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  1. I was stationed at Beale AFB and got up close and personal with the U-2Rs and TR-1As, as they were then known, on a regular basis. The intakes and E-bay (not the web site!) were definitely done in zinc-chromate yellow. If you believe it is otherwise, please come up with a TO reference that states it is a brown. Later, Dave
  2. Not an expert on the Sea Fury, but it seems to me that the FAA ones were capable of carrying the rockets so it would probably be safe to assume the same for the Iraqi ones. If you haven't tried it yet, try doing a search using your favorite search engine for photos of Iraqi Sea Furies. You may be able to find some photos of them with the rockets. If the Iraqis got involved in the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli war, then they may have flown combat missions, just not sure where they would have flown from. Later, Dave
  3. Do you mean rockets like numerous allied aircraft carried during WW II, or actual missiles like AIM-9s? Remember, we're talking an immediate post WW II prop job here. Later, Dave
  4. I think he was reffering to a specific SAC supplement to 1-1-4. Personally I never knew such a creature existed, but with SAC you never know! Later, Dave
  5. Oh they most definitely do! I have been ordering stuff from them for decades and have an order in now that just shipped. Just remember that with the holiday season coming up it sometimes takes a little bit longer for an order to arrive. I know that you are making arrangements with Mike, but this will help you if you ever decide to order from them in the future. Later, Dave
  6. Judging by the post Korean War drop tanks, I have a feeling that the aircraft depicted is a "warbird". The batman emblem is probably fictitious and not necessarily the emblem for any true Korean War units flying F-86s, although I could be wrong. Head over to http://users.rcn.com/jeremy.k/serialSearch.html, which is the serial number search section of Joe Baugher's website. Punch in F-86 and the last three of the serial number, 139, and see what, if anything comes up. Warbirds are notorious for fictional markings. Later, Dave
  7. I noticed that decades ago unfortunately. They have put out sheets in the past for aircraft for which there are no models or that would required a lot of work. They had one sheet for F9F-8s when the Hasegawa kit first came out, but all of the choices were for F9F-6s which is quite different from the -8. Super Accuracy? Not even! Later, Dave
  8. I just did another search and believe I've hit paydirt. These pictures are apparently of a Sea Prince T.1 abandoned somewhere in the UK: So even at 0530 in the morning it looks like Humbrol 88 Deck Green. Of course this could be a one off as well. Go with what you gut tells you. From what I could find, the transports had the blue interior aft of the cockpit, the others had RAF interior gray-green or something like Deck Green. Later, Dave
  9. On the Sea Prince C.2, yes it had the bluish interior. On the one with radar scopes, according to the picture I came across on a search, it was the darker Deck Green of Humbrol 88. With the insulation stripped then it probably would have been interior gray-green. Considering the time frame it was built in that would have made sense. Later, Dave P.S. Just did a quick search to try to find that picture again. Found what may have been it but now it looks more like a dirty darkened interior gray-green. Of course when I originally found it, it was like 0530 in the mornin
  10. I remember looking for the same info before I did the my Pembroke as a Sea Price C.2. For the more operational Pembrokes, which should include the Luftwaffe ones since I can't really see HP painting the interiors differently for export customers, the aft cabin should be the Humbrol 88, deck green, the same green as the Airfix instructions for the Valiant called for. One of the color photos I came across for a Pembroke was of an apparently abandoned one that looked like it had radar scopes in the back and it was the same shade of green as the Valiant, which is what I was working on at the tim
  11. Not totally sure on the early ones, but generally RAF aircraft had the parts of the fuselage visible underneath the canopy painted the same color as the surrounding camoflauge paint. So if the area around the aft end of the canopy is painted Dark Green, then so should the area visible underneath the canopy. Later, Dave
  12. The AMT kit does not have the various wing mounted antennas that Hasegawa provides. I bought one second hand from Rebell Hobby in Stockholm thinking of using it for the Woodbridge bird. IIRC the Hasegawa Ju 188 kit does have the antennas required so I could always mount those on the AMT kit. Plus it has the instructions for building the BMW engines needed for a G-1! Later, Dave
  13. If you really want to make a regular Ju-88G-1 other than a wild experimental Ju-88G-1, get the Hasegawa Ju-88G-6 kit. It has everything you need to make a G-1, and a little searching can come up with the instructions for how to make the radial engine pods and the other wing mounted radar antennas. Having been stationed at RAF Woodbridge I will definitely be building mine as the one that landed at Woodbridge. Later, Dave
  14. Hey Mike, have you noticed that Cybermodeler hasn't had a review of any 72nd scale aircraft in ages? It has to have been several months now. Everything is either 1/48th or 1/32nd aircraft wise. It's really starting to rankle these old bones of mine. Later, Dave
  15. e8n2

    Get the Hook!

    I think I have three of the RS H's. Your giving me ideas Mike! Have to do it with Korean War service having replaced the F4U-5s and the never developed AU-1! Later, Dave
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