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  1. Fabulous. A new modelling genre all you own. I won't feel safe walking around my home in the dark in case I see the little people
  2. Bizarre reason for changing scale. All my tools are multi scale, multi theme and in fact multi hobby. I've also found they work in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  3. I'm pleased how my small section of a Pacific lagoon turned out. One hole cut to sink the LCM hull, a second for a PT boat will be cut against the wharf in background. Only one layer of gloss has been added so far as I'm waiting until second boat is in place to sort out the waves interacting with the hulls. fullsizeoutput_18e9 by tankienz, on Flickr
  4. US roundel and RAF tail flash? Please tell the story.
  5. Sadly no. Mine is only in early stage of cutting out all the fill in around the suspension components. I'm only aware of WW2 use but given the number of survivors I suspect many remained in service for some time.
  6. I'm slowly working on improving the Celtrac kit. Have a look at improvements to the model http://modelstories.free.fr/analyses/avions/MS2018_12/MONOG_CLETRAC/ And prototype walk around. http://gallery.kitmaker.net/showgallery.php/cat/13737
  7. Next time you look for it please also keep your eye out for Airfix 1/48 Bedford MWD wheel inner part number B20 as mine has disappeared in very similar circumstances. I have been considering having to mould a new part copied from the other B20 I have.
  8. I've been adding to my RNZAF in Pacific 1/48th airfield support vehicle collection, a Ford F15A using and Airfix Bedford MWD chassis as a base. fullsizeoutput_18aa by tankienz, on Flickr And a WIP Ford Marmon-Herrington crash fire tender based on Tamiya GMC chassis. fullsizeoutput_1854 by tankienz, on Flickr
  9. This group may assist with your research https://www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk
  10. Hey if they look right thats great. I was just surprised they were anything like the right size. The fact your using whatever bits you can to represent what you need exactly follows my modelling philosophy.
  11. Sorry I've missed this thread so far. So jumping back a few days I am confused as ASLAV wheels should be too small for a LAV3. ASLAV is a LAV 2 while your Canadian model is a LAV 3 - 325/85R16 XML tyres versus 1200R20 XML. Mind you LAV 2 wheels have been changed over the years but have they grown from 16 inch to 20 inch rims?
  12. Great work but my gosh it takes a long time for the 25th to get to Aussie. 25th is Saturday on this side of the Tasman
  13. Shapeways have FNs (aka SLR)
  14. So you did. As posted above fuel type designated with different colour tags on green/black/ and tan (US) painted/colour cans. Water is marked in variety of ways (like plastic can embossed WATER) but still in standard colour cans. Non green/black/tan colour cans are not standard practice.
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