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  1. Taller vertical fins are correct for the sole NA/AW A-10. Try to find the Squadron Signal Publ. "IN ACTION" Series on the A-10 WARTHOG, very good informations on early machines. Mário
  2. I would say the 1/48 scale HB , A-10 NA AW Biplace, is something wrong at the rear canopy/fuselage hump section. Also, this kit does not bring the Electronic pods that were used by the AN/AW A-10 during teste. Now I can't say if the kit has the correct twin tail taller for this version. Mario
  3. I RECOMMEND the Aires jet exhausts, they are very thin and almost translucid . Today new techs are more efficient like Katran. Well, it depends on your objective with your model. Sometimes the own kit exhaust , like the F-4s from Academy, is fine . Yours MARIO
  4. Very well done IP. In fact I am not sure IF the Löök or Quinta productions are "properly at scale 1/48" or are just "made do fit in the kit cockpit". I prefer Instrument Panels properly at scale 1/48; Nice work Mario
  5. this Pic is only for illustration purpose here, Hello I have the new Tornado IDS kit, from Revell, in 1/48 scale, and I realized that the side fuselage next to the cockpit is not straight as indicated by several drawings in books, profile magazines of this aircraft. In this kit the fuselage comes straight out of the center of the fuselage, and going towards the Radar section it makes a smooth "fold" at the Pilot's cockpit just before the windshield, where it has a hexagon-shaped antenna or sensor in lighter color (which I couldn't identify exactly what it’s for) and is lighter in color. I had several other Tornado IDS kits, including Revell 1/32 and none of them seemed to have this smooth fold in that section of the fuselage. Could anyone help to clarify? Mario
  6. Hello I am doing the Cessna Reims 337 FTB, 70's Era, during the Independence war from England, when that Country was still the Southern Rhodesia. Those Reims 337 were militarized aircraft, light armed armed and with several modifications . Southern Rhodesia climatic conditions are severe, so camouflage paintings deteriorate rapidly as You can see by the Hawk pics. The Colors for that War Period in Southern Rhodesia were : - FS-10118, DARK EARTH, BS-381 C/450, Humbrol 142 , and - FS-14079, DARK GREEN, BS-381 C/641, Humbrol 116 . Sincerely I do doubt that those colors have changed over all these Years, due political and economical situations in that beautiful Country now called Zimbabwe. Mario
  7. Hi Friends I am building the F-16XL, 1/48, #2, sn-75-0747, Kinetic. I wish to display its air brakes opened but instructions just show them in closed position. I have been insistently searching the Internet for photographs and websites referring to the F-16XL, # 2, but I really think only found a distant -and not very clear photo- where the open air brakes appear, but I'm not sure if they would be white or Lighter gray. Could someone help me to define exactly which Federal Standard are they ? Thanks Mario
  8. HI Hope to see more pics of Your work on this kit, Mario
  9. SouthViper

    NEW cockpit

    Well, lets see ... Eduard and Aires are in the Market for decades due to good productions. Sv
  10. SouthViper

    NEW cockpit

    Hi Dov Sorry for my question as I did not see no questions about the dimensions of the 3D Decals from Quinta Studio. So are the 3D Decals sized to simple drop fit in the plastic Kit cockpit or are they sized to correct scaled dimensions of the real cockpit ? Thanks, hope hear soon from Your productions. Yours SouthViper
  11. All depends on what do you really want. In 1/48, I believe the old F-14A from Hasegawa is the name even for today's standards, flaps and slats down, M-61 Vulcan bay, very nice cockpits, open air brakes and Right dimensions . The HB kits have some serious errors in inlet shape. The OLD Monogram/Revell looks good but in fact has shape problems around nose, radar, cockpit. Tamiya is new, I do not know about its shape accuracy, very recommended.
  12. Hi, Yes , the Italian company called ITALAEREI, now ITALERI has both kits in 1/48, the SR-71 Blackbird and "The Thing" YF-12 . I believe You can find "The Thing" in model contests, reunions, internet, Hope it helps SouthViper
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