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  1. Looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh Jeff!
  2. Hi @roginoz Thanks for asking! SS Xantho is the name you are after. I’m pleased to report that that the project is still alive and well - just dormant at the moment. There are various reasons for its dormancy but the longer than anticipated timespan of both the Hogwarts Express and PZH2000 projects are the main issues. A manic year at work has also not helped at all. Also, towards what I thought was going to be the end of my ‘detective work’ I uncovered a fair bit of archeological evidence that proved my drawings and ‘maquette’ was wr
  3. I reckon it’s great! Down South of here (at Albany) we have one of the best whaling museums in the world and one day I might just try to make something worthy of displaying to the public there. Searched BM for ‘Whaling’ when I found this! Very inspiring.
  4. Yep - will bring the hogwarts and the Avro 504 and all unfinished projects (including drawings for Xantho)
  5. Sorry mate but there’s no way this’ll be ready for WASMEx 2021 now - most effort is directed at the Hogwarts express at the moment. I will bring along what I’ve done so far on the PZH2000 so you can see it in the flesh.
  6. Bump! Just for fun... dug this one out of the archives.
  7. Welcome aboard. Cool name! Cool user icon!
  8. Very hard to say but I’m guessing 1/24. I love that little Skyhawk!
  9. Thanks mate! Might get around to doing a rescue chopper one day!
  10. Yeah... They’re OK I guess... A bit rough in parts though. You and I should head over to Japan some time and give them some pointers.
  11. I’ve just had another look at those models above and can see I’ll have to move to Japan. I didn’t think clubs like that existed any more. Was just looking at that F104, they didn’t half make it whopping did they!
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