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  1. Honestly I don't think Airfix will release Spitfire Mk.Vb in forseable future...It's against their policy. I only hope they've improved their QC and there won't be any issues like with Buccaneer. Only this strange oil cooler shape...I can't recollect any photos with such coolers...
  2. I have a question about Spitfire Mk.Vb/c oil cooler shape. I always thought that I know it but quite recently Airfix have shown their new Spit Vc 3D renders and the shape ot their oil cooler is quite interesting. Especially its aft part with some kind of wide opening. Is there something I didn't know before?
  3. What's wrong with the shape of oil cooler? https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2020/spitfire-mkvc.html Did it have any flaps?
  4. You forgot about Weekend Spitfire Mk.VIII in 1/72. Except Spitfire Mk.I in 48th (not my usual scale...yet), nothing interesting. I was hoping to, finally, see Messerschmitts 109 F and G in 72nd but it seems that we will have to wait till...2121.
  5. Dear Forumites I hope that you can help me with this trivial question. What camouflage was used to paint Hurricanes Mk.IIc in Burma? Originally I thought it was Dark Earth/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. But I have seen some profiles showing Day Fighter Scheme which seems strange especially when we compare Spitfires VIII from the same period. By the way. I have tried to find the answer on the Internet and this Forum, but search engines don't like me and don't want to cooperate. Cheers Dominik
  6. As far as I know there were some Polish pilots flying Tempests, so maybe... It's one voice of a man. I prefer more interesting choices suggested by AH.
  7. Unfortunately Eduard, in my humble opinion, don't care about 1/72. They focus on a quarter scale. It's not revolution but devolution… I think, around two years ago they claimed that this year we would have Bf 109 G/F but we won't have it until E-Day 2020 (if ever). I don't want to guess when we will get Tempests, Mustangs, new early Spitfires, early Wurgers (A-3 and A-4).
  8. Sentai in the navy? Something new to me....I think someone in AZ shoul read a bit about Japanese Navy Air Force organisation...
  9. As far as I know there are no turned metal parts in A5M2b Early, only resin engine. Only metal element is PE fret. In my huble opinion plastic engine is very good and only required part which really requires replacement are exhausts. These plastic ones are moulded strangely. Now I'm looking forward to this new boxing.
  10. Ahoj Petre Te Meteory budou nove z kovovych forem nebo formy budou galvanicke? Meritku? For English speakers Hello Petr Are these Meteors from new steel forms or galvanized? Hezky vecer
  11. Say what? Overscale and mushy details? Where? When? As far as I know Tamiya's Messerschmitt 109 G-6 is the best in the market (at least in opinion of people who know a lot about Messers). I can say the same about Tamiya's Spitfire Mk.I (although they didn't include few parts which would be helpful) which builds better than Eduard's Spitfires. The only fault is that Tamiya are releasing P-38 in 48th first and 72ers will have to wait around one year for their P-38s (which is better than in other companies' cases which don't do smaller (or bigger) versions [Airfix] or waiting time is around 2-3 years [Eduard] ) Cheers
  12. As my phone goes mad with typing I couldn't reply earlier. Thank you for information. It will be helpful with my "Eights" mini project - I am planning to build as many MTO and CBI Spitfires VIII as possible. Aussies will come one day as the use of Eights Down Under is more popular than in MTO and BCI. Cheers
  13. Good evening Everybody I have a few questions about my favourite version of Supermarine Spitfire. All of them consider painting. First MTO 1. What camouflage was applied at the manufacturer (which, as I understand, was Supermarine only)? Once I read that they were painted Desert Scheme and Day Fighter. Is that correct? 2. Did all early Eights, high flyings excluded, that were sent to the MTO were painted Desert Scheme or were they repainted? 3. If they were sent to Italy and Sicily in DS did they have all "stencils" and No-Walk lines? 4. Were the DS survivors repainted DFS at some point of the campaign in Italy? If so did those information markings repainted? 5. Did High Flyers have stencils painted as per instruction? Second CBI If my brain works fine, first Eights that reached India were painted DS. Then they were repainted to TLS. Did the stencils were painted again? I know that that's a lot but my literary sources do not have such information. Thank you in advance for any help. Dominik
  14. Hello I have just one question. Does anyone know when did No 92 Squadron receive their Spitfires Mk.VIII? Was it during Sicily campaign or after moving to Italian mainland? Thanks for help. Cheers Dominik
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