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  1. Dennis - thank you and especially for the link to your thread. Lots of useful info in there. I went Tamiya in the end and it has come out a similar shade to your lovely spit above so that’s encouraging. Thanks again for taking time to share your suggestions.
  2. Great choice! I built this kit (well the XP5Y1, but what’s a tradewind between friends) and it went together very well. Really looking forward to seeing your progress with this!
  3. Superb work. I’m building these now as well so I’m truly in awe of you not only detailing but also opening up the cockpit! Hugely impressive. They are lovely kits as well. I hope Dorawings continues to release in 144.
  4. Yes. As I recall the canopy fit was a bear. I went for the white upper fuselage on mine but it was a bit of a headache masking! It also lacked the rear stabilisers, but I think I may have got mine wrong checking yours. Quite a tricky little build. But then yours was Amodel and my experience of them has been just as heavy on the filler. Superb job - just been readmiring your photos.
  5. Nice! Such a hilarious looking aircraft. A very clean and nicely finished build. I have one in 144.
  6. Hope so. Mikromirs Valiant is pretty awful once you start putting it together. I live in hope.
  7. Glad I could help. Shelf Oddity is a superb little company - one of the scales little gems. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  8. Great work so far. I have this kit but not yet built. I don’t know how accurate the decals you linked are but I do know they work very nicely and have used them on other builds. Also I don’t think this helps with your 30 Sqn schemes but a company called shelf oddity does an update to the kit decals https://shelfoddity.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=25_65&product_id=171 They also do an exceptionally nice photo etch sheet with the rear cargo ramps etc. Mikromir kits are hard work but they are well worth the pain and sweat at the end! Keep at it.
  9. Very clean and neat paintwork there. Great work as ever.
  10. Great work. I know how much effort an Eastern Express kit takes to finish to this standard too - only mine didn’t turn out even half as good!
  11. Likewise. My grandfather commanded 50 Squadron’s Vulcan B.1s in the early 1960s, including during the Cuban missile crisis. I crave an early Vulcan in this scale (which I seem to have happily settled in). Here’s hoping anyway.
  12. Ah but now I’ve discovered you both I can flick merrily between the two. I have a big appetite for this subject!
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