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  1. I agree that the ‘transitional’ nature of these ships - halfway between steam and sail and halfway between ‘ ship of the line’ and ‘ battleship’ make these interesting and appalling subjects.
  2. Scratchbuilt from wood! Just my kind of thing. What a difference that coat of paint and a few stickers make!
  3. Yes as it happens! I hereby commit to an update this weekend. Things are moving forward!
  4. @hendie’s soul cannot be destroyed. It is eternal; never-ending... just like some of his WIP threads!
  5. Beautiful model. Congratulations. Am pleased you see SMS paints getting a plug also. Great paints! They are also one of the sponsors for WASMEx (West Australian Scale Model Exhibition) so I love to see models painted with their products.
  6. Wow. That’s intense. My only suggestion would be to leave a gap between each photo as - with such a busy subject- one photo tends to merge with the next. I think each photo needs a bit more ‘room to breathe’. Nice diorama!
  7. What a fantastic looking ship! So much better looking than anything on the sea today.
  8. Wow! I really wanted to make one of my trademark smartacre comments; you know the ones: ’Six years!...blah blah’ ’Where’s the locomotive?...blah blah’ ’66 page thread to build a hollow box?...blah blah’ All that kind of thing... But really, in the end, all I can bring myself to say is: Congratulations -that’s one of the most outstanding models I have ever seen! Superb!
  9. Great subject. I am really getting to like ships of this era and they are very rarely modelled.
  10. Welcome aboard. There have been a few ‘partwork’ models on here and all well received so I’m sure there’s no problem.
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