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  1. Another resin model on a stand.I only added the pilot figure in the cockpit.Did the nose light form transparent sprue and made a gunsight.I used paints from tamiya and MM.
  2. Hello to all.Here is my 1:72 Aircast resin Soko g-2 galeb.This has got to be one of the best resin kits I have ever worked on.it fits really well and the resin is quite soft and easy to sand and glue.I added some spare fujimi pilot figures in the cockpit and made the nose light from transparent sprue.The paints used are tamiya and MM.The decals came from the box, some are balkan models and some are home made.
  3. Hello to all of you.I present you my latest finished model.I hope you like it. https://youtu.be/2taa1w4awNE
  4. Thanks guys.Glad you like it and thanks for the support.
  5. https://youtu.be/X7gzga9vWyc
  6. Thanks guys.I also started a youtube channel last year and some of this models were filmed while built. So if any of you are interested in seeing the video builds here are some links to all of the full video builds on youtube from last year. P.S. I would kindly ask the mods to move this topic to the appropriate subforum because I have posted it in a wrong place.
  7. Hello to all of you guys and girls.I present you my 2020 finished models.99% of them are 1:72 scale with the occasional 1:48 scale and 1:144 scale models.
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