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  1. Wonder if the 24th will be a new tool 1:72 Vulcan ?
  2. Trip to Midlands Air Museum ended up with some unplanned expenditure, namely :
  3. @Work In Progress @PhantomBigStu thanks for taking the time to explain.
  4. Ok, got it now, thanks. Was confusing it with "current estimate of brand value". In the normal run of things, would you then eventually expect to see goodwill reduced by any yearly profits, until eventually you reach the point where the business has provided the 'expected future earnings' that caused the current owner to pay more than the sum of the parts for the company in the first place ? ( after you've actually managed to make yearly profits and pay off some of the financing !)
  5. In other words, a number plucked out of thin air to justify the financing.... that's the bit I would have a moral issue with were I to run my own business that way.
  6. The things that stood out to me were the goodwill and intangible assets figures.... ok things like IP I can understand being worth something, but the whole notion of goodwill being a quantifiable asset remains a mystery to me.....
  7. Hehe.... no not blaming coupon use in general, just the ones that knowingly hand over expired ones in the hopes that they might "get away with something" But if I see you in the queue in front of me with a big wad of coupons I'm still switching lanes
  8. Let's not forget those who wait until there is a massive queue behind them and then try it on with 20 expired coupons....
  9. I choose to believe that half of the gunfire is aimed at their phone after autocorrect mangles yet another post.....
  10. Yes I'm grumpy. Blinking Beeb has done it again. No not with the story contents - but with the standard of English being employed. Either sub-100 IQ is required these days, or automangle has finally taken over. What I ask you is the correct way of referring to a woman from Australia ? ( other than 'Shiela ' !) Well done if you said an Australian woman. Not as the BBC headline proudly proclaims 'Australia woman'.....
  11. To misquote Jaws, "we're gonna need a bigger shed"
  12. They don't know it yet, but one of the kids has just got me this for Christmas
  13. I once tried a 1:48 kit 25 years ago. It still isn't finished !
  14. Easier to stand them on shelves if you glue the wheels on !
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