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  1. Hi there - thanks for reaching out! I got as far as this photo noted as 'SBD 2/3s' taken on USS Enterprise on 11 May 42: https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/nhhc/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/nh-series/80-G-14000/80-G-14115.html On it's own it's a pretty good reference. If you look straight aft, you initially see tri colour props on the SBD's. But the 3rd and 5th props from the front look different/narrower and to me they're yellow. Once you see them, you'll see a few others. They also have the 2 tail stripe which I believe was VB-6 at the time. Some of these airframes also look to be in pretty good condition, so I'm speculating that new yellow tip props were finding their way to the squadrons with the new SBD-3's Best says were delivered. Clearly you'd think the SBD-2's would have tri colours. There's also that cheeky F4F in the foreground with early insignia, folding wings (F4F-4) and yellow tips. I have seen examples of both types of tips modelled on Best's Midway SBD-3. But I am leaning towards yellow I think, acknowledging it's becoming an educated guess............
  2. I am just of tidying up my Flyhawk SBD Dauntless before I start painting. I have a query about VB-6's SBD-3 prop tips at Midway, but before that - a word on the kit: I read somewhere that several kits had an issue with a prop blade being bent/misshapen - as does mine however I think this is rare and I can fix that......... As for the rest of the kit - it is an absolute cracker to put together - the level of detail is excellent and I see no need for any aftermarket; the cockpit comes up very nicely (Disclaimer: I'm not a rivet counter). Be careful - being so small, a number of parts/extremities are very easy to break. I'm loving this build! Given the 80th anniversary of Midway is just next week, I'm doing Best's B-1 of VB-6. The kit decals 'only' give you about 40 other options across 3 Squadrons Sharing a quote from another build: "Dick Best himself told me that the aircraft of VB-6 at Midway were new and very clean; the squadron had operated the SBD-2 until mid-May 1942, and picked up replacement SBD-3s that were only a month from factory-new when the "Enterprise" came back to Pearl Harbour after escorting the Doolittle Raid." I am speculating that new build prop tips by May 1942 had changed to yellow only? (ie from blue, red, yellow) I've not found any photographic evidence of this though and wonder if anyone has the silver bullet answer.
  3. Believe it or not, I had been following just that thread! I realised it was well beyond my skill set at the time and, sad to say it fell from the shelf of doom into the bin of no return........... After my last post I realised I forgot to note Uncle Les, who also produces a very nice DAP Mk VIII conversion too. At the time he provided me with a pair of nose guns. You'll love the Airfix Kit.....
  4. I tried the SH Mk VIII a few years ago and it beat me, ending up partially completed on the shelf of doom. Last year I took the Airfix Mk 1, added the High Planes DAP Mk V/VI conversion, Eduard Interior & Bomb Bay and then used my decals and PE from the SH to get a DAP Mk VIII. I was very pleased with the result. I agree the Airfix is a cracker and is an enjoyable build.
  5. This post remains as relevant as ever..........I've just used a Montex mask on a 1/72 Mosquito canopy and have the same issue, specifically on the compound curves. Worse, it occurred between coats. I thought it might have something to do with a very humid week here in Melbourne, but after checking this post I believe it's a wider issue. Having used this brand previously and had some residue issues, I think I'm going to have to 'stick' with Eduard from here. It's great to be able to check simple issues on this forum.
  6. Thanks Tony - yes, I've been a 'deep thinker' and had a good look at the WIP, Your build inspired me to do the PR.40 however I was focussed on finishing a Beaufort VIII which I'd fallen in love with. "Rounded Post War" was exactly the phrase I needed - was going cross eyed trying to find after market that looked just right. Clearly, I need to build many more Spitfires...... I've opted for a pair of SBS #72011 exhausts which look right I think. I'm doing A52-6 which should be close to identical.... Appreciate your assistance! Alistair
  7. G'Day Tony - I too am contemplating a start on my PR.40. I also have the freightdog drop tanks. 2 Queries: Firstly can you recall the Eduard Spitfire Mk exhausts you've used? Secondly, I have a good shot of the nose camera setup on A52-6 however wonder if anybody has a sketch/plan of the layout. Comments appreciated Alistair.
  8. As I understand it, it's even more curious......................I believe the Sperry's were not fitted. All bulge and no autopilot.
  9. I have this set in the stash all ready to go - can't wait! Even better, I understand from @Christopher Brown HPM have plans to produce a conversion for Mks VI and VIII before too long - although they are presently delayed by covid. (Correct me if I'm wrong Christopher)
  10. That is a cracking piece of work @beggsy, and an attractive scheme. I'm sitting on the Airfix kit, the HPM conversion and a few other goodies and I'm keen to get into this critical piece of our aviation heritage.
  11. How good would be an accurate Five AND an Eight in the one box
  12. FWIW I should share that I also fly fish for trout occasionally. On finally joining a fly fishing club, I initially felt that the more time I spent with the members, the less I knew!! But I learned to fish well, very quickly. This sort of depth of knowledge and insight is exactly what I'm here for. Thanks, All!
  13. Ah - found it on the AWM website............Look closely at the air filter cover on the lower right.
  14. Now I'm kicking myself (and straying from the post) - recently I found a lesser known photo of Mk V A58-137 "UP-T" being serviced. I've noted much discussion as to whether it was overall foliage green. In this shot, the air filter cover is removed and in the foreground - it shows a clear demarcation exactly where the colours met. For me - proof of DE/FG. Now all I have to do is find it again.........
  15. Hi @Red Dog Perhaps I over simplify things by avoiding problems, however having recently constructed the 1/72 AZ Mk VIII, I can vouch for the Foliage Green over Sky......its a cracking look for an Aussie Spitty Cheers Alistair
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