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  1. Special Hobby Bf 109E is Eduard 1/48 project redesigned by SH who made it smaller and, according to the information given before its release, simplified...although I can't see any simplifications.
  2. No 72nd new tool? It seems that Tamiya has decided to abandon that scale.
  3. I don't think we'll see any new 1/72 models. Rather new versions of some earlier 1/48 plane kits and something on wheels or tracks. I'd love to see 1/72 Spitfire Mk.I and Lightning but it seems that Tamiya decided not to make any new kits in this scale.
  4. The Parcel Force is crap. At the beginning of this year, I bought a few books from a bookshop in the UK. They sent me the parcel twice but in both cases, the PF didn't generate the appropriate form (T1) so the parcel was returned twice to the sender but the second time they didn't receive the parcel (at least so I was informed in the last e-mail). I was really looking forward to these books.
  5. DK Decals and Barracuda, and Eduard AFAIK, has the badge right. Xtradecals has it wrong - it has squadron's badge. What's more. I've seen squadron's Mk.IX with the unit's badge in one decal set. However, I have never seen Mk.IX photos of this squadron with any kind of badge. And I've noticed that the badge on Mk.VIIIs disappeared when the camouflage changed. Once I saw a photo of Mk.VIII Spitfire with a camouflage which looks like Dark Green/Dark Earth instead of Desert Scheme. And as far as I remember it was not unusual in MTO, so it is possible. And there was at least one Spitfire Mk.VIII in High Altitude scheme. And it didn't have the WDAF badge either.
  6. The first photo in that topic https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/a6m2-p-103.56815/ In the photo you can see the canon panel and early air intake. BTW, it's A6M2 Reisen 21, but built before September 1941 so it has early type of wings (except folded tips)
  7. The difference was not only the folding wingtips. The air intake of cockpit "air conditioning" was oval and the panels covering cannon barrels had bigger, sqauare shaped, openings.
  8. Got the info that the winge shall be as per Reisen 21, which is wrong. What's more, until September 1941 all Reisens 21 had almost the same wings as Reisens 11. The difference was folding wingtips.
  9. It's only bourgeois-capitalist propaganda of people with weak eyesight
  10. I think Wildcat was moved to June (Midway anniversary). But I've read that Avia 199 was supposed to be released in April, around Easter.
  11. Actually, the biggest problem is quite different. All these Spitfires are in a wrong scale - they should be in 1/72
  12. My mistake. But, I remember learning "Per Aspera Ad Astra" not "Per Ardua" and was surpised when I first saw RAF crest. So maybe some air force from the Continent.
  13. I think that "Per Ardua Ad Astra" is also a phrase on the RAF crest, so it might be also something about RAF .... Battle of Britain maybe???
  14. Ray Great workshop. But Freightdog once made DH Hydromatic. And I think I have two.
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