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  1. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    Well here's an interesting one... just did one of those REACT2 covid antibody blood tests , would have thought that after 2 jabs it would have shown something, but nada...... edit : apparently the antibodies being looked for are different from the ones generated in response to vaccination. So no conclusions to be drawn yet.
  2. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    got my 2nd jab earlier this week, some 3 weeks earlier than I was expecting. No different to first time round - sore arm for 48 hrs then back to normal .Or so the 5G broadcast in my arm tells me
  3. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    Meanwhile my 40-something sister in the Highlands cant even get a first jab. GPs saying theres no stock and no idea when more available, or if it will be hospital doing it. But heard from someone working in NHS Scotland whats actually going on is the GP practices are squabbling with each other over who does the work and who gets paid for it....
  4. Thanks, it was a refreshing change to have something turn out like its picture on the box !
  5. IanHx


    Never used Ebay, probably never will. Buying outlets now down to the letters A & H, after a certain secondhand kit seller shot itself in the foot with an inadvertant 100% profit margin disclosure. And shows, if they come back - but I suspect they'll be rather sparse affairs compared to days of old.
  6. IanHx

    Mel Bromley RIP

    Very sad to hear of his passing. He always had interesting kits on sale at the shows.
  7. .... but would you really WANT them to ?
  8. an extra shelf of (future) doom ....
  9. Todays mild regret is that we in England dont get to sample the latest in Scottish cuisine..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-56955873
  10. Mistercraft 1:72 Fieseler Fi-156 "Rommel's Storch"
  11. I also wondered about radio aerial masts, but likewise havent happened across any pictures showing such a thing. edit : and then 10 minutes later found this : https://images.app.goo.gl/M4Go6idtpVrxzFGKA So they did exist on some airframes.
  12. Now its coming together, the deficiencies in the instructions are becoming apparent : 1) at no point does it tell you there is a machinegun to mount in the rear transparency 2) no markings on transparency for rear diagonal struts But here's what it looks like. No, I've no idea what the horns sticking out of the upper wings are supposed to be, but they're too carefully moulded to be ejector pin marks..
  13. ^^ This ^^ Saying the magic word "GDPR" gets IT departments falling over in a mad scramble to sort it out as there are serious consequences. I'd also give YOUR company's CFO both barrels for trying to save a quick buck by outsourcing to the lowest bidder... you just dont get the same level of service. End of.
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