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  1. Beaverette nearly done. I just need to find some small headlights unfortunately as a recent convert to 1/48th scale my spares box is still rather bare. Definitely a significant change from the Ace Gaz-M-415 ute it stated out as.
  2. What wheels did you use for this scratchbuild?
  3. you could add extra strength to the rope - helicopter interface by having figures still in the cabin grasping each of the ropes. I hope that makes sense.
  4. I understand trucks were selected for conversion to an Armadillo if they were still mobile but effectively worn out for continued prime use as a lorry. In this picture of the production line it appears that no two trucks were the same at the time the picture was taken. So while I have no evidence this type of Albion was ever used but it does seem like a viable chassis to use. Actually the third truck back on the right hand line just could be an Albion 1024px-MkIArmadillos_on_Wolverton_production_line_1255A4 by tankienz, on Flickr
  5. Progress on the Armadillo with a few details still to add.
  6. I recently purchased a second hand copy of this book which has some pretty amazing 'armoured vehicles. IMG_3140 by tankienz, on Flickr Subsequent searches on the internet and in Encyclopaedia of Armoured Cars by Duncan Crow & Robert Icks got me interested in the Home Guard as a modelling theme. There are a few mentions of Home Guard equipment on various threads of this group but I could find no dedicated thread so here's a home for the guard I've made a start on a few 'inspired by' 1/48th models. First a Mk 1/2 Beaverette using an Ace GAZ-M-415 ute IMG_3153 by tankienz, on Flickr An Armidillo I based on an Airfix Albion Refueller. So far the basic chassis/cab have been assembled with a new deck and armour on the cab front window and behind each cab door. IMG_3161 by tankienz, on Flickr Next is a Villa Armoured Tractor what will use wheels from a 1/43rd Ertl diecast tractor. 521911 by tankienz, on Flickr Anyone else got any HG vehicle models in their collection?
  7. Some information on RF tyres from WW2 British Army Data book. IMG_3150 by tankienz, on Flickr
  8. They are pneumatic tyres. The tyre case has very thick therefore stiff sidewalls.
  9. Well my first thought also was the tyres should be flat but then I got thinking. The tyres in question are WW2 era runflats, that is they had very thick sidewalls (rather than internal solid donuts). So even if the air pressure had gone down the tyres at most looked just a little bulged. The pictures show similar wheels on a rear engined CMP military chassis (later modified into a forest fire appliance) that has been sitting outside for years. The tyres are still up. IMG_3148 by tankienz, on Flickr So very well done with the weathering and I agree the wheels are actually OK
  10. Ah but is it something the US military is fond of or the US defence industry lobbyists
  11. Oh so true. Now you've started Valom will definitely announce a Trislander
  12. If you're going down the scratchbuilt route there are some very good character heads in the Hornet range with Arab facial features http://www.hornetandwolf.com
  13. I thought Hornet did a set but just checked their current catalogue - No.
  14. We need a civilian pattern bonnet and radiator as well. I have given up waiting for the long promised Roden Silver Ghost car which would have provided the required parts. I did get one of the old Airfix rollers but its bonnet would be of no use.
  15. I recently purchased Kingfisher Miniatures Royal Air Force 6 and 9 inch vehicle roundels (to use on 1/48th) . Not perfectly crisp but OK. http://www.kingfisherminiatures.co.uk/1-76-72-scale-c6.htm?a=1&page=3 They have lots of other RAF vehicle markings.
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