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  1. Sprue J has the USAF CV-22 specific parts. Besides the USAF kit, this JASDF kit also has that sprue. USAF kit. https://www.1999.co.jp/10242474 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02074-cv-22b-osprey-us-air-force--225816 JASDF kit. https://www.1999.co.jp/10287998 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02121-cv-22b-osprey-jasdf--533504 Recently photos of the CV-22 show some extra antennas. Look at recent photos of the ones at Yokota and Mildenhall. Yokota pics. http://www.t-net.ne.jp/~keally/CV-22Osprey/CV-22Osprey.html
  2. Many of the links posted in some threads no longer work, but the threads are complete. Not many pictures, but a lead on interesting C-130s. Carolina Moon thread; https://www.c-130hercules.net/index.php?/forums/topic/2538-carolina-moon/ Patches Wonder what the name was about? C-130E 62-1854 Quan Loi Queen DE tail code. https://www.c-130hercules.net/index.php?/forums/topic/2629-the-patches-that-i-knew/ Navy MATS thread; https://www.c-130hercules.net/index.php?/forums/topic/6908-navy-mats/ PSY-OPS, leaflet bomber thread; htt
  3. Blind Bat C-130A flare ship thread at C-130 Hercules Net. https://www.c-130hercules.net/index.php?/forums/topic/9624-blind-bat-aircraft-1969-70-from-john-allen/ Grant
  4. Here is a page on the Airlift C-130 units in SEA. https://www.troopcarrier.org/The Airlifter Volume XXIX.pdf CONUS C-130s were transferred from TAC to PACAF as the SEA conflict grew hotter. All C-130A/B/E squadrons save the 346th TAW which transferred in 1969 started out in natural metal. The ones from CONUS had a TAC badge on the tail but it was later painted out. I believe that only the original PACAF C-130As had the PACAF badge on the tail, and only in the natural metal era. Additionally, the C-130B-IIs with the 6091st RS at Yokota AB also had the PACAF badge on their natural met
  5. C-130E units during the Viet Nam war were based at CCK AB in Taiwan with the 314 TCW later TAW from 22 Jan. 66. The 374TAW took over the units in 71 until it moved to Clark AB in the Philippines in 73. 314th units were the 50th, 345th and 776th TCS/TAS with the 346th joining in 1969. The initial 3 squadrons would be in natural metal with a TAC badge on the tail. They would later have the SEA camo scheme with the SN in small tan or black on the tail. Later the 314th used Tail Codes. 50th (DE) 345 (DH) 776th (DL) and 346th (DY) The 374th had the 21st, (DY) 50th, (DE) 345th (DH) and 776th (DL) s
  6. Gmat

    F-4D 479th TFS

    Sorry, but it is the 497th TFS, Nite Owls that the decals are for, not the 479th. They were one of the F-4 units in SEA with F-4 with black bottoms. Simple transposing of the two digits. Posted for those, albeit probably very few, who might be confused. Couldn't google a 479th TFS. Grant
  7. Niel5208. the Academy B-24H isn't really an H as B-24Hs would be a Ford built B-24. Ford manufactured B-24 with the nose turret that had a s-shaped fairing around the nose turret, but a better clue is that the rear of the bombardier's lower nose window is angled back. Those made by Consolidated have a straight up and down back. But Ford also produced knock down kits for other builders to assemble, which may confuse things. So you are limited to the B-24-CO or Consolidated manufactured planes, or you must do some modifications to your kit. The reason why Minicraft B-24s have different sized nos
  8. It should be listed as a CT-39A as it was redesignated from T-39A during the Carter administration,I recall. This aircraft flew for the flight check inspection of air traffic control with the AF Communications Service. 1866thFCS. They also used the C-140A which also later were in the Euro1 scheme. Done with my iPad, so can’t check about the Carter comment.
  9. Aoshima did one in their dark ages very basic. Box had a bluish P-63 flying over Niagara Falls?
  10. Some links. Hope it's useful. From the Bay of Pigs to Lake Tanganyika- Non-State Armed Actors in the Congo Crisis, 1960-1967 http://revues.univ-tlse2.fr/pum/nacelles/index.php?id=730 Kinshasa Then and Now- Leopoldville 1957 - Battle of the breweries http://kosubaawate.blogspot.com/2016/01/leopoldville-1957-battle-of-breweries.html Air Forces that flew the A-26 Invader http://napoleon130.tripod.com/id249.html The Counter-Invader https://sites.google.com/site/a26legacy/home/history/counter-invader
  11. The B-26K also served in Congo and in Panama. I've read that some may have made it to Germany.
  12. Add A-1 Skyraiders, F2H banshees, and the F7U Cutlass in Attack squadrons practiced with special weapon shapes. P-2 Neptunes as well as used to fly off carriers and the AJ-1/2 Savages.
  13. There was a good article reviewing the Valoom b-26 illustrating its errors. Couldn't find it. The Hasegawa kit is reckoned to be the best. For an earlier short wing/tail B-26, the Monogram Snap-tite kit is considered to be the most accurate. There are small differences in the fuselage shapes between the Hasegawa and Monogram kits. What is lacking is the sharply angled tail gunner's position for the Monogram kit.
  14. Mike, I saw your retraction and will say 'thank you' and also say you are a better man than me. I never do things like this, for what really is a small thing and regretted it, after thinking about it. I apologize for any hurt, even if small, that must have come. Canberra Kid, providing corrections add to our knowledge and benefits the hobby. To both of you, Mike and John, thank you for all that you have done. And that is a lot.
  15. Mike, Sorry but you do Mikesh a disservice, even if the comment is in jest, which I am sure that it was. He was in the IPMS, I believe and we all stand on his shoulders. Not everything can be known nor revealed, as anyone who has served may know. You are right about pilots. Sorry, not meant to offend, but I really respect Mikesh as a historian. Never met him.
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