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  1. Tried on eBay and the only one available is a kit from Germany which cost £151.99 and everywhere else is sold out. The next most available kit is the Great Wall Kit, which from all accounts is an excellent kit however with a price tag of £72 it should have all the bells and whistles. Thanks for all the advise on which kit to get, it looks like I'm going to complete my MIG collection before my US jet collection. Strange thing is there are plenty of good Russian/Soviet 1/48 models out now, with ICM and Zvezda making really good kits and at a reasonable price (I have kits
  2. Well that makes a bit more sense, I haven't got a listing for a Vallejo paint equivalent. I'd suggest you change it to Humbrol Satin Extra Dark Sea Grey as to me they are very similar, the Vallejo number for that is 994. Again hope this helps.
  3. According to my lists Humbrol 30 is Dark Green which for Vallejo is 895, Matt Sea Grey is Humbrol 27 which is Vallejo 992. Hope this helps
  4. I've been thinking of getting either a F-15 or F-16 and I've been reading some of the debates on this forum about which is the very best kit which puts them in the £40/£45 range. My price range is around £22 with about £8 for extras. What does everyone think of the 1/48 scale Revell F-16C Wild Weasel, it's about this price but I can't seem to find any reviews of it online.
  5. I've got the Zvezda 1/48 Su-57 and it looks like a nice kit, to my untrained eye the detail is really good.
  6. A Couple of pictures of my completed HS-129B first completed model after 30 years, it didn't turn out as terrible as I thought it was going to
  7. I got both an Airfix and Italeri Spitfire VB and both of them have Flat Azure Blue as the colour for the underside. However both kits have the modified M.E. air intake, so whether that makes a difference in the underside colour, not sure. If your kit has the modified air intake then the colour is definitely Azure Blue I've also checked my Tropical Hurricane Mk IIc by Revell and that also has the modified air filter as well as the Azure Blue underside colour scheme.
  8. I finally got a proper work station to build models on and I started with two easy kits, HobbyBoss 1:72 Soviet Tu-2 and HobbyBoss 1:72 Soviet Yak-3, I have to say having a place to work on models without having to bend over double makes for a much more enjoyable build. I was also able to paint my Henschel HS-129B, I decided to give it a tropical paint scheme using Humbrol Matt 63 as the top cover with Humbrol Matt 117 for the cammo patches. I used Humbrol Matt 23 for the underside. For the first model I've completely finished in quite some time, I didn't make a total balls-up.
  9. Thanks for the info, I've actually got 2 HobbyBoss kits in my stash a Soviet Yak-3 and a Soviet TU-2. Had a look and the Spitfire Mk IXc Late Version looks nice and you're right it's about a fiver extra so it's not that much of a stretch for me. In fact the Eduard Weekend Edition range looks pretty affordable.
  10. I think it will just be cheaper and easier to get a hobbyboss Mk. Vb with Desert Filter probably the cheapest option out there at the moment. However, much appreciation for going the extra bit to get the best info.
  11. Best Spitfire Model Kit in 1/72? I did a quick search to see if this question had been asked and answered but it seems it hasn't, so I am wondering which model company makes the best spitfire in the 1/72 scale range, as airfix only seem to do the Mk Ia in this scale.
  12. The B-25 I have is an original Kit from Frog "The North American Mitchell II" (1964) and the Decals that come with it are for the RAF 98 Squadron (FV914 VO-A) with the standard camo design that the RAF used at that time. I'm guessing that the Decals in my kit are no good and so I will probably have to replace them. So, like Jeff, I'm thinking about the different designs I can have for my B-25.
  13. That is an exact match for my Revell kit, although that kit didn't come with a booklet about how to build your Vickers Wellington and how differentiate between the Mk. X and the Mk. XIV which is an extra set of Decals for No. 99 Squadron South East Asia Command, India 1944 which is for the Wellington B Mk. X, having looked at the Matchbox kit the other Decals are for the Mk. XIV as the are completely different.
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