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  1. Really nice build! Beautiful in these civilian markings Lolo
  2. Thank you, Martin ! Yes, I will add all the antennaes at the end of the build, after the weathering Lolo
  3. Thank you. Yes, there are lots of models, now so you build them like standard planes.
  4. Thank you! I am happy you appreciate my egg! Lolo
  5. Very nice build! This high speed silver goes very well. I definitely have to build the Airfix Meteor! Lolo
  6. Hi, Here is the little egg plane that I finished a few months ago. This is a F-104G Starfighter from AFV. I have build this very cool kit in belgian colors like the one preserved in Beauvechain air base in Belgium. For the metal finish, I tried the Rub n'Buff before doing the same on the Kinetic F-104 I have on my workbench. For the flags and the roundels, my friend Patrick helped me with decals from Retrokit for the Mirage. The codes are Decadry. Well, an easy assembly kit I recommend! See you Lolo
  7. Hi Wez, Yes, we can see on pictures the rivets on the vertical strap at the end of the airbrakes. Not so clear on the horizontal straps. Lolo
  8. Hi all, I am glad I found this thread again! So precious vehicles I like to see near planes on dioramas. So, I am here with my Tamiya GMC fuel truck in Esso colors (Vingtor decals ) and 48th scale. This truck will go near a norwegian F-84G Thunderjet witch is (one of!) my current build. It is painted in a Tamiya mat red over a grey primer. The paint was sanded to get a smooth surface. For the moment, my Sabre takes the place and is waiting for the Thunderjet! Lolo
  9. Hello Martin, No, the airbrakes are welded as I saw on the pictures of the real planes. So I did make the metal strips that were welded on the airbrakes. I will share my build soon. Of course, I have this excellent book nad the Air Fan special issue "Les Skyraider dans l'Armée de l'Air"! I'm waiting to see your Fouga finished, then Lolo
  10. Great build, Moa! Nice idea for this color scheme on a so rare Ju-86. And these pictures , allways a pleasure to appreciate. Lolo
  11. Very nice build of Sarcife's Skyraider ! I love when a build is so well documented and the story around the plane is interesting. I have a 1/48 french AD-4 in progress and your plane is sometimes in my reference books so, it is not unknow for me. I will follow you Fouga Magister build if you share the WIP. Congrats, Lolo
  12. Wow! This Hellcat looks like if it was a 1/48 scale model! The paint is particularly perfect. Congratulations. Lolo
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