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  1. Hi, I would like to know if the prototype Tornadoes would be able to drive the turbine reversers even with the post combustion activated? Or would there be a device that prevents this action? Well, perhaps when the Tornado was standing parked for exibition only was it possible to show open wide exhausts together deployed reversers even just for the show? Thank You all Southviper from Brazil
  2. Paramount building and painting work. Also the BoxArt is terrible , is it from Koike Shigeo ? SouthViper from Brazil
  3. Regarding the SEPECAT Jaguar E, in French colours, could someone tell me what colour(s) are theirs jet intake trunks? Thank you all SouthViper from Brazil
  4. First of all, Congratulations for your excellent works on F-14s. Considering the various 1/48 Tomcat kits in the market today, which of them do you would say to be the better SHAPED and DIMMENSIONS kit ? The list is long: AMK, Italeri, Revell, Monogram, Academy, Hasegawa, HobbyBoss or Fujimi ? Thanks SouthViper from Brazil
  5. Well... all I can tell to you is that all your time, skills and efforts are really worth ! Congratulations for your beautiful work in this very impressive building. SouthViper from Brazil
  6. https://www.bramtan.com/news/yf23-coming-soon
  7. Well, I do not have the 1.48 HB YF-23 anymore, perhaps you may find its instructions to see how the intake trunk looks, and using it to make your 1/72 model. I do believe these efforts are worth for the work as you will have the most complete YF-23 in town. Also try to find Jane's publications about YF-23 or the SAM magazine with Cutaway Drawing key to show you how the intakes trunks are inside the aircraft. And hope to see more about it soon. SouthViper from Brazil
  8. Congratulations , not just for the xtreme work on these models but mainly for your very kind sense of History loyalty when you said: ..."Today 75 years ago she and Chuck Yeager zipped across the Heavens into the history books with the shattering of the sound barrier." Fantastic work from a fantastic person. SouthViper from Brazil
  9. Very usefull tips, thank you very much SouthViper from Brazil
  10. Beautiful work... I remember the 1965 movie "THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX"... SouthViper from Brazil
  11. Fantastic work !! SouthViper from Brazil
  12. Oh! That's it. Thank you for your help. SouthViper from Brazil
  13. One doubt, the cockpits of the F-15E Strike Eagles weren't Black or dark gray ? SouthViper from Brazil
  14. Hi, I would like to know about the 1.48 Kitty Hawk, SEPECAT Jaguar E, accuracy and other building problems. In fact I have this kit but comparing it to the aged Airfix/Heller it looks to me something smaller, including at the cockpits/front fuselage section. Thank You all SouthViper from Brazil
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