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  1. Indeed - there are at least a couple of nice shots of XR725, which wore that code for some of its service, on Flickr here and here.
  2. I'm grateful that you captured these jets at all! Wonderful image of a late-service Phantom, Steve and thanks very much for posting.
  3. Hi Steve, No dramas at all and thanks for your reply - I'm sorry for causing you to revisit this frustrating episode! I'm really enjoying your posts, the Scooters in particular.
  4. Thanks V.P. for posting the KFS Miniatures link - it's a very comprehensive look at the kit contents. I'm intrigued by the provision of multiple inlet cones - I see three options, at least two of which accommodate different relative extensions (Sprue B); one pair has the cone driven forward (for in-flight depiction?) and the other pair aft (engine shut down?). Parts C5 & C13 on what I took to be the IIIC-specific sprue are marked not for use at all... curious. I'm very keen to see this in the plastic and even keenerer for the later variants!
  5. Hi Steve, I'm grateful for yet another gorgeous Skyhawk shot! Please keep them coming if you have any more. I think that's a VF-121 F-4J behind the Scooter; out of curiosity, do you have any images of that jet (or any Navy/Marines Phantoms for that matter)?
  6. Yet another great image, Steve. This is a surprisingly clean Tomcat - perhaps captured soon after a repaint? I really appreciate the detail you've included with each image as well (e.g. BuNo, location, date); very useful!
  7. That is just delightful, Steve. Thanks very much for posting and here's hoping that there's more Skyhawk photos in the offing.
  8. hi James, To add to what's already been contributed, you might be interested in the sheet, "Aussies over The Seas" by CTA Decals, seen as No. 007 on their 1/72 page. The sheet includes much, much more than just a couple of A-4Gs and might really appeal to your FAA tastes! hope this helps, Andrew.
  9. Thanks for yet another Jamie truism! I l nearly cried with relief when I read that - it's so reassuring to know that I'm not the only one to experience this...
  10. I was reasonably happy with the decals I used for an F-51D, 'Noherohere', on sheet 72-261. My hesitation to wholeheartedly endorse them stems from how I found that each decal tended to stay right where it contacted the kit (they are extremely thin - perhaps a function of this?). Moving them into the right place was challenging at times, requiring lots of water or MicroSet to persuade them to relocate. I also eschewed the national insignia markings due to the off-register red bars and creamy white colour... Nevertheless, despite my very manual handling of them, they didn't tear and settled down well with MicroSol. I'd call my use of them successful! Hope that helps.
  11. I think this Quickboost offering might be useful... compare with the similar seat 72299, which comes with the American harness.
  12. Being more or less a humble soul (!), I do try to follow the instructions. Plus, I see no reason to disregard the mountain of effort that Arma must have expended on numerous fronts to put this bit of brilliance in front of us, so if it's in their instructions I'll heed their guidance, but nothing illustrates like an illustrative photo... thanks again!
  13. Thanks very much for illustrating this; duly noted for that day in the near future when assembly starts on mine... Lovely progress thus far and I wish you a better Easter break than you've foreshadowed.
  14. Thanks Dennis and Craig! Always happy to talk colours and schemes Craig! The brown was achieved with very thinly-applied passes of an Australian lacquer, SMS Premium PL07 Brown, over the previous (too dark) coats. I reckon that this could safely be applied neat and still achieve a very satisfactory result. A close contender if this wasn't available in your neck of the woods would I think be Gunze's C22 Dark Earth (with the usual Your Mileage May Vary caveat). The green is essentially Tamiya's XF-27 Black Green, with a touch of Gunze's H302 FS34092 added to lighten and increase the blue content (the sweet thing about this is that it was my first and only mix for this colour - such a pleasant contrast to the brown!). I'm also keen to see new and splendiferous words make it into common usage, and it would be an honour to see one of my creations make it into a dictionary (but not the Urban Dictionary - it's such a low bar...).
  15. When we last left our heroic MiGs, they'd been adorned with the first of their uppersurface colours and were awaiting trial by experimentation with the next colours, which in the case of the Bulgarian PFM are a mixture of two greens in a strange underlap/concentric shaped pattern... the Czech MF was a lot more straightforward (assuming I could get the colour correct), so I tackled that first. happy with that! So on to the Bulgarian PFM... the pattern was laid out with one gazillion thin rolls of yellow-tac, and gaps filled by a greater number of silly putty blobs. Fifteen thousand hours later, I started with a few shades of a lovely mint/pale/freshmint/paler green, being careful to take that colour right to the edge of the masking. This was followed by a darker olive green (the instructions call for Russian Green) deliberately sprayed in the middle of the patterns, the intent being to leave a 'ring' of the lighter green at the outer edges. Many hours and lots of intermediate shades of green after that, I called it done. This was the result:- and t'other side:- mmm..... camouflagealicious... I'm so pleased with how both have turned out. This morning I've painted the outer pylons on the Czech MiG an alluring shade of natural metal (several hours of masking, followed by seconds of spraying) and now that's done, I think it's time to wheel out the gloss coats! mmm...... glosstastic...
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