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  1. e8n2

    Model Displays

    I am hoping to start construction on a three part display case later on this year after getting a couple of other projects completed. Monday through Thursday I work on models in the morning before lunch and then on to other things during the rest of the day. Fridays are my woodworking days. I get most of my wood from Home Depot and some from Lowes. Being retired military I get a 10% discount which helps. I built a new computer desk and hutch a couple of years ago for about $300, that easily would have been well over $800 or more if I had tried to buy it retail. It is my own design and fits my requirements. I have done some preliminary drawings on the display case. Time will tell when it gets started on and built. Later, Dave
  2. e8n2

    Neptunes, can someone enlighten me please.....

    I think you may be confused a bit here. I have Airfix Annual 5 with the then new F-86D on the cover. The table of contents does not show any conversion articles for the P2V. There is a conversion article for making a Lancaster Mk VI by Bryan Philpott though. Maybe it was in an Airfix Magazine with the F-86D on the cover and not the Annual? Later, Dave
  3. e8n2

    Galaxy C5-A

    Sounds like you also have an interest in sticks that go bang and shoot out pieces of metal ;). I own a number of weapons as well as a large stash of model kits. I have a Springfield 1863 rifle that is actually over 150 years old. When the bayonet (a.k.a. pig sticker) is attached it is about six feet, or just under two meters long. And the thing still works! Black powder and lead bullet slugs that you ram down the barrel but it sure is fun. I have an M1 carbine that was manufactured in December 1944 and in about two weeks I should also have an M1 Garand rifle, the standard infantry rifle for U.S. forces during WW II. Once I can get a look at it I should know how old it is. Darn California and the 10 day waiting period! Later, Dave P.S. All of my firearms are locked in safes.
  4. e8n2

    Galaxy C5-A

    I started out as a cop, Security, not Law Enforcement. Security made sure nobody walked off with the bombs or the planes. Then I went into radar ops including 3 years in northern Germany in a mobile radar unit. At one time or another we tracked SR-71s and MiG 25Rs. Later I went into aircraft maintenance and worked on SR-71s for a bit, in addition to KC-135s, U-2s, C-141s and C-5s. Liked working on the Deuces (U-2s), KCs and C-141s the best. I spent a total of 6 years overseas, 2 at the twin base complex of RAFs Bentwaters and Woodbridge, then later 3 years in Germany stationed on an Army post which no longer exists, and later a year in the Philippines. Stateside I was at Beale and Travis, both in California, Offutt in Nebraska, Luke in Arizona, and Tyndall in Florida. Later, Dave
  5. e8n2

    1/72 Trumpeter F-106B two seater!!

    And I thought that either Kinetic or Kitty Hawk were going to come out with a family of F-35s in 72nd. Ain't seen hide nor hair of those either. Also MIA is the Trumpeter 72nd MiG-19. It was announced a few years back. Later, Dave
  6. e8n2

    1/72 Trumpeter F-106B two seater!!

    The F-106Bs have arrived! Looks nice but I do have some nit picks with it. The kit comes with the air refueling receptacle. If you want to do an earlier aircraft without the receptacle, then quite a bit of filling and sanding will be required. There is no spine piece for a pre-receptacle aircraft. One of the decal choices is for an aircraft with buzz numbers and the IFR receptacle. It seems to me that the buzz numbers had been done away with by the time they started putting in the IFR; September 1967 is when the IFR mod started according to the Detail and Scale book on the F-106. The painting diagram for the 194th FIS aircraft of the California ANG shows the lower red stripe on the fin, but has the rest of the fin and rudder as gray and not white! There may have been a brief transition period when they stilled had the red fin stripe and not the white fin and rudder, but I sort of tend to doubt it. Every picture I have seen, and the few aircraft from the 194th I actually saw in person, had the white fin and rudder. Oh, by the way, when they put it into afterburner for take off, it sounded like an explosion. I remember it well! Later, Dave
  7. e8n2

    1/72 Trumpeter F-106B two seater!!

