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  1. The first photo in that topic https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/a6m2-p-103.56815/ In the photo you can see the canon panel and early air intake. BTW, it's A6M2 Reisen 21, but built before September 1941 so it has early type of wings (except folded tips)
  2. The difference was not only the folding wingtips. The air intake of cockpit "air conditioning" was oval and the panels covering cannon barrels had bigger, sqauare shaped, openings.
  3. Got the info that the winge shall be as per Reisen 21, which is wrong. What's more, until September 1941 all Reisens 21 had almost the same wings as Reisens 11. The difference was folding wingtips.
  4. It's only bourgeois-capitalist propaganda of people with weak eyesight
  5. I think Wildcat was moved to June (Midway anniversary). But I've read that Avia 199 was supposed to be released in April, around Easter.
  6. Actually, the biggest problem is quite different. All these Spitfires are in a wrong scale - they should be in 1/72
  7. My mistake. But, I remember learning "Per Aspera Ad Astra" not "Per Ardua" and was surpised when I first saw RAF crest. So maybe some air force from the Continent.
  8. I think that "Per Ardua Ad Astra" is also a phrase on the RAF crest, so it might be also something about RAF .... Battle of Britain maybe???
  9. Ray Great workshop. But Freightdog once made DH Hydromatic. And I think I have two.
  10. The title is only a title. But one who wants to buiild a Spitfire from Africa or Australia (or Malta) will have to find some aftermarket resin DeHavilland Hydromatic propellers widely used in those places.
  11. Nope. Hinomarus were dark. The are few colour photos showing that the paint used to paint national insygnia was strong enough to survive for years without mach fading. And if you look at Japanese photos taken around the Pearl, you can see that tactical markings are the same colour.
  12. The paint from the link is not good. It should be J3: AK2062, RC303, AK11892
  13. When I started my adventure with Reisens I painted them with a mixture of Hemp and RLM02 (50/50) from Mr Hobby (I used H line , called Aqueous). My last Reisen I painted with AK Interactive J3 SP. However, there is a new range of Japanese colours on the horizon - Mr Paint is going to release them.
  14. Generally the shipping cost changed after brexit. I used to buy a lot of books in the UK and the shipping cost was quite friendly. After brexit everything changed. I remember buying books and paying 10 Quid for DPD/DHL companies. From 1st January the cost rose to 25 Quid. And from 1st July even more (taxes and so on).
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