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  1. Great start, David and thanks for posting your progress. I'm keen to see the build unfold.
  2. So true! I would never have imagined that there could be variations in even the placement of the adapter and therefore where the rail sits... it’s nearly too much for my simple brain!
  3. Yes, asymmetric loads have a lot of appeal for me too, but in the case of the Australian Mirages, it doesn't extend to the missiles; they represent different eras in armament and I think it highly unlikely that you'd see a mix of weapons or even rails on the one aircraft. Not sure if this really adds anything other than names of the various bits and pieces, but High Planes Models/HPM Hobbies posted this information about the Matra's LM40 rail, the adapter and the pylon to Facebook here. He also mentions the AERO-3B rail, used for the AIM-9. Interestingly (or bemusingly for me, beca
  4. Hi Blimpyboy, I can't add much by way of better illustration than what Steve has posted, but the images on this site (perhaps starting with this image) show that the rail in your picture is on fine. What a lovely photo it is too! Thanks for posting and posing the question! Andrew.
  5. Thanks so much Gene. Great use of the Silhouette and of course Monogram's airbrake goodness. I suspect that I'll be devoting one pair to my FineMolds build in coming weeks (mindful of your advice about the extent of the droop). Giorgio, that is indeed a phabulous Phantom. cheers, Andrew.
  6. Excellent, thanks very much Gene. I suspect that I'm pre-empting your next post here, but what's your solution for the speedbrakes (the airbrake proper and the interior)? Possible donations from the Monogram kit? Asking for a friend... Andrew.
  7. Lovely clear pics - thanks for posting. Welcome back, Wally! Andrew.
  8. Thanks very much Andy and Jonathan for the list of aircraft and the links to images. They will both prove very handy. Doubly indeed. Sadly, I do not.
  9. Thanks very much Hoops for the information - RADALT makes sense for these jets. Thanks also to Jonathan for the observation regarding RF-4EJ (non-Kai) pod use. More of the 501 Squadron gun-nose jets are shown in this blog; I count four aircraft that were used without receiving the Kai upgrade - 373, 374, 376 & 412. Andrew.
  10. Thanks Jonathan, I can (just!) see them ahead of and between the louvred sections of the fairing. Something I’d not noticed before; time to go hunting for good underside photos of these jets, I think. Andrew.
  11. The images of RF-4EJ-specific parts have me wondering what's so different about the gun fairing in this version? For Fine Molds to go to the trouble of moulding a new fairing (I think that's it in the picture of the moulds, next to the ECM pod) suggests that there is something significantly different about fairing on these jets and that it's confined to those modified for the role. Presumably the standard fairing will still appear on Sprue F (forward fuselage parts) in the RF-4EJ boxing. Andrew.
  12. More great photos of a fabulous subject - love to see pictures of the D models. Thanks so much. Andrew.
  13. thanks Gene - two aspects (in red) of this kit's development that have impressed / intrigued me as well!
  14. and BS693 Aircraft Grey (MRP-383) was the other colour of the camouflage used on RAN Skyhawks towards the end of their career. So the two colours, Light Admiralty Grey and Aircraft Grey, were employed in a wraparound scheme illustrated in the colour photo at the bottom of this page.
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