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  1. There are pictures around of the Home Guard using cricket clubhouses as their HQ in that era but as pointed out above definitely not Lancasters.
  2. Read somewhere a small number of Supercat recovery are in-service.
  3. I agree not a subject I would model. I have always thought urban road coddlestones were square/rectangular in shape not the random shapes modelled.
  4. Kit bash it. Hercules, Orion engines and a block of balsa wood glued on the bottom of the Hercules hull
  5. The amphibian Hercules hull looks so right. Definitely a Albatross-ish nose
  6. Repeat happy overseas customer.
  7. Brilliant work. I hope you've left some for the rest of us
  8. I second that. As a young lad I flew Whenuapai New Zealand to Changi Singapore on RNZAF Hastings with my parents for dad to take up posting in Singapore. A meer five day journey due to horrendous lightning storms around Perth Australia and the Indonesia/Malaysia Confrontation which meant we could not transit over any part of Indonesia so Perth - Singapore leg included a brief fuel stopover at Cocos Island with the lagoon we passed over on finals before landing FULL of sharks. Thank god they had four (WW2 era) engines. Numerous later visits to Changi I always looked out for the noses of the
  9. 10,000 ripples flying in close formation So industrially ugly it is actually beautiful.
  10. Anti Boomerang technology to protect against grumpy locals in Northern Territory.
  11. Is this you optics reference? http://lrdg.hegewisch.net/lrdgpatrol.html
  12. Glad I found this thread as i was just about to grab this kit. I'll pass and go straight to 1/48th scratch build.
  13. In the 1950s the RNZAF formed two LAA Sqns manned by Compulsory Military Training (aka National Service) personnel. They were equipped with WW2 era 40mm Bofors using Chevrolet 4x4 trucks as gun tractors. img018_zps528dbfb4 by tankienz, on Flickr The Chev is a 1/35th Italeri GMC converted to 4x4 and featuring a short body and detail parts from U-Models 4x4 Chev towing a Bronco Canadian Bofors put together as a birthday present for a former unit member now in his 80's. fullsizeoutput_1c07 by tankienz, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_1c09 by tankienz,
  14. Wow that will be an impressive build.
  15. Hell your COVID jab is much bigger that the one I had No wonder your getting it before Easter - more time to recover.
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