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  2. bar side

    Building a HAS

    New bits for the Jag arrived today The new new seat looks nice, although shows that the kit seat isn’t a bad effort, especially if you put a pilot in
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  4. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Yes looks a pretty good one. The spine vent never looks good so will be worth trying it. Can’t find a good picture of the duct shape, depth etc though Ah, Jag main gear. No secret, no idea either! The last jag gear seemed to fit well when dry fitting & was hopeless when it was all assembled. So tempted to fit it very early on & paint it in situ. That should make it solid & level. I think last time I propped it on the wings while the gear dried and there is a very good chance the wings weren’t entirely warp free & level. i fancy a bit of pipe work running down in to that extended wheel well. Tricky to get a good clear shot as those front bay doors were rarely open. But found this Those two two bigger pipes would almost be visible and I always had the colour in there as more green, so it will now be more yellow need some more plumbing in the front we’ll too
  5. Yetifan

    1/6th Scale Garage

    i was completely fooled, amazing work
  6. RMP2

    Building a HAS

    Looks like you got a pretty straight one, well done! Will you be opening up the intake on the spine? Also - is there a secret to getting the main gear sitting correctly with Jags? I have had little luck with the KH or Airfix in this regard, puts me off building the rest of them in the stash.
  7. Utterly, utterly, utterly stunning diorama! Beautifully made and detailed! Kind regards, Stix
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  9. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Got the fuselage apart & checked out the condition of the cockpit. Not great, but savable. Going to wait for the new seat before doing much more. Not going etch, but it can be improved. As you can see from the first shot as well I have opened up the front of the main wheel wells. I regretted not doing it with the last Jag, so doing it this time. I as going to build the wheel wells wells out of plasticard, but realised that they won’t ever be seen, so started with some card. Some wire to go in & some paint and it will look better than a blank plastic block that shouldn’t be there Top can go on the wheel wells once the rest is built up. I wondered what she would look like with wings - almost ready for paint! (No they are not glued on!)
  10. Now that's a rivet counter BSW,BSF,BA,AF and M*tr*c They're adjustable and by either Draper , King Dick, Snap-On/ Blue Point , Mac, Proto ,Stanley , Sykes Pickavant or Stahl Willi , Not sure about the TPI on the Hacksaw though !
  11. Gorby , Brengun do PE tools in 1/72nd and the other popular scales . The Spanners come in old style single end open type and the usual double open ended type or Special ( tools) spanners for a particular aircraft , ideal for your dio. One tool kit ,tool tote tray for 5.26 Euros inc VAT …. Have a look at about 10 pages of 1/72nd PE accessories while you're there , some good things ! 1/72nd tool kit http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21/tools-627 10 pages of 1/72nd PE accessories steps etc. http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21
  12. bar side

    Building a HAS

    So this is the usual suspect Jag kit Got it cheap (sub tenner inc postage) as the previous owner had started it. First job will be splitting it apart again Think the cockpit will be fairly standard kit, but with a few extra bits and the resin seat. Always fancied opening up the undercarriage doors, but they are always closed unless taking off or in for servicing. However going to drill out the front of the main gear bay and box in the forward part of the bay. Sure there are more basic improvements to be made. Think I will have another look at Massimo’s build of the Revell version for ideas
  13. DennisTheBear


    When I lived in Beijing I would go to the China Aviation Museum (built on an old airbase, partly inside a hill) and one of the best parts for me was waaaayyy down the back where a lot of aircraft are parked quietly rusting away. I think (part of) that would make a great dio. For one thing you could use cheap, badly manufactured models. Mind you they have vehicles, radars and missiles used by the PLAAF as well, so lots of scope for all sorts of modellers. DennisTheBear
  14. bar side

    Building a HAS

    First go at FOD covers & tags on the GR5 Jag seems to be a popular choice yes, lots of filler in stock!
  15. RMP2

    Building a HAS

    Jaaaaaaaaaag! Got a good stock of filler to hand...?
  16. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    Thanks. Thanks This is what I did with it on it first proper use and i'm quite happy with the outcome.
  17. Flyingdutchman

    Somewhere in Italy - 1943 1/35 scale

    Hi Matt, This looks convincing to me. Especially the wall with 'damage' to the bricks. Will follow with interest. Evert
  18. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Ordered the 54 Sqn decals and a Martin Baker mk9, so Jag seems to be go
  19. This is a project that was started early last year or perhaps late in 2017, I don't remember exactly, but has languished since last March due to a somewhat turbulent 2018. With life settling down, hopefully, I am able to get back to some modelling. This is a relatively small diorama set, as the title says, in Italy in 1943. The vehicle will be a Sdkfz 10/5 with some figures around, a street with a low wall and a partial building. I had started and gotten reasonably far, on a base but realized it was just going to be too small, so, over the last few days I have been getting a new base underway. The base will be made primarily of insulation foam with a couple of different kinds in use. The main bulk of the structure will the pink foam that can be found here in the US with the detail pieces done with styrodur that can't be found here. (At least as far as I know.) Reading other threads online I have seen comments that the two are the same thing and while they are similar, they are not the same, the styrodur takes and holds detail much better. I would use it entirely, but, to get it here means having it shipped from Europe which gets expensive real fast. Anyway, enough rambling. The first thing I did was cut out a piece for the base (Big enough this time hopefully.) then I added the raised groundwork portion that will be behind the wall that the building will sit on. (It'll make sense in the pictures.) Once that was complete I traced and cut out a thin piece of styrodur for the road bed. This was detailed by first making shallow cuts where the cobbles will go. Those cuts were then widened by going over them with an awl. Here is the roadbed prior to the initial cuts being widened: Here is the same piece with the above cuts widened: This will get a layer of very watery plaster that will fill in the gaps and tie it all together. I have also finished the wall, here it is with just the initial cuts: And here it is after the cuts have been widened and details have been added. This actually shows very well what you can do with syrodur but not with the pink foam here, the texture of the block has been added by pressing sandpaper into the foam, the styrodur will hold the detail, while pink foam does not. Here it is together with the base structure with one of the figures to give a sense of size: Thanks for looking in and comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Matt
  20. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Tried to get some daylight on the GR5 today, not that there was much of it about. Mid afternoon & the outside light came on when I walked in front of the sensor!
  21. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Well the Jag kit is for a GR3 but by all accounts there isn’t any real difference between that & the GR1 kit, so wrap around camo GR1 has to be the way to go. The kit was cheap as it was already started, so first thing to do is pull the built bits apart. Think it’s going to be the Jag next!
  22. bar side

    Building a HAS

    The Harrier is going to need a further trip to the HAS once she has FOD covers & rbf tags in place. But for nw what to start next? I had planned to start an F-16 in short lived Bentwaters markings. I have the kit and decals ready to go, then I got the Viggen kit. That will need a new seat, few modifications (tail height, body length etc) and possibly new decals. And then on eBay the other day I got hold of another Jaguar. There is a gap in my fleet for a wrap around camo Jag but that may need a new seat and new decals. Plus the F-27 scratch build keeps looking at me from the bench. It’s not dead, just resting... So what next?
  23. SA80A2AR

    1/72 RAF SAR Leconfield

    looking good +1
  24. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Quick visit to the HAS today will I had a few minutes. I realised after taking the pics that one of the hoists on the tank rack was falling off so the pics of that side are no use. These were savable you can see it hanging off here!
  25. Soeren

    Calling in Panther support

    Yes, you are right with that. I will see what I can work out there.
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