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  1. Time for some more close encounters of the blurred kind Currently fitting airbrakes and assembling the landing bogies. One thing to watch out for - get rid of those ejector pin marks on the inside of the airbrake. Not just bacause they're unseemly, but because they stop the airbrakes sitting flush. The front landing gear strut will get a mention in Ian's Book Of Unnecessarily Complicated Modelling Parts ! For the moment leaving the round thingy ( radar radome ? ) on the underside off, in case I need to put a bit more weight in there to stop i
  2. What's this, another photo in IanHx's thread ? Can't be real, it's a Mirage i tell you Latest fun and games has centred around the nosecone, specifically the embedded landing lights. To try and get a sense of depth, I painted the holes black , put the clear transparencies in as indicated, and then painted the backs of the transparencies white. Or at least that was the plan.... shame it was executed by a ham-fisted ape ! Will try to clean up the seam in a bit.
  3. So far its gone together remarkably easily. Fit was generally good, the only particular care needed was when fitting the rear bulkhead to the cockpit tub, to do it while dry-fitting the cockpit tub to get the angles right. Now the nose on the other hand, needs a bit of planning ahead. Looking at the photos in the walk around section of BM (Thanks, great resource !) I can see that I might need to paint round the side landing light hole before fitting the light.
  4. Pictures ? <cough> <splutter> you want PICTURES ?! oh alright then.... Vaguely triangular thing. It's a Dassault to the eyes ! Given that it's going to be a closed cockpit job, with very little visible, I didn't waste much time on the interior. Underside of triangular thing after the joins have been sanded a little Close-up of the spine . And some filler in the wing root for good measure. A pack of clamps has found a defenceless trailing edge and bring the mirage to ground...
  5. Fuselage together, wings on. Now for the fiddly landing lights in the nose. And hours and hours of second guessing whether I should have left that front fuselage aerial on after all....
  6. Thanks Wez. Looking at the kit parts and decals, it seems to be a very basic affair. Doesn't matter to me, as long as it ends up looking like a Mirage 4 from a distance
  7. Typical, you wait ages for a Dassault Mirage 4 to feature in a group build, and then four turn up at once 2020 has been a rubbish year so far in terms of modelling output for me, so doing a nice easy mojo-restoring out-of-the-box build of the Heller 1:72 Dassault Mirage 4.
  8. Happy to report that episode 2 a bit better. Still a few slow bits, but they are thankfully in the minority.
  9. I've got an Airfix kit that contains the word 'Interceptor' in the title... can I ? Or is this GB restricted to real aircraft rather than Gerry Anderson creations ?
  10. IanHx

    Builders block

    2020 has bsen a giant builders block. Haven't been able to find the time or energy to get stuck into anything kit-wise since March !
  11. Marking the passing of another rock legend...RIP Eddie Van Halen
  12. Sad news indeed. RIP.
  13. Aww you've already seen The Expanse. Just finished binge-watching all 4 seasons and it was excellent.
  14. 50 minutes of mind-numbingly boring dross with 2 minutes of interest at the end. Far too slowly paced, but will probably watch the next episode to see if it picks up any.
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