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  1. Can't build a Victor without showing it on Britmodeler, eh? It's a pretty good kit, but is a lot of work to get to the finish line. Aftermarket resin wheels and some Eduard PE in the cockpit. XL189, the ship that gave the Black Buck One Vulcan it's final load of fuel before the attack on Port Stanley, giving the Vulcan enough fuel but leaving itself 3 hours short of range to get back to Ascension Island. Luckily, it was met by another Victor before the crew got wet. Bob Tuxford was the pilot on XL189 on that mission.
  2. Very nice. One of my many plans is to do this in 1/48. Congrats on having the propellers turning the correct way for the prototype!
  3. Very nice, I built the same version earlier this year. Very neat work all around, especially the canopy.
  4. Well done. Roden decals have always been an exercise in frustration for me. Best replaced!
  5. UH-34's spraying agent orange, that's not something they talk about much. Very nice rendition!
  6. Better put some duals on that main gear! Nice looking Phantom.
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