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  1. With some large flat relatively flat panels and only one colour, this could have been a bit bland. But no, you've breathed life into it. Well done. Cheers Gaz
  2. That's a really really nice looking build. I like the CC scheme. Thanks for the write-up. I don't have one of these kits, did you add the rivet detail yourself? I agree with you about the quality of Aviaeology's reference material and decals. And I also agree with your thoughts on building large subjects in 1/48 and better to stick to 1/72......unfortunately I can't help myself. I'm currently on number 5 of 9 in my stash. Great stuff, well done. Cheers Gaz
  3. That's outstanding. The tank, the figures, and the base......just wow. Well done. Cheers Gaz
  4. That's just brilliant. I admire your patience to deal with all that detail. And the walkaround write-up was a bit reading a script for one the Inside the Chieftain's Hatch's videos. Keep up the good great work Cheers Gaz
  5. Good grief.....I too was fooled into thinking the hanger shot was real. A testament to your skills rather than my numptyness I should add. Fantastic. Cheers Gaz
  6. Excellent, the wood finish is particularly worth mentioning. Very pleasing to the eye. Hopefully, maybe, we'll see you back again with more good stuff in the future if the bug bites again. All the best Cheers Gaz
  7. Brilliant, love it. The base has some depth and mood to it that adds to the subject.....if that makes any sense. Cheers Gaz
  8. Really, really good. Both yours and your daughter's Cheers Gaz
  9. I missed this first time. Wow, that's awesome! So much going on and so much detail. Love it. Cheers Gaz
  10. Superb, as others have said. A lot of thought and work has gone into this and it shows. Cheers Gaz
  11. Brilliant. I love what you did with the paint finish to get the level of fade and wear, and the cockpit detail is very well done. Cheers Gaz
  12. Thanks IanC. My figures are nowhere near as good as the ones you did for your Wespe.....I'll keep trying though. Cheers Gaz
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