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  1. Impressive work on this Intruder ! I love your weathering. Lolo
  2. Thank you, Joachim ! I can conclude that you love this plane Me too! Lolo
  3. Thank you, David. I like the paint schemes we do not see often and this one is attractiv for me. Lolo
  4. Thank you, guys! Thank you, The Flogger! Yes, the weathering is light because it is a test pilot school plane Lolo
  5. Hi all! Here is my last build, a Douglas F-6A Skyray in 1/48 scale from Tamiya in the colors of the US Naval Test Pilot School. The model is painted with mainly Mr Paint colors. Few scratch details in the cockpit with a Reskit seat. Decals are from a Furball decal sheet. The ladder is a 3D LP Model one initially for the Skyhawk but shortened of one step. I hope you enjoy my build as it was a pleasure for me. Lolo
  6. Nice Sabre ! You can be please with the metal finish ! Lolo
  7. This turned into a very nice F1B dispite the base kit ! Great color scheme. Lolo
  8. Wow, totally the kind of project that I love ! Great idea to reproduce this F-100F of the Flight Test Center and you did it very well ! The metal finish and the dayglow are very good and the result is perfect. Bravo !! Lolo
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