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  1. Nice looking 201. I have about 60 hours in them. A bit claustrophbic if you're a big guy, but at 5'-7" i had no problems. Very fuel efficient and built like a Sherman tank. I too am squeamish about operating them from soft fields.
  2. Beautiful looking Buccaneer. I still miss that hilarious Craft Master Box Art....
  3. Another wonderful build, Bill. Having read the Ginter volume myself and studied the Mauler structure closely, from a parts count standpoint it was a nightmare. I'm sure it provided impetus (if any was needed) for Ed Heinemann at Douglas to make his XTB2D design as simple as possible. Another characteristic affecting the AM was its longitudinal control. Unlike the AD, the AM used a conventional elevator with trim tabs for pitch control. Coming aboard the boat at typical speeds it sounds as if the elevator just did not have sufficient pitch authority, meaning all bets wer
  4. Beautiful model, Stephane. Glad to see you got 'er done. The F3H seems to have had more little nuances and detail differences than one would think. Seems like i might need to have BOTH Hobby Boss F3H Kits to build two correct, coherent versions. I know Phase Hangar Resin makes some aftermarket Sparrow rails, for what little that is worth. I want to build a Demon, but there are 2 F8Us i need to get off the workbench first. -d-
  5. A most interesting aircraft. Brilliantly designed to an ill-conceived requirement. The AJ Savage of its day. Thanks for posting. Even if it was a dead end, it led the way for a better replacement. -d-
  6. That Wildcat looks wonderful, Shamus. I think its the second one i've seen built so far. Looking at the photos, i can see why you'd thing the landing gear is a bit long. Not sure if its an optical illusion or faulty installation. The only real way you can know for sure is by comparing it to a good side profile photo. I know the 48th scale HobbyBoss offerings have gear that appear to be cast in a weight-off-wheels, "unloaded" condition. Really takes away from the pugnacious looks of the plane. -d-
  7. Ooh, neat! Big and Dysfunctional- Just how i like my Torpedo Fighters.
  8. Well hello again. After completing the third and final installment of my Tomcat Trilogy, i desperately needed something less involved than another F-14. In an un-explainable attack of maturity, rather than start an all-new project.... i decided to pull something off the shelf of Doom, albeit it was only just barely started. One of 2 Hasegawa F8U Crusader projects in my stash. The F-8J was an effort to prolong the life of the F-8E (formerly F8U-2NE), incorporating lessons learned from the F8U-3 and F-8E (FN). It involved rebuilding 138 airframes with an all new, lo
  9. I do believe that was Martin's "Hold my Beer" moment.
  10. i know i mentioned it before in another Boeing 720-related thread, but a couple of people reported back saying if you shave/file off the raised pads on the wing undersurfaces that it actually improves the fit of the Roden pylons. I have 2 Roden 720s in my stash now but aside from some test fitting have not really dived in. However a friend of mine DID finish one and the removal of the pads mode did seem to help the looks of the finished model.
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