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  1. Outstanding. Great kit but you’ve done an exceptional job with it.
  2. Thank you Kapam, that’s very kind of you to say.
  3. Thank you all very much. Very kind of you.
  4. Nice! I’m going to start mine soon. Thanks for the tip. Any other pitfalls?
  5. This is the F-8E Crusader from the F-Toys US Navy Collection Volume 2. These are pre-painted Gashopon trading kits from Japan - apparently you can buy these in vending machines. Oh how I long to live in a country where I could pick up a kit in a vending machine! I stripped and repainted it completely. Well worth picking up if you want a few evenings worth of fun. More familiar in this scale is the Platz F-8, though that is an earlier mark. For a gashopon, this is among the nicest I have built in terms of fit and details. I'd quite forgotten how good
  6. Wonderful work! Especially so given your trials with the kit. Bravo.
  7. Ah that makes sense. I’ll wind my trunk in!
  8. Brilliant - that’s very handsome. If you are struggling To live with the roundels, then these may help - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/DMK14417?result-token=JOtv0
  9. This is truly stunning. I’ve read the entire WIP too with my eyes getting steadily larger and larger. I had been contemplating the Pontos set and am sold, though goodness knows I can’t hope to come close to your skills here.
  10. Ha! Fair enough. Don’t consider that a heckle! I know all about not finding the time for this hobby (he said, hoping the two toddlers upstairs lie down and go to sleep at SOME point this afternoon).
  11. How’s she coming on? I’m mulling starting mine. What’s the fit like?
  12. A newish release - last 6 months Or so. I say new but I think it is literally the vac form fuselage halves cast in resin. But there is some subtle panel detail on there (which I recall you said was not on the Vacform fuselage). Same tailplanes though. Worth noting that the exhaust cans are pretty basic but Whirlybird Models has released a set of resin cast ones. I can’t vouch for their accuracy but they are an improvement in aesthetic terms.
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