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  1. Hello Our new model - DC-8-33 Delta Air Lines is now on sale! Facebook
  2. Vitaly

    D.520 Keel

    Can you share this manual?
  3. Vitaly

    D.520 Keel

    Yes, I know for what such airfoils on fin is used for. I need information is it true that D.520 really have such tail fin.
  4. Hello everybody. Found some information that D.520 had asymmetric keel. Does anybody have any information about this moment? Is it tue or not?
  5. Hi! Does anybody have information about this engine, such as photos, drawing etc? Information on the Internet is not enough unfortunately. I found a manual for this engine on sale, ordered it, but maybe someone else has something to share.
  6. Thank you, I have this diagrams, but unfortunately this information is not enough. I wrote a letter to Wipaire, but it is unlikely that they will share information. Maybe you will have better luck.
  7. Does somebody have nice drawings for the Wipline and EGO floats?
  8. Also, the model will be equipped with nozzles printed on a 3D printer.
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