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  1. Bill, i use the regular GX-100 Super Clear III a lot, but whats the qualitative benefit of using the UV cut variety?
  2. I'm thinking maybe 3 twists with a #80 drill bit for each fastener ( i don't think they were intended to be rivets.... except maybe on the wing skins). -d-
  3. Very cool! I've been waiting for somebody to do a Tamiya F-14 in BANDWAGON markings. Rock on!! -d-
  4. Looking Good! I built the kit when it first came out in the late '80s/ early '90s. I'm sure it was not the cash cow Revell hoped for, but it holds up well. The silver plastic is an added bonus since you can see all the panel lines after you sand them off. I have the fuselage of Scorpion no. 2 largely assembled and partially rescribed. If its the only 48th scale injection-molded Scorpion i see in my lifetime... i can live with that. I agree that the fit of the cockpit tub is um..... vague? Tenuous? Imprecise? Problematical? However i love what you did with the cockpit and the pilots look great too. By all accounts a nice-flying aeroplane according to those who flew it, though i'm not sure it was a great climber. I know it was notorious for sucking up debris from ramps, taxiways, runways etc..... and of course the Navy laughs at the F-89 every time people mention the "Battle of Palmdale".
  5. I find the top artwork fascinating. Its got a sort of "Beautiful morning for unleashing Armageddon" look to it. Kind of surreal; like an artwork i once saw of the infamous Vought SLAM/ Project Pluto.... Taxiing with a periscope would be bad...but taxiing with a periscope in mist/ fog..... eesh. -d-
  6. "You see Joey, When a Avro CF-100 and a McDonnell F-101 love each other very, very much......."
  7. Another cool looking project! My friend Steve finished a Seaboard World DC-8 from the AA kit not too long ago. We had a tough time finding good pictures taken from overhead where we could see the upper wing surfaces. We finally found a good photo and at about the same time, we learned that Douglas did not believe in Corrogard at the time, preferring to work with Alclad or Duralumin skins for the wings. There's more to the story than that, but those are the highlights. -d-
  8. i too thought that rather astonishing.
  9. Hi Jonners, Having looked at David Collins', then Spencer's, then Your Spit XIV, i too have noticed what seems (seams?) to be a big disconnect between the finished model, and how the raw kit is being perceived over here. I don't know the exact explanation for this, but it seems sometimes that Airfix kits show up in US Hobby Shops first...and they tend to be plagued with glitches, and you seldom hear UK modelers mentioning the same problem areas. Is it characteristic for Airfix plastic to shrink as it cools, and are these glitchy, early offerings indicative of the injection moulding/ calibration/ tweaking process? I'm trying to find a logical explanation for this Sissy-Spacek weirdness... -d-
  10. And now you can have fun arguing with people who INSIST its a PBY, or a Catalina. Whats next? A PB2B-2? A PBV? -d-
  11. Myself, i'd love to see a Firebrand. Pat Donahue built the Aki kit and brought it to Phoenix last year, and it was magnificent. However, i also like the F4D Skyray, and you don't see the 72nd one built too often. I'd love to know what aftermarket products do and do not work with the kit. -d-
  12. Yes, I'm waiting for the "Cha-CHINGG!!" sound to come via my email inbox...$$$$$
  13. Just as an anecdote, i built the Falcon Vacformed Mk 18 in the late 20th century. It was rather simplified in detail but i managed to dress it up with parts robbed from the Otaki Mk VIII and an aftermarket propeller made by an obscure company called CooperDetails. For its time, it fit very well. I always liked the Mk 18 more than the XIV. I think the broader rudder made it look better. -d-
  14. Oh wow that is so cool. I just finished reading Jen Wrights build up in Airfix Modelworld. Looks to be constructed like a tank.
  15. Beautiful build of an admittedly kooky-looking aircraft. And of course, i love the deck. But the Regulus II is cooler...... -d-
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