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  1. yes my blue is too bright I will do it darker for the my next Meteor I setted all stencils. There are almost 80. Like allways the Special Hobby decals are perfect.
  2. Thanks for your comments Next step : the paint of nationality marks and serial number It is a little long due to the masking but I prefer to paint they
  3. I pre shadded all the meteor After I painted the gray on the center panels, I spayed the grey for mitagate the pre shading. The grey sprayed at this time has a great dillution to control the fadding of the pre shadded For the green, I sprayed a firs layer without the pre shadded. After I pre shadded all panel lines and I sprayed another layer of the green with a great dillution
  4. letting my SIA 260 in one side of my table, I painted the scheme of my Meteor I need to repaint the upper grey zone at the place of fuselage junction. The paint was some reactions at this place because junction is not see in the green zone
  5. Yes I see it when I upload the photos Too late to make another one. I have a pics in the other side and it's worst. Like we said in french "it's a furry kit" in literally as well as figuratively
  6. The decals The decals sheet give more 60 decals for this tiny machine They were very fine and I encountered no problem during the set process The next process : the gears and the propellers I start to see the end of this build
  7. I started the paint The difficulty is the size of the models. All is little, very little I spend the same time to mask the model that a bigger model For the yellow I used the H413 gunze paint with a little drop of H034 paint (only a little drop for 15 parts of H413) For the red I used the Insignia red from AK Colors The next step : paint of the engine and set the decals
  8. Sorry for my english But yes I could also have used candles and made an exorcism on this kit
  9. Yes for the cockpit I used the dry-brush technique
  10. For the wing, I didn't encounter any major problem You need to fill the engine nacelle, the exhaust and air intake But nothing impossible to make After the wing preparation, I can glue it to the fuselage I sanded the front junction and added a little spacer to the rear I have a little filling to make between the intrado and the fuselage
  11. After severals filling seance, I succeded to filling all the gaps
  12. I took my courage to continue my build But the adjustments are poor and remember me the start of Special Hobby
  13. The cockpit is in place in the fuselage No difficulty at this point I added a 8 grammes weight in the noise. Now I can paint the engines I can stat to add the wings for verifying the adjustment And paint the wheels bays
  14. Two Hasegawa F-15 F-15J "Combat Meet 2006" F-15J "Fuji Mount"
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