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  1. ... and the problem with having to use an intermediary is that they require a fiscal guarantee - I've heard values as much as 3 months traded goods worth being mentioned. Some countries in the EU may simply become unsellable to.
  2. I remember the Dinky Thunderbird 2 & 4 well..... happy days.
  3. IanHx

    Lockdown Genealogy

    Chances are if you look back far enough you'll eventually find either a) a big hairy Viking or b) the answer to "What have the Romans ever done for us ?"
  4. I'm sure I could find something if I checked under the pile of model boxes.....
  5. < fingers drumming on desktop....> Airfix website says "pre-order : coming 2020" Umm... 2020 has been and gone.... still no sign of it landing...
  6. oh I'm really not sure about that new "lick and Collect" process they mention..... will they shave first ? edit : oh right, its the KIT I have to lick.... thank goodness
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed both seasons
  8. I'd have gone with 1:72 Airfix whatever and 8 cases of beer
  9. IanHx

    Grumping into the 20s

    Tesco's plastic bag policy.... if you're no longer going to put the home delivery / click and collect stuff in plastic bags, then for gawds sake at least put them in paper bags.... not loose in the pallet !!! Takes vastly longer to unload onto customer's doorstep / car boot when it's all loose.
  10. while there may not be any extra tariffs applied per se, the small value gift exemption has been done away with, and new rules brought in re overseas sellers* being responsible for applying and collecting UK VAT on orders <= 135 GBP. * in the case of online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay the marketplace is deemed to be the seller for VAT purposes - if I have understood correctly Seems utterly the wrong way round to me, logically taxes should be based on sellers location not the customers location !
  11. IanHx

    Grumping into the 20s

    Or a bag of sanding sticks ?
  12. "Plan for the worst" means making the kit stash bigger, yes ?
  13. I guess self-publishing on Amazon might be a cheaper alternative , particularly if just starting out ?
  14. IanHx

    Happy 2021....

    Happy New Year, and GOOD RIDDANCE 2020 !!!
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