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  2. Continued . . . . . My six P-51's together, can you name the kits? I hope you enjoy this frightening kit, I didn't mean to scare you young'uns Workbench build ; faaman-s-workbenches-t47233-s300.html#p824108 Needless to say I won't be doing one of these again . . . . . . . . . I hope as there is a H-47 kit in the stash I did not know I had till a few weeks ago Cheers all Neil
  3. Splendid diorama... nicely built, nice and unfortunate story brought back to life...
  4. With the skin like this he seems more like a warrior zombie instead of a possessed barbarian...
  5. NG899

    1/48 Airfix Harrier GR3

    KBO, you're getting there. Drop me a PM with your email in it if you need me to send you anything more specific to help you than you have now, e.g. templates for the intake blow-in doors. Cheers Nick
  6. Sorry to scare you gents some more but this is where the Revell Mustang story started My third or fourth or even fiith build of this kit, two H-619 versions no longer exist bar a lone propeller blade, the previous build a few posts ago as kit H-47 link; Revell-1-72-north-american-p-51d-mustan ... ml#p791047 This is how this kit was originally released back in 1963 before being tampered with by Revell in the early 1970's, not sure how Revell made such a mess of it, but it was built by a whole generation of budding modelers until we learnt just how very bad the kit was. Built as Out Of the Box as possible, see the Workbench link at the end. North American P-51D-10-NA Mustang "Millie P" 44-14985/CY-G 1/72 scale Revell kit no.H-619 from 1963. Built from 25Nov2017 to 07Apr2019. More horror pics soon
  7. Graham T

    Classis Airframes back on the park?

    There's a review of a NEW CA kit over on HS (fw190 prototype). Seems that Uncle Jules may have resurrected the brand? Lets hope so.
  8. zebra

    A-4N Skyhawk target tug

    Made some good progress today. Cockpit completed, fuselage together, at this rate I'll be painting soon
  9. franky boy


    Hello Rich Id be interested in this one. Please put me on the list. My current thinking is a Thunderchief or a beaten up French Spitfire with a sharks mouth. Thanks James
  10. canberra kid

    1/72 Model Alliance Canberra #72144 - RNZAF decal query?

    Hi Dave You may already have the answer? but just incase, this is the only photo I can find that has any indication of what is or isn't under the wing. To me looking at the photo on my laptop I would venture 905 sure a small roundel, less than 20% sure small serials. No way would white be used it would be all but invisible against the HSS underside. John
  11. The next project is this exciting piece of flying history. I have made a start and have painted the props, unfortunately they look like a great big black blob. Assembled the wings and part of the fuselage which looks nothing like the real aircraft. Some images of the real thing for a bit of a reference. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  12. bertopinal

    DC 3 / C47 - Best Kit 1/72

    Airfix is a REAL C-47 of the last production batches, with all the stiffer and so on; ESCI is the best 2nd and is more close to a REAL DC-3. Italeri come as far 3rd. The problem with this plane is the confusion generated after the war when a lot of C-47/C-53 where used by civilian airlines who called them all DC-3. To achieve a good reproduction you have to decide your subject and collect all the informations/pictures available. Personally i have i my stash an ESCI kit to be transformed in the lone DC-3 used by the Regia Aeronautica, a fomer SABENA machine of the very first production batches. The diffecences respect to the 'classic' DC-3 are many : engines cover like the DC-2, undecarriage in welded steel tubes instead of forged one, differente doors and windows. r.
  13. Troffa

    Phantom FG1

    If that kit (Black Mike no less!) goes for less than £40 I'll be surprised.
  14. Wow, that came together quick. Looks damn good like that too. Steve.
  15. Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2019/04/172-super-mystere-temer-hotov.html V.P.
  16. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for April

