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  1. It's the landing light off a Farley Fruitbat
  2. A cardboard box would be positively roomy compared to some new-builds !
  3. Very true. But yet it is a murderous pandemic that we are all being instructed to pretend doesnt exist and shuffle back into crowded spaces via even more crowded public transport.... Anyway, nudging it back to modelling... any new "low cost virus spreader" 737 kits on the horizon ?
  4. That was war-time. This is peace-time.
  5. As a former modeller while at uni (many moons ago) I'd say that the biggest thing you need to consider is.... how are you going to take your built models home ? I got by with glue, hairy stick, paint tins, scissors, and a repurposed nail file.
  6. Todays grump I cannot mention without straying into the dreaded "P" , but suffice to say I do not believe The Greatest Generation made their sacrifices for some jumped-up chekists to demand "covid papers, please" before entering a British public place.
  7. Watched it today, darn good film of the Battle of Kamdesh.
  8. Yes, it's called putting 2 kids through university
  9. Feel I'm in the wrong line of work ? Only every single day ! But then again the line of "work" I think I would be most suited for given the chance, would be "idle multi-millionaire layabout"
  10. So, it could be, you know, like , you know, worse, you know, innit ?
  11. IanHx

    Bright white ?

    Thanks Ray, nice looking Brittania
  12. IanHx

    Bright white ?

    Anyone do a bright white paint for brush painting ? Both Humbrol 22 & 34 enamel are turning out ivory / almost magnolia, rather than being snow white.
  13. Do you think the Hannants backorders have finally turned up ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-58078100
  14. but...but...but..... you NEED a trolley to carry the twelve 9-packs of toilet paper you went into the supermarket for
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