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  1. Thanks for the latest update - I've been following your build for a couple of weeks and I'm really enjoying watching the result unfold. Keep up the great work. Andrew.
  2. I'm very much looking forward to hearing your impressions of this kit and seeing what you do with it. Build on! Andrew.
  3. Hi Robert, I'm with you - the tanks provided by Hobbyboss in their A-7 kits (and their new A-4 kit as well!) are dimensionally atrocious. Mike's idea is a good one, and Tommy has indeed addressed the issue very thoroughly on this page of his blog (Tailhook Topics), with a comprehensive list of kit alternatives. There's also this related page of his blog, in which he mentions a couple of aftermarket options - here's a link to the Freightdog listing of their 300 gal tank. cheers, Andrew.
  4. Hello WV908, The repainting process for each Air Group (Hermes and Invincible) is outlined in the SAM Publications/Modellers Datafile 11 book by Andy Evans on the Sea Harrier; Chapter 3 refers and the description of going lo-viz starts on page 18. Andy goes into great detail and there are accompanying photos, which might serve as useful inspiration... regards, Andrew.
  5. ...because they are not British Phantoms. .....and also because Academy is yet to do an F-4B/N in 1/72. As good as their F-4J kit is, it's not immune from issues either, such as the lack of separate canopies or ailerons. That said, if Airfix had completed their British Phantoms to the standard of the Academy F-4J (and retained the separate canopies and ailerons), then I would be singing their praises. The Airfix kit is close in some respects, but is well short of even the Fujimi kit in others, such as the depiction of the undercarriage legs and the lack of detail in the undercarriage bays or on the inner faces of the doors.
  6. What about plugging the holes with lengths of clear sprue, heated and stretched out to the right diameter if necessary (and perhaps best preceded by a sliver of plasticard for the rectangular element so you can file out a true circle for the plug), then sand them down to match the surface of the wing and finally polish back to clarity? You could paint the 'underside' of the plugs silver to represent the lights' internals before installing them.
  7. Thanks as ever V.P for your hard work to keep us up to speed on the latest releases. I had to smile at this part of High Planes' release news: "...These upgraded aircraft are specialised night strike variants..." As good as the ROSE III upgrade might be, I'm impressed that there are drivers willing to do the night strike task without radar. I guess that GPS and FLIR together must be very, very good. Supertom, I look forward to seeing your review and progress. Andrew.
  8. Sorry about that, Tony, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if it's inadvertent imitation then it must be doubly sincere... Good luck with the next project along these lines - I promise that I won't be doing another. Andrew.
  9. Yet another great series, Sven - thanks very much for posting. F-111s of any description are of particular interest to me, F-111Ds especially so; of all the variants, they seemed to carry ECM pods under the fuselage (I think behind the gun fairing) more frequently than any other. Still, it doesn't seem to be very common, so it's great to see them in your pics. I started a pair of Hasegawa F-111s a couple of years ago (thread here if anyone's interested), with the intention of finishing one as an F-111D with a pod attached; this might just serve as the impetus that stalled project needs.... Your last photo showing the pilot and crew chief of -156 sent me looking for more information... I assumed that the pilot was either British or Australian on exchange and it turns out that he was indeed an Australian, Chris Matters, as shown in this list of RAAF aircrew from the Pig (R/F-111C/G) community who exchanged with the USAF. Awesome! thanks again, Andrew.
  10. Great result Nikolay, and thanks for sharing your progress and build with us. cheers, Andrew.
  11. I understand what you're saying perfectly; I too would have gone with the same methodology of moving from light to dark. However, thanks to your example, I now see the benefits of the other approach. Awesome! When it comes time to build my (numerous) Zvezda Hinds, I'll be sure to do what you recommend. thanks and cheers, Andrew.
  12. Geez Nikolay, I think it's a great result for the first attempt! If you were to apply the green first, do you think that the task of masking the green 'blotches' prior to applying the tan colour would be easier than this method? I can certainly see how that would save a lot of tape, but it might still be time-consuming. Anyway, great progress and thanks for sharing your build with us. regards, Andrew.
  13. and is keen to see what you do with yours... it's only just dawned on me, but why are two of them provided on the sprue? TISEO was only applied to the port wing... Curious! Is that Esci plastic?
  14. Good going Stuart, Your idea of the tail substitution looks to be an excellent one. I was concerned that there'd be a mismatch in height between the two fuselages, but it seems to be negligible or non-existent. Well done! Andrew.
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