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  1. Hi, Yes , the Italian company called ITALAEREI, now ITALERI has both kits in 1/48, the SR-71 Blackbird and "The Thing" YF-12 . I believe You can find "The Thing" in model contests, reunions, internet, Hope it helps SouthViper
  2. Hi I use the Milliput White Superfine, www.milliput.com and find good shops where to buy . SouthViper
  3. Ciao fantastico modello del Tornado di Aeronautica Militare, eccellente dettaglio delle alette, Mi sono piaciuti i toni dei colori mimetici, sono molto discreti e hanno varie sfumature, che è senza dubbio molto laborioso da ottenere o riprodurre in scala. Southviper * * Vipera meridionale Hi fantastic model of the Tornado from Aeronautica Militare, excellent detail of the flaps, I liked the tones of the camouflage colors, they are very discreet and have several shades, which is undoubtedly very laborious to be obtained or reproduced in scale. SouthViper
  4. friends I have the new Revell, 1/48, Panavia IDS and comparing the kit's front fuselage sides to pics of the real plane I suspect they are somewhat "diamond shaped" on the kit. And comparing these parts to respective drawings on Aeroguide #24 this "diamond shaped" does not appears and the fuselage sides are straight. Trying to correct it, if my point be right, would be worth of? Is there some tutorial regarding this? Thank You very much SouthViper
  5. Thanks, very useful photos , always a pleasure see F-16XL photos. SouthViper
  6. Ian, You say that, NOT me! Do You know to read? Don't You know interpret a text? Cheers SouthViper
  7. Hi Recently I saw somewhere that the wing Pylons on the prototypes Tornadoes were different from the Pylons of the production Tornadoes ? If it is true are there some pics or drawing to shape the Pylons found in the 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS/GR1 ? Thanks SouthViper
  8. Hi, This "F-16" kit from Revell is in fact something like a hybrid model. Revell had toked advantage in releasing first model of the absolutely new, incredible and beautiful jet fighter designated F-16, remember, we were in the 70's... Such market race made its price and some inaccuracies were committed by Revell for a production F-16. Some parts of this kit are originally to build the YF-16 prototypes, both of the two as decals are for the #567 and #568 machines. Also You can confirm this looking to the kit's Canopy, Escapac ejection seat, Pitot Tube, front landing gear with two covers, gun muzzle, vertical rudder, tail planes and speed brakes. Unfortunately Revell mixed some details like front fuselage/radome to represent the F-16 FSD or F-16As Block 5, turning it in a more salable kit but also in something like a kit-Frankenstein only because people like to build a "production" aircraft and neglecting the Prototypes. Cheers SouthViper
  9. Hi Found this at an old and deleted forum on ARC about puttied panels Pics here posted are under the fair use images for illustration purposes only; original post at http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/21362-mustang-wings-and-panel-seams/page/6/
  10. Hi Thanks for this very fine clarification. I would like to know HOW these changes from black to grey 36231 cockpits were made ? in the field ? back to USAF or North American paint shops ? Cheers SouthViper
  11. Hi That is my approach : The danger of self destruction is so old as the Human race and science explains it very well and History demonstrates it even better. That's because I believe the Armed Forces being interest in converting the fantastic Concorde in a Nuclear War Vector was not so insane as today's one might think. In Germany during 60's 70's there was the thinking "better Dead than Red" and the Germans, particularly the German Women, know the soviet communist army better than any people... so transforming German cities in radioactive fields is not so far from that the Soviets made during the WWII German invasion. I would believe the Concorde would be a Direct Vector disguised as a civil plane and this explains the interest of the CCCP at that time in develop the Tu-144 Charger. In case of war in Europe, rapidly turned into Nuclear War, there would not be such things like big civilian aircraft flying alongside borders of the Countries involved because the war efforts prohibited such expenses of strategic fuels. I would think the BAE engineers know from the beginning the Concorde could accept some ASM tactical nuclear missiles to be used against strategic Cities, airports, factories, military bases, what else, using adaptations from tactical missiles like the AIM Genie, Falcon or SRAM on rotary launcher or launchers mounted inside fuselage since no passengers would be there, as we see in B-52s. It would be the Final War so not many nuke bombs would be necessary. Cheers SouthViper Both images are posted here under the fair use of images for illustration purposes only.
  12. Hi Giorgio N Many thanks, grazie mille per l`a informazione. SouthViper
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