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  1. Actually I’m tempted to report this post. That is an outrageous and indecent level of skill to show in public. Quite extraordinary and having built a lot of Anigrand kits myself I am truly in awe sir. Will it fly when you’re finished with it?
  2. Extraordinary work. An eye for detail and the skills to replicate it at scale. Perfect.
  3. I’m building a 1:144 Spit Mk.XVIII based in Egypt in late-1940s postwar Middle East Air Force scheme of Light Slate Gray and Dark Earth over MSG. Light slate grey is a bit of an obscure colour only really appearing in the shadow scheme on some FAA biplanes (random application to Griffon Spits postwar screams ‘massive stash of unused paint in warehouses nr suez STOP use immediately on everything STOP’). I don’t have a matching shade to hand. IPMS Stockholm suggest Tamiya XF-65. I don’t suppose anyone has any views on this or can confirm whether this is indeed a good match before I buy a pot? I'm sure this must have been discussed somewhere on this amazing forum. I really have looked but I really can’t find it. Thanks!
  4. Really really nice. What a beauty. A masterclass in making olive drab anything but drab.
  5. Lovely! Such a great kit. You’ve done it proud.
  6. Evil looking thing! Superb work.
  7. Brilliant. I must build mine. I was gutless when I saw it had bad bubble damage and some warping. Now in a box somewhere. Great build.
  8. Yes should have thought to search for this there.
  9. Love it Miguel. I might have to try and get one. Any build issues that you can remember?
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