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  1. SouthViper

    TF-102 A

    Hi Just saw it announced at Aviation Megastore news. there comes the Convair TF-102A 'Deuce", by RVHP Models C7241 Hope RVHP produces this Conversion also in 1:48 and 1:32 scales too. SouthViper
  2. Hi everyone, Thank You all for bringing me on board. I'm Brazilian with interest in aircrafts, space, war and to preserve the occidental civilization. I have begin in modelling as early as a child , was out for studying and working hard for decades ... I still do so. Now I am returning and wish to improve my skills, specially in painting and weathering. Thanks SouthViper
  3. Read the pinned post at the head of this forum please.
  4. Well... after seeing the new Kinetic Hawker Harriers 1/48 kits I am sure I will have to substitute those crude ``bricks like`` vortex generators over wings, so I ask if does exist some PE Manufacturers that produces some Vortex for Harriers or another airplanes ? All images reproduced here under fair use of images for illustrations purposes only / Thanks SouthViper
  5. Hi, I have measured the things for you : 01- you have the measurement of the inside Part C1, from front edge to first hole = 33,12mm , 02- you have the measurement of the exterior Part C1, from front edge to first hole = 33,12mm , 03- you have the measurement of the inside Part C1, from front edge to the SECOND hole = 94,26mm., 04- you have the measurement of the Exterior Part C1, from front edge to the SECOND hole = 94,26mm., and... 05- pictured here the under belly tank has two sprue points measuring 61,47mm between they, including they Yes I know there are more easy ways to make this. SouthViper
  6. Hi, That's it . Thanks Jens SouthViper
  7. Hi Searching for the F-16XL Ship 2 belly fuselage details I ask IF XL-2 fuselage belly had the "coke shape" like F-106, F-105 had ? I can't remember where I saw a picture from bellow of the XL1 or 2 and it seems to me that it had the coke shape , and seeing pics of the new XL-2 from Kinetic it has an straight belly fuselage Thanks SouthViper
  8. Hi all I would like to know about any comparisons between Yak-28s kits from Bobcat and HB offers ? What I really mean is about their scale (1/48) accuracy as well about their quality Thank You SouthViper
  9. SouthViper


    Thanks guys What I meant by comparisons between Monogram x Hobbyboss kits is about dimensions,and specially, about volumetry of the nose section, as I presume they are the same on A-10As and the NAW-A-10 prototype , because I am planning to install the fine Master Gun Muzzle on it so I think proportions are mandatory . Thanks for Your patience... would said Shakespeare SouthViper
  10. SouthViper


    I am working on the 1/48 NAW-A10, by HobbyBoss. As I do not have the Monogram-Revell kit to make myself comparisons between both kits I ask if does exist some article on Internet regarding corrections or fixing some issues on the HobbyBoss NA/AW-A-10 ? specially regarding the front fuselage dimensions ? Thanks SouthViper
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