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  1. and BS693 Aircraft Grey (MRP-383) was the other colour of the camouflage used on RAN Skyhawks towards the end of their career. So the two colours, Light Admiralty Grey and Aircraft Grey, were employed in a wraparound scheme illustrated in the colour photo at the bottom of this page.
  2. Thanks for posing the question though Martin. I too am looking forward to that version's release. Andrew.
  3. Best of luck with this resumption, Simon. The start you made last year looks very nice indeed and I'm keen to see your progress with this kit towards completion - keep fettling! Andrew.
  4. Thanks Adam. I'm with you - a reissue in the near future would be very welcome, ideally with some new markings.
  5. As a second entry to this Group Build, I've chosen Eduard's lovely little kit of the Mk. 16 (late), which was purchased as an overtrees offering. It will depict aircraft SL669, wearing codes RAB-K of 501 squadron in 1947, thanks to Xtradecal sheet X72-182. Here are the sprues and a nice bit of additional etch purchased at the same time as the plastic: Ed 16 Sprue A by Andrew, on Flickr Ed 16 Sprue C by Andrew, on Flickr Ed 16 Sprue B by Andrew, on Flickr Ed 16 canopy etch by Andrew, on Flickr Some extra leave over the Easter break should be very helpful in progressing this kit and its co-entry, an Airfix 1/72 Mk. 22, fingers crossed. Andrew.
  6. As a big fan of Spitfires powered by Griffon engines and fitted with bubble canopies, I've decided to enter this Group Build with an Airfix Mark 22 in 1/72. It will be finished as PK605 wearing codes RAC-D of 502 Squadron, circa 1948, thanks to Xtradecal's sheet X72-178. I have some aftermarket to embellish it, such as new 3-spoke wheels, a seat and instrument panel (and possibly more!), but there are no photos of them at this stage - stay tuned to the build. Anyway, just in case you haven't seen this kit before, here are the sprues: Airfix 22 sprues by Andrew, on Flickr Airfix 22 sprue wing by Andrew, on Flickr There's not a whole lot to this kit but I like (for the most part) what Airfix have provided. I'm looking forward to getting on with the build. Andrew.
  7. G'day @AndrewMi, no dramas regarding a reply and the Hataka option sounds good as well. Hope they work well for you; if memory serves I have that set in its lacquer form but am yet to give it a whirl. Now that I've become aware of the AK Real Colour options, I might have to hunt those out as well!
  8. Interesting question. I have no experience of the Real Colour range or that particular Vallejo colour 71.244 (although it does seem quite specific to Soviet/Russian schemes and aircraft, which implies a certain accuracy), but could AK's RC099 Russian Greyish Yellow also be a contender? I'm curious to know which one you go with.
  9. That's a great finish Tony and it was a treat to watch your progress on this build, what with it being a new kit and all... I hope that your build inspires someone at Academy to release more boxings of this kit, releases featuring markings for units that operated both the A and A+/B variants over the years, e.g. VF-74 & VF-103 (see what I did there Tony - went straight to units with a 'AA' tailcode!) . It seems a shame to not exploit the presence of so many parts in the one kit. cheers, Andrew.
  10. I suspect I'll be visiting this thread often! It's great to see you tackle both at once, and I'm looking forward to what will surely be an informative double build.
  11. Hurray for Hobbyboss! I think I might have one or two of their nose legs to spare, plus other pieces from other brands. Thanks for the heads-up! Ooooh, I like where this is going...
  12. Is it the retraction strut? The one that attaches high on the starboard side of the leg and then angles up and forward into the main part of the bay? And for that matter, any detail on the walls of the bay? I think I prefer Monday-Thursday Academy over the Friday Academy efforts... Andrew.
  13. Thanks for letting us know Martin, and of course for asking the question of Eduard - I've been wondering about these for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing their bis released. Andrew.
  14. Thanks very much and apologies for asking the idiot question - you'd already illustrated the injection points in your Rumourmonger posts, but I forgot to look there last night. I think it's a tad cheeky on Academy's part to place an injection point in the Sparrow recess ... still, on balance the kit seems very good and I definitely won't be deterred by these minor issues when I start mine (two-to-four weeks and counting). Andrew.
  15. Hi Tony, Thanks for your pics and description - the fit of the kit generally does look quite good. In the last photo, is that a knockout pin mark in the rear Sparrow well that you've had to fill? cheers, Andrew.
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