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  1. Thank you guys. @Bo hermansen I used gunze mr hobby acryoics.The tan and medium green are the ones for the usaf SEA camo.The dark green is tamiya raf dark green acrylic and the brown is tamiya xf 10 I think.the light boue I mixed myslef.
  2. Thanks guys.I am really glad you like it.I would also like to encourage everyone to say what you dont like and what should I improove or try to on my next model. Regards,Dragan
  3. Thanks guys.I am so glad you like it.Thanks for the support.
  4. Hello to all.Here is my latest finished model.The great zvezda/dragon mig-17.I love this kit.The fit is superb.I only upgraded the seat.Made the pittotubes out of needles and the canons out of hypodermic needles.The paints used are gunze and tamiya.The decals came from the spares box.I made a full video of the build process and if you would like you can see it on the link bellow. https://youtu.be/C-Dw2nqAGIg
  5. This one is an old and well known kit of this iconic aircraft.The kit itself is pretty rudimentary.I rescribed the panel lines and made the pittotube out of a hypodermic needle.I also replaced the ejection seat because the one in the kit did not resemble anything remote to a KM-1M.The paints used are tamiya and gunze and the decals came from the spares box. Enjoy the photos,Dragan
  6. I built this one OOB.The kit is of course totally inaccurate.It lacks many details that the real one has.I did not add anything.The paints are tamiya and mr hobby. Regards,Dragan
  7. Thanks to all of you. @Pete in a shed you will not regret this one.You will enjoy it.You will see. @keefr22 I use the vallejo matt acrylic varnish.The polyshomething one.A bigger bottle than the ussual vallejo paint bottle. @Bertie Psmith I have used different washes intensity but for this one I felt I should use a stronger one.I guess I like it like that more
  8. Hello to all.I hope you are all doing well and are safe in this crazy times.I would like to present you my latest finished model kit.It took me 4 days to finish this aweosme kit.The fit is almost perfect.No nasty surprises there.I have only added the machine gun made out of a hypodermic needle.I used tamiya and mr color paints to paint it an vallejo varnish for the final matt finish.I have also made a video of the assembly process so if you are up for it you can watch that.It is not that long, around 13 minutes from start to finish. Regards,Dragan
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