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  1. e8n2


    That is a free hand scheme done by humans. Which means no two aircraft are identically painted. There will always be a little bit of variation between any two aircraft because it was done by humans and not machines. Later, Dave
  2. While the F-4 could conceivably carry three, I only ever saw them on the centerline, and only on alert aircraft. Otherwise it would be shapes during exercises and again, only on the centerline. Later, Dave
  3. Actually, that is not correct. The BH-9, Sopwith Swallow, and UC-78 are all done on their older short run technology. I have had all three (the BH-9 ended up in the trash as for me it was a total piece of garbage) and Jan Polc of AZ/KP confirmed to me on the Manufacturer's News portion of Britmodeller, that the Sopwith Swallow was indeed done as a short run technology kit. It is still a rather nice kit and I am not having nearly the problems with it that I did with the BH-9. Any problems I am having with the Swallow are mostly of my own making, except for one small detail because the instructions had a mistake. Looking over the parts for the UC-78 it was easy to see that it also is short run technology because it shares many factors of the BH-9 and Sopwith Swallow, such as some of the sprue gates, if that is the right term, go onto the kit part. The details are a little soft compared to their Hi-tech Steel molded kits, the Spitfire Mk IXs as an example of the Steel molded kits. All in all, the AZ/KP kits are generally very good and definitely nothing like the KP kits of old. Later, Dave
  4. Hi Jan, I noticed one little problem with the Swallow, but it is more of a problem with the instructions than the kit itself. The instructions have you put in the concave fairing just behind the firewall (Part 13? I don't have the instructions with me right now) AFTER the fuselage halves are put together. I tried that and it won't fit properly. It the sides would stick down way below the bottom of the fuselage. I looked at the same part from the Roden Sopwith Camel parts tree, and it would be the same thing. There was plenty of room so I tried putting it in from the top and the fit there is good enough where I don't need to do any filling. It seems to me that this part should actually be put in BEFORE the fuselage halves are joined together. If I get a chance to work on it some more tomorrow, I'll be putting the cockpit fairing and front cabane struts in. Even with the cockpit fairing in place you can still see the fuel tank I added behind the seat. Later, Dave P.S. 24 June 20 - I checked and it is actually part 14, not part 13, that should glued into position before joining the fuselage halves.
  5. Having dealt with this guy before, it'll be a cold day in hell before he ever re-stocks. In the meantime people who need the naval colors will have to find another vendor to buy their paints from. This does the US distributor and Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies no good because people in the states who need naval colors, and even quite a few of the US aircraft colors, will go somewhere else and Jamie and the US distributor loose out on a sale. I could easily spend the $600 or so to get a normal stocking of all of the Colourcoats paint, but I don't have the inclination to become a distributor myself for a number of reasons (taxes being a big part of not wanting to get involved, plus wanting to do a lot of traveling now that I'm retired). Later, Dave
  6. I completely understand the reason for going short run on it. One thing I noticed that you did on this kit, and I wish other manufactures of biplanes and parasol monoplanes would do is that the forward cabane struts are one piece and already set at the angle necessary for a good fit. I hope you can continue this with any future biplane/parasol monoplane kits that you may do. Way back when, Monogram had the cabane struts on their P-6E, F11C-2, and F4B-4 molded into the fuselage sides. Heller did the same thing. Matchbox had the cabane struts as two pieces that fit together and the forward upper fuselage would go over that assembly, again to make sure that the struts were set at the proper angle and would fit correctly. If only Roden would have learned to do that with their SE5a kits. Where the forward cabane struts are supposed to mate on the upper wing, there are NO locating holes! It is the same way with their 32nd scale SE5a. Later, Dave
  7. OUCH!!!!!!!!! Later, Dave
  8. Hi Jan, Is the Swallow done on short run technology? Some of the details seem a little soft. The Roden Nieuport 27 kit comes with the K sprue for their Sopwith Camel kit. I raided the fuel tank from that sprue for the Swallow since it isn't needed on the Nieuport anyway. The Roden parts seem a bit crisper and I will be using the Roden fin and rudder since they are thinner than what is in your kit. Not a complaint mind you. If you are doing short run tech for this kit, that would explain it as your HQT kits have some very nice detail and are also quite crisp as well. I haven't started putting things together yet, but expect to by the end of the week. Later, Dave
  9. Just out of curiosity then, How do you ship paints to your overseas distributors? Does it go by surface, or do you go through all the hoops and hurdles to send them by air? Later, Dave
  10. Were there also bursting bottles? If it was just because of the tins, then you would think that the answer would be to go to bottles like Model Master always had. I really would like to know and am not just yanking somebody's chain. Later, Dave
  11. Maybe, but I've never seen or heard anything about it until the original poster brought it up. I would still like to see photos of it. Later, Dave
  12. He last did a restock in March of 2018. I did my first order with him in January of 2019. It took a long time for my order to be processed and shipped. His excuse at the time was that he was in the middle of moving house. It took about a month or more to get my stuff. In the meantime the naval colors have been depleted to nothing for the major colors required. Now he has had health problems. The blog entries that he had about things taking so long at the start of 2019 have been deleted so unless you went through it you would never know that it happened. Then he comes up with the health issues a few months later. Should be good to go in 2020 he says. Nothing has changed. It is far past time for a new US distributor. All he is doing is moving sales of Colourcoats paint to other manufacturers. I have bought paints from True North Paints, which had some problems of their own but seem to have them out now. I have also tried some of the MRP paint which is ready to be airbrushed right out of the bottle. Later, Dave
  13. No, you can blame Al Qeada for that one. One of their people brought on some baggies with liquid and tried to use them to either set off an explosion or start a fire on the aircraft he was flying in at the time. It was going to some east coast airport, maybe JFK in New York or Logan in Boston. Later, Dave
  14. Must have been a squadron thing because that was not SOP for the USAAF. If it was then why don't all the aircraft on that decal sheet have underwing codes? Why is it not seen on all decal sheets of USAAF aircraft from that time period and why not on photos of the aircraft from that time period? It was either a squadron, flight, or individual pilot thing. Later, Dave
  15. I tried your tip with what I already have at hand and it works! I also drilled out the opening after the primer cap was gone using an 11/64" drill bit. Not sure what the metric equivalent would be but I'm guessing about 3 or 3.5mm. I now have a number of pedestals waiting t0 to used. Later, Dave P.S. #4 hardware works fine with 9mm shell casings. With .45 caliber you may be able to use #6 hardware.
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