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  1. Very nicely built and finished. Doing anything gloss black scares the heck out of me. I haven't built a bike in over 20 years, I should really get back into them. Keep inspiring me ! Cheers Gaz
  2. Stunning !! I've got a crun-n-custard one to build, but wish I'd gone for something with a cheat line like yours. The homemade decals look superb. I'll always remember the one at Halton airfield that the sooties got to play with while we marshalled JPs around . Excellent work, well done. Cheers Gaz
  3. Wow, that's pretty spectacular ! Well done Gaz
  4. Hi Chris The decals were pretty good actually. They are quite thick I reckon, but that made them tough and quite good for moving and aligning them. They responded well to Microsol. Also, I cut the ones over the wheel arches vertically to help them to conform. I did have to paint touch up a couple of areas where there were small gas. Cheers Gaz
  5. Such an early space-age looking beast ! Lovely build, and sooo shiny ! Cheers Gaz
  6. If it helps anyone, I've added a bit of detail around how I did the mottling. Good luck Cheers Gaz
  7. Morning Chaps I agree; I put it into the same category of conundrum as the need to perfectly mask invasion stripes that were originally hand painted, and can often be seen in photos as being quite rough at the edges. I've given my self too many headaches (literally) trying to strive for perfection. The long and short of it for me now is to make an honest attempt, and make sure it looks good in the cabinet. I can build more, and I get less headaches that way Cheers Gaz
  8. Whoa, ok so the Sherman is pretty special as well. Truly museum quality if it was on display at the NZ Army Museum !!! That's about as good as it gets I reckon. I pop in to see Ross every couple of weeks. We get chatting, my missus does the Briscoes Grand Prix, and then usually she still has to drag me out of the shop by the ear. I like to buy from him when I can. but he's a bit of a drive for you though aye. Cheers from the windy Manawatu Gaz
  9. Hi Chris Nowt wrong with that one. You can park it in my shed any day ! It's nicely finished and I wouldn't have noticed the decal issues if you hadn't mentioned them. I look forward to seeing your next ones....hopefully there's a Ducati amongst them........no pressure intended Cheers Gaz
  10. Hi Gary, thanks. It's a great kit that's quite easy to build, I doubt you'll regret buying one. And the aerial line.......it's eezy-line......easy ! Hi Greg, thanks for your comments. Yeah, there was a little bit of extending patches and mintor touch-ups to get the densities right. And trying to keep a somewhat consistant mottle size and separation was a challenge as well. Worth the effort though I reckon. Hi Chris........Ummm, that is the extension Hi Cellarfrog........yup, all 1/48. You run out of room quite quickly at this scale Thanks everyone. Cheers Gaz
  11. That wouldn't look out of place in Waiouru ! Such detail !!! I'd love to be able to build armour to this standard. Love it ! Cheers Gaz
  12. Hi there Yeah thanks for that. Like I said I practiced quite a lot before starting on the model. Even as I progressed the model I gained more confidence and was able to go back and fill in smaller mottles between the bigger ones. I agree with you about the Macchis and will definately do a C.202 one day. The only Macchi I have at the moment is a 339 which isn't quite as elegant Cheers Gaz
  13. Hi there That was Tamiyas AS-12 straight from the can. So quick and easy it felt like I was cheating Cheers Gaz
  14. Hi Michael, thanks, I'm glad you like it. You've got me thinking if I can respray the ailerons now. Hmmm Cheers Gaz
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