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  1. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work well done
  2. Seen a lot of photos of this bird it makes you think if they were inhaling fumes that made them see strange things at the time of conception .It looks like an aircraft from that famous cartoon series with Dick Dastardly and Mutley .But you have to be congratulated on your hard work looks just like the photographs well done
  3. Congratulations on turning out a fine looking model, this kit has many memories for me being the first ever aircraft model i built in the mid 1960s .Yours looks great well done
  4. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of modelling well done
  5. Congratulations on a fine piece of modelling well done .
  6. Congratulations on two superb models, they are outstanding well done .
  7. That brings back happy memories of a kid in the 60s ,lots of happy hours .You have done a fine job Ratch looks great .
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