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  2. Another delicacy that only reached the dining tables of a privileged few. Although the annual cook up of Lifex Compo Sausages in the cookhouse was another of Lifes great pleasures.
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  4. Hey Badder, thank you very much for taking your time to comment and for the helpful suggestion. I would have liked to di this in a "colder" muddier scene when I started. But I found I couln´t make that a convincing ground work. So I came up with the idea to make a hard packed country road with sime damp areas. Indeed I also pressed some spare tracks down to give it some ground texture, but as you correctly pointed out, it wasn´t enough to squeeze out the dirt. So in the ende I just put in and around some textured pigments and fixed with some alkyd binder. But considering this to be hard packed, I convinced myself that the tracks ride on top of the dirt. There are examples of that. But sitting a bit deeper in the dirt wouldn´t be bad at all. Will try to improve there next time.
  5. They are different trade names for extruded polystyrene XPS. Styrofoam is blue and by Dow, BASF make Styrodur (pale green). There will be subtle differences between them and various ranges of similar products but not significant as a diorama base. XPS should be available from your local home improvement or builders supply stores.
  6. Hi all, I’m a little confused. Styrodur and Styrofoam are the same material? I’m interested on blue 0,5 cm or 1,0 cm. Can you tell me please the differences and where can I found it? Many thanks Ciao Filippo
  7. Hi Soeren, That's a lovely little scene you've made there, making good use of those odds and ends from your 'One day these may be useful for a diorama' stash. I too have the Tamiya ammo loading crew kit, but as yet I haven't made a 'summer' tank for them to load up, so they remain in their box. I have to say that when I opened my box I was rather disappointed because the the guy passing up the round has the largest hands and fingers of any 1/35th figure I've ever seen; so large that it put me off the idea of ever using him. But I must say that your figures look fantastic; well painted, well positioned and the huge hands don't jump out at me and scream 'huge hands!' Your Jagdpanther is well made and beautifully painted with an interesting camo scheme, and is a lovely addition to your set. And amongst your 'odds and ends' I do like how youve painted the donkey/mule. It's very hard to get some animal skins/furs looking realistic, but you've captured that shiny, slightly greasy coat perfectly. My only criticism would be that the Jagdpanther needs to be sunk into the mud, or have the mud oozed up beside and over the tracks. If you were too worried about pressing your model into wet plaster/clay to bed it in more realistically, you could do what I do and place clingfilm over the wet plaster/clay and then press your model down into it. You can then wait for the plaster/clay to start setting and then remove your model cleanly, without any plaster sticking to or dirtying the tracks. Once dry and painted, you can place your model in the ruts without 'sticking' it in place. Rearguards, Badder
  8. I was somewhat disappointed by the Egg Banjo in this thread...... I was hoping for something a bit more like this Preferably at stupid o'clock in the morning, liberally covered in Gun Oil, Hydraulic fluid, Blood snot and various other unhealthy products. Yoke still runny, ideally dripping down the front of your Noddy Suit. From a time when Men were Men, sheep were scared and we all went to war with a Hereforder Handbag in our hands. Meanwhile, back on thread... Chill out guys, we're only playing with models here.....
  9. Let me clear this up... Truly if it was a case of "how hard can it be" then I don't presume I would have had a need to ask for advice or assistance initially and create this thread. The poor insult of "truly spoken as a home handy man who has watched a youtube video" was pretty uncalled for given that you know nothing about me and degrading to those who produce their youtube video guides to assist others, of which you will find many with suitable step by step guides producing very impressive works of art, and they are works of art. You may find that you're inadvertently causing offence to many others yourself. Just be friendly and a little less on the negative.
  10. I'm not sure who you think is likely to be alienated by Jock's comment, certainly not me. In fact I think it's the correct way to look at it – most of it isn't as difficult as it looks.
  11. Well this is the problem with reading text, you read it in the manner that you choose, and not the manner in which it was written.
  12. truly spoken as any home handyman who has watched a youtube video! point being, a lot of people can build crap and boast with confidence. what are your performance standards? what is your audience? what is your goal? once you minimize someone's contribution, you may be alienating someone who could have helped you.
  13. I managed to break free from work and go to Chattanooga on Friday for the show. I was only able to spend a couple of hours (and a couple hundred bucks) there, but it was definitely worth the drive.
  14. Was fun seeing this in person along with the rest of the efforts at the US Nats last week.
  15. Love the detail, so much to look at. I hope they know he’s there!
  16. Hardly a history lesson Adrian........I'd have to write a book to do that. I do like to provide what amounts to condensed bullet points just to fill in any gaps for those who might be unfamiliar with the events I'm trying to depict. Glad you seem to enjoy these post though. Cheers H
  17. I love the history lesson that goes with your dioramas!
  18. Fitlike-ee! Glad you enjoyed it. Can't say I miss Scotland all that much. apart from Lorne Sausage, Rowie's. Well-Fired Rolls, Tattie Scones and decent Back Bacon.
  19. Brilliant! Good to see a bit of my home city's history done as well. Mike.
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