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  1. I am currently working on a southern swedish forest the Viggen will be flying over I really enjoy building trees!!!
  2. Thanks for asking @Aigore! Yes its very alive and updates will come soon!
  3. The new tool Airfix 1/48 Jaguar? Yes I would build it….
  4. Tack så mycket @Klaasdebouwer! Well, try it for yourself - it‘s not that hard!
  5. I don’t know what this boxing contains. All I know is that in my boxing there are fins for every variant, you want a pre-„harmonization“ AJ-37 I assume? For decals and upgrade there is a swedish online shop with all that your heart desires (all the Moose Republic decals for example). I have now a contact of an ex Viggen driver if you have questions.
  6. Great idea! Out of curiousity: Which kit are you planning to use?
  7. Thanks Charlie. I used Vallejo model air acrylics. They have their weaknesses, but in general I get along with them pretty well. The day I have a spraybooth, I may try MRP or MrColor or Tamiya. the colour tones are: regular black nato brown - 71.249 - fs33051 us light green - 71.137 - fs34151 us forest green - 71.294 - fs34079 the fs colours dont really always match what the instructions say, but they look alright to me for a start: oil paint will be used to change tones and for weathering.
  8. I like it a lot! Now she will have time to fully cure before anything else happens.
  9. And then it was time to unwrap: i loved this process even more!
  10. It‘s been a while… At least the primer is fully cured! And there I went with a masking set, multiple rolls of Tamiya masking tape and great enthousiasm. A few WIP shots: Loved the process!
  11. Nice to hear from you @Bertie McBoatface! You know, I like fixing problems. But this one was, with my current skill set, and the huge amount of cement within a big an critical area, simply beyond repair.
  12. Hello @stevehnz, don’t worry it felt great! Now to be fair with Italeri, I should have checked and corrected before committing to a looot of glue with the wings. Good thing for you, now you know! Plus if you build the jet with wings swept forward it PROBABLY won’t be a problem.
  13. Thank you for your post @Retired Bob . I am already full of energy to continue with my Viggen!
  14. Thanks Gerard @Wings unlevel! The time and effort spent on the Tornado was definitely of much use. Just the crappy wing pivot point… I should have noticed and corrected it early enough. Anyway, with regards to this kit, I am Fin F 😛 I will be onboard with the F-35! There are no Swiss decals around yet. And no Swiss F-35 neither, for the record. The first batch of 8 or 9 jets will be assembled in Texas, be ready in about 2 years and stay there for full 2 years for training. In the meantime the remainder of the order will be built near Milano and delivered to Switzerland. I am leaning towards a Norse F-35 at the moment.
  15. Thank you @AlxBNE ! I saved the eduard goodies (except the cockpit) for the next Tonka attempt (please Airfix….).
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