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  2. Agree. And in the photo someone has already conveniently placed a measuring stick!
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  4. You might as well scratch build using sheet plastic - its only a box with a curved roof after all! Most of the surface detail could be added with extra strips and its doesn't have to be exact. The most complicated bit would be the roof!
  5. Heresy? If you are a scratch building purist, yes, but if you are OK with buying a kit then 3D printing must be fine as well. Especielly if you do your own 3D design. Anyway, I did a quick test to see if there was anything to gain from 3D printing vs buying a kit or a ready made loo. If you use a 3D printing service such as Shapeways the level of detail does not really impact the price. It is the general shape and size of the printed object and how much print material it consumes that are the ruling factors. So I designed a very simple loo consisting of an open box and a separate flat door. The loo itself is 200 x 70 x 70 (real) centimeters, but in 1:35 scale. Both parts being 1.5 mm thick. Shapeways wants about 17 USD to print these parts using something they call Versatile plastic, which I think is some kind of nylon. To print using Fine Detail Plastic (what thay earlier called FUD) would cost about 27 USD. Still cheaper than the loos mentioned in earlier posts, but far from free. If you already have your own printer then the price would of course be different, only paying for the actual material.
  6. 593jones

    My commemoration to WW1

    Splendid work all round, wish my figures looked that good!
  7. Thanks @Piltdown Man. The 'over sieving' was definitely good advice. I'm currently doing a 1/48 dio and have used the the experiments I did into good use and am quite please with the result - so far. Might be another month or so before it's ready for the RFI section. I'm surprised how 'rock hard' it is when it's completely dried, I was originally concerned that it may be easily damage and if it would stick to the base, but I shouldn't have worried.
  8. Piltdown Man

    Any advice on using real soil in dioramas please.

    The good thing about soil is it’s very, very cheap. The bad thing is it might not look like soil when you use it. Advice above about not “over sieving” is good, but that all depends on what sort of surface you are looking for and what scale you are working in. Also remember you can add pigments to change its colour. Regarding application I use it in one of two ways: wet or dry. The dry method involves preparing the surface and then undercoating. The soil will give the final colour and texture. Once the surface has been prepared, apply a thin layer of PVA or scenery scatter glue and place the soil where required. You can also apply the soil dry and glue it down by spraying with a very well diluted water/PVA mix (with a drip of detergent to break its surface tension). Once dry, vacuum it up and re-use. Recoat as required. The wet method is also very simple, just mix the soil with PVA and cheap acrylic paint and paint it on. Again, once dry remove any loose pieces but these are likely to be very clumpy and not reusable. Again, recoat as required, wet or dry. The finished surface can then be grassed, dry brushed, weathered or washed etc.
  9. I might be committing heresy here, but how about a 3D printed portaloo? LEGS IT TO THE NEAREST EXIT... Badder
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  11. Nah, operators don't get muddy feet, they're above all that common muck.
  12. And the other four will be on their mobile phones.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this,the diggers great. You will also need at least 4 figures leaning on shovels whilst smoking if you are going for the realistic look.
  14. I should have added the qualification "for a reasonable price" There is also a Verlinden resin portaloo for silly money...
  15. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1122869-maim-maim35451-mobile-toilet
  16. I was thinking some bushes and a guy facing them, with his back towards the actual scene.
  17. This was what I always intended for my excavator have it parked by a portaloo with some muddy footprints leading up to it However, try finding a model of a portaloo in 1:35 scale A scratch build would be doable I suppose...
  18. By the way, to account for your "missing driver", you might as well throw in some mobile roadside sanitary facilities!
  19. I think you missed a bit: "....so the top rotates?" "Mais bien sûr" "It'll never catch on." Very nicely done Stix and a cleverly schemed theme too. Reckon the FT's tail may be just a bit too pristine.....Matter of preference I guess.
  20. Such a cool model.....I wish stuff like this were available in 1/72. Tamiya? Aoshima? Somebody.....Please!
  21. Looking forward to your progress, but especially the finished article
  22. I have started on a diorama to show off the Hitachi Zaxis 135US Excavator i built earlier. If you care to have a look at the excavator itself it is here: Since an excavator is intended to dig, as far as I know , I wanted the scene to show just that - an excavator digging a hole. I have settled on road work scene where one of the lanes of a street has been blocked off with barriers, and the behind the barriers the digger is at work. My scene plan/sketch looks like this: Apart from the stuff shown above I intend to add other details as well, like various signs, traffic cones and likewise. So far I have also cut the diorama base from piece of extruded foam. The foam is 5 cm (2") thick which hopefully is enough for the depth of a decent looking hole.
  23. Very impressive vignette and a fitting tribute. Kind regards, Stix
  24. Was really surprised by the number of Vicars who died in Normandy. Great diorama though chap.
  25. Very different and beautifully done
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