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  1. Trumpeter are but one of several companies producing locomotive, rolling stock and track kits in 1/35th (not 1/32 as mentioned above). Primarily all WW2 German with a few Russian pieces also available. I have taken two of the Trumpeter German BR52 kits and have been using several key components to build a Rhodesian Class 15 Garratt. So far it has got to this stage. IMG_0726 by tankienz, on Flickr
  2. Ah could be. I guess I only know of the term egg banjo from living in Singapore as a youngster and later visits when in the military when we visited the char walla
  3. Well I had an egg but cooked it myself. I think the wifes reaction was shock rather than refusal.
  4. I read this thread last night then woke up this morning and the wife asked 'What do you want for breakfast', naturally I replied 'An egg banjo please', something I never eat. There must be subliminal messages
  5. I brought three 1/48th Tamiya kits to kit bash into one 1/48th truck - Opel Blitz chassis and wheels, GMC truck cab and Ford staff car front mudguards = 1942 Ford crash fire tender
  6. Buy one of the Tamiya WW2 fighters with included staff car kits so introduce you to both aircraft and vehicles in new scale. Pairs such as Mustang and Ford Staff Car, Fw 190 and Citroen or Dewoitine and Citroen
  7. That really is looking jungleish. One comment all the greens are the same. Consider painting a few so there is some variety.
  8. I did not remember mine was one of the French Air Force marked models. This would have been purchased in Singapore 1966-68. Length 137.6 Width 43.8 Height 52.2 Outer axle wheelbase 91.3
  9. Was this the white metal manufacture you were thinking of? http://www.asam.co.uk/index.html There is a Nubian FE. On another group it has just been advised they will still respond to emails. Paul
  10. I will find my Dinky Hippo and take some photos for you on the weekend. If I recall correctly it is 1/43rd scale. In the mean time here is a photo which includes a cluster of Hippo refuellers in RNZAF service in 1980s. Also a Leyland based crane in the right.
  11. No for 6x6 normally centre of front wheel to centre of rear axle pair. Let me check if the book describes their convention tomorrow. By the way I have the old Dinky RAF refueller in my childhood toy collection.
  12. In The Observers Military Vehicles Directory from 1945 by Bart Vanderveen there are four versions of Nubian described, the first only 4x4. The three 6x6 are: Truck 5 ton, 6x6 fire crash foam FV14161 Thornycroft TFA/B81 Nubian sun. Dimensions WB 12'3" x L 22'5" x W 7'6" x H 10'5". Prime use Royal Navy Air Stations. Truck 5 ton 6x6 fire crash foam Thornycroft TFA/B81 Nubian Mk VII/Pyrene. Dimensions WB 12'3" x L 23'10 1/2" x W 8'0" x H 10'4". This looks the closest to your photo but cab front is straight not stepped. These is also a 6x6 Nubian/Gloster Saro but no dimensions. Hope this helps rather than complicates your modelling. Paul
  13. There is a description of how I made the coconut trees spread through this thread http://rnzaf.proboards.com/thread/26916/wwii-airfield-diorama-south-pacific
  14. OK now we know the scale and type of vegetation jungles often have quite big plam and fern leaves so have a critical look at plastic house plants and aquarium plants. I use plastic house ferns and pluck off the individual fronds and use hot glue to make scale fern trees adding them to a new tree trunk. Sorry not the best photos of the plastic fern trees but you can see what I mean. layout018_zpsc475c584 by tankienz, on Flickr If you want coconut or oil palm trees also easily made with masking tape, florists tape and some florists wire. The coconuts are painted peppercorns.
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