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  1. I would refer you to my previous post on this subject. When you are right there looking at it, you really can't see any grey in it. In the one picture you can see the two of them together and THEN you can tell a difference, but not really until you get to see the pod on the pylon. Looking at the nose section, it would be hard to tell a difference. Whenever you paint a 72nd scale aircraft in SEA camo, the FS 36622 is noticeably darker than it is in photos of the real aircraft. I like to use the official colors but when it comes to the underside of SEA camoed aircraft, I will use flat white. It really is up to what the individual wants or thinks looks right to their own Mk I eyeball. In a larger scale, like maybe 1/32, then using FS 36622 for the undersides may not look so weird, but it definitely does in 72nd. Later, Dave
  2. As was stated earlier, FS36622, when painted on a 72nd scale aircraft, it much too dark. Believe me I did it once on an old Hasegawa F-4E in the early 70s. A couple of years later I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge as a cop and got up close and personal with the 78 TFS F-4Ds that we had. Standing just a few feet away from the aircraft and the undersides definitely look like flat white. Whenever I do a SEA (South East Asia) color schemed aircraft, I ALWAYS use flat white. It is much more representative of what the real thing looked like. It is called scale effect, and normally I don't bother to worry about it, but in this case, I do. Here is a shot of one of our F-4s later in life at Nellis AFB: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=F-4D+65-0667&fr2=piv-web&hspart=att&hsimp=yhs-att_001#id=1&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aviationphotocompany.com%2Fimg%2Fs%2Fv-3%2Fp1953278830-4.jpg&action=click Later in life it ended up in the Hill two tone gray scheme before going to D-M for storage where I last saw it just over 10 years ago. Later, Dave
  3. I can't tell you when the markings became standardized, but it was long before the first aircraft you have pictured arrived. It was most likely a situation of getting the aircraft into the air and flying missions and paint on the identifying group markings when they had some downtime for the aircraft. The mission comes first, the details can follow up later. Later, Dave
  4. During my two years stationed at RAF Woodbridge (March 75 - March 77) where the 67 ARRS and their HH-53s hung out, I NEVER saw any folded blades. Maybe they did have them, maybe not, but I never saw them at Woodbridge with folded blades. Later, Dave
  5. Are you required to have an account with them? Has anyone done a new search for AP119A-0601? I can tell you that it really wasn't what I expected at first, but fits in with the RAF way of doing things. There are just a few drawings which are set for things like the wingspan and number of engines. If you have ever seen the basic drawings of the camo patterns used by the RAF during WW II, then you will have and idea of what I am talking about. For example, all of the USAF fighter types using in Vietnam had their own particular scheme. The RAF would have used the same basic pattern for each fighter type. Later, Dave I just did a fresh search on AP119A-0601 and it is not around anymore, at least that I could find.
  6. I have an Academy B-17G in the stash, and the Paragon conversion kit for the PB-1W has a conversion piece to take the place of the nose turret, and the fairing aft of the turret is a separate piece on the Academy kit. The Paragon instructions state that the fairing on the Hasegawa G would have to be removed. Later, Dave
  7. Don't want anything to do with Google or even One Drive. Don't trust them to leave your stuff alone or not be vulnerable to hacking. Just got through with a lot of work related training that included what should be obvious to anyone, don't post classified information on a third party cloud system. Later, Dave
  8. Actually it's been out on kindle for several months. I bought it and finished it about a month or so ago. If there are some amendments to it, it would be nice if Amazon would let us know about it. Later, Dave
  9. I still have the zip file, but have no idea where to post the file to for a new link. I doubt if Flickr would let me post a PDF file. Anybody else have an idea or a newer working link? Later, Dave
  10. The original poster was looking for figures. Later, Dave
  11. 72nd. I don't know of Heller doing their Viggen in any other scale. Later, Dave
  12. Please let us know who it is as soon as you can. The suspense is killing me! Later, Dave
  13. It was more a problem of the sole US distributor for Colourcoats paints having a poor selection of paint left since he rarely ever restocks and using True North as a substitute. I did have a problem with the bottle of True North paint I tried to use today and notified them of the problem. Seems their supplier had changed formulations without telling them about it and it caused some bad paint. I just happened to be unlucky enough to get one of the bad ones, but they are going to replace that one as well as the others as mentioned earlier. Later, Dave
  14. An update to my last post in this thread: The credit card company came through for me and I finally heard from Jamie at True North (NOT the other Jamie with Colourcoats!). The situation has now been resolved. Here is a part of his reply to me after my explaining what had happened: "I can only ask that you believe that I have not received any emails through the contact page on the website. I am as of now working with squarespace to remedy this as it is completely unacceptable. I am deeply sorry for this Dave, this is not how I do business. As the modeling community is relatively small I respond to each and every question and I have no record of your email, and I have had issues with emails associated with the site before, obviously I still have problems there. I will of course send you a new 5-N Navy Blue, and the correct 2 bottles of Modern USN Haze Grey." Time will tell. Just waiting to be notified that the paints have shipped, although on my second order, the one prior to the one with the wrong paints being sent, I never did get a shipping notification. Later, Dave
  15. Please tell me that it's not True North! Yes they make good paints but so far in my experience their customer service is abysmal. On my first order, one of the bottles of 5-N broke open. I sent them an e-mail through their internal e-mail system. A couple of weeks later I sent a second e-mail to them asking why they hadn't responded to the first e-mail. Still silence. A second order followed with no problems but I was hoping they would have made good on the broken bottle from the first order. Nothing. I sent in another order with no problem and then another which included two bottles of modern USN Haze Grey, FS 26270. I received two bottles of 5-H Haze Grey. I have sent them another e-mail on their internal system. Still no answer! I am tempted to send them the two bottles of 5-H that I did not order along with the broken bottle of 5-N in the box that the broken 5-N came in with a letter asking them to fix the problem and give me what I ordered and to make good on the broken bottle of paint, however I fear that I will never get what I ordered or am due. I will probably have the credit card company raise hell with them about why they can't respond to their customers when problems come up. Yes True North makes good paints that you can order without a minimum order like H&B the current U.S. distributor, but follow up customer service when there is a problem is, so far in my experience, non-exsistant. Sprue Brothers would be better as they have an established presence, good service, and would probably be more willing and able to take on more of the Colourcoats range. Later, Dave
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