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  1. What an awesome kit of this awesome aircraft.Bravo.I love it.I have been looking for this kit for years and I could not find it.Where did you get yours?
  2. hello guys.I had this kit for a while.It was a gift from a friend so I did not wanted to sell it or give it away when the SH mirages came out.I decided to build it as a morrocan AF mirage f1ch.I have upgraded the cockpit a bit with spares that came out of the SH mirage f1 kits.I have rescribed all the panels and rivets.Painted with gunze tamiya acrylics.The varnishes are AK and vallejo.I have also made a build video that you can watch on my YT channel DOCTORMIG. Regards,Dragan
  3. Hello again.I have finished this one last week.The old Testors YF-23.Fully rescribed.The cockpit has been upgraded a little with some scratch details.Painted in tamiya and ak interactive paints. Regards,Dragan
  4. Thanks guys.I am glad you like it.
  5. Hello to all of you guys and girls.I have finished the awesome 72 scale hasegawa CV-22 OSPREY.The fit is great so is the level of details.I had a blast with this one.The kit is painted wiht Gunze,Ak real colors, Ak interactive and tamiya acrylics.I have also made a full video build that you can watch on my Youtube channel DOCTOR MIG. Enjoy
  6. Yes only 2021 models my friend.Thank yo verry much
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