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  2. I have been back on this project building the other half over on my HAS WIP thread. It’s coming along now With the long term plan to be something like this
  3. Started on the paint last night - got first coat on both but this was at half way. At least a couple more coats before these are done. They dried under a load of tins of beans and the like to keep them lol at and stop curling. Make sure the paint is reasonably dry on the surface first though!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Seem to keep hitting the buffers when it comes to cutting plastic. Something to do with full time work, teenage daughter and trying to resurrect a social life after the last two years. But maybe get some time this week. Until then but more done on the Habu Hut. One side prepared for painting Both halves have the inside done. One has lights one doesn’t - not sure if I will change that The second half needs a door eventually as the shed opens at both ends. The second half has a temporary back wall that allows the shed to be posed as half length. Door something like this from my first mock up When done I can have it as one long double open ended shed or two half length closed end sheds. Well that is the plan anyway. As to the Habu itself, I have the lights for the nose wheel and anti collision beacons. Plus the resin seats. So just need to time for a mammoth rescribe job
  6. Last week
  7. Massive thumbs up there. I do like dioramas that tell a story and that one does in spades. I'm always amazed at the skill sets of diorama modellers. There is so much to master - figure painting - construction and scratch building - lifelike foliage etc to name just a few - and you have exhibited great skills there with this one. Thoroughly enjoyable to look at it.
  8. That's a very well reproduced scene. I like the implied conversation too. Very amusing.
  9. That's very impressive indeed. Jungle is so hard to model.
  10. Congratulations on a very realistic looking piece of work. Well done .
  11. That looks super. I'm looking forward to the finished item. Steve.
  12. I experimented a little with stonework on both the pink type and the old fibrous blue type (like the black that you have). My first lame effort with a pin vice suggested that the pink version might be slightly better. Certainly safer. I've since bought a set of cheap carving tools which should make it easier to work. However, my first real building project is from the West Bank, so I've made the structure (inc. windows and door frames) with foam and carved the sculpture block material into concrete bricks.
  13. Thanks for the link, i've bookmarked it for the next spending spree! So have you tried carving this stuff, do you think it's dense enough to be able to carve out bricks and stonework?
  14. I've seen lego used for reinforcing and things like blast pens Then faced with plasticard
  15. This is a great diorama. Like all the little details. The interior of the house is great, very realistic.
  16. In the home stretch. Removing the masking tape 'dam wall' that holds the Vallejo Still Water in place will be scary. I'm already up to about 5-6 x 1-2mm deep layers and still have another 2mm to go.
  17. Like the canopy, the stripes add some good colour. I like the crane too, the blue is a good contrast with the green. Is it on a swiveling base?
  18. A very nice result with 'tarp' Nick...works better than I anticipated...and agree about needing tension...although personally...I would avoid tying it off to the pipes for obvious reason of passing traffic etc. Agree with Rich...crane is a superb addition to the recovery vehicle...works perfectly to outline it's purpose now. Where the foreground grass is concerned...I would avoid too much in the way of tall...usual reason...distracts the eye when viewing from a low angle...would tend to go more with 'scrub'...maybe a few bushes. Would like to see a few pics without any background...gives a better idea of the reality of progress IMHO. Solid progress...and looking forward to a few figures appearing soon.
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