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  1. Thanks again @Gene K Thanks for the clarification.Those italeri instructions are really something.Thanks for the link,.It is quite informative.
  2. Thanks guys. @Andy Dyck I use a Canon 70D + the kit 18-55Is lens for the filming and shooting of the pictures. @Gene K I thought the Iranian D had the slotted stabilizer like the USAF ones?
  3. U made this model just for my own pleasure.A great change from the tons of commissions I did this year.I did upgrade the cockpit a bit.Nothing too fancy.Just adding some sidewall details and seatbelts.The model was painted in AK real colors and I used the HDL decal sheet.You can also watch the video of the build on my YT channel on the link bellow. https://youtu.be/Kxqd31zYgRE
  4. Thanks guys.The fit is actually really good.There are the occasional faults here and there.The worst is the fit of the intakes and that one is not bad at all if you know what I mean.I really enjoyed this build and had real fun with it.The all white is quite a hard finish to achieve.I even tried some preshading but I covered most of it.
  5. Thanks guys. About the landing gear.I followed the instructions.I fixed it after someone kindly pointed it out on YT
  6. THank you all. @Uncle Pete I just cut some tamiya masking tape paint the pole in white and just mask it with a bit of care.Nothing fancy.Just carefull masking.And of course spraying the red.
  7. Built OOB.I added homemade seatbelts and painted the whole thing using mr.hobby and tamiya paints.If you are interested in you can watch the whole process on youtube at the following ling.
  8. Built oob.I used tamiya and gunze acrylics for the painting.
  9. Hello to all of you guys and girls. This is my latest finished model.The great Special hobby mirage f1b.I built it as a Kuwaiti air force mirage BK.I used gunze acrylics for the painting and xtradecal decals.You can see more about the build on the following youtube video build link.
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