    19 APRIL 1971 Salyut 1 launch Salyut 1 was the world's first space station. Launch was originally planned for 12 April, the tenth anniversary of Gagarin's pioneer flight (the name 'Salyut' is Russian for salute and was chosen as a salute to him) but was delayed by a week. The station was visited twice but only occupied once: Soyuz 10 was unable to achieve an airtight hard dock and the mission was abandoned. The Soyuz 11 crew remained on board for 22 days but perished during re-entry when their capsule depressurised. The Soyuz spacecraft had to be modified to prevent a recurrence, which meant it could not be flown again before Salyut's orbit decayed, and the station re-entered and burned up on 11 October after 175 days and 2,929 orbits. 1982 Salyut 7 launch Following the huge success of Salyut 6, the Soviets launched its replacement on the eleventh anniversary of the first station in the series. During its lifetime Salyut 7 suffered a number of technical failures but crews were able to repair these and keep the station operating. Six main expeditions were carried out, plus four secondary flights. The station ultimately re-entered on 7 February 1991: a total of 3,215 days (816 occupied) and 51,917 orbits. 1985 STS-51D landing Crew: Karol Bobko (CDR); Donald Williams (P); Rhea Seddon, David Griggs, Jeff Hoffman (MS); Charlie Walker, Jake Garn (PS) Landing site: Kennedy Space Center Flight time 6d 23h 55m; 110 orbits 2001 STS-100 launch Crew: Kent Rominger (CDR); Jeff Ashby (P); Chris Hadfield [Canada], John Phillips, Scott Parazynski, Umberto Guidoni [Italy], Yuri Lonchakov [Russia] (MS) 104th Shuttle mission; 16th flight of Endeavour Delivered the Canadarm 2 manipulator to the ISS. Though the Orbiter docked with the station on 21 April, the two crews did not meet face to face until Day 5 of the mission, due to a lower cabin pressure that was maintained aboard the shuttle as part of the space walk preparations. Two EVAs were conducted, both by Hadfield and Patazynski: on 22 April, after Ashby had used the Orbiter's own manipulator arm to attach a pallet containing the ISS's new arm to the side of the station, they hooked up temporary electrical connectors then removed bolts that had held it firmly stowed during launch. They also installed a UHF antenna on the exterior of the station. This EVA lasted 7h 10m. Then on 24 April a second EVA was carried out: further power and data cables were connected and the temporary ones removed. This allowed the storage pallet to be detached from the station and returned to the Orbiter's cargo bay: this was done in a 'handshake' manoeuvre in which the ISS arm handed the pallet over to that of the Shuttle for stowage. A redundant antenna was also disconnected from the ISS to clear the way for the arrival of the Airlock Module to be delivered on a future mission. This EVA lasted 7h 40m, giving a total for the mission of 14h 50m for each man. 2002 STS-110 landing Crew: Michael Bloomfield (CDR); Stephen Frick (P); Rex Waldheim, Ellen Ochoa, Lee Morin, Jerry Ross, Steven Smith (MS) Landing site: Kennedy Space Center Flight time: 10d 19h 43m; 171 orbits 2004 Soyuz TMA-4 launch Crew: Gennadi Padalka (CDR); André Kuipers [Netherlands], Mike Finke [USA] (FE) Padalka and Fincke formed ISS Expedition 9; Kuipers would return to Earth with the Expedition 8 crew in ten days' time. Docking was achieved on 21 April. Padalka and Fincke carried out four EVAs during their time aboard, though the first, on 21 June, was aborted after only 14 minutes due to a problem with Fincke's space-suit. This was repaired and on 30 June the men installed a new circuit breaker on one of the station's gyroscopes: this lasted 5h 40m. On 3 August they replaced packages of various materials mounted on the exterior of the station to test their reaction to exposure to space, and also installed equipment that would be used when the ESA started flying its own cargo modules. This lasted 4h 30m. The final EVA of the mission took place on 3 September and lasted 5h 21m, during which further antennas were installed for the European cargo freighter, as well as the fitting of handrails and other equipment. Total EVA time for each man was 15h 45m. 2008 Soyuz TMA-11 landing Crew: Yuri Malenchenko (CDR); Peggy Whitson [USA] (FE); Yi Soyeon [South Korea] (SP) Landing site: 50°31'58"N, 61°05'59,5"E Malenchenko and Whitson had been ISS Expedition 16: they had been in space for 191d 19h 7m; 3,028 orbits. Yi had been launched with the TMA-12 crew and her flight time was 10d 21h 13m; 171 orbits. There was a minor problem during re-entry when the Service Module failed to separate properly after one of the explosive bolts failed. As a result the spacecraft followed a ballistic trajectory, resulting in higher than normal G-forces and a landing some 475km short of the target point. Yi suffered minor injuries to her neck muscles and spinal column but there were no lasting effects. After the flight Anatloy Perminov, head of the Russian Space Agency, speculated that the ballistic reentry was connected to a Russian nautical superstition that having more women than men on a craft was unlucky! The return flight of Soyuz TMA-11 was the first time two women flew together on board a Soyuz and it was the first time women outnumbered men aboard a spacecraft. "This isn't discrimination," Perminov stated when challenged on the point. "I'm just saying that when a majority is female, sometimes certain kinds of unsanctioned behaviour or something else occurs." Perminov said he would try to ensure that the number of women would not exceed the number of men in the future.
  17. bertopinal

    Mirage Hobby PZL-23B Karas 1:48

    I spent time trying to achieve a decent wood finish on the propeller, only to discover later the original was black painted r.
  18. Here is another Flanker project I have launched recently. If you follow my other topics that I have started in this forum, you may ask why I am launching a new one before completing existing ones. Each of these projects has some specific issues to be solved to continue (mostly based on casted parts with aged bleeding resin which was my fault not to check it's shelf life) and therefore they have to wait until the problem does not exist anymore. I hope it will not last too long Here the aim is to build Su-30MK No:603 using Heller Su-27UB kit with minimum modifications (we will see ) I have already made 3 view drawings of Su-30MK No:603 as given below: The next step will be to map camo onto model. Serkan
  19. Marcel Drgon

    Tarangus 1/48 SAAB J 32B Lansen

    Nice Lansen! I have few questions: is it the IRST pod underneath the port wing? Are there any pictures of it or is there information available, which A/C may have been equipped with it? Is it the same pod as used by J 35F2 and J Drakens?
  20. Bullbasket

    Classic Clips from tv and film.

    Love it!
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