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  1. Hello everyone! I just finished another model and also the first one this year. The hero is the Reggiane Re 2001"Falco II" in 1/48 from the company "Sword". The model represents a machine from 152a Sqn. Tenente Remo Cazzolii, may 1942. Construction went without any problems, in few places I had to give putty in minimal amount, I made pilot stripes myself. For painting I used Bilmodel Makers paints dedicated to Italian aviation. And now I invite you to the gallery, you can judge.
  2. Welcome! Franky boy, thanks for liking my stuff. I have another Re. 2001 but a night version and I'll post it here soon, so feel free.
  3. Model completed, rest of the photos already in RFI.
  4. In the process of assembling the model all that remains to be done are the small details such as the lights.
  5. I was able to apply the decals successfully, they react very well to liquids and they lay down awesome. Slowly to the end the work goes.
  6. It worked out very well for you, I am familiar with the kit and know the composition.
  7. I masked the model to make a white belt on the hull. The indispensable Tamiya tape was used. After removing the mask, this is how the white stripe came out for me, painted directly over the camouflage and without applying primer. The white paint covered very nicely with a very thin coat, no tooth from the tape.
  8. I had a bit of fun painting it,but I'm happy with the result. I wanted to get a subtle shading. I know the pictures are weak but I don't have a place to take them yet, I'm currently changing the place of my studio but the renovation is going very slowly.
  9. I prepared the top for under camouflage, and in the afternoon the rest of the painting was done. It looks like a uniform camouflage color, but you have to be careful not to make it look like a toy or to overdo the shading to make it look like a tank coming back from the firing range. Yesterday I was in the store to pick up my order, model add-ons alone and I was supposed to not buy any models, I didn't make it. I bought another Re. 2001 from Sword in 48 but in CN version, and from Special Hobbby Re. 2005 "Sagittario" in 48 and from ICM but in 32 Fiat CR. 42 "Falko".
  10. Work continues, sometimes slowly. The bottom rubbed, prepared for the base color. The bottom painted and masked, ready for further work.
  11. The work is still going on, grey primer on it black paint and finally silver all over. I also prepped the radiators and installed them before continuing.
  12. After assembling it was time for masking. Reliable TAMIYA tape and maskol were used. And since I'm making an open cabin I masked the glazing from inside as well.
  13. I corrected the tailplane mounts to make them stick, because the company ones are weak. But that's the appeal of shot run models. I think I wrote well because my English is poor. Please correct me if I made a mistake. By the way the pics from the first post with the in-box are visible? This is what it looks like in the kit. And so corrected. The chassis shank mount was also the same, in the kit it looks like this. And corrected. As you can see from the photos, a description of the work is unnecessary. Below is the model put together, a beautiful
  14. I played around a bit and managed to do the whole cabin interior. The instrument panel came out like this, it doesn't look tragic. I made pilot stripes out of wire and aluminum foil. I lightly dusted the interior with dry pigments. Now the hull is drying.
  15. Hello everybody! Another model that landed in my workshop is Reggiane Re. 2001 Falco II from Sword in 1:48 scale (SW48012). I know I promised an MC. 202 but there has been a slight adjustment in plans. Falco will be straight out of the box without any fireworks. And the rest will come out during construction. The whole thing looks like this: The little in-box of the kit: And a few details
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