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  1. Very good job! I love this scheme on the Harrier. Lolo
  2. Great little Chipmunk ! And nice couple of trainers. Lolo
  3. This Sabre is turning very well. I like the colors of the camouflage. Lolo
  4. Very nice! This reminds me I have to finish my TT. Bravo Lolo
  5. This duo is such a dream ! Great job! A F-18 proto is one of my projects but the one used by NASA, with gold and blue parts but also with red ones. This scheme is on the Caracal sheet. I have to learn about these specificts Lerx. Well done with interesting details in the cockpit ! The paint is really nice too ! Bravo! Lolo
  6. Sorry, Hans, I have just found your answer to the allready asked question. Lolo
  7. Great build and inspiring scheme, Hans! What kind of paint did you use for your metal finish ? Bravo Lolo
  8. Excellent work of fading on your Su-35. I love the realistic finish of the weathering. Lolo
  9. Excellent build and great idea for this dynamic display ! I love that Bravo Lolo
  10. Very well done in this Brazilian scheme. Lolo
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