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  1. A newish release - last 6 months Or so. I say new but I think it is literally the vac form fuselage halves cast in resin. But there is some subtle panel detail on there (which I recall you said was not on the Vacform fuselage). Same tailplanes though. Worth noting that the exhaust cans are pretty basic but Whirlybird Models has released a set of resin cast ones. I can’t vouch for their accuracy but they are an improvement in aesthetic terms.
  2. Hullo. I’ve actually bought quite a bit from Anigrand over the years. Their website is frustratingly out of date but they are still manufacturing and producing new releases. Anigrand are HK based. They have issued two releases in the past six months after a pretty long break from things. Generally Hannants is quite slow to receive them but curiously do seem to know what is coming next. Two of the future releases hannants put up recently have since been released (their YRB-49 and Convair XP6Y), though I bought both from the US distributor (same price, even with postage and I lucked out on customs both times). Anigrand do a lot of casting for other manufacturers (Fantastic Plastic and A&W from Japan) so their release shedule is quite erratic. If you’ve not built Anigrand kits before they are surprisingly nice. They used to have a bad reputation for fit, accuracy and moulding quality. I think most of that is resolved now and certainly both fit and casting of recent releases has been outstanding. I don’t take callipers to my models (a slippery slope I fear!) but I have no complaints on accuracy. Each release comes with three smaller ‘bonus kits’ (ie 4 kits per box) which generally are loosely related to the big subject. Sometimes. If you’re not interested in these you can always sell them to saddos like me on eBay to defray the Admittedly rather high asking price per kit. Decals aren’t great however. SO, in sum. Anigrand will highly likely release the XC-99 (which I too am very excited for). Just don’t hold your breath - it could be over a year away. It will probably be worth the wait when it is released, in my view. Others may disagree if course! Hope that’s some help.
  3. Oh I’ve been wondering how this builds up. I have several which I bought right before we too moved house... Im itching to have a crack at it.
  4. Beautiful build of a beautiful aircraft. Love it.
  5. Brilliant thread. I’m half way through the all resin Welsh kit (released for the benefit of vacform wusses like me). My first comet. Very very helpful information here. Top interneting, characters. Thank you.
  6. Fantastic work. Will remember the tip on the u/c for when I build mine. Eventually.
  7. Nice! You’re already further than I got on mine and I started in December. Looking forward to it. which scheme are you going for and wings folded or out?!
  8. Very nice! I’ve also got one on the shelf of shame. I think you’re too modest. That’s a very handsome Shackleton to my eye.
  9. That’s a marvellous result. It is really quite a handsome and faithful seeming replica. Is that the straightforward kit canopy? It looks much thinner and more refined than any other 144 Amodel kit transparencies if so. I’m questioning why I stocked up on a few brengun vacforms...
  10. Looks brilliant so far. That bomb-bay is outstanding. Just stumbled across this build. I've built lots of 144 Amodel kits and they usually demand some patience (to say the least!) but you're making this look a breeze! Very impressive. I haven't yet built any of the Amodel Lancs in the stash so will definitely be referring back to this thread when I do. Can't wait to see the painting finished.
  11. Superb. That’s really beautifully done. I hope Academy’s B-52 is as well designed as you say this kit is when it is released.
  12. Very nice! Love the weathering.
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