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  1. You can count on that! I also have the same editions for the Gloster Meteor and F-86 Sabre, and they aren't going anywhere until after I am gone. Later, Dave
  2. Hmmmm. Looks like two different editions by the same author. My book does NOT have the variant diagram shown above, but in Appendix A it has it has a total of eight three view diagrams of "One Off" Hurricane Experiments. In the front it says Doubleday edition 1962 and © Francis K. Mason, 1962. He must have been able to come up with more info with the passage of time from 1962 to 1987. I wonder if it is still being published today? Later, Dave
  3. Actually it is a bit older than that. I just checked my copy that I got from my now late Dad, and it was published in 1962. You never know as it could actually be older than that! It is a good reference source so I'm sure it has been republished several times over the years. Later, Dave
  4. I did 24 years and retired as a MSgt. Only the first four were as a cop. As I stated before, I was also in radar ops to include three years in Germany in a mobile radar unit. While there I was the site security NCO for awhile and due to being a geographically separated unit was also trained for Combat Arms Training and Maintenance. It was hard to get regular CATMU people up to where we were (near Bremehaven way up north). Except for a remote to the Philippines my last dozen years were in aircraft maintenance including time at Beale and Travis. I've been up close and personal with SR-71s,
  5. I am guessing that 11B must have been your MOS. In the Air Force it is called your AFSC. Inadequacies? Hardly. I just get tired of how these newer AF cops think that just because they are "Security Forces" that they are somehow better than we were. I have been in the Travis area for over 32 years now and from how they run the main gate, and even the other gates, these guys don't have a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing, plus they seem to be damn lazy. They will let traffic back up real bad before they even think about open a second lane. But somehow they are better than the
  6. Suffering from a minor case of CRS, Can't Remember and I'll let you figure out the last part. As I started to read your post the term VADO came to mind. Victor Alert Duty Officer. Later, Dave
  7. Security Forces???? They didn't come up with that garbage until sometime after October of 98. You were an SP, working security and NOT law enforcement. I was the same thing, security, when I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge from March of 75 to March of 77. We had D model F-4s instead of E models. Are you sure it wasn't Zulu alert? Victor alert would be for the Air Defense mission while Zulu alert dealt with special weapons, which is what the B-61 you mentioned was. For our aircraft on Zulu alert, yes they had two AIM-7s on the aft recesses, and an ECM jammer pod, ALQ-119 I believe, on th
  8. I've mentioned that to Cybermodeler before and in essence, they don't care, but MAYBE (yeah right) they will include more enamel paints. Later, Dave
  9. Very nicely done. Don't be surprised though if the moderators move it over to the Ready For Inspection section of the site. To me at least if it is here, then people have a better chance of seeing your work. If you put it over in Ready For Inspection, it will quickly fade away to page two or more within 24 hours or less. Later, Dave
  10. e8n2

    US Navy blue

    Thanks. I have it bookmarked now. Later, Dave
  11. According to the "Modelers' Guide to the Sabre & Fury" by Jay Sherlock, one way to get an A model F-86 is to attach the rear section of the Matchbox A to the front of the Academy "F-86E"/Hobbycraft Sabre Mk. 6. That still leaves the wings to be modified to the original narrow wings. Instead of the Airfix F-86D wing, you could always try the Hasegawa D wing instead. Yes, a new tooled F-86A would be rather welcome. Later, Dave
  12. e8n2

    US Navy blue

    I was able to get the Colourcoats versions of those paints when it came up about a year or so ago. I know about True North paints, but Tru-color I have not heard of. Do they have a website? Sprue Brothers may still have a few tins left of Xtracolour, but I think that if they were going to restock them, it would have been done a long time ago. Later, Dave
  13. e8n2

    US Navy blue

    Unfortunately, thanks to Al Qaeda and the like, paints can not be shipped by air to individuals from overseas anymore. If you were to be a distributor, then you could get them by surface transportation, but that would mean a LOT of paint and would take a long time. I bought some tins of Xtracolour paints about eight or nine years ago just before the ban on air transportation went into affect. You can't do that anymore, and there have been times I wished I could still get paint from the UK, but no such luck. Later, Dave
  14. e8n2

    US Navy blue

    Try the White Ensign Models website. It is now being run by Tom's Modelworks. I ordered some Naval paints from them a few weeks ago. There was a slight delay waiting for one color to get back in stock, but it is a lot easier than trying to go through H&B Hobbies. Later, Dave
  15. C-141s, C-5s, C-130s, HH-53s, and a whole host of other USAF cargo and some specialist aircraft started transitioning to the Euro I scheme starting in the mid 80s. Then in the early 90s, after MAC became AMC, the cargo birds started going over to the AMC gray (FS 36173) finish. When I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge in the mid 70s, all of the AGE equipment and nearly all of the vehicles were in a dark green scheme. There were a few tractors and tugs still in yellow. Later, Dave
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