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  1. dcrfan

    Lockheed Ventura in civvies

    Plastic in the kits is only provided to be cut, filed, sanded and generally remodelled. I also have a pair of Classic Airframes Hudsons so with the Ventura, I'm sure a Lodestar will arise. Actually I think the engine nacelles and cowlings will be the biggest hurdle
  2. dcrfan

    Lockheed Ventura in civvies

    I have one sitting in stash but it will become a Lodestar.
  3. A word of warning, Elephants are wild animals, so they don't always behave. This scene appeared on my 1/35th Rhodesian Railway layout late on the second day of an exhibition (although my young helpers may have been involved). IMG_0747 by tankienz, on Flickr As the elephants are really quite solid yet slightly flexible plastic I use them as mobile buffers at the end of the line to prevent trains running off the end of the baseboard when I'm not paying attention or talking to visitors. IMG_0743 by tankienz, on Flickr The elephants are from the Schleich toy range which features both African and Indian versions. Don't ask me what scale they are as it is not defined but I will say they look the part.
  4. dcrfan

    New Airfix 1/35 armour?

    I can't help smiling at the marketing specialists appearing on this thread spouting off plucked sales figures to support their pronouncement of the death of various scales. From my viewing point the other side of the world there definitely is still a market for 1:76 especially to railway modellers. I don't recall seeing any OO scale layout that is not populated by Airfix vehicle kits.
  5. dcrfan

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    Alouette III in 1/48th would be great, in 1/35th would be even greater ! Paul
  6. dcrfan

    Avro Anson

    I have a bid on one that closes in a couple of hours. Leading at the moment so fingers crossed. Particular interested as my old Dad had several air experience flights in one during WW2. From just days after war was declared (he was prewar RAFVR) until after the BoB he was an RAF ground signaller at RAF Detling which I understand had several Coastal Command Anson Sqns. EDIT yeah I won.
  7. dcrfan

    Grumman Goose

    Perhaps it was painted while the aircraft was jacked up with wheels retracted into fuselage?
  8. dcrfan

    Daimler Dingo

    He's thinking "My Churchill will do 15 mph if I'm lucky. This beauty will do 55 mph in reverse .... if only ....."
  9. dcrfan

    Bailey's Bridge 1/87

    Fabulous modelling in particular the staging of the whole thing. If I may tell a story, in the late 1970's I was on exchange with the British Army commanding a CVR(T) Scorpion. On a major exercise I was withdrawing from an OP line heading back for resupply and had to cross a river on the modern version of Bailey bridge put in by British engineers. Just as we were crossing the bridge a pair CH-53 circled and landed a couple hundred metres away in an adjacent open farm field. Troops flooded out of the back as rushed towards the bridge. 'Hey aren't CH53 enemy' I asked my gunner. 'Yeah' he replied so as soon as we were off the bridge I ordered 'Driver halt' and shouted a fire control order to the gunner. He traversed onto the two helos and troops and began yelling 'bullets, bullets' as I reported 'Loaded' each time I notionally loaded the 76mm gun. You need to understand the Brits would not trust an exchange Kiwi with any blank rounds. At the same time a Land Rover with an umpires white cross pulled up and the umpire approached me and said something like 'Are you engaging the assaulting force'. 'Yes with 76 HE and coax' I replied. He spoke into his radio and the assault was stopped by other umpires who had arrived in the helos. 'You can report you have wiped out the two helos and all assault forces' he told me. After sending in the appropriate contact report, we carried on. A few days later when I saw the Squadron Commander he asked how I came to be at the bridge crossing at just the right time. I explained pure fluke of timing. He laughed and said the exercise enemy were very unhappy as I had destroyed their coup de main which was a key part of their plan. They were also claiming the umpires has spilled the beans on their plan hence a Recon troop was placed on the bridge. No just one Scorpion on a Bailey like bridge!
  10. dcrfan

    Valom 1/48 Islander

    Cautious. There is a small hole on each side of the engine cowling/wing junction and very slight misalignment on top of both engines. I was able to significantly improve cowling/wing fit by chamfering inside edge of cowlings.
  11. dcrfan

    Valom 1/48 Islander

    The Israeli box has two versions of engine cowling and alternative wingtips which I suspect all boxes will have as the instructions include all options. The colour scheme is on a separate sheet so that and decals probably all thats different.
  12. I received my order direct from Ukraine in just over a week, not bad for the other side of the world. On intial look the parts are well detailed and moulded, the only unusual thing is total lack of assembly alignment aids. I'm building the kit as a Rhodesian Air Force aircraft so have removed the cross body passenger seat mounts and filled in the resulting holes. I've also fitted the shorter wing tips.
  13. What better excuse to ride the Buller Train than to go 15 miles to gather soil
  14. dcrfan

    Border breakdown

    While the modelling is great I'm struggling to understand what is happening. If the fitters vehicle is broken down what is wrong? If its the engine not running as suggested by apparently trying to add fuel to the tank then how are they using the Hiab crane which is hydraulically powered via a PYO pump from the engine?