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  1. According to Info Eduard, this model will be reboxed as ltd edition by Eduard in 2021.
  2. If I understood correctly, Eduard will release this model too. No dates given so we'll have to wait for their first news in January.
  3. Piotr, No-one wants to take anything from you (maybe apart from your credit card , just joking) but those holes should be called "rivets" not rivets. I wouldn't mind riveting if the rivets on models looked like rivets. As far as I remember, no company has ever made them look like rivets. They are all holes in the surface. I think only one person made them look like the real ones while building FW 190, methinks. So I think we should start call these holes "rivets" not rivets. And as I have said before, de gustibus... I don't like this feature on models, you like them. That's fine
  4. What rivets? I can only see holes on the surface. I know that de gustibus non est disputandum, but lack of these holes doesn't make the model less interesting or more toyish. And I don't think you would see any rivets or panel lines if you scale down the real thing seventy-two times... On the other hand, it's annoying to recreate these "rivets" after correcting some issues or removing seam lines. EDIT. By the way, you can have same or better results without rivets or even panel lines, although the lines are quite helpful
  5. I think that these panels are just dirty. As this aircraft was build after introducing Sky on lower surfaces, replacing only few panels with old ones (black) sounds strange. If look carefully at the panel covered by the roundel you can see same situation. So I think that they are just dirty. There is one more thing. Some say that this plane had lower surfaces painted Sky Blue. For me it sounds strange as it was built at the end of June (first flight 1st July) so I assume that the colour was Sky.
  6. Hi Sorry for refreshing the old meat but I think those panels re not replacements but dirty. Found this photo and it shows dirt. I'm building this plane and was thinking what to do. Now I know...methinks.
  7. It is excellent indeed. Got also other two and they are superb too. And yes, this forum is a great source of information given by experts.
  8. I'd go with brown prop and spinner, although read somewhere that some spinners were painted green.
  9. The best one, and easy to build are Tamiya's. I know what I'm saying - have already build eight. Am building A6M2 Model 11 from Fine Molds and it's very good. and more detailed in places. But for young modeller I'd go for Tamiya's. No fit issues.
  10. It's has probably been already discussed but can you tell when two-level rudder pedals were introduced? A.Price said in his two books that they were used during the BoB. It that correct?
  11. It would be completely fantastic if Fündecals release next parts covering early Spitfires, more early war Spitfires Mk. I and further Marks. One set a year would be great, even if smaller tan part 2 (that must have been costly). Returning to No 92 squadron, it was N3250. I've checked in their ORB.
  12. You are right.According to one book it should be N3250. (and such aircraft was allocated to No 92 Sqn). The problem is that this preliminary profile has other errors - wrong size and shape of code and indyvidual letters. I have already posted photos on Czech forum wher VS answers quaestions. Hope they will corrct the mistake.
  13. Having access to original paint chips it would be reasonable to make such paints. For example AK could have done it but haven't. There is one more option for French colours - Hataka make them...Unless AK decides that they are worth making. However, I strongly doubt it.
  14. The instruction says that LO-G should have "cheese cutters". I looked at the photo of that plane and couldn't see any signs of them. I know that the wires were thin and in the black and white photos are sometimes hardly visible, yet there should have been the fuselage "plugs" visible. I might be wrong but according to to the info founf on BM Supermarine implemented IFF Mk.II in December 1940. However, as the device was ready earlier it might have been introduced late autumn. The other thing is that, IMHO, some of suggested planes should have hydraulic undercarriage selector as, according
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