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  1. The originals are always on my pc and a 'hard' copy back up (DVD or similar ) and are kept separately for safety. I don't use cloud storage for anything, and the only reason I use the likes of photobucket is because you cannot directly post pictures on these forums Les
  2. Thanks, Pete, will take a look. I may just put all the pictures on there and make single post to include them, as I don't trust Photobucket to not get rid of the rest Les
  3. Those *******s at Photobucket have screwed me over again. I don't have many WIP threads on here and only one significant one about my Jasmine Hellcat However I received an e-mail recently saying that I have to keep logging in to keep the account active (fine, I can understand and accept that) so I went through the rigmarole of logging in after having to reset the password as it wouldn't accept the correct one, only to find it saying 'experience the new Photobucket'. What this actually means is that a lot of the WIP photos are now unavailable, so while some photos are still visible on the WIP thread, a lot are not any more. Thanks Photobucket So I am thinking of reposting the WIP pictures in the thread but don't want to go through all of that pain again - is there a good site that you guys can recommend? Cheers Les
  4. Looks good to my untrained eye. I would be interested in seeing a test build review as I have seen fit issues quoted on most reviews of Harriers, and the awkward shape of the subject makes tackling them tricky What we need now is for HGW to come up with some MDC decals like they use for the rivet sets, the ones that leave no carrier film. Cheers Les
  5. Hi all, recently I have posted a few 'looking for / wanted' type posts in the wanted section, the last of which was for some KittyHauwk UB 16 rocket pods. On the latter one I had some to-ing and froing on it with others and so there were a few posts on it, but today the entire thread is gone, which also happened to a couple of similar threads I started. I have had no notifications either to tell me it is moved, nor to inform me it was incorrectly placed or that I had breached any rules. Am I not understanding something or missing something? Cheers Les
  6. Great pictures, it really is a different scheme. Frankly, I think the confusion over whether it is black or dark green means I can please myself! Les
  7. Thanks guys - now those two pictures have me back thinking it's two tone green, brown and black with a light grey underside. Les
  8. It's the second picture and I claim ignorance due to the fact that I did a Google (other misleading search engines are available) search for 'Iranian Su-17'! It's a nice looking scheme, and the fact it isn't a cold war one explains why they look so pristine Cheers Les
  9. lesthegringo

    Postage rates

    When I lived in Australia, they were my go to as well, definitely recommend Les
  10. Guys, I'm looking at pictures of an interesting Iranian Su-17 scheme and I'm trying to work out if it is two greens, brown and black, or three greens and brown. It looks to me like three greens but I know pictures can deceive. Can anyone clarify? Cheers Les
  11. Thanks. If I am lucky enough to realise it before painting I can usually see the surface blemish that shows where it is, but as you say, sunlight or a bright torch has helped in the past. Les
  12. ....drill all the holes in the wings for the pylons. I'm good at it, plus forgetting to install some part that afterwards is impossible to install. I try to mark the instructions as a means of keeping it under control, but best laid plans and all that.... Off to get my pin vice and the measuring stuff Les
  13. My go to filler is cheap superglue mixed with talc powder for small to medium gaps - try it, it is quick, and does not shrink Les
  14. Hi all, this thread follows on from another regarding best silvers to use for base coat prior to weathering. The purpose of the other thread was to establish the toughest silver base so that I could use mechanical weathering methods, but one of the reasons for doing so was some issues I have with the salt weathering method. I have successfully used the salt weathering technique on a few models now, but my experience of it is that in my hands it is only any good for pretty extreme weathering. The reason for this is that it leaves the remaining top coat rough due to little bits and traces of salt getting trapped under the top coat. This means where I want significant leading edge erosion and chipping, but still want good paint on the rest of the wing, I lose a lot of the value of the method as it becomes less random. You essentially have to paint on the water, and then apply the salt specifically, so you get stripes rather than feathered chipped areas. The same goes for panel line chipping. So it is clear I need to revisit my technique as other have been able to use if for some great models. I also am keen to hear of any other ways to do this, my focus is 1/48th aircraft so I know different methods suit different scales and subjects Cheers Les
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