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  1. Wow! Excellent weathering, this Intruder is great! Lolo
  2. Very nice ! Interesting color scheme, I did not know this one exists. Lolo
  3. Congratulations, this is a great Lightning! I love your metal finish. Lolo
  4. Wow, that is a great build! Very nice metal finish on a so hard to build Tornado. Congratulations, Pete! Lolo
  5. As a Porsche lover, I can only admire your various Porsche models. Great builds Lolo
  6. That is a pleasure to see a so well finished Fury! Great job, l love this color scheme. Lolo
  7. Great finish of a rarely seen version of the Meteor. Congrats Lolo
  8. Thank you, gentlemen ! I am happy to see you appreciate my build. Thank you Model Mate! I have to try Klear over Rub'n Buff on my kit test. The dull effect would be interesting for other metal finish like aircrafts who are few years old. Have a nice day Lolo
  9. Hello Harry, Thank you! Yes, Rub'n Buff is still alive! Not so easy to find but it is a very good product. Lolo
  10. Hello Patrick, Merci et bonne année à toi! On finira par se revoir! Lolo
  11. Hello Nikola, Thank you! There is no secret just the Rub'n Buff paste applied with a brush for the first tests and buff with a soft cloth. After that, I have apllied the paste (very very few!) with a finger and buffed few hours later when it is dried with my finger. With the finger, the result is smoother and shiner. just take a little paste on your fingertip and remove the excess on a towel Just have a look to this video (not of mine) https://youtu.be/RJx4gG8dmGU Lolo
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