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  1. Thanks guys.I am really glad you like my work.I would also like to hear from you guys what would you do different.And in which area you think I should improve my skills.
  2. Hello again.I might be boring with my posts but I wanted to share my latest full video build.Made over the period of 7 or 8 days.I did this model for a friend of mine.A bit of homemade setabelts and a hud and the rest is OOB.You can click on the video link to see the whole process.
  3. Thanks again guys. Appreciate your input. and thoughts. Regards,Dragan
  4. Thanks guys.I am glad you like it.If only eduard would do the mig-23/27 family of aircraft in 1:72 scale.Or even 1:144th scale.It would make life much more easier for us who love the type. Regards,Dragan
  5. Hello to all.Here is another model I finished this year.The R.V. Aircraft MiG-23BN.A really difficult model to assemble.I had great problems with the fit and everything.I decided to do it as a Ethiopian AF MiG-23bn.I did upgrade the cockpit a bit but nothing fancy.I used decals from the spares box and the mod was painted in gunze and tamiya acrylics. Here is a full video build I did for this model so if you are interested in that kind of presentation feel free to watch it.
  6. Thank you guys.Last year I did the first prototype using the same kit.Here are some photos
  7. Thanks again guys.I might have overdone the chipping but I am satisfied with it for the moment.I will try to improve it on the next one. Regards,Dragan
  8. Hello to all.I would like to present to you my 1:72 Testors YF-23 PAV-2 Grey Ghost second prototype model I built a month ago.I rescribed he panel lines and made new hud and seatbelts.The rest is OOB.I used AK real colors for the first time and I must say I love them.One of the best colors I have ever used so far.I also did use Caracal aftermarket decals for this one and I can only say they performed great.I did had a couple of bubbles of silvering that I noticed after I took pictures of the model and managed to fix that with a drop of tamiya extra thin cement and resealing them with matt varnish. I also did a full video build for this one so if you feel like it you can take a look at it on the following link Enjoy the photos
  9. Great work.Love it.I have built 3-4 of this kits and I know how much work it is needed to turn them into a good looking model like you did.Bravo.
  10. Thank you Well the intakes are given like this oob.I did not had any FOD covers to putnon
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