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  1. Thanks for the hint, as I saw the model it would do nothing to throw in resins and sheet metal without rebuilding the whole model. I want to finish it quickly because I want to take MC. 202 in 1:48 to the workshop. A little progress, the instrument panel is done.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm throwing an instant Italian project into the workshop, and how could I not throw in another Italian. The hero of this workshop will be Reggiane Re. 2002 "Ariete" in 1:48 from Italeri, there will be no additions to it. Instant project so a word of explanation, the model will be at my friend's place on the shelf. Not everyone has the ability or time. Below is a small in-box of the kit:
  3. Hello! Could you write more about this set, I ask because I have it lined up to build. Kriss
  4. Hello! BuNo02100 thanks, I have not read so I have a reading to pass. Returning to the model is a stroller I put together and nice fingerprints on the tire and on the frame came out to me. It goes to the fix. I managed to complete everything for MC. 202 so Soon I'll throw it into the workshop.
  5. Work continues, I have to finish it because I need a place on MC. 202. I painted the head in gray color, then I imposed decals, of course, the flash and liquids were too.
  6. I haven't been here a long time, it's time to make up for the shortcomings. Thanks for your help. Somehow I have no enthusiasm to valorize it very much. I corrected what I could and painted the green color, what green it's hard to write I painted a few of those that I had at hand. I know the pictures weak but I work tan this. I make a new model shop at home as soon as time allows me to do so. I was looking for a concept for how to expose the projectile, thanks to uncle google found a picture on the tarmac of the airport with tires with a white accent. And that's how I want to do it. And now th
  7. I would love to, but I don't have a Tu-22 among my models and buying it is out of the question for now. So there will be no domino effect. I need to put in order what I already have and I have accumulated a lot of it, if I don't do it myself, my wife will do it and I'd rather avoid that.
  8. Welcome! I'm starting my workshop with another model KSR-5 "Raduga" (AS-6 "Kingfish") in 1:72 scale from AMODEL, it won't be crazy. Model started years ago, a little kicked, but it happens when you learn. But that was only thanks to my wife, who told me to get my models in order and tidy up the studio. Without any disguise I took the first model whose box was already a little bit shabby. After opening the box I found such a state.
  9. Hello everyone! I just finished another model and also the first one this year. The hero is the Reggiane Re 2001"Falco II" in 1/48 from the company "Sword". The model represents a machine from 152a Sqn. Tenente Remo Cazzolii, may 1942. Construction went without any problems, in few places I had to give putty in minimal amount, I made pilot stripes myself. For painting I used Bilmodel Makers paints dedicated to Italian aviation. And now I invite you to the gallery, you can judge.
  10. Welcome! Franky boy, thanks for liking my stuff. I have another Re. 2001 but a night version and I'll post it here soon, so feel free.
  11. Model completed, rest of the photos already in RFI.
  12. In the process of assembling the model all that remains to be done are the small details such as the lights.
  13. I was able to apply the decals successfully, they react very well to liquids and they lay down awesome. Slowly to the end the work goes.
  14. It worked out very well for you, I am familiar with the kit and know the composition.
  15. I masked the model to make a white belt on the hull. The indispensable Tamiya tape was used. After removing the mask, this is how the white stripe came out for me, painted directly over the camouflage and without applying primer. The white paint covered very nicely with a very thin coat, no tooth from the tape.
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