    I have two on order from Squadron. Should be here by Saturday night. Looking forward to it. Later, Dave
  8. e8n2

    Galaxy C5-A

    You are most welcome! You hang around the things long enough, you pick up stuff. Never really liked working on the things when I was still on active duty, but made a lot of money doing mods on them after I retired. I had two different stints with Lockheed Martin doing mods on them covering a bit over 6 1/2 years, and F.S. 506 (NOT an FS number for paint) was my home away from home for nearly all of it. Now if they would just come up with another mod I would be right there again! Later, Dave
  9. I just now tried it and nothing. Just a notice that the site was not found or was not responding. Later, Dave
  10. e8n2

    F-18 Super Hornet colour question.

    I would say that the bluish tone is probably more from the angle and the time of day, in addition there are all kinds of differentials at play dealing with the camera and types of filters being used. On the smaller pictures it definitely looks gray. There may very well be a new Mil-Std-2161 out there that has not been released on-line yet. Do a search on it every so often using your favorite search engine. Who knows what you might find! Later, Dave
  11. e8n2

    Galaxy C5-A

    The main external difference between the A, B, and C model C-5 is the radio antenna under the nose of the aircraft. The A model antenna looked like a shark fin. I have one in my family room that was removed from an aircraft that we were doing the Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) mod on. The B models had a rectangular antenna which was about the same height as the antenna on the A model, it just looked like a rectangle. This antenna was replaced during AMP with a newer version on all A, B, and C models with one that looks like a square with a rod pointing out on each end. It is about half the height of the old antennas. The two C models, being modified from As, had the shark fin antenna prior to the AMP mod. My avatar is from the Fuselage Station 506 disconnect from when we were doing the mod. Later, Dave
  12. e8n2

    F-18 Super Hornet colour question.

    According to the Navy's Mil-Std-2161C which is the latest version available on-line, it is supposed to be FS 36320 over FS 36375. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between the two colors. I recently built a YF-16A in the original gray finish using those two colors and it is hard to make out the difference between them at times. What is weird is that those same two colors were on the original F-15 gray scheme and it was easy to tell the difference between the colors. On the one shot of the F-16 you can see the darker gray on the wings and lerx. Just before the rear edge of the windshield where it meets the canopy, you can see the edge of the FS 36320 rise up and become basically an anti-glare panel. Later, Dave
  13. e8n2

    USAF grey in Vietnam

    I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge from March 75 to March 77, and got up close and personal with the F-4Ds of the 78 TFS. I know it is supposed to be light gray, and a very light gray at that, but looking at them it sure did seem like white. Must have been the fading factor for the underside finish. Even on cloudy, rainy days, it still looked white. Oh well, such is life. Good thing I have some bottles of 36622 around. Later, Dave
  14. e8n2

    USAF grey in Vietnam

    Actually the first AF F-4s were painted in the Navy scheme of Light Gull Gray over White, these now being referred to as FS 36440 over FS 17875. That scheme lasted until things started to heat up in Vietnam and the AF wanted their own scheme that was felt to me more appropriate to the region they were operating in. In the mid 80s the Guard F-4s used for Air Defense went over to FS 16473. Some aircraft used for test purposes may have been finished earlier in 16473. Later, Dave Do a photo search on Chilean Navy CASA C-212s. There is at least one done in the same scheme as the Iranian P-3Fs. Talk about a fascinating subject!
  15. e8n2

    USAF grey in Vietnam

    It was a commonly applied name because prior to a later change in either the 1973 or 1978 basic 1-1-4, aluminum lacquer paint was the standard paint for ALL USAF aircraft, ADC fighters being the lone exceptions. The 1978 basic refers to the "Former System" and "Standard System", the Standard System being when everything switched over to 16473. A copy of the 1964 basic for 1-1-4 is available from the IPMS/UK USAF SIG website, which is where I got my copy. Later, Dave