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  1. Yeah, but you don't have to glue the parts of a CAD rendering together. Seriously though, from everything i've read about building the kit, it seems that engine crankcase diameter is the "bad actor" in the build. I also wonder if Airfix gets some wild variances in shrinkage rates of the plastic they use as it cools, because some people say the kits fit beautifully, some say they really put up a fight. The World wonders... -d-
  2. Interesting that you mention that. Memory is unreliable, but i seemed to recall a separate sprue displayed next to the kit when it was originally announced at Telford, that included radar accessories. Does anybody recall seeing it, or am i all wet?? -d-
  3. Wow, Alan! This thing is fantastic! You picked a very interesting subject as i don't know just how extensively the -5N was used by the FAA or if it was simply evaluated. As a former instrument flying instructor, i've gravitated towards night fighters and all-weather interceptors. I need to go look at your build log now... -d-
  4. i like it! Its an interesting choice of version, and you don't see a lot of these 72 scale Airfix Spitfires built up with this degree of precision. I like how you captured a lot of what my friend would call "gingerbread house details". -d-
  5. I was just pondering that. This is a good example where in the hands of a skilled modeler (or in this case, me) you can take an okay kit and really make something of it, if you put the time in on nailing the basics of construction. Most of them, anyway.
  6. Hey Alex, For its time, Revell did an excellent job at capturing the shape of the -990.... in its prototype configuration. The EE kit does a great job at representing the production aircraft, but by all means if you have a Revell -990 either hold onto it as a collectible, or build the upcoming Atlantis re-release. -d-
  7. Wow, Ray- that is just amazing. In my mind, the Convair 990 is the star-crossed pornstar of jet airliners. You did a splendid job of it. looking at the parts so far, it seems EE really nailed the shape of the plane in ways that other companies missed the mark. I've started cutting mine off the sprues and test fitting it. The fit so far, has not been too bad. If you were to do another one, anything you'd care to do differently? -d-
  8. i intend to take a close look at it, to ascertain how much work will be required to backdate it to an early B-52 H or G. -d-
  9. i also avoided the rookie mistake of dropping the flaps. In retrospect, i shoulda opened up the radiator flap... -d-
  10. i see what you're saying. It's not that i put myself down or anything but i like to say false modesty is preferable to true hubris. -d-
  11. I had been rather curious to see this model built up. The TF-33 fans look like quite the improvement over previous B-52H offerings. Now, the $64,000.00 question is...how is the Great Wall kit? -d-
  12. Nice looking Avenger, Stu. You see this paint scheme in reference books and the occasional Hasegawa boxtop, but this is the first one i've actuallly seen done up in JMSDF markings. You know, the JMSDF also flew Lockheed PV-2 Harpoons. Just sayin.... -d-
  13. "You see Joey, when a Martin AM Mauler and a Hawker Sea Fury love each other very, very much..." Seriously though, its an impressive build. Nothing looks quite like a Firebrand. Looking forward to the forthcoming Clear Prop! release. Do you think they made the rudder big enough?? -d-
  14. Oh my- what a wonderful build. First time i learned of the Caravelle was from a postcard of one in SAS markings, under glass on the coffee table of my grandad's house. Later i learned my Dad had flown on them a couple times. Truly an elegant aircraft; you can tell the French looked at the Comet quite closely before building this one. It served as the archetype for all short-medium range jet airliners to follow. Great choice of paint scheme. You're not gonna grace us with an SAS Convair 990A, are you?? -d-
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