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  1. Thanks David! Now you mention it - there is a whiff of PBY about it. I think it looks a lot like the Marlin too. I'm curious though - this followed the Tradewind - so advanced in so many ways. A lot about this feels quite a step back - noticeably the radial engines - was that because the demands of the mission were very different so turboprops were overkill do you think? Anyway, Anigrand are shortly going to release the Submaster by the way - so I'll aim to do that soon. Thank you @Pete in Lincs and @keefr22! I've since been formally banned from wearing nautical knitwear at home by
  2. Thank you all so much for the kind comments - it’s greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  3. @Natter@SAT69@swralph @Vinnie Thank you all very much for the kind comments - it’s always greatly appreciated. Haha - this made me laugh - it’s certainly nothing if not niche. Thanks@Herb
  4. I hope this is the right place to post this - I cannot see a What If section, and weird though this is it is not Sci-Fi! Please do move it if not. I don't post many of my builds on here but this is a bit of a rare kit and aircraft so I thought I'd share it (apart from anything else, despite searching the ends of the internet I can find no images of completed models of this aircraft in any scale so this might help the one other human on this planet who might want to build this kit!). This was a genuine but unbuilt anti-submarine patrol seaplane
  5. Oh interesting. I’ve got one and will be interested to see how it builds up. Im embarking on an imminent home renovation project - your bench picture is much more inspirational in that direction than the various photos of fabric swatches, paint colours and bathroom furniture that I’ve been obliged to peruse lately! I shall look those up.
  6. This thread has been hugely informative and useful - thank you. Separate but related - does anyone know (or want to take a guess) what colour the Westland-Sikorsky Dragonflies that France bought for use in Indochina in 1952 were? From what I can tell, these were WS.51 Mk.1As - i.e. were neither the HC.4s nor odd HR.5 that were used in Malaya (I had wondered whether they had been bought in theatre and delivered to Indochina from Malaya - apparently not). They were camouflaged - the LF model instructions say Ocean Grey and Dark Green (which anyway cannot be qu
  7. ajmm

    Africa GB chat

    Very feasible. There’s also a nifty little kit of a Fouga Magister which I could do in Katanganese colours. Too much choice. Either way, Im a compulsive devourer of audiobooks as I make models (I tried Netflix and models but I just kept glueing fingers together!) so I’ll have to re-play The Dogs of War...
  8. ajmm

    Africa GB chat

    Hi Col Please may I play? I’ve not done a GB before on BM but Africa is right up my street. I build 144 things so I hope that won’t be an issue. I’m keen to do something used by Mad Mike Hoares mercenaries in the Congo in 64. Or I have a SAAF Cheetah somewhere that I should really have a crack at. Or a Sudanese Provost. Basically I have loads of eligible builds. I just need to be a big boy not attempt them all...! Angus
  9. To add - I have this book and it is very eloquently written as the reviewer says and was invaluable in a recent build of an XPBS-1 and proving even more so in a current build of a VS-44. Well worth the reasonable price.
  10. That looks very predatory - almost like a winged leopard. I would be terrified of that if I were a bomber command crew. Very nicely done, as ever.
  11. Ive followed this build and know how much work went into this - and it shows. Amazing. What a transformation from the F-Toys kit.
  12. Outstanding. Great kit but you’ve done an exceptional job with it.
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