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  1. The new 72 scale Buccaneer is SUCH an improvement over those which came before.
  2. The S. Mk. 1..... the "Dog Whistle" Buccaneer? Navy Bird did a beautiful one, from the CMK kit....
  3. Bill, does the excess red putty around the Sabrina fairings swab away with a Q-Tip and Mr Color Thinner, or Acetone, or something similar? Just curious. -d-
  4. Thanks Terry! If you go back and look at my Tomcats, you will see a pattern emerging of my taste for clean, glossy, colourful paint schemes. I'd like to do another Bucc in overall extra dark sea grey, but i have to get my Trumpeter Wyvern off the Shelf of Doom first.... -d-
  5. i routinely shuffle songs by OMD and have not yet heard anything objectionable.
  6. Navy Bird probably thinks i do too many updates...... Decaling has begun on the Buccaneer. In an homage to the late Dick Ward, i've chosen to drag these 1980s vintage Modeldecals out of the dungeon and put them to use. Because....if not now, when?? I have chosen serial XN977 of 801 Squadron from late 1965. Partly because it dates back roughly to my birth (1966), but also because modex 230 has actually been pretty well photographed. As of this morning i have the upper right-hand side decked out, and i finished with the requisite carpet-bombing strike of Mr Leveling Thin
  7. Kenny, no casualties to speak of really. The tape you see there is a German-made derivative of Tamiya tape which is less sticky. The issues i had with the LP-11 are caused more by repeated handling or rubbing, which slowly wears the paint away. I only had a minor issue with that (so far!) on the L/H wing leading edge. I handle my model with a nitrile glove, but in the course of repeated handling, the space between my thumb and index finger has rubbed the left leading edge a bit and wore a little paint away. But not much; you have to look for it. I think eventually
  8. Rob parts from better kits whenever you can. That's what *i* say!! -d-
  9. Okay, as expected the inlet lips were a very time consuming, drawn out affair, but they are now done. Decaling begins next..... -d-
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