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  1. This build advance at low speed but advance. I decided to paint the model by element : fuselage, wings and tails were paint seperatly For this, the wing-fuselage junction must be perfect. hopefully, this junction is almost good. There are only a little space, that can be corrected by two spacer in the fuselage I painted the lateral window in orange like we can see on some photos The tails paint started too And when we add all the elements, the E-2C appear
  2. I painted the gold/blue "Nasa" stripes. I painted too the Nasa and Serial. For the yellow i used Tamiya XF-3 (8 parts) and Gunze H24 (1 part) I still have to paint the air intake in black
  3. The first batch print The external diameter could be a little more thick but it should be suffisant for a cyano glue.
  4. The work of the day At first, paint of the radome. Before the set the mask, I painted the radome with AK paint After, paint of the bird The rest of the day was passing to modelise the air intake. When you have not the experience to do it, you pass several hours for only a little piece
  5. The work night I painted the front wheel bay. This part need only a white paint and brown accent panel line Now I can close the fuselage Don't forget to drill all the holes and glue the 3 windows on the rear right fuselage You need too a weight of 30 grammes. Hasegawa indicates to place this weight under the cockpit floor. It is impossible to place a such weight in this place ! I place it behind the rear cockpit partition. Now we can see the global line of the plane For the next step, I decided to take care of the engines and specially the air intake of the Allison T56 Turboprop Hasegawa has been lazy at this place We have only a straight piece behind the air intake. To correct this, I decided to dig it and create a printer 3D pieces I wouldn't be difficult to create the air vein Before that, I cut the center propeller plot from the front piece of the engine After I drill the half engine piece with the help of a moulding line The difference between a drill piece to the left and the orignal piece to the right
  6. Hi all This time I propose to follow a build of the E-2C Hawkeye from Hasegawa at 1/72 scale The Grumman E-2C is a iconic plane for the 70 area like the F-14 Tomcat frequently associeted to it But if the Tomcat is now out of service, the E-2C always fly and is the "eye of the fleet" I started this buils several weeks ago but I really start the paint job only this week because I must wait that my F-104 dry I start with this kit Initially, I wanted to use a decals sheet with a plane with a "stars and stripes" flag on the nose. But this sheet is now unavable I decided to make the artbox scheme who is attractive. For this, I make a mask for the bird on the radome radar. This week I attacked the cockpit paint The Hasegawa cockpit is very well detailled for the scale It need only a good job paint and the add of the seatbelts I paint the two screen on the central consol with a drop of transparent green from AK For the dashboard, I made a mask with a Silhouette printer after to have scanne the decals sheet After I painted in black the dashboard, masked the panels instrument and spray the grey One drybrush later and some buttons in red, the dashboard finished On a E-2C there are buttons all around the cockpit even on the ceilling Like I wish a clean interior, I decided to paint the interior of the transparent piece I made the mask for this job and paint the upper console Like my Silhouette printer is warm, I decided to make the propeller mask Hasegawa give the white and aluminium part of the blade in decals I scanned it and made a new mask.
  7. Good build The eduard kit is a superb kit. I should please yourself with it
  8. Next step : the exhaust I painted the exhaust with Gunze MC212 paint I used too the Tamiya XF-68 Nato Brown and XF57 Buff the a heavy dillution Now I can close the fuselage There is a gap behind the wheels bay But it can easely fixed I can start the paint I prefere the pre shadowing technic After this step I can paint the "white". I use the Gunze H1 paint But during this process, the front canopy unstick him I need to fill the front of this part again
  9. This time I witch to build a iconic aircraft : the F-104 Starfighter We no longer present the F-104 : the "missile with a pilot" A while ago I bought a hasegawa kit Why the hasegawa kit ? Initially I bought a box to make a second F-104J of the Eduard box because I love several plane of this box. I finded a "Nasa" F-104G But finally I choosed to build the "Nasa" Starfighter of this box I started with the wheels bay. It need only aluminium paint and some add paint for little pieces. After I started the cockpit. The hasegawa cockpit is very nice with fine and crips details. I scanned the dashboard and make a mask with the silhouette printer. It help the paint of the no all black dashboard. Next step the cockpit I painted the console in black and use the dry brush technic to raise the details. Some red spot later, you have a crisp cockpit
  10. Thanks Yes, all photos I finded show plane witthout peeling paint like aircrafts of late war.
  11. Thanks for your answer My next kit is a F-104G in "Nasa" scheme
  12. Hi all This is my 3rd model for this year This time I choosed the classical Mitsubishi A6M Zero. I build this model for a friend who has choose the A6M2 early model The kit is the Hasegawa kit. No major problem on this kit. The sole advice is to glue the upper wing on the fuselage before glue the lower wing. Some othe photos in the link bellow Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero
  13. I seated the few decals after to have sprayed a gloss varnish on the model I use a Tamiya Brown panel line on the structural line I sprayed the final semi gloss varnish.
  14. The paint I used the Ak Real Color RC303 I'm not a specialist of the japanese aircraft but I lile the rendering of this shade. I painted the japanese insign mark because it is very simple to make the paint mask. I created the serial mask too but i see that I used the wrong serial and make the mask for the second plane of the box I painted too the stripes on the propellers
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