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  1. IanHx

    RIP Niki Lauda

  2. Ok, guess I WAS a little brief Went to the Hinckley show today, and on one of the tables was what can only be described as all the cool prototypes from the Tony Butler "British Secret Projects" books in resin or 3D printed ABS. The Avro 730 in 1:72 was very enticing, but also very large ! Among the kits on offer (mainly 1:48) was a 1:72 Fairey Delta 3.... The proprietor was a chap by the name Rikki Wolfe, if you're interested in finding out more then the leaflets on the stand being given out had an email address of rikki75@btinternet.com 'kit' is probably stretching the definition a bit ( a few large 3D printed blocks, end result more like the things you find in a travel agents window ) , and we're talking Anigrand prices... on the other hand it's a hobbyist (rather than an established large commercial venture ) selling a few extra runs of very unusual prototypes, so don't mind having to do some modelling rather than assembling. And last time I checked not even Fantastic Plastic sell a Fairey Delta 3 ......
  3. A plastic bag with 3 lumps of ABS plastic , which with a bit of glueing and sanding should end up resembling a Fairey Delta 3......
  4. Community service picking up litter etc for the same number of hours that went into creating each and every item destroyed. Should keep them occupied until they're middle-aged......
  5. Unbelievable. Hope those responsible are brought to justice swiftly and dealt with harshly.
  6. IanHx

    AH-56A Cheyenne

    Progress picture Lots of humbrol 155. The little pin right of the 3 blade propeller I had to hand make by sanding down a piece of sprue.
  7. I guess a Triumph Spitfire has front wings. Just not the sort that fly !
  8. Uh oh. Sunderland ! (never been there in my life). I suppose it's halfway between Highlands and Hertfordshire.... Edit: use the other pronunciation of the bread-ey product and you become a West Londoner. In other words, "could be from anywhere"
  9. Not nearly as disappointed as I would have been if it was a Triumph Spitfire .....
  10. Didn't there used to be an emoticon for that ? Surprised the BFNs pro breastfeeding lobby allow adverts for baby vitamin supplements, given what they've done to formula milk adverts.....
  11. Nah, I'll pick a proper subject nearer the time. That was just my "can I complete a group build in 10 minutes?" contingency plan
  12. I suppose I've done the other decades, might as well do this one too. Does a melted wing count as a 'Nighthawk over Serbia' diorama ?
  13. Much as I sympathise with your friend's predicament, you'd have more luck standing on the shore and telling the waves to stop coming in ! Why on earth would customers want to go back to the days of traipsing round 5 shops and not finding what you're looking for, during limited opening hours, and being ignored by surly teenage shop assistants who if you're lucky enough to talk to will just try to sell you want they want to sell and not what you asked for ? Its not Amazon per se thats the problem, its that Online ordering / home delivery is just a much a better proposition for time poor consumers - which is pretty much everyone these days.
  14. Magazine subscriptions.... Existing subscriber renewal on website = £90 "Special offer renewal" letter coz you've let subscription lapse = £72 Brand new subscriber price on same website = £67 Needless to say I did not renew my existing subscription...... when did Britain change from rewarding loyal customers to ripping them off ???
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