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  1. Comparing this sprues to FM's original A6M2b the older brother looks much, muuuuch better. This new one looks rather poor (interestingly no cockpit parts yet). I wonder what will it be like. But let's wait for A6M2a and see.
  2. In my humble opinion, it won't be easier but it's far too early to say anything about it. Cheaper, indeed. So let's focus on decals... Woohoo, my copy arrived just before I left to work. Beautiful...I may consider buying another one, just in case.
  3. Why? Comparing Eduard's Mk. VIII and Tamiya's Mk. I in 48th Tamiya's product is much better engineered and, IMHO, buildability is faaaar better. Of course Eduard will probably do every possible version of Mk. I and II and decals will be more user friendly. But hey, de gustibus... There'll be more Tamiya's Spits for me :P I'm impatiently waiting for my decals... Hope to have them this week.
  4. If we are talking about Eduard's Spitfires I think that their 1/72 Spitfires are worse than 1/48. I have built Eight in 48th and Nine in 72nd and parts of bigger one are crispier. In 72nd some are soapy. And I have always considered top cowling parts bad idea, especially in case of "rivets". I know that using slide moulding is more expensive but Spitfires have always been mainstream kits so people would buy them, even if few Quid/Bucks/Czech Crowns/Euros/Polish Zloty would have to be paid. But it won't be changed anyway and Eduard will earn extra for resin parts.
  5. Gentlemen (and Ladies if you read this topic) As Spitfire is my favourite warbird I am very happy to hear that Tamiya is going to release 72nd scale Spitfire Mk.I. The old one really needs replacement as it has some shape issues. But wait with any comments until we see the model (hope sooner than later - maybe some first shots will be sown in Shizuoka in the spring). I know this is wishful thinking but I'd love to see two-blader option too (not only DeHavilland). It's rather obvious there won't be any armour plates if they base on the 48th scale design. Nevertheless, we have to wait and see. I'm sure that it will be the best One available, unless they mess it up. Chaning topic. I once read that Fine Molds Messerschmitts also have some shape issues - although they are still the best Friedrichs and Gustavs available in the market. I am sure some people will compare Gustavs Six from FM and Tamiya as soon as the latter hits the shelves.
  6. Graham, Thank you for the information. It's very helpful. Now I'm wondering if the famous photo of this Hurri (with winged dagger nad individual letter L) shows the plane from Malta or North Africa. The information about No 73 squadron can be found in Don Minterne's history of this unit.
  7. I have a question, but I think this has been asked already. Unfortunately, uncle google doesn't co-operate with me at all (probably I'm old fashioned and modern tech doesn't like me). What squadron did Hurricane Z4189 seeved in? So far I found three answers - 73,274 and RNFS. Which is correct?
  8. Actually Tamiya have already released F-16... There's a huge need for new Spitfires Mk.I/II and Va/b/c, Griffon Spitfires, new Mustangs B and Allison Mustangs, A6M2-N, A6M2-K, A6M5 a/b and c and P-36 though. Although I would love to see Meterors Mk.1 and 3 too (together with Tamiya's Schwalbe and Salamander). But I will be happy if this new Gustav includes both rudders and canopies. And I hope, but (unfortunaterly) it rather unlikely, they will do Friedrich too (both -2 and -4).
  9. Polish Post also has busy time and even priority letters and parcels go slower. So I assume that it may take longer than usual to deliver parcel from Poland to the UK (not to mention other countries outside the EU).
  10. I meant that panel. I read that some Mk. IIs had such divided upper cowling, yet I have never seen it.
  11. After 3 years I'm refreshing old meat. New Tamiya's Spitfire has this panel to instal just aft the prop. It looks like extra engine cowling panel. It's a bit surprising as I don't remember seeing such panel on Spitfires Mk.I and Mk.II. Have I missed something?
  12. @AICZ Remember that Eduard's models are also getting more expensive - in Czechia it isn't probably visible but outside your country it is. I remember buying Hellcat dual combo in 48th cost the same as, currently, Spitfire Mk. IX. And one more thing I don't like about Eduard's models (but it is only my opinion and others may like it very much) - they are over engineered making building Ed's models tricky to build. When you buy Tamiya's models you pay for quality of parts (less decals ) and incredible design which makes their models easy to build. And probably we will see some new models in 32nd from Tamiya, although their prices are veeeery high. @NPL We DO need more early Merlin Spitfires and late Merlin too. Howgh
  13. AICZ Please, stop moaning. Of you don't like it just don't buy it. I AM happy that there's no riveting as the holes on the Eduard's models are not rivets, just holes. More, if you cut models into zyllions of parts, there's high possibility that you will destroy them during assembly. Eduard's Tempest has wrong spinners (but they will release resin ones), and heard/read it has incorrect wheels (brassin ones are approaching). Tamiya's kits are not overpriced. The price is so high because of taxes and duty fees. If you look at prices of Eduard's models in Japan, the situation is the same. Ed models are also more expensive in Nihon than in Czechia. Let's wait for Ed's Spitfire and then compare/criticise.
  14. I also think that they should release both incarnations of Fourteens. I also think that the idea of cutting wingtips to change into short ones is as genial as undercarriage legs in Ones and Fives. Am I happy that they are releasing Fourteens? Yes, I am, I am very much. And I hope it will be money well spent. And, if you guys in Airfix read it, please make control more strict (yup, I know, I repeat myself).
  15. The sprue testshots look very promising. I only hope that they will start making models at the level expected in the 21st century. And that they have improved their quality control. Generally they have great ideas but the final product is not so good... unfortunately.
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