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  1. DominikS

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Graham, I meant Rotol used on No 54 squadron Spitfires. To my blind eyes it's the same type as used later on Spitfires Mk.II. I didn't know about any other Rotol propellers used on Mk. I. It is good to learn something new about Spits.
  2. DominikS

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    I only don't like that there aren't early Rotol and two-blader (Watts?) propellers and early, flat canopy. Another thing which is quite interesting is the way we should attach armour glass.
  3. DominikS

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Actually I don't think there will be any problems. I believe that R&D team made it easy to build. If it were any other company I could have doubts, but not in this case. Saw many of you mentioning the price. Remember that Tamiya's main market is Japan and their prices are average. It would be same here in Europe but all this castoms and taxes made their kits expensive. But if you check how much are, for example, Eduard's kits in Japan, you'll see that Japanese modellers have the same problems. I think I'll be buying one every two months as Spitfire is my favourite plane. And I keep fingers crossed for later Marks (both short nose and long nose Merlins).
  4. DominikS

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Hello I have a question which probably has been asked before, yet so far I haven't found the answer. What's the fuselage length of Spitfire Mk. V, but without prop? Can be dimensions with rudder. Thank you for any help. Have a nice day Dominik
  5. DominikS

    IJN Underside gray green

    When I built an A6M5 model which presents plane made by Nakajima I used XF-12. The one in Mitsubishi camo I used XF-76. But when I build early Zeros I use the mix of RLM02 anf Hemp (1-1 ratio).
  6. Dear Fellow Modellers I have a question. I'm planning to build a few tropical Hurricanes Mk. I. For the beginning I'd like to build some Hurris from East Africa. And the questions are. .. Are there any photos that confirm that Bob Kershaw flew Hurricane with J code letter? The only photo I've seen shows Hurri with U letter. The second question. According to Dust Clouds in the Middle East Capt. Frost had to make force landing in Hurricane with letter W. In the book there is a photo of this plane but its very dark and unclear. Does anyone have better quality of this photo with code and serials visible? Thank you for any help. Dominik
  7. DominikS

    92 Squadron BoB decals

    Very interesting topic indeed. As it is known the Cobras changed code letters from GR to QJ somewhere in June/July period. But there have always been a problem with shapes of code letters, especially G during GR period. But as we are discussing the BoB period I have theory. It's taken for granted by many decal makers that Q looked same as in QJ-B, so a kind of generic font. But when you look at Havecroft's QJ-P the "hook" has different shape. So theory goes that those Spits which survived Dunkirk had Q letters painted by the same hand as G in GR code. The "generic" Q appeared with replacement aircraft. But, so far there are only Havercroft's photos where we can see these unusual Q letters. On the other hand Allan Wright's Spit from Pembrey had unusual finflash. I hope one day we'll see more Pembrey period photos of Spitfires used by the Cobras. Cheers
  8. DominikS

    1/72 Zeros - Tamiya vs FineMolds' shape

    Actually, A6M2 from FM is very good model. Although I love Tamiya's products, I wish FM release theirs as regular box kit. Just to compare. As for FMs A6M5 I've also heard that there are some shape issues.
  9. DominikS

    When were White-Night undersurfaces introduced?

    Sorry for late reply. Your help was very helpful. Thank you.
  10. DominikS

    Dark Green/Dark Earth camouflage implementing date

    Sorry everyone for late reply. Great Thank You everyone for your help.
  11. Hi Thanks for help. Tony these are the photos I was looking for. I've noticed one more thing. White in finflashes are wider on two of these Hurries. As I don't know much about Hurricanes can you tell me whether these are ragwings or tinwings?
  12. Good morning All All the best in New Year. Some time ago I saw on this Forum a few colour photos of Hurricanes Mk.I used by No 601 squadron with beautiful Flying Sword painted on the lower engine cowling. Unfortunately me and Uncle Google don't like each other and we don't cooperate well. Can anyone post this photos in this thread or just put a link to that discussion. I will be very grateful for help. Cheers! Dominik
  13. It's really annoying when I see Latvian and Finnish pre-war national insygnia broken into zyllion. They were not connected to Adolf and co. This political correctness is sick. Svastikas were used long before nazis. Wonder if anyone ever said to Buddhists and Hinduists that they have been nazis for hundreds of years.
  14. DominikS

    1/72 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (Tony) by Tamiya

    What's wrong with Aoshima's... Hmm, it's not Tamiya's Now I only wish more Royal Scale news from Tamiya, for example D. 520 and Mustang B/C... Oh and Spitfires Mk. VIII to XVI and with Griffon engines.
  15. Hi again. This question has been probably asked several time before and I wouldn't normally ask it but I have a problem. I'm trying to figure it out when was White-Night recognision pattern introduced. Some time ago I found information that it was somewhere around March/April 1938. But last weekend I read that it was January 1939. So what's the correct date. If this issue has been discussed before, could you please put some links in this thread? Thank you very much Dominik