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  1. It should be done by the end of this month. I noticed this afternoon that the seats needed a little more flat black, got the replacement column and yoke in, and started painting the tires. The third tip tank lens was sanded out. It is as long as the first one, but still bigger in diameter than the spot on the tank for it. Later, Dave
  2. When I posted to the link to Roden's page on the kit there were no instructions shown. I haven't checked to see if they have been added, and of course, until it is released things can always change. Later, Dave
  3. Don't worry, I'm going to finish it. With all of the time and effort I've put into it so far it will be completed whether it likes it or not!
  4. If you ever do decide to start it, read over my WIP. The kit cockpit is totally wrong and I spent a lot of time working on that. Later, Dave
  5. Time for another weekly update. Only one picture this time. I painted the interior anti-glare panels around the cockpit, and then cut out the canopy. Vac canopies and I don't normally get along well, but took my time with it and with just a little follow up sanding the test fitting turned out nearly perfect! I'll have to use just a little bit of Micro Krystal Kleer and that should take care of it. Normally I would also have started to mask it off, but since it is a vacuum formed piece it wobbles around more than an injection molded piece, so I will wait until after it has been glued in to mask it. Turns out that I did NOT have 0.010" rod, but I still have a lot of steel wire that is about that thickness or less and those look good on the seats. I cut lengths of wire longer than I needed figuring I can shorten them up as needed when I go to install the seats. Checking the photos in the Ginter book I noticed that the seats were painted black when the insides were interior green. I got those finished being painted today. I also sanded out two lenses for the tip tanks. They provide three lenses with each canopy and give you two canopies, so I still have four more lenses I can sand out if need be. I might have to do that. Both lenses are bigger in diameter than the front of the tanks, and the second one is not as long as the first one. I'll sand out the third one tomorrow to see how it turns out. I also noticed that the control column and yoke went AWOL. Fortunately I had another Hasegawa Dinah kit to donate the redundant second control column and yoke. I plan to paint the tires tomorrow and start building the High Planes Models props. Now about that Roden kit. Here is a link to the Roden web site with pictures of most of the parts trees. http://www.roden.eu/HTML/063.html To me, it looks like they have it with the -2 tail, Maybe not, but a number of -1s were retrofitted with the -2 tail. They also show places on the cockpit floor for three seats, but the idea I got from the Ginter book and Tommy Thomason's article on the Savage cockpit was that the -1s only had the pilot and Bomb/Nav in the cockpit while they added the crew chief on the -2s. Tommy was involved in helping them with the kit and looking over the part trees so maybe I'm off a little bit. Later, Dave
  6. I would rather it be more like around $50 US, but anymore what do you expect, and the fact that it is coming out of Ukraine right now I can understand it being a little bit higher. Later, Dave
  7. It'll be overall GSB with NSSB anti-glare panels as required by the painting directives of that time. I don't remember which unit, but it is the one with the light blue spinners on the Cut then Add sheet. I'll have more to say about the Roden kit in my weekly update post. Later, Dave
  8. You know Giorgio, if you start building it, and get it near to completion, or at least close to the external painting stage, Roden or somebody else will spring a last minute surprise on us and announce a 72nd scale injected kit of it due out the following month or two! I have a WIP going on for the Rareplane AJ-2 Savage and am almost ready to start painting it flat and gloss sea blue where appropriate, and Tommy Thomason announces today that Roden is putting out an AJ-1 in 72nd due maybe as early as September! I've made some Airmodel kits in the past and since it is a seaplane the only real scratch building you should have to do will be the cockpit. I also have built the Nova Vac kits of the C-135 family (options for several different versions) and the C-141B. I did the -135 as an EC-135C as I was stationed at Offutt AFB at the time and we had a number of those around. I was living in the barracks at the time, so not much room. I did the C-141B when I was living in base housing at Beale AFB. Not a whole lot or room there either. Here are a couple of shots of the C-141B now at the Travis AFB museum" Building vac kits are like riding a bike. You never forget, just might need to remember things from the past a bit. Later, Dave
