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  1. Welcome aboard and congratulations on this project which looks great so far. Always good to see scratchbuilding here.
  2. That bofors gun looks absolutely awesome. I assume you soldered most of it? Or used two part epoxy? BTW - I bought a smallish sheet of copper at my local hobby shop on Sunday and a ‘ball & pein’ hammer at the hardware store. Not sure what exactly I’m going to hammer out of it but I’ve got a couple of future projects that might feature some copper bashing. ‘You’ll never take me alive copper!’
  3. You might be right... whenever I put them through the bandsaw little bits of plastic used to break off and fly all round the shed. Maybe the kits were faulty.
  4. I dunno- part of the reason I took up scratchbuilding was because I found I could never make a kit set as well most of my dodgy mates!
  5. Scratchbuilding is another course that few take but offers an endlessly fascinating hobby and really is not as difficult as many think. It generally takes a bit longer than building a kit and, initially at least, probably won’t produce a model that is up to the same standard as a kit but this approach is a genuine practical alternative (even for a beginner) and allows great freedom to pick your own subjects and scales. At the end of a scratchbuild you get to say ‘I built that’ and when someone comes along and asks which kit you used there can be a great sense of satisfaction!
  6. Sorry to hear of your dad’s passing Ted. That model is really unique -20 mules! - and will look amazing when built and set in its natural surroundings. Am looking forward to seeing this one done.
  7. Minimalist Black Not much to say here folks as this is very similar to the previous 'mask, spray, remove, admire' posts. if you have been following along there's not much new here. I'll just post photos uncaptioned for the most part and make some minor comments along the way. This will be a minimalist post with some black paint as the main point of interest. The side of the running board must remain red - so careful masking is needed here. The white tape is Tamiya's 'flexible masking tape' and it really is flexixble. Good stuff this, just look how it takes the bends!
  8. Hello, Nice to hear of a 17 year old getting into the hobby, especially in the challenging field of sailing ships. TBH I can’t offer much insight as I have not built any of these models myself and am certainly no expert in this area. The only comment I will make is that I believe that all of these molds are very very old so are likely to be far below the standards of modern kit sets. I think Zvezda might do some more modern sailing ship kits?
  9. FWIW (and I’m no expert) I second the idea of using picture frames for a tidy margin around the outside of the display. Go to just about any second-hand shop and you will find a large variety for next to nothing. Sand it down - spray it grey or black or whatever earth-tone looks good and you have a great looking margin for next to nothing. I use MDF for the base of the diorama but use either expanded or extruded polystyrene foam to ‘bulk out’ the basic shapes of the landform then smooth out with plaster of Paris (or similar such as poly-filla) and paper -sort of like papier-mâché.
  10. What fine taste in both subjects and following you show Mr Joe Sir. I can assure you that this project is definitely still live, it’s just having a little sleep at the moment. Currently most of my efforts are directed at my daughter’s ‘Hogwarts Express’ project and my own ‘PZH 2000’ project- both of which I want finished by The first weekend in May 2021. Then it’s back to the Xantho and the path to fame and glory when she -hopefully- goes on public display.
  11. Nice to see you clearing the decks; obviously in preparation to getting back to that Fairey Long Range Monoplane!
  12. Excellent! And I love that busy little factory you have there.
  13. Thanks for that. Strange to relate; I work for one of the world’s largest copper mining companies but wouldn’t have a clue where to buy the finished product.
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