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  2. Some screenshots from my latest slideshow. The full video can be seen here.
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  4. V. Interesting idea to section it, i guess in some ways the smaller parts are easier to cast reliably... though in this case I'll probably try doing it in one lump first to see if it works, and if it turns out wonky or distorted I'll do the splitting it into it's parts method, which does actually sound very sensible. This particular building has convenient levels you could cut along to divide it at least in half for sure. I'd probably quite like to build the building and work on it after I've taken impressions, but even if I have to chop it up it's easy enough to glue back together a
  5. No problem at all Mr P. As I said, it's a pleasure to help a fellow model-maker such as yourself, and any of those who may read and appreciate the advice as well. Once you get stuck into the process it is actually quite easy and you'll soon be able to work out little 'cheats' with more awkwardly shaped parts. Don't forget that you might decide never construct the kit itself, so you could chop the parts up to make moulding and casting easier. For instance, if a wall has a cornice running along the top, or a similar feature running across it at the first floor level (not sure what that
  6. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Cheers Paul glad you like it! The headset cord is just some very fine electrical wire I had hanging around. I tend to keep old electrical devices for any wires to use for detailing my models. Thanks Noel, yes I had to wait for a long time for a sunny enough day here in the North West but I can tell you the temperature wasn't like the Mediterranean!!I Cheers, Ian
  7. That’s looking very nice. Couple of strapping points so you can strap down the load on the back. Burgundy sounds a bit exotic! Maybe a factory blue or something. It’s got to blend in rather than stand out I guess, although it’s a very nice addition to the scene. Maybe even a pallet load on the back? Gearbox or similar?
  8. G-FIRE keeps looking at me from the unit - makes me smile! Not much progress on the F-104 but the cockpit has some base greys and I put in the instrument decals. Once they are dry I will paint some buts & give the scratch stuff a bit of a wash over Once the cockpit is sorted I can seal up the body. The tail is a separate unit but it’s tempting to join it to the fuselage halves & join the body as two halves. Not many more stages on the build instructions really! Got to love ESCI keeping it simple
  9. Hello gents, Made some strong headway on the truck - most of the scratch building is now done! The bed and some suspension changes about done - please take a look: First up was setting a bed height - not just a sheet of styrene sitting on the chassis. I found a piece of styrene that worked out to be about the right height, and built the subframe around this point - keeping the bed where I wanted it. I know the bed would slope forward a bit, and I think this looks about right. Above, the new and improved rear end, and same for th
  10. I think the vast majority of us enjoy the history behind the models and dioramas we create. It's the mutual interest that makes for good conversations and provides endless learning opportunities. I'm glad you took the trouble to look up what could be regarded as something of an obscure event from 700-odd years ago and it then led you to other topics of interest. I tend to do much the same. The opportunity to learn new topics is one of the main reasons I find BM such a rewarding experience..
  11. I love reading about and following history.....
  12. That's the beauty of the internet. There's so much information out there. It's breathtaking.
  13. That's awesome Mr B.. Exactly what I was trying to find out, and I wouldn't have arrived at your tried and tested method without a great deal of "error" in the "trial and error" that would've occurred ! The thing I'm copying is a fairly flat wall and detail is shallow, but its the whole frontage of a building with window apertures so quite a span. I will order some ordinary latex from evilbay for this and save my silicone for other stuff. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to run thru this process, (especially as you're clearly in need of a good night's kip by the sounds of i
  14. thank you @Badder! first I'll give a paint and finish the basic building then I'll think about details including the drainpipe . suggestions accepted using latex for making mould sounds amazing, I have never tried. but i'm sure it can be useful in many occasions
  15. Hehhe ... Actually I'm quite serious, your accent comes over really well for voice-over / narration..
  16. I watched your slideshow but thought i'd google it,there's lots of links to other things...It mentionrd the Roman Road to Ecija etc...
  17. Hi Rich, You really DON'T want to see what my workspace looks like normally lol. I have done my best to shield it from view, but after this visit to BM I will be constructing a proper 'filming booth' so it looks more professional lol TC Rearguards, Badder
  18. A bit more done on the Gigant. Before they're hidden, here are some Luftwaffe Erks. As in indicator of size, the middle section of the wing is balanced - the outer sections have yet to be added. Here we have the Famo chassis on the ramps. Luckily I save the tail prop from my previous build as one is not provided in this issue. Cockpit in and wing on. The doors will be fixed open, but a lot later in the process.
  19. No probs and thank you! But your tiles are very effective as well. Your building is looking excellent and your figure way better than I could do! May I ask whether you are going to add the guttering and drainpipe and how are you going to make those? I've made a few myself but am always interested in how others do it. A suggestion for you... make loads and loads of tiles, glue them to a sheet of paper, then give them dozens of coats of latex. You'll then have a mould which can churn out hundreds in one go. Because I get the feeling you may make some more buildings after this
  20. Hey Badder, great video. Nice to see things from other angles. We get a better sense of scale and of your work space. Thanks!
  21. Hi Major, I say that to myself all of the time! Were you quoting me? Lol. One upside, it's much more fun making ruined things. Thanks for your comments as always, and I congratulate you on your sticking with it. Rearguards, Badder
  22. Hi and thanks for that Clive, I hope you and yours are all well. I'll slip you a tenner for promoting my channel lol. Yes, it's quite heavy too! I haven't actually weighed it but I'm guessing 2-3kg lol BTW, I think Pig of the Week may be taking the mickey out of our Wiltshur axxunt. What do you reckon??? Rearguards, Badder
  23. here's the Sunday update windows frames still missing but most of the house is built. have a good sunday!
  24. Thanks Piggy, and Lol. Most appreciated. There is a 2nd, short 'teaser' vid available to see, touching on 'plaster dust washes' and a full detailed one will follow. I'm just about getting the hang of it all. Cheers about my accent. lol. Not often it gets complimented pmpl, Rearguards, Badder
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