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  1. Popped round in the afternoon, it was too cold to linger long ! Did eye the ceiling of the cafe longingly, wondering if I'd just found a solution for all the big kits I've put off building so far due to lack of room.....
  2. From the Midland Air Museum , two completely unrelated items * a razor saw * a Beaver (of the vintage classic DHC sort)
  3. Seriously, a chrimbo music thread on a modelling forum and no Mariah Carey singing "All I want for Christmas... is glue " ? Ouch. That felt like a camel flea bite.....
  4. Thought I'd let someone else yell IT'S CHRIISTMAAAS !!
  5. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    I'll get my coat now.....
  6. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    Another classic... Van Halen's cover wasn't half bad either
  7. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    It's been at least 5 minutes since someone mentioned Queen. Must be time for another of theirs
  8. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    Too much 80s stuff ? Ok lets redress the balance : Unfortunately this does nothing to disprove the assertion that all modern stuff is forgettable !
  9. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    ... and because it's Britmodeller, everyone's favourite helicopter music
  10. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    Another one instantly recognisable from the first 10 seconds....
  11. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    Have Messrs Page & Plant put in an appearance yet ?
  12. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    So many good Rush intros to choose from... the hard part is choosing which songs DON'T grab your attention from the first note (particularly the 1980s albums )
  13. IanHx

    Iconic Intros.

    If you're going iconic Rush intros , then I'd be looking at 2112..... Temples of Syrinx Or Tom Sawyer on Moving Pictures.
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