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  1. This is another comission I finished today.The LM 1:72 Scale Soko G-2 Galeb jet trainer kit.Not a bad kit but it requires a bit of work to make it at least looking like a decent model in the end.I made the nose light, made the machinegunes from hypodermic needles,cut the vacuform canopy and added the pilot.Painted in Gunze tamiya and mm acrylics and enamels. Regards,Dragan
  2. Hello to all. This is my latest built model.The kit itself is quite crude but considering the age of the mold it is not that bad.I added some details in the cockpit plus riveted most of the airframe.The decals were a great pain to use but in the end in turned out great.Painted in gunze acrylics and vallejo varnishes.
  3. Thank you my friends. @flashlight the exhausts were painted in the following sequence.I painted them in AK Extreme metal dark aluminium.Than mixed a bit of tamiya random matt blue with a couople of drops of ak dark aluminum and sprayed the blue discoloration.Then painted the orange one with tamiya gold.Again oversprayed it with a diluted dark aluminum.Than postshaded everything with tamiya smoke especially on the panel lines and the end of the exausts to make it a different and darker shade.Than again postshaded some of the parts with the blue and aluminium mix and that is it
  4. Hello guys.I finished this model today.I built it for a customer of mine.Built it pretty much OOB and just rescribed (deepend) the panel lines and added rivets here and there.Also added a sewing needle instead of the flimsy kit pittotube.painted in HATAKA lacquer paints fro the su-27 camo.I used vallejo and ak interactive clear varnishes and weathered it with some airbrush posthading and artist oils. Enjoy the photos
  5. hello to all.Here is one of the most challenging kits I have seen in my life.The plastic is pretty brittle so the fuselage halves broke in 3 different places each.The fit is really terrible but in the end i think it looks like a pc9 and that is all that matters.
  6. Hello to all of you.Here is my latest finished model kit.The awesome Tamiya F-84G.I had such fun building this one.The fit is perfect.No issues at all.The details are great for a kit this size and of this price.I only added the seatbelts and that is it.The painting was done with Tamiya acrylics and MM enamels.The decals came from Balkan Models.
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