  9. Darn, Navy Bird beat me to it. Here is a picture of the kit contents that I took this morning except for the decals which are still in a plastic bag: Here is a comparison of the conversion kit main tires and the kit main tires from the F-111C/G kit: They may be a little fatter than the kit tires, but I couldn't tell for sure. Later, Dave
  10. Wouldn't you know it! Here I am getting close to finishing, or at least doing the external paint job on my AJ-2 Savage and Tommy Thomason breaks the news today that Roden is coming out with a 72nd AJ-1 Savage, maybe as soon as September! I hate to think how much it is going to be with all of the inflation going around everywhere right now. Glad to have done my "part" to bring this about! http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2022/08/roden-172-north-american-aj-1-savage.html#comment-form Later, Dave
  11. I was just about to move on to looking at another site but decided I better look for the Pete's Hangar F-111B conversion kit. For most people on this site it won't mean anything, but especially for the baseball fans who come by here it will. Just found out a little bit ago that former Dodger broadcaster Vic Scully passed away today at age 94. What a loss. I can remember listening to him call the Dodger games when I was a lot younger, and building models even then. On to the conversion kit. First thing I noticed just now is that there are no instructions! Maybe I misplaced them. The decals aren't there either, but I know where those are as I have them in a plastic bag to stay indoors so that they will last as long as possible. There are new tires, but how different they are from a regular set of F-111 tires I can't say without looking at some. Those are in the garage and I've already set the alarm so it will have to wait until tomorrow morning. The kit also comes with metal landing gear. The gear looks like it may have been made from molded brass, definitely not white metal. There is also a new set of nose tires. I've already decided that next year will be the year of conversions, to include ship and aircraft models. I have long been planning on doing this one conversion of putting a B-17G nose section onto a B-24 as was actually done during the war. I am going to try to get it started this year, but if it has to wait until next year, so be it. Later, Dave P.S. For those who might be interested, here is a link to the late Vin Scully discussing the history of beards during a game on 30 April 2016. Things were a little slow at the time so he went on to tell a story about the history of beards. RIP Vinny!
  12. If I get a chance in the next few days I'll dig it out and let you know. Later, Dave
  13. It's Pete's Hangar. I have one in the stash and will use it with a Hasegawa C model F-111 to do the B model. Later, Dave
  14. Wanted to get a little bit more done before my normal weekly update. Both nacelles are up and all of the sanding and filling around them has now been done. I also checked the balance with the nose gear strut in place (not glued in yet, after painting is done). As you can see, it's a tail sitter. But I have a couple tricks up my sleeve! I tried putting a couple of lead split shot fishing weights in the cockpit area to see what that would do. It might be a big hard to tell from this photo, but it is on its nose gear. Yesterday I put some tube glue around the weights and dropped them into the cubby hole underneath the flight deck floor where you would have a hard time seeing them even if the canopy was crystal clear. I have now installed the two tip tanks! The left one went in perfectly, the right tank and wing tip needed a little adjustment but is now glued in position. I will take a closer look next week to see if I need to do any filling around the tanks. Hopefully not. I then placed one of the two canopies provided in the kit to see how much room there would be with the seats installed. The kit seats are not correct, and there are no aftermarket A3D seats which are pretty close. I cut off the top edge of the seats. The seats are more for a WW II type aircraft. I then sanded that down a little bit. I cut three pieces of 0.015" x 0.125" sheet plastic a bit wider that then seats. I put two lines 3mm apart and then glued the pieces onto the top edge of the seats. Next week the glue should be good and dry so that I can trim the sheet plastic from the edge to the two vertical lines. Hopefully you can get a better idea of what I'm going to do from the picture. I have labeled the seats as to what position they are going to, Pilot, Bomb/Nav, and Crew Chief. The crew chief's seat for sure has rods attached to each side of the seat that go down from the top to the seat pan that I will try to replicate. I have some 0.010" rod that ought to work nicely, even if all three seats have those rods. I'll check the photos later. That's all for this week. Later, Dave
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