9. The color between AK and Gunze are very different. The AK Dark Green paint is more green than the Gunze. The AK Dark Earth is more yellow than the Gunze A photo of the Airspeed paint with Gunze paint. Like you see the tone is very different
  10. The engines are in place I glued the wings. On the under junction I use the Perfect Plastic Putty. Why this putty ? Because the difference between the fuselage and the wing is too large. But beware, this putty must not be sand with water. Unless the putty disappear. it must be smooth with an cotton rod Now I must make the camera ports. And after that I would paint the Pembroke
  11. I have this plane at 1/48th scale I will follow your build with attention A nice job start
  12. The paint started with AK paint Usually, I paint my Dark Green/Dark Earth model with Gunze paint, but this time, I will wish try this new brand paint For the black I use the H417 Gunze a little less dark than the H12 The intrado The Extrado
  13. I assembled the two fuselage. After two days of filler/sanding process, finaly, my fuselage is good. The next step is the nose. I added 10 grammes in it and seal all the weight with wood glue. I added weight under the floor of the cockpit. I glued a L shape evergreen for seperate the hole of the nose gear and avoid some weight to go to this place I added the fins. I cutted the center pins for a best adjustment.
  14. After this first step, I can close the fuselage Like you see on the previews photos, I didn't follow instruction and glue some parts directly on the fuselage. With this, I glue the "couples" on one side and close the fuselage without a gluing it. >The couple can be glue in the good position After I can add the wings. No major problem to do this And I can start the paint with the pre shading
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