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  1. I worked for our government telco for many years and in the days before caller ID , call blocking etc, we would advise people who were getting nuisance calls, which in them days was mostly the heavy breathing kind, to keep a large whistle by the phone. Only have to use it once , guaranteed you will never have them call back.
  2. Great online store and I have found them totally reliable. The only problem I have with them is resisting adding more to my cart, as they have such an extensive range , oh and paying the card bill when it comes in !
  3. Heinrich ! Why does it say " No Returns to sender " on the bottom ?
  4. On the real vehicles the bow MG opening was still there but plugged with a armour plate welded across the opening, as the bow gunners position was used for ammo storage. I think on the sprue next to the decal sheet part #2 is the plug. Also there appears to be no machine gun or ball mount supplied. Maybe Airfix molded it this way so the hull could be used for other variants ? DD or Flail anyone.
  5. Donate the Vimy to HARS at Albion Park NSW, they'll put it back in the air along with their Southern Cross replica they are soon to have flying again. They have recently taken over the care and maintenance of the RAN Historic Flight aircraft and are putting some back in the air. Heaps of knowledge , skill and enthusiasm have built a world class collection .
  6. Hoppy

    Missus back at work.

    Maybe something like these, I used one after my last back op as I could only sit in an orthopaedic chair. There should be something similar available in the UK. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/smash-handy-table-set-of-2/p/5051007/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyPWS2qWu6wIV1XwrCh3a5QBSEAQYASABEgK0S_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Bob
  7. Not Sure if this will help with internal colours, I found it while looking for info on the CB 90. I have the kit and hope to build it as a RC model. Bob Check on Youtube there are several posts on the boat in action
  8. It's currently under restoration by HARS at Albion Park in NSW. They have progress photos on their Facebook page. It looked good at the recent Wings Over the Illawarra air show. Bob
  9. Don't forget Steve has access to two other rare airframes , the Vengence and a large chunk of a Lincoln !! Bob
  10. Hoppy

    B-24 oil

    Only time to worry about a radial leaking oil is when it stops, means you've run out. 🛢
  11. The motor out of a vibrating disposable razor works a treat. Just take off the counter weight. Runs on a AAA battery and quite small.
  12. Great show and well worth the trip down from Sydney, we stayed in the glamping ground which was very comfortable although a bit warm on the Friday. We enjoyed it more than the Avalon show, people very friendly and a great atmosphere.
  13. I agree the Richard Attenborough movie was very Hollywood and not the most factual movie. Theirs Was The Glory is an excellant movie and a fitting memorial for the men of Arnhem as it was made just after the war with veterns playing themselves in the original locations. Even has a real Panther tank running around. Well worth hunting out and available on DVD. The 17th is a memorable day for all generations of Airbourne troops and long may their memory last. Bob
  14. Hoppy

    Ryan Hamilton

    Ryans conversions are also sold by Hobbyland at Hornsby in Sydney. I was there yesturday and am pretty sure they had the KC-30 conversion along with a few more of Ryans. I have a couple of his conversions brought from them. You may have to call them or try emailing through their web site. They are an excellent shop to deal with and very helpfull. http://www.hobbylandaustralia.com.auOr telephone 0294762588 drop the 0 calling from outside Australia Hope this helps Bob
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