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  1. It should be listed as a CT-39A as it was redesignated from T-39A during the Carter administration,I recall. This aircraft flew for the flight check inspection of air traffic control with the AF Communications Service. 1866thFCS. They also used the C-140A which also later were in the Euro1 scheme. Done with my iPad, so can’t check about the Carter comment.
  2. Gmat

    Best 1/72nd P-63 Kingcobra

    Aoshima did one in their dark ages very basic. Box had a bluish P-63 flying over Niagara Falls?
  3. Some links. Hope it's useful. From the Bay of Pigs to Lake Tanganyika- Non-State Armed Actors in the Congo Crisis, 1960-1967 http://revues.univ-tlse2.fr/pum/nacelles/index.php?id=730 Kinshasa Then and Now- Leopoldville 1957 - Battle of the breweries http://kosubaawate.blogspot.com/2016/01/leopoldville-1957-battle-of-breweries.html Air Forces that flew the A-26 Invader http://napoleon130.tripod.com/id249.html The Counter-Invader https://sites.google.com/site/a26legacy/home/history/counter-invader
  4. The B-26K also served in Congo and in Panama. I've read that some may have made it to Germany.
  5. Add A-1 Skyraiders, F2H banshees, and the F7U Cutlass in Attack squadrons practiced with special weapon shapes. P-2 Neptunes as well as used to fly off carriers and the AJ-1/2 Savages.
  6. There was a good article reviewing the Valoom b-26 illustrating its errors. Couldn't find it. The Hasegawa kit is reckoned to be the best. For an earlier short wing/tail B-26, the Monogram Snap-tite kit is considered to be the most accurate. There are small differences in the fuselage shapes between the Hasegawa and Monogram kits. What is lacking is the sharply angled tail gunner's position for the Monogram kit.
  7. Mike, I saw your retraction and will say 'thank you' and also say you are a better man than me. I never do things like this, for what really is a small thing and regretted it, after thinking about it. I apologize for any hurt, even if small, that must have come. Canberra Kid, providing corrections add to our knowledge and benefits the hobby. To both of you, Mike and John, thank you for all that you have done. And that is a lot.
  8. Mike, Sorry but you do Mikesh a disservice, even if the comment is in jest, which I am sure that it was. He was in the IPMS, I believe and we all stand on his shoulders. Not everything can be known nor revealed, as anyone who has served may know. You are right about pilots. Sorry, not meant to offend, but I really respect Mikesh as a historian. Never met him.
  9. Gmat

    F-4j from Vietnam

    I think that the VF-191 should be on CVA-41, the USS Midway, a Midway class carrier. It was also modified to better handle modern jets with a larger flight deck and elevators and more powerful catapults. The elevators were moved to facilitate flight operations. CVA-31 would be The Bon Homme Richard a smaller Essex class carrier. Might be of some use and interest.
  10. Perhaps you could get another TBM-3W decal sheet from Sword or from someone who will not be using the USN markings. After that you can look for white letters for the tail and wings and fuselage numbers. I'd use the Sword decals as a guide. The Italeri F4U-4/5 kits might be sourced for white markings. Sorry can't help more.
  11. Here is an 80th TFS F-4C (WW) stationed at Yokota AB. Not mentioned in the above article is that the F-4C (WW) appeared in PACAF with the external mods but before they were mission capable. I believe that may be part of the reason why they were spread around to various squadrons at Yokota and Misawa. They would also lack the two pimples on the nose 'IR' housing and the rear parachute housing door. That would come later. Credit geta-o jp. site. Note 574 UP 67th TFS out of Misawa is another F-4C (WW). http://geta-o.jp/USMIL/F/F-4/F-4C/F-4C.htm Here is a 67th TFS F-4C (WW) in 1972. Credit manhhai Flicker account. https://www.flickr.com/photos/13476480@N07/37612450015 The RHAW pimples are a post Viet Nam War mod. Grant
  12. The top photo might be at Yokota. https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/operation-greased-lightning/ Grant
  13. Sorry Julian. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ファイル:62-935_F-86D_Saber_Dog_RoKAF_(3222483675).jpg http://afbase.com/ac2_comm/295300 I don't think that they were F-86Ls. Only the Thais had them. You know lots that I'll never know. Grant
  14. I believe that the ROKAF had camouflaged F-86D in the 70s before they were retired.
  15. Gmat

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    The FROG P-38 has the short lived in real life Virginia Marie markings that was really nice. I kept a box for a long time for the box art and decals.
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