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  1. In short, no. There are some differences in the fuselage and not just the provisions for the guns. IIRC there is a slight length difference that is spread out throughout the length of the fuselage so that just trying to splice in a section won't work. Special Hobby previously did a K and L model F-86. While not the best kit, it at least can get you started on a K. Later, Dave
  2. I did a quick search for the T.O. 1C-123B-1, which is the flight manual for the C-123. Without having to pay out some money I did come up with this link: www.oldwings.nl/content/c123t/A13sw-3.pdf which talks about the internal fuel capacity, but not the tires. Maybe someone who has access to the C-123 flight manual will come along with the rest of the information that you require. Later, Dave
  3. I don't have any official publications to quote from, but for a long time on U.S. designed choppers it was gray over black on the main rotor blades. When the transition to just one color came along I don't know. Most likely from what I remember is that Light Gull Gray was used for the tops of the blades. Later, Dave
  4. e8n2

    TR-1 Wheel Wells

    Would that be chromate yellow or interior green? When I was working the Deuces at Beale in the mid 80s, E-Bay was chromate yellow on the inside and the intake trunking was the same color starting about 8" to 12" down from the front of the intake. Don't remember about the wheel wells as my systems weren't in there. Later, Dave
  5. Have you tried going to the F-16.net web site? They might have the references and pictures that you want. Later, Dave
  6. I haven't build any ICM aircraft kits yet, but I certainly hope that the people who do the aircraft models are different than the ones that do the ship models. I have been working on a 1/350 SMS Kronprinz and it has been a dog of a kit. I will just be glad to be done with the thing. It looked nice in the box, but when the parts started to be assembled, it was a different story. Later, Dave
  7. The early A models did not have the Turkey Feathers of the later models. The tail pipe shroud was still in place. They went to the Turkey Feathers (no shroud) in the late 70s. You would have to get a set of resin tail pipes that still had the shroud. Aires part number 7123 has the correct type of tail pipes for an early A model F-15. Later, Dave
  8. That be the dumbass. I guess that he missed the part about SAC once having had fighters and cargo aircraft while TAC once had bombers and tankers. Oh and MATS, the predecessor to MAC, for a number of years had fighters and bombers in addition to their normal cargo aircraft complement. Hell, they even had an operational fighter unit! Later, Dave
  9. Not anymore. At least in AMC (used to be called MAC before some dumbass decided to change things because he was AF Chief of Staff and could and also because he knew nothing of AF history) they let you know several months in advance when they are going to show up. Sort of defeats the purpose of being able to show you know how to do your mission on a no notice aw sh*t situation! Later, Dave P.S. Yes, I know what the dumbasses name is, I just prefer not to use it because he was such an idiot.
  10. The last time I worked for Lockheed a friend of mine from the first time rented a room from me. He was affectionately known as Army Bob because he obviously was previously in the Army. He always referred to the BX as the PX. He's living in Arizona now but I still get a lot of e-mails from him. I'll see what I can do to make it up to Santa Rosa some time on a day off or leave. Later, Dave
  11. Santa Rosa huh? OK, come by the Travis Commissary and tell me that ;-)! I have pins of all the major commands I was in along with my final rank and qualification badges on my smock. Knowing how some of the supervisors are I'll probably be in the self bagging or express lanes. Paper or plastic sir? Any coupons today? You know the drill. Now if Lockheed would just have another Contract Field Team for another C-5 mod at Travis! Later, Dave
  12. As far as I know, yes. I saw the Iowa there several times before it went down to San Pedro along with the Global Explorer, Howard Hughes spy ship. I would have loved to have taken a tour of the area, but it never came to be. We have a couple of rent-a-cops on Travis. Had more ten years ago but with the drawdown from Iraq and Afghanistan most of them are gone now. The decal stickers are also gone now. Every driver is checked for their ID cards now. There are still a number of bases that have security for their priority assets like when I was a Security cop, but nothing like that around here for a long time. We called the training area on Lackland the humping grounds. It was the first place I ever saw a B-57A. There were also some C-45s and other obsolescent fighters. I have a picture or two of it from my time there, but unfortunately they ended up being double exposures with totally different pictures. Later, Dave
  13. AP? Way back before I ever got there the AF changed the name from Air Police to Security Police, probably around the mid to late 60s. At the time I went through their, we didn't have any grunts out there only us AF types. Not sure how much the Army has aircraft on alert to fly combat missions, at least stateside. We would have people walking around the aircraft as a close-in sentry for an aircraft on alert to fly a combat mission like the aircraft that could drop bombs that make mushroom clouds. Then you would also have people walking the fence line around the area those aircraft were parked. At least that was how it was before I got out in the field. Then we had electronic sensors for the perimeter fencing. When I left England and went back to Offutt, SAC headquarters it was more like the old system but with telephone booth size shacks for the close boundary sentries. Glad I got out of that career field. Later, Dave
  14. Actually that would be the SP as in Security Police, or as the little snowflakes call themselves now, Security Forces, training area. I spent a few weeks there in October and November of 1974 getting trained as an Air Force Security Police Security specialist. MPs are Army and maybe Marines. Later, Dave
  15. Look for the book, "The Bridgebusters - The True Story of the Catch-22 Bomb Wing" by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver. Gives the straight poop. Its available from Amazon. Later, Dave
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