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  1. I second this question, I always wanted one to pair with the Gulf War Tornado I made. As for the old Airfix kit, I have one in my stash and can attest to the appalling fit - the cockpit transparency looks like it was made for a totally different kit in a different scale for instance. I know that there are some who relish a challenge, but frankly that one fits into the 'masochist' bracket. I'm still debating whether to continue with modeling but if I do, this new kit will literally be number 1 on the list, and I would hope to do it in the Gulf War scheme Les
  2. Typical - I just made the painful desicion to stop modelling due to my recent move and they spring this on me! I can feel my resolve slipping away...... Les
  3. I sort of suggested that in a 'discussion' I had following the delivery...... Les
  4. Thanks all for the responses. Yes, there is insurance provided by the shipper and I will be claiming on it. Of course, they will only reimburse part of the real cost, as maybe they will just pay the price for a replacement kit. All the work done is lost. It took over four months to get the shipment, but straight away when it finally arrived we saw problems. Our dining table has a big piece smashed off it, a number of vases and glassware smashed plus a myriad of little issues Still, most is replaceable or fixable, there was nothing priceless or irreplaceable lost, so we have to look on the positive side Cheers Les
  5. Despite me making special boxes to hold the models in foam board cradles, the boxes being marked THIS WAY UP in big letters next to an arrow, FRAGILE marked on every face with the correct symbol sticker, and the words TOP LOAD ONLY written on them, all my models are damaged, some beyond any hope of repair. The boxes arrived upside down, of on their side, under heavy boxes, and the customs guys appear to have opened them upside down making sure that they broke them. I would swear they were playing rugby with the boxes, based on the condition of them. I took all the removable parts off and the transparencies and then put them into zip lock bags taped to the inside of the boxes; they were strewn all over the bottom of the shipping container, we got them out using a broom. There are a total of 50 models, in varying states of repair, I can't face doing a full review at the moment. I suspect that in the fullness of time I will be on these pages on the Wanted forum to try and salvage some of them. But now I also realise, after this being the 4th move with the models , that I am trying to cling on to a hobby that is incompatible with repeated long distance moves. I reluctantly may give up on it until such time that I am settled somewhere. If I decide to do so I will let all of my tools, paints and all the other bits and bobs go to someone here (Qatar) along with the remaining models in the stash. Cheers Les
  6. Strange, the Airbus reps at work call it Classic.... I suppose official vs common usage, although they are mostly French so maybe a difference in language read across Les
  7. Thanks - very interesting manual, I like it! However I suspect it isn't the solution, and a search around for pictures show that on the Accurate Miniatures version, it is not there at all, and even on the HB boxart it is not there. Here (hopefully) is a picture from another build showing the hole http://abload.de/img/100_2876bqqz3.jpg I think I am going to plug it, I can't find any references to it and nothing seems to show it should be there. Cheers Les
  8. when you see the CEO next to the NEO, the older engines look distinctly undernourished! Les
  9. As opposed to CEO (Classic Engine Option) with the V2500 and CFM 56 Les
  10. Hi all, on the right hand fuselage half, just below the canopy line is a small round hole. It looks like something is supposed to go in it as it is conical with the wide part facing in, but seems unlikely that it is a window or transparency because there is an instrument panel (F37) cemented over it on the inside. The instructions (as far as I can tell, and I looked thoroughly) make no mention of it, and I can't identify any mating part. Any ideas what it is, and whether there is something supposed to go in it? HB's part numbering is wrong in a number of cases, but as the instructions fail to mention it at all I'm at a bit of a loss. Any help given would be appreciated Cheers Les
  11. Call me fussy but I would have preferred the GTF option! Still very nice though Les
  12. That's perfect! I can easily make that from those dimensions, and the diameters I can match to the parts I have Thanks a milliion! Les
  13. Hi all, I am building the Zvezda Mi-4P but I have an issue that I'm hoping you can help with. The rotor head shaft part G30 is missing from my kit. I don't think I lost it as I always check for losose parts when opening the box / bags, and that wasn't one of them (there were a couple) but it is missing off the sprue and I can't locate any thing that would look similar on other sprues in case it has been mis-labeled. Maybe it never was there when I got the kit, or maybe I knocked it off and didn't notice, but it isn't here any more. From the instructions an looking at the mating parts it looks like a pretty simple part; three cylindical sections one on top of another, with a hole down the middle. This means I should be able to make a replacement either with sections of styrene rod / tube or by 3D printing with resin. However I need the dimensions of the part to do so. I can measure the mating parts for the three diameters and the bore, but I need the length of each of the sections. If anyone has the kit and can measure these for me I would be grateful. Cheers Les
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