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  1. Yes they are called pleats. When I were a lad growing up in an upholster’s house, whenever we kids asked for something it was always ‘What’s the magic word?’ ’Say pleats!’ That’s how I got my good manners see! Very nice fire extinguishers BTW. They look exactly like this one in the emoticon library so they must be accurate.
  2. I would suggest typing the word ‘seascape’ into Britmodeller’s search tool. There’s a wealth of discussion on this very topic. Also google ‘Chris Flodberg’ He’s the guru on this stuff.
  3. Deep-button them I say! My dad was an upholsterer for more than 40 years! He would have deep-buttoned these!
  4. I think that this is an enormous thing, rushing towards us, and there’s nothing we can do!
  5. Nice job. I built one of these when the kit first came out and really enjoyed it. Brings back memories.
  6. Sorry to say that I have not followed this build as diligently as it deserved. The model looks outstanding! Well done on everything that’s been achieved here.
  7. Great job! Beautiful presentation and photography too.
  8. Excellent progress! Under a coat of primer those rivets look outstanding. Be warned, I’m going to copy that that ‘nail caviar’ method sooner or later.
  9. Thank you. I might look into getting some of that. Sanding dry just doesn’t come close to giving the same finish.
  10. Terrific work! What primer are you using? I note that you have used a lot of wet sanding. I’ve given up wet sanding over primed wood because I find the wood primer just sort of disintegrates and rolls-up into thin little stringy sausages when wet sanded. Is there some trick to this that I am missing?
  11. Yes ditto. I would love to see this but there’s nothing but grey squares where the photos were. Perhaps they need to be reduced in size?
  12. Every time I look at this project I just think ‘Wow’... So here I go again... Wow!
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