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  1. Bravo52

    Modelcollect 1/48 A-12?

    We can only hope...
  2. Bravo52

    1/48 HobbyBoss Su-30

    Look forward to this build
  3. Bravo52

    Skunkworks (was Kinetic) F-16xl 1/48

    Wait! What?...the nose has a radome...what the....
  4. I hear that Revell will be re-releasing several of their real space models for the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing. Seems most will be out in March 2019. What about others like the Dragon 1/72nd kits of the Saturn V and other assorted Apollo kits?
  5. How about some pictures of the bottom? I know they are not the money shots but I suspect there’s a lot going on under there...
  6. Bravo52

    Scratch-built Airship

    "After fighting with print bed leveling for weeks, I made a removable mount that would allow attaching a dial indicator." That is an awesome solution! Headed to the garage now...
  7. Bravo52

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21PFM

    Well, that all kinda happened fast!
  8. Bravo52

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    They are more of a greenish gray. Definitely not stark white. They get a lot of wear on them. The gear trucks are white and in pictures, you can see the difference. It’s more like a light ghost grey with a hint of green.
  9. Ian, are you going to "black base" this one.... Actually, looking at the scheme, a black base with white mottling is probably the best approach...
  10. Oh boy.... Ever wonder why they don't paint the wheel rims? Seems like regardless of the overall scheme, the wheels remain green....
  11. I saw the sprus at the IPMS USA national convention this week. The kits are due into the US in three weeks. They’ll be handled by Kinetic North America. The engraving is heavy, but it looks ok. Two really big mistakes are that they are using Aces II ejection seats and the B-52 has proprietary Boeing seats. They also include Tomahawks (along with the ALCMs) that were never flown on this airplane. Everything else is well represented but not exact, I think the kit looks good . They had a $90 show special so I’ll be grabbing one when the container ship hits port...
  12. Another thing to consider is that the display model is of a "G". All of the real pictures in the thread are "H" models. They have different wing roots as that was one of the modifications when going from G to H. My bigger concern is not the "sharpness" of the leading edge but the transition to the fuselage. On the H models, the wing more or less terminates into the fuselage where on the G, there is a fillet or transition that extends from the fuselage. I can't post pics but any good overhead shot from google will clearly show the differences. These model pictures kinda look like they have an H fuse/wing with G motors...
  13. I think you’re right a little bit. The engines sit at 3° positive aoa where the wings sit at six. This is an order for the fuselage to have a level platform for bombing from high-altitude. The other thing you have to consider is these real pictures are of a B-52H with TF-33 engines. The model is a G, which has J-57s.
  14. That is not a good reference shot. There are some light tricks going on there. The wing roots are not “sharp” by any stretch... http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Boeing-B-52H-Stratofortress/2054303?qsp=eJwtjDEKwkAQRe8ytUJUTJHOVHZaeIFh56PB6C4zA3EJubu70e799%2BHNFOLb8fFbTqCODKzhQRtKrPwy6mZ6Ik9RpTD12%2BP%2BXE6L6n0uQthxCgHJIX9/UYHWCxbWzr12d01l6PU3D22ZMlgaec3AeRhpWb5QtC4t
  15. Bravo52

    1/72 Modelcollect B-2A Spirit

    Ohhhhh Boy! Looking forward to see how this one turns out!