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  1. I think so as the look like my scratchbuilt attempt. IMG_0773 by tankienz, on Flickr
  2. It does look like there are new wingtips and a new bulged pilots window. Anyone received this kit yet? I ordered it in late September but still no sign of it.
  3. There you go that very practical consideration makes total sense. I was not trying to denigrate your excellent modelling, just curious.
  4. Wouldn't the Sea Kings wheels also be up?
  5. dcrfan

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Cracking modelling skills but I do know what the guy in the turret is shouting 'where are my f***** headsets and microphone'. As a Crew Commander he needs these to listen and transmit on the radio and the inter communications system so he can control his driver, hull gunner/co-driver, gunner and loader.
  6. Glad you have kept some 'character' The diorama is actually a military themed 1/35th scale railway layout with Rhodesian armoured trains, vehicles and aircraft.
  7. I have always used real soil as base layer on model railway and diorama. Heating is the easiest way to dry out. Consider using open flat tray on BBQ rather than inside in the oven to avoid any smell/fumes in the house. Definitely sieve to get weeds, roots and larger stones out but please DON'T sieve it to death as it will just end up looking like commercial scenery products where everything is universal colour and size with no character. I lay by, lightly spraying wet water (a few drops of detergent in spray bottle) over surface then sprinkling on soil before adding a little more water spray then flood on very watered down PVA or matt medium. Here's a couple of examples from my 1/35th scale layout.
  8. dcrfan

    French armour in Indochina

    No quite what you were after but in Tank Turret Fortifications by Neil Short there are pictures of turrets from H39 turret and Crusader turret on concrete bunkers in Indochina. Other turrets mentioned include APX-R, Cromwell. Mention of France using Sherman, Panther, Char B1, Hotchkiss H39 and Souma S35 in Indochina post WW2.
  9. dcrfan

    British Army Land Rovers

    Same as the outside.
  10. dcrfan

    Sunderland into Empire

    This thread lead me to purchase a ebook on the Empires. Great reading on the train today. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. dcrfan

    AJAX (well, Apollo) in the Antipodes

    Given that these vehicles are replacing a stretched M113 armed with .50 cal the sheer size and technology jump is impressive. I heard few stories of the challenges getting them into the Adelaide Convention Centre.
  12. dcrfan

    WnW...Who did it???

    The Ork Army
  13. dcrfan

    Mixing scales......A new trend???

    To me the scale difference is not an issue, far worse is a plane with no figures or vehicles around it
  14. dcrfan

    1/48 Brewster B339 Buffalo

    There are numerous 1/48 P-40N available. I picked up an AMT kit last week off Trademe. Basic but looks nice.