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  1. Display cabinet Lightning options ? I'd say English Electric F.6, F.2A, one or two by Lockheed.....
  2. If only it was that simple.... no idea how it happened. But I do know that #2 xacto blade helped relieve the pressure. And that whatever comes out ( of finger, not nose !) should not be the same colour as Spock's blood....!
  3. Today's grump - an infected fingertip which has kept me away from modelling for 2 weeks as I'm only just regaining feeling in it.
  4. now THERE'S an idea for how to repurpose the gas central heating network when the hair shirt brigade don't let us keep our homes warm by burning gas....
  5. IanHx

    Airfix magazine late?

    Distribution problem ? Must be practicing for if/when everything gets held up at the border !
  6. Whoops.. umm..err... what scale Los Angeles class kits are available ?
  7. Deleted as in contravention of rules....just like the subject of the post
  8. Was in Prague the other week, popped into MPM (conveniently near a #5 tram stop ) but to be honest it was smaller than anticipated and the counters kept me too far away from the shelves to see what they had Can't help much with models, but if you're looking for good Czech food at Czech prices rather than tourist prices, thoroughly recommend pub called U Rotundy near Charles Bridge.
  9. IanHx

    Getting older

    I find that although you can zoom in on the pdf to make it bigger, when you tick off the ones applied the biro marks stay on the screen ....
  10. Rock n roll & bagpipes.... what could possibly go wrong ?
  11. So instead of "fox 2" we can expect to hear RAF pilots saying " lightening the Lightning" ....
  12. Nice collection.... does this mean that the 75th largest airforce in the world belongs to an eccentric Frenchman ?
  13. Ah, you must mean Woodpecker......
  14. Me ? I'd have stopped after the first photo and declared the magnificent new lean-to shelter open
  15. IanHx

    I’ve a Weakness For.....

    Chocolate. Or Scampi Fries.
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