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  1. Hi all, I am considering getting a 3d Resin printer for amongst other things making parts for modelling. I have the budget for either of the printers mentioned in the title, and can't decide on which. I actually can afford more, but from what I can find on line these two seem to be very well considered, and more expensive printers don't seem to offer big advantages over them despite higher prices. I have a budget of 1200 quid, but don't see the sense in spending more than I have to. So it seems to come down to these two, and now I need to know the experience from anyone who uses th
  2. Really? Wow, that's out of left field! Les
  3. Was looking forward to seeing a build of one of these, it's on my wish list Cheers Les
  4. Either those are two paint brushes or that is the skinniest B-52 I've ever seen.......
  5. Yep, just like one of those kids puzzles where you have a load of sliding tiles with a pattern on it, with only one space and you have to keep moving everything around just to be able to move one particular bit from a to b I know your pain. Les
  6. Can you explain what, if anything, you are using to set the decals in, or what your decaling process is with them? It may help us answer you. Also, is it on a gloss, semi or matt surface? Cheers Les
  7. Thanks, Marklo - that gunner won't see much out of the front! Les
  8. This looks absolutely fantastic - I really hope to able to do one of these **EDIT** - Is this is a CGI picture? Les
  9. Now THAT'S more like it Clearly we have the same edition of the dictionary I wouldn't have the courage to ask my wife that question, her response would not be as pleasant - and probably more physical Les
  10. The comment about having more space is relevant; if you give me more space, I make a mess over a greater area. To quote the late, great Terry Pratchett, I use the FAS filing system. For those that don't partake of Terry's wonderful humour, FAS stands for 'First Available Space' Les
  11. It may be tosh but I'll take it - there's something zen about it that gives me an excuse Les
  12. That is a million times neater than my bench.... Les
  13. I've been having a couple of those listless days when I can't motivate myself to do some actual modelling, so to at least do something I tried to tidy up my work area. It's a nice big glass topped table in a conservatory with plenty of area to keep everything, but I am always wondering just how come I am able to turn a nice organised work area into an utter disaster area with tools , paint, supplies, bits of model and other 'stuff' strewn absolutely higgledy piggledy over the entire area in a matter of minutes. You must know it - you put down a tool or part that can't conceivably get lost due
  14. I've been reflecting on this whole issue for a while now, and have come to the conclusion that maybe the modelling supplies companies are missing a trick. What are the reasons that we use cyano or a cyano / talc mix? They have fast curing times, very little shrinkage as they use a chemical cure as opposed to outgassing a solvent, they bond very well to the surfaces so there is no chipping, they can be used for multiple gap sizes by changing the mix, and they can sand to a super feather edge that disappears under primer. The advantages of cyano on its own is that it will
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