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  2. Yes, it is quite a tube, isn't it? The calibre is even bigger than Leopold (which was 28 cm) yet, as it was a howitzer, it's reach was not as big. 20 km opposed to 70 km. But then again, it was mucht more compact and was not railway bound...
  3. Hi Tigercat, It's always good to have a handy background for photoshoots of your models. Whenever I've made dioramas I, like most people, make them as one-off set pieces, but my latest one will be like yours, a scene which will be a setting for photographing a variety of different models which I have made and will make in the future. With that in mind I'm trying to make my 'ruined farmhouse' to the highest standard that I can, because I don't want to look at it in a few years time and think ''that's rubbish' and have to make another one! That kind of defeats the object! I think your houses look good, but you might want to put some 'backs' on them just to stop the light coming through the windows. The only other tip I can give you is if the 'ground' is vacuformed (I think that yours is) it will be a bit bendy and springy. You can stiffen it by cutting a piece of hardboard to shape and gluing it on the underside of the 'ground', Or you could stuff scrunched up newspaper underneath and soak that with PVA. Hope that helps. Rearguards, Badder
  4. Yesterday
  5. Amazing Work . The gun looks like it's escaped from Navarone.
  6. Work in progress . Have decided to paint up some Vacforms I had in the stash as photographic backgrounds for models I'm making This base is from Amera and the one that comes with Airfix Battlefront set
  7. I added more chopped up plaster casts of Tamiya's brick wall set to the top of the supporting wall using medium CA, and filed and cut them so as to match the height and pitch of the wall opposite. In places I deliberately left gaps, holes and rough edges. During all stages of adding the red bricks, I coloured them with red earth acrylic ink, red pastel , red water colour pencils. plaster dust washes, white washes and dirty washes. A fair bit of 'rubbing back' was done as well to impart more variety in the colour of the bricks and or rendering. I have yet to detail the edges of the slopes and detail the damaged areas. That will be my next job. First, a 'mood' shot, with just one side of the wall heightened. The profile of the heightened wall was matched with its opposite using no more than a steel rule and the naked eye. TFL Badder
  8. I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me. Will put together something.
  9. Truly astounding stuff! Well done ps have revised thought on a paper on the chair how about a couple of manuals- I think it’s almost certain they’d be lying about as they’d need to refer to them during that depth of maintenance rather than doing it from memory- just a thought!
  10. I buckled up the corrugated sidings and dirtied it up a bit. Re-positioned the welder at the ripper instead, as I was told it would be better and more believable if he is doing welding work there instead. I managed to get the kinks out, about 99%. So I'm satisfied with it. Now, I have a couple more details to add, at least for now.
  11. Last week
  12. Question/advice... Currently building a 1/48 scale pair of mk1 hurricane and spitfie for Battle of Britain pairing. I'm going to try and make my first "diorama" - kind of. I'm planning to use a 100mm by 300mm wood base with 2 aircraft in flight on brass rods above. On base will be either a 1/144 (although after building it, wow that's small) or 1/72 BF109 crashed for forced perspective. Idea is it will appear like the models are "passing" or banking away from a crash landed victory below. I've bought some grass scatter material and have pva for top of wood base, but I want to make a basic 'build up' I can paint brown around and behind the 109 to make it appear it has belly landed and come to rest after a scrape through field/mud. How might I go about that? A basic home grout? Clay (work in primary school so plenty of that about)? What would be easiest/most practical way to to add this effect? Separate question - thought about a line of bushes like the traditional English hedge-line going across kinda randomly nearby, though not as set upon this, just wondered whether the base might look a bit bland all in grass. Again..what might be the easiest way to make a simple hedgerow? Forgive the simplicity of these questions ... I have never done anything even diorama-ish before. Very much an experiment.
  13. Thanks desert falcon, im really pleased with the way it's turned out.
  14. Hi Badder, yesterday the same thing happened to me with Bullbasket, although fortunately for me I know a little more English than Colleague, hello, bye ... lol, as I said, I always like to take a pass to see what I read or write, to avoid any " unintentional nonsense ", and now I see that I have had more than one error. I have noticed that every time I pass the "cleaner" to the computer, in addition to what does not work, settings such as Google / Chrome are also lost, and one of these is that it automatically translates the websites for you. . My apologies, I am going to check if there is something lost there ... because I do not want anyone to bother ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  15. Pardon? What did I say? I can't speak Spanish. I can make out 'hello colleague/mate and something to do with photos. and the 'regards' and Badder bit.
  16. Glad you like the update Harry. Great idea about the sides of the corrugated sidings being damaged. Will work on it. Thanks Pete. Great ideas.
  17. Fabulous. It just gets better and better. The cables, steel cables do kink. They may have not gone back onto the roller properly, or they are just old. But I like the CA idea, so worth a try. I'm surprised that no one hit the sides of the doorway and damaged it. Perhaps that area needs a little more dirt and grime? The welder. That part has been removed. Surely there is a stubborn nut on the main body of the vehicle?
  18. The cables are the ordinary threaded type, which looks quite convincing when painted and weathered correctly. I was forced to remove the circular cylinder from the crane hook, and re-aligned the threads ( at least I had a go of trying to straighten them out) . It's a little better, not perfect, but I will add some weights, to see if I can get it to straighten out a little bit more. Perhaps add some CA, to the parts that are kinking, as you described.
  19. Hi Badder, Now if it looks good, without a doubt the photo I took as a reference, was not so clear or precise, because seeing this, it is evident, lol, and it is not bad ... There is little left for the WIP, I am waiting for an add-on for the kit to arrive, and finish "polishing" it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  20. Hi mate, It doesn't show up so well in the photo but those doors really are 'chipped'. Here's what they look like right now. I was quite happy with how they look, but I have decided to 'rot' them some more, and maybe take a plank or two off while I'm at it. You should know by now that no things I post pictures of will remain the same! I will have a look for your WIP. TC Rearguards, Badder
  21. Thanks Gerry, Just the effect I was hoping to portray, used some different materials during the build and built my first ever trees.
  22. Brilliantly done. One can almost feel the tension that must have been present on both sides in such a situation. Gerry
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