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  1. Thank you, gentlemen! The Do-335 has a similar wingspan with the Skyraider and, as you say, it wouldn't have been strange to meet them together in VietNam. Lolo
  2. A detailed cockpit and this model looks bery nice. Still a good model, this Italeri MB.326 Very good result, Matthias! Lolo
  3. Hello, Great build, so far. I have just discovered this long flight detailling thread and I have to admit it is well done. This makes me remember a video on Youtube with a E-8C at Ramstein AB. If you do not know yet, this could be useful for your build with this high quality views. E-8C video Lolo
  4. I think that the Tucano is the modern Do-335. It would be a big project. Lolo
  5. Thank you all, guys! I am happy that you like my build! Lolo
  6. Hi dear Britmodellers! Here is my last build, a Do-335 in 1/48 scale from Tamiya. This kit was a gift from a friend and as I am not a fan of german WWII aircrafts, I decided to go for a what if. My story: April 1945, a german Do-335 was short petrol and landed in Luxembourg-Findel airport. The luxembourgish recovered the plane and have fight with the americans in the Korean war and later in VietNam. The US General Patton who died has his grave in Luxembourg and had a son, W. T. Patton who was the pilot of the A-335. The kit was painted with MrPaint SEA colors and weathered with oil paints and several other technics. I hope that you will like my build. It was fun to turn this german Do-335 into a what if. Lolo
  7. Wow, surely the best build of a B-57 I have ever seen. And great in these interesting colors. Great job you did Lolo
  8. Great idea for this diorama with a so rare and very nice builded Hansa-Jet! Bravo for original scene. Lolo
  9. Very nice! As a Sabre fan, I love your's! Have you got the references of the colors? Great build. Lolo
  10. Very nice NZ Skyhawk ! And two for the same price! All details are present and it is a pleasure to see each one. Congratulations, Lolo
  11. Great idea to go to a SEA camouflage for a Viggen! Very well done. I am working on a SEA what if too with a Do-335. That is very fun! Bravo Lolo
  12. Wow! Excellent weathering, this Intruder is great! Lolo
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