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  1. That's a really cool collection, and a diverse range of interesting schemes. Nice one Cheers Gaz
  2. I think that's what you call an attention getter. An interesting subject, nicely built, that's just a bit different to the norm. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers and welcome Gaz
  3. Brilliant - an interesting subject, with oodles of patience and skill on show to achieve a stand-out finish. Cheers Gaz
  4. Smart build and a great choice of subject too. You've got to love the old grey over white. I know what you mean with canopy bleed, I'm careful to keep the paint around masks on the light side so that it dries off quickly before it has a chance to run. Can still be nerve wracking doing the demask though . Great stuff ! Cheers Gaz
  5. Haha, yeah, that's about right. Cheers Gaz
  6. Very nice builds, both of them, and quite an achievement by the sounds of it. I didn't know that there was a 1/72 ATR available, although I have seen the Beech for sale before. I've flown on both types on domestic routes here in NZ. The Beech was weird, I call it the flying fridge because of it's comparatively square section interior; and if I remember rightly you have to step over the main spar as you walk towards the rear of the cabin. You've done a fantastic job on that vacform, let alone the fact that you've gone and done some big modifications as well. Well done Cheers Gaz
  7. Really nice work. The paint and finish looks just right to me. I haven't yet got into Falklands War subjects; I should given the influence that the conflict had on my career choice. This subject looks like one to get and I hope I do it the same justice you have. Well done Cheers Gaz
  8. Thanks guys. I figured with some of the angles that they'd be something close to what you'd see of a real one while walking around. Thanks Chris, it's a bit of a brute, that's what it is. It's somewhat unique shape definitely makes it a stand out in the cabinet. It's actually not much different in size to the Bucc, just a bit wider at the back, for obvious reasons Thanks Phil, happy to be the wearer of a size 8 KUTA. I'll keep an eye out for it Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Not strictly accurately the norm in that configuration from what I gather........it just looks good that way I reckon. Thanks Bill. That's called taking one for the team, you'll be mentioned in dispatches for your efforts. The way my cabinets are filling up I might have to go down the 1:72 route one day as well. Cheers All for your comments and likes. Gaz
  9. Thanks Muzz. There's a trio of Hawks beyond that and...............oh, I've forgotten to put the Jag back in ! No Tonkas yet but they're in the pipeline. Gaz
  10. Well that's something a little bit different. I like the look of the aircraft and the scheme it wears. The spoked wheels and the finishing of the prop are stand outs. But the best bit is the thought of enjoying your cherry bakewell and having a eureka moment with the empty casing.....the cowling looks all the better for it. Very nice work Cheers Gaz
  11. Very nice indeed, especially given that it's 72nd scale as well. I love the paint scheme and finishing. I hope to build an Ar-234 as well one day. Well done Cheers Gaz
  12. Thanks Roman LOL, thanks Duncan. Ah the memories. Anywhere under a nice, warm, fleecy canopy cover was my 'place'. Gaz
  13. Evening All, I hope this finds you well. Here's one I started maybe 2 years ago and I thought I'd quickly finish it while I waited for my next project to be delivered. My next project arrived within a week.....finishing this took about a month. Hmm. The Kit - Airfix's 1/48 Sea Vixen FAW.2, built as XP954 of 893 NAS, HMS Victorious, 1966. I'm no expert on these so it's pretty much out of the box except that I added some brake lines and busied up the seats with some Tamiya tape; I may change them for resin ones in the future. I also didn't paint the coal hole lid as I've seen a couple of pictures with it clear - artistic licence. I left the wings down so as to show the shape of the aircraft, and the flaps and hook are down for maintenance. Main U/C doors, and airbrake are sagging a little. Finish - Painted in Tamiya acrylics and coated with Kleer (stocks are dwindling). After decalling I gave it a light overspray of the base grey (top) or white (bottom), and then gave the top surfaces another going over with a lighter grey, and also added bootmarks, oil stains and stuff. The bottom was streaked with oil stains also.......So subtle it hardly shows in the pictures. Why ? - Memories. There were a couple of these in the hanger at Halton.......massive beasts next to the Gnats and JPs we were working on. One day I was volun-told to get up on one of them with a broom to dust it down before an inspection. I'd initially thought I'd build one of those airframes but I liked these Sqn markings....and it was easier. Here we go......... Seat harnesses by Tamiya. Decals........so many decals !!!! The canopies aren't glued in position; I might need to swap the seats in the future. There's bootmarks there, honestly. I found Humbrol decalfix pretty good with helping prevent silvering. I forgot to make the drop tanks a bit dirtier. Ah well, roll equipment, just been fitted. You can just about make out the engine compressor face. I'm happy with it In the cabinet next to the Bucc. I hope you like it. Comments good bad or indifferent welcome. Cheers. Gaz
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