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  1. e8n2

    Post-War Mitchells

    I have that book and it is an excellent source of inspiration for future projects. MATS also operated some A-26s as well along with a number of different fighter aircraft. During the 50s the 57th FIS in Iceland belonged to MATS, so there you have an operational fighter squadron belonging to a organization dedicated to transport duties. Who would have thunk it?! Later, Dave
  2. e8n2

    Post-War Mitchells

    That's a different race altogether. The California 1000, which went away a long time ago, was an unlimited class race, hence all the old fighter and attack aircraft besides Super Snoopy. The first race was 1000 miles, the next couple of races before they stopped it were 1000 km. Because of the distance most aircraft had to make a pit stop, something unheard of before in unlimited air racing. There is, or was, a seperate T-6 class, but I know of no restrictions on gender of the pilot. Air racing is not really my thing but I vividly remember going to the inaugural California 1000 with my Dad, brother, and step-brother. Just a few months later, a new freeway interchange that we had passed through but was not yet completed, was destroyed in the February 9th, 1971 Sylmar earthquake. Later, Dave
  3. e8n2

    Post-War Mitchells

    Not sure about an air racing B-25 Mitchell, but during the inaugural California 1000 air race in October of 1970, besides the P-51s, Bearcats, and Sea Furies, there was also an A-26 Invader and Super Snoopy (!), a DC-7 flown by Clay Lacy. He ended up in sixth place out of a field of 20 aircraft. Do a search on You Tube and you can find a video of the race. Later, Dave
  4. e8n2

    Post-War Mitchells

    All I can say about decals in 72nd scale for this particular aircraft right now is to be patient. There might be something out by the end of the year. Besides ATC and MATS (Military Air Transport Service), SAC also had a number of them floating around during the 50s. Note also that the top turret opening will have to be filled in. As of now I don't know of any aftermarket items to take care of the turret opening or using the other style carb intakes. At least this aircraft had the OEM carb intake. Later, Dave
  5. The picture that I linked to was from 1909 when she was still the Idaho. I don't trust any color photos from that time period as they were all colorized and open to somebody's interpretation. I plan on doing her from the 1909 time period in gray with just the single cage mast. I have noticed that some time between 1909 and 1912, or whenever it was the second cage mast was added, the "bay window" with its associated gun was removed from both sides of the forward hull. In the picture I linked to it they are on the side of the bull just forward of the front main gun turret. Speaking with Randy Short of Snyder and Short, he recommended using #11 outside gray for the hull color on both the Idaho and the Glencoe Oregon that I am also building, but he had no idea about the one area I was asking about on the Idaho. Darn not having aerial views from that time period! I guess I will just have to wing it for the deck color since there aren't any crewman around from the time period to tell me that I have really botched it. Thanks for the assistance so far. Later, Dave
  6. Yes and no. It show the deck to me metal and painted a lighter gray than the rest of the hull, but what color? It is really a great build, but from some of the photos that I have seen, all the gun barrels should be black and not gray as seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_battleship_Lemnos#/media/File:USS_Idaho_-_NH_74260.jpg Later, Dave
  7. I've never added any resin anything to an F-16. Always OOB except for decals. I've always had to put it in. Later, Dave
  8. Every F-16 that I have built needs nose weight. It really doesn't matter who's kit it is, they will all need it. To correct an earlier post someone made, F-15s certainly need nose weight, F-18s and F-20s do not. F-5s probably do not need it either, but I haven't built one in a while so can't say definitively. A-3s along with it's B-66 stablemate also need nose weight. Later, Dave
  9. I have the Samek resin kit of the USS Idaho BB-24 in 1/700th scale. I have painted the deck Colourcoats teak and am almost ready to paint the hull. Is the deck above the main deck and the mounts for the seconday armament also teak or metal? I am guessing metal as they have no wooden deck details. If it is metal, what color would the deck be? TIA Later, Dave
  10. Actually there is now only one distributor in the states and that is H&B Hobbies. Most of the stuff seems to be out of stock right now. I sent an e-mail to Sovereign Hobbies and suggested adding a second distributor, namely Sprue Brothers, but never got a reply back. We definitely need a second U.S. distributor as the service for the past few months from H&B has been less than stellar. Later, Dave
  11. That would probably be an aftermarket thing to do. I am waiting for the Royal Class kit myself but I would imagine that they will stay with WW I and immediate post war European markings, although I am hoping for either a US Army or Marines option. Later, Dave
  12. Here are the pictures that I took of the N9M four years ago: Later, Dave
  13. Makes sense to me Mike. I was at Chino a few years ago and got some shots of the N9M and posted them in the real aviation section. It might take a bit to find it again but it might be worth taking a look for it. Some of the panels were off of the aircraft at the time I was there. Later, Dave
  14. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if this airshow was before or after the mutiny? If you have never heard of it before, go to Wikipedia and I am sure there is an article on the Freeman Field Mutiny. Later, Dave
  15. There was an optional tail gun position from the very beginning. The tail cone on the B-25 and B-25A was very different than on the B/C/D?G series. IIRC on the Doolittle raid they had broom sticks sticking out of the tail glass to bluff the Japanese into thinking they had tail guns installed. The H model introduced the revised tail gun turret. Later, Dave Wikipedia says the B through G models did not have a tail gun. Why the tail glass then I don't know, but it seems to me that I have read otherwise.
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