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  1. IMHO we need to wait for some actual KP kit pictures to make a decision on this regard. BTW KP/AZ has waaaaaaaay better decals than Smer. Love Smer kits, I have at least 3, but sometimes decals are not as good as KP/AZ.
  2. In the spirit of fairness and transparency, I would like to include a quote from the last comments made by Radu Briznan (Radub) himself on the LSP forum regarding the new Hurricane Revell pictures: "- The model shown by Revell is built correctly. Due to the breakdown of parts it is impossible to build the model with "zero dihedral". Even if there was some way to build it with "zero dihedral" by accident or incompetence, there would be gaps in all kinds of places. How can one make angles in parts disappear without repercussions? As I explained already, what you see in the photos from Revell is an optical artifact caused by the camera angle. I have the model in hand now, I can replicate that "look" just by turning it in my hand. There is nothing wrong with the Revell model, it is all geometry and optics."
  3. Where in the link provided says that...?? I Google translated it myself and could not find this comment....
  4. Great to see Revell re-issues of classic models. The Scorpion is a great kit. Great to see Revell focusing on what it does best: Classic good kits and great German subjects. That's good enough for me. If I want new releases, I'll go to Eduard, Trumpeter or Hobby Boss for now. No problem...
  5. Interesting news. Revell is listening to its real customers. This looks like a modern kit for future busier than ever generations. This philosophy was started by Tamiya and EVERYBODY praised Tamiya for the new approach. So this is a nice and welcomed surprise. Now there is more time to focus on paint and weather instead of the boring parts of modelling...
  6. I am sure these guys know their business well. I think they know where their niche markets are and they will focus all their efforts on them. ARMA is focusing on 1/72 WWII subjects, but I totally understand their focus on that niche although I don't build 1/72 popular WWII subjects...
  7. JFM148

    Airfix 2023

    Sorry, maybe I was wrong. It would be really nice to have both, but if we're allowed only one wish, then the Texan AT-6. Thanks for bringing this up. Cheers Juan
  8. JFM148

    Airfix 2023

    If I can add my Airfix aircraft wish list... here it goes: 1/48: Brand new Venom, Jaguar and Harvard T.6 1/72: Reissue the Swift. Brand new Stirling and Javelin. What about a nice line of Swedish aircraft? Vintage: Skyvan and Banshee.
  9. This a very interesting idea, redracer. I have 3 Monogram kits in my stash...Thanks !
  10. Nice release from Italeri. What a nice decal sheet ! Obviously, it is not the Hasegawa/Tamiya/ZM Phantom type, nonetheless, I find these ESCI Phantoms easy to build and most importantly, they are cheaper than the Tamiya and hard-to-find Hasegawa kits.
  11. Just wondering if the FB.6 Conversion will include decals? If not, Who makes decals for the Swiss Vampire?
  12. Another great kit....(and with raised RAM panels). I will buy the Italeri kit as well.
  13. I am glad Airfix opened the Vintage line. Already bought some and it is good to have them with fresh and more accurate decals. Hope to get soon the F-80 and D.H. Beaver. Hope they release the Banshee, the Skyvan and the vintage Canberras. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. Pleasantly surprised with the Tamiya F-35 news. I told you earlier I wouldn't think Tamiya would release one....Now I totally understand why Italeri released the F-35B. Also very surprised Tamiya kit has the RAM panels raised too ! Nothing sanding paper or stick wet can't fix. I hope this puts the argument to rest now that Tamiya did it too.
  15. I am happy the Tamiya kit has the RAM panel lines raised. This kills that negative argument because now Tamiya does it. We destroyed Meng and Italeri kits for the very same reasons and now I see generous understanding for Tamiya. As I said, nothing a wet sanding stick can't fix...! Now, where is my wallet?...
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