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  1. Just to let everyone know I got the "New Tool" Academy F-15E Strike Eagle (12478)
  2. I've found the Humbrol 157 Azure Blue is a good match for deep sky.
  3. I just thought I would reopen this topic as I'm wondering if the above information still holds true for the 1/72 F-15E, is the Hasegawa kit still the best kit around for this model?
  4. Yeah, I've got that kit, its incredibly well detailed. I'm going to set my model to the take off position with the engine nozzle facing down.
  5. I had a look on line and there are some B&W photos of the SU-9 which the SU-11 was the upgraded version. My "research" 'ahem' leads me to believe that the Cockpits in Soviet Jets were either light blue or light green, the closest colours I have found are Mr Color 392 for the blue and Mr Color 391 for the green
  6. I'm going to side on the Oh Hell No side of that question, That covers America and the UK, due to School Shootings in the US people would be told to keep their guns at home, in a locked gun safe. In the UK, you would need to be over 18, I think, just to get the licence and gun and when not in use it would have to be in a secure gun safe, which had passed muster with the police.
  7. Strangely my first kit was a Tiger Tank in 1/76 I think I was either 8 or 9 at the time, I think my first Aircraft was either a Spitfire or Hurricane, I'd built up quite a collection by the time my family moved house and much to my horror my models and paints etc, all got chucked in the bin, then I got into comics in a big way and modelling fell by the way side until the lockdown where I got back into it.
  8. Just to let everyone know I got the new tool KP kit, The MIG-19S Farmer-C "W.P" the Decals are for the Soviet AF, Bulgarian AF, East German AF and the Czechoslovak AF. I've had a look at the kit and it's very good
  9. Just had a look at my Academy 1/72 MIG-23/27 and that depression isn't on either of them. It's straight all the way to the nose cone
  10. I was given the advice to use Revell #730 Clear Orange and paint the inside of the canopy with that. I used it on my TRS2 which worked out okay.
  11. I'm going for the Kovozavody 1/72 with Soviet markings, which due to the price I'm going to have to get next month. In the unlikely event this thread survives I'll keep you updated.
  12. You're right, The Protectors will be based at RAF Waddington for 13 Squadron, which will be the 2nd Protector Unit. The RAF are acquiring 16 Protector RG1s which will enter service from 2023, and they are set to replace the RAF's 7 Reapers. Why on earth I said Lossie, I have no idea.
  13. Thanks once again for the advice, I am looking for a kit 1/72 scale. I'll give eBay a go see what they come up with and some of the web shops
  14. It looks like Google Drive is off limits, so no photos at the moment. I'll give photobucket a go later.
  15. That was the sprue I was going to photo as well. I'll do a photo of the Decal sheet.
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