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  1. Hi Calum. I've been using your sites myself the last week or two for my own post-Kahu kit conversion, and they'll be my go-to references for my T-bird and pre-Kahu as well. They've been an absolute goldmine (even for someone who used to work down the Italian end of 4 hanger! ). Many thanks for taking the time to put them together and sharing your knowledge. Thoroughly recommended. Cheers Gaz
  2. Gorgeous. Very nicely bashed into submission built. Cheers Gaz
  3. Crikey! It would take me 35 years to come up with anything half as good and detailed as this. So much to wonder at ! Well done. Cheers Gaz
  4. Very nice indeed, and obviously a labour of love. Nice to have a personal link to the subject aye. Cheers Gaz
  5. Sadly, New Zealand as a country didn't choose to phase out the combat force. It was an ideological rather than fiscal decision taken by the newly elected Prime Minister at the time, who was known to have been a student protestor at the dockside when the Skyhawks were delivered. None of this was signaled in the lead up to the election though. There's also a common misconception that she ditched our fleet of Skyhawks, when in fact it was F-16s that were really ditched, along with the Macchi 339s of course. I guess we'll never know whether or not we'd have ever been able to afford to k
  6. A gorgeous build of a gorgeous aircraft ! Thanks for persevering and allowing us to see this beauty. Cheers Gaz (2 yrs, VC10 Majors, St Athan)
  7. Simply outstanding work. Very well done. Gaz
  8. Evening All Being a fit 'fussy' if you like .....(I'm sure there are other descriptions others might use), I needed an opposition piece to go with my Matilda from a couple of months ago. So here's my latest subject, the Panzer III from Tamiya. A pretty straight froward build which I built as a subject of the 10th Panzer Division in Tunisia 1943. I sprayed the model with a base of XF64 before applying chipping fluid, and then the top colours of XF60 and 88. In keeping with the desert theme I kept my weathering to nothing but playing with varying the tones of the base colou
  9. Lovely Scooter, well done indeed. Cheers Gaz
  10. That's a really cool collection, and a diverse range of interesting schemes. Nice one Cheers Gaz
  11. I think that's what you call an attention getter. An interesting subject, nicely built, that's just a bit different to the norm. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers and welcome Gaz
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