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  1. e8n2

    B25 Mitchell rear and side guns - when did they come in?

    There was an optional tail gun position from the very beginning. The tail cone on the B-25 and B-25A was very different than on the B/C/D?G series. IIRC on the Doolittle raid they had broom sticks sticking out of the tail glass to bluff the Japanese into thinking they had tail guns installed. The H model introduced the revised tail gun turret. Later, Dave Wikipedia says the B through G models did not have a tail gun. Why the tail glass then I don't know, but it seems to me that I have read otherwise.
  2. e8n2

    Best kit for a Coastal Command B-17 MkII

    You're welcome Mike! That was D&S's main problem with the Hasegawa kits. On the Hasegawa G the glass for the Cheyenne turret it also much too shallow. I plan on using the wings from a Hasegawa G on an Academy G so that it will have the fuel vents for the Tokyo Tanks as we discussed on another thread. Later, Dave
  3. e8n2

    Best kit for a Coastal Command B-17 MkII

    The problem with the Hasegawa windshield is that the lines for the front windows are parallel to each other instead of the top line of the front window being in line with the side windows, which means that the center part of the front windows should be narrower than the outside part of the window. Take a close look at the windshields on Dreambaby which Finn is using as his signature for the Group Build, Hopefully I haven't muddied up the waters too much with this explanation. Later, Dave
  4. e8n2

    1/72 B-17

    She looks great! I noticed that the artwork is not the same as on the real aircraft, but just like I plan on doing when I build mine, something close will work. Later, Dave
  5. e8n2

    Tuskeegee Squadron 1:72?

    Take a look for the Three Guys Replicas sheet TGR27011. Tuskegee Airmen in Italy. It has a P-39 on the sheet. Of course Three Guys Replicas are long gone but you maybe able to find it on E-Bay. Later, Dave
  6. e8n2

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    Nothing did. I believe that they decided it was duplicating what was already in the aircraft specific TOs. It has been a long time but I think the aircraft -23 TO has the marking information. For something like a C-17 it would then be T.O. 1C-17A-23. Again, I am not exactly sure as to what -XX of the aircraft TO would have that information. I do remember seeing the one for the C-5 shortly before I retired. The last edition of 1-1-4 was the basic from may 1994, Change 7 dated 17 July 1998, so it was discontinued sometime after that. What is interesting is what was NOT in 1-1-4. For example, the F-16 was never in the appendix for camoflauge painting, nor in the part for standard paint schemes. The only F-16 material was in the section for the tactical codes and serial number on the tail. Later, Dave
  7. e8n2

    Tuskeegee Squadron 1:72?

    Personally, don't bother. I watched the trailers and checked the IMDB listing for the movie before it came out and decided against it. CGI fest with incorrect markings for the German aircraft, the B-17s were all marked for an 8th AF group and not a 15th AF group, and for me, worst of all, not one damn character in the movie is named for an actual Tuskegee Airman. What a way to honor them, make a crappy movie about them and don't use any actual names of real Tuskegee Airmen. Later, Dave
  8. e8n2

    1/72 B-17

    Have you started on Dreambaby yet? I know it is your favorite since the codes are the same as your initials! Later, Dave
  9. e8n2

    exhaust pipe diameter for Siskin?

    Actually it is the ailerons that are off centered that are creating an appearance of a clipped wing. This is really pronounced in the above photo where the left aileron is down and the right one is up and part of the roundel is up and out of sight because of it. Later, Dave
  10. e8n2

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    I have been using the Amarillo font and can change sizes easily from within my word processor and presentation software (Apache Open Office). I just change the font size. For example, 10 pt is 6" in 72nd, and 36 pt is 20", There is also the font USN Stencil which has the 60° Navy and Marine lettering. The sizes work out pretty much the same although 36 Pt USN Stencil is 21" in 72nd instead of 20" for Amarillo. Back in the 60s and 70s I would have understood the manufactures not understanding that the U.S. Air Force and USAF had to be in gloss insignia blue because they probably didn't have much access to the late T.O. 1-1-4 or its immediate predecessors. Now there is no excuse for not doing it the correct way when making decals for non-camoflauged aircraft. 1-1-4 is easily available on-line in several of its variations until it was discontinued a little over 20 years ago. Later, Dave
  11. e8n2

    1/72 B-17

    As it is copyrighted material, I can't post the picture from the D&S book. Looking at the emergency exit drawing it seems to show that the step is a lot less than what we know the step was on the Es and above for sure even though the side views seem to show the same step as on an E. However, the photos don't seem to match up with what the diagram has. In the cockpit picture I posted, if there is a step, it is only a few inches and nothing like what they had on the later aircraft. Just put this down as an agree to disagree. Later, Dave
  12. e8n2

    CV22 Osprey

    Check Fantasy Printshop to see if they have the Wolfpak decal sheet 48-04. It has a CV-22 on it. Wolfpak themselves are sold out of that sheet. Later, Dave
  13. e8n2

    1/72 B-17

    I really have no idea what the extra seats were for other than maybe a flight engineer and radio operator. I did a search just before having to go to work to find the picture from the Detail & Scale book showing all four seats, but couldn't find it. I did however find this factory shot of the cockpit of a B-17C taken August 24, 1940: I just noticed that there appears to be the front part of a seat just behind the table that is attached to the co-pilot's seat. The main point is you can see that on the early B-17s, the cockpit floor was flat. Later, Dave
  14. e8n2

    1/72 B-17

    All four seats lined up in the cockpit for the early B-17s is correct. I just checked it again in the Detail & Scale book. None of the Academy kits have the fuel vents for the "Tokyo Tanks" in the wing tips. That is fine up through at least the E model. D&S says the F models had the vents but that the Gs did not. From what I have seen in dozens of pictures gleaned from search engines, only the Gs had the vents. Here is an example of what I mean: Notice the length of the vents. Next compare it to the vents in the wingtips of both the Revell F and G and the Airfix G. They are both quite a bit shorter. Also note the the insignia on the wing does actually have the red surround to the national insignia! When I G goabout to build a model of B-17G 42-32025 Dreambaby from the same unit as Princess Pat, the aircraft in the phots, I will be using the wings from a Hasegawa F and the fuselage and empenage of the Academy G. Dreambaby has a similar finish but has the Cheyenne turret and non-staggered windows. Princess Pat will have to be done using the Revell F with a nose turret fairing from the Airfix Fortress III. The Revell F kit has nearly everything you need to build an early G. Later, Dave
  15. e8n2

    1/72 B-17

    From the photos I have seen of the early B-17s, the single level floor is correct. Checkout the Detail & Scale book on the B-17. It has been a long time since I build an early B-17 kit, but I don't remember a problem with the seats being too low. Like I said, it has been a long time since I built one. Later, Dave