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  1. Pretty obvious what camouflage colours this Whirlwind photo was manipulated too and the blue RN version further down the page. https://cilisos.my/this-is-what-the-malayan-emergency-looks-like-if-it-just-happened-yesterday/
  2. $NZ250k to buy. Hmm, 1:1 scale prototype to measure, now that would solve the lack of accurate plans https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/aircraft/aircraft/listing/4123089952?bof=6ePeAlRA
  3. Bootneck, This thread may interest you if you're still working on this diorama. https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/greeting-from-vietnam-here-come-a-new-model-branch-b-l-models/30105
  4. If the 1/32 scale version is this much 'fun' I'm not sure I'm ready for a 1/48th scale version.
  5. Camouflaged tyres. You could get black flagged for that as when they are spinning around they would actually make the vehicle more visible as the different colours flash by.
  6. Q1 23 has gone, any update on release?
  7. But there is no sea on the map Are they lost? Fabulous modelling especially in the limited time frame you had.
  8. Great work but no drinks trolley on that flight
  9. Oh no not one of those 1:1 scale models. I had access to one when I was building my Rhodesian Garratt. It was wrong in so many details according to the Rhodesian Railways official (tiny) scale drawing I had. Unfortunately I had already made significant progress on the chassis etc before I had access to the real thing (which luckily was only 30 minutes from where I live in New Zealand) so compromises had to be made to enable me to maintain my sanity and progress my already flawed components. You do need to understand 'as designed' versus 'as built' versus 'as modified in service' then 'as restored' changes in a steam locomotives lifespan.
  10. If your building scale models of railway rolling stock not in a traditional 'model railway' gauge, which 1/35th scale isn't, please don't be bound by existing model railway gauges. By all means use existing model railway components but building scale track is easy as pie as is regauging wheelsets. My unfinished 1/35th scale Rhodesian Garratt (3ft - 6in gauge) is a severe kit bash of two 1/35th scale standard gauge WW2 German locomotives using wheels, wheel bearings, driving rods (length changed) and boiler backhead details etc. Do have look at the 1/35th German WW2 diesels as a source of wheels etc like this one https://www.knotmodels.com/products/trumpeter-1-35-german-wr-360-c12-locomotive-1-35-plastic-model I used the standard gauge track sections that come with the two kits, and available separately by several manufacturers (in my case regauged to correct Rhodesian Cape narrow gauge. Thinking about it I still have all the original tender wheels from the kits, what diameter wheels do you need? You can get standard gauge 1/35th wagon wheels from Miniart https://www.ebay.com/itm/143611666092 There are also sources of resin 1/35th wheels suitable for non running rolling stock.
  11. Have a look at my thread on converting 1/48 Cessna 172 to a C 180. When you compare plans the Cessna lights are remarkably similar. Sorry the search function is going crazy at the moment so I can't post link.
  12. Nice model but as noted above the British build specification is rather different than the Aussie vehicle you have used.
  13. It is non slip application which is very aggressive in nature .
  14. Same problem opening Slackbladder photos
  15. Simply brilliant but are you sure about the acronym OARS? I'm sure I've seen the Optimised Aeronaught Recovery System before on an airforce pilot survival dingy? I heard the designer charged them mega bucks for the revolutionary idea but it was never adopted as it was found that when operated the dingy just spin in circles clockwise if the operator was left handed or anti clockwise if right handed. Good to keep the pilot warm but not much else. Later DOARS was adopted when dual OARS were developed as fitted to your magnificent machine
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