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  1. Hello to all of you good people and fellow modellers.I present you my latest finished model.The great ESCI/ITALERI F-5A freedom fighter this time boxed as Hobbytime F-5A/RF-5A.A Turkish hobbyshop and brand that offers various turkish af themed scale models.This kit comes in a sturdy and great looking box.It has awesome decal set.I could not decide on which one to build for this one.I decided to do a F-5A 2000 upgrade of the original F-5A.I did some details in the cockpit and added a suprlus MK-10 ejection seat I had lying around.The paints used are gunze.If you would like to see the build proc
  2. Great job my friend.I am so glad you did your first model to this level of quality.You should have seen my first model You should be proud of your creation.
  3. Hello To all of you guys and girls.I present you my latest finished model.The great eduard MiG-21 bis in 1:48 Scale.I had fun with this one.Got to try my new aibrush.I also made a video of the full process which you can watch by clicking on the link bellow.
  4. Hello to all.This has been the latest model I have finished.Built for an ex air force weapons expert.I built it OOB.paints used are tamiya and gunze and the decals came from balkan models.It is a challenging kit to work on but nothing too bad.everyone can build this with a bit of care and love. Enjoy the photos and take care.
  5. Thanks Doc.I make my own wash.Water based drawing ink plus some water and a drop of two of liquid soap. Cheers
  6. Thanks, @Touchstone42 It is a regular Mr.Color C08 Silver paint and a mr color semimat varnish on top.
  7. Thanks again and again )
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