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  1. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    All this talk of hairdressers, next you'll be talking about the kind of modelling that doesn't involve glue !
  2. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Can't be any worse than the permanent tinnitus the office fire alarm gave me 6 months ago.....
  3. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    And there was me thinking you'd add a great big model warehouse on the sticking-out bit
  4. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    With staycation season looming, I thought I'd better search the internet to find out a bit more about what Britain has to offer. Fortunately I found a map....
  5. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    No DFS sale ? Thats a first !
  6. 2 rear springs for the Mondeo. Handles a lot better now that one of them isn't in 4 pieces !
  7. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    I'm waiting for the first DFS sale advert on telly
  8. Wot ? Theres been music released this century ?
  9. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    One other positive : I know of at least one organisation that is looking seriously at letting certain roles be done remotely in future. Positive for commuters and the environment that is . Interesting times ahead for commercial property landlords methinks.
  10. IanHx

    Those Lockdown Blues

    It seems like there is a clear message for other countries trying to keep the virus out. " Don't let any of those filthy beggars from the UK in"
  11. I'm still stuck in the "put up more shelving" phase of the hobby, and just move the older stuff up out of my sight line. Going to need a better strategy before I start looking longingly at the bathroom and garage walls....
  12. Hit the nail on the head, I think. Each mould has a limited life-span, so squeezing another run out of the oldest one - aimed mainly at a less discerning audience who will be buying based on the box picture - means more options available in the future for the newer moulds.
  13. Fantastic result. That resin water really makes the piece.
  14. I think it's a very inflammatory issue whichever side you are own. And there are clearly sides with no centre ground. How did we reach raised vs recessed panel lines ?
  15. IanHx

    Grumping into the 20s

    Yes. Just make sure your rucksack doesn't have "swag" written on it or a pound sign motif
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