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  1. Nice job. I did a lot of work on R/C drawings and a friend has an R/C underway. I'll bet a lot of us have this one in the stash, I do and also built one long ago.
  2. It's a beauty, C. I'm going to do the one I have like that now that you have done the research! I landed on Hearst's runway once, bringing some people there for a fund raiser of some kind. The instructions were to call ahead so they could clear the cows away before I landed. The hangar where Hearst parked his airplanes was still there.
  3. Well done, a great black finish. I like the look of the B-45 too.
  4. Very well done, Chris. One of my favorite airplanes from my flying days.
  5. Nice, Russ. I did the same markings some years ago, I think the name is most appropriate to the Skyraider.
  6. Nice work! I worked on these in the California Army National Guard from 66 to 72, although in 71 we started getting CH-47's. They didn't seem underpowered to me, but maybe it was just the ungodly noise two R-2800's made going full tilt in a hover. Here's a picture I took of one in the hover, I was standing behind a parade stand because there were lots of rocks flying. And yes, of course I've built one of the SH kits. I thought the engine nacelles were difficult, like putting an egg shell back together again.
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