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  1. I lost track of this one for a while but am back up to speed now. Looks fantastic!
  2. Nice! I think aluminium is not as widely recognised as a modelling material as it should be. Aluminium printer’s lithoplate is another great material to use.
  3. Yes, just to be clear - I’m in. Subject not decided but probably something WW1 or maybe Boer war.
  4. This is great! Loved what you did with the wing fillets and the P38 and the aluminium tape. I can always get some good intellectual property theft from your posts.
  5. Swedish splinter camouflage! Decision made. No further discussion required.
  6. What!?!? The Irish are building a Death Star??? What the hell for? and who’s funding it? The &”#^%ing EU are behind this I bet!
  7. That’s cool! A nice peaceful little slice of life. Lovely.
  8. Hi @RichO I love that rust effect and really enjoy all of your posts. Please keep posting! For what it’s worth I too really struggle with this strange modern tech and for very similar reasons to the ones you state. Last year, after being on BM for about 5 years I received an almost identical message from @Mike to the one he sent you earlier in this thread. Like you I had been merrily taking photos and posting them (thru imgur) at full size not realising that this places a lot more ‘workload’ on some computer somewhere than needed and required a lot more ‘zeros and ones’ to be passed through the internet than was really needed thereby slowing things down for people. This was simply a case of me not realising that almost every photo on the internet has had its file size reduced to aid its rapid transmission from place to place. I just didn’t know and why would I? Anyway, I’m quite certain that Mike wasn’t upset with me and equally I’m certain that he’s not upset with you. It really was not intended to be a telling off. It’s just a bit of housekeeping on his part. @JeroenS Gave me the same advice he gave you and after a bit of faffing about I got the image resizer to work and now use it each time I post photos and have no further issues. Once you get the hang of it, It really is a good tool to use. Looking at the posts above it seems like you are experimenting with resizing - keep going mate - it might be a PITA right now but you will crack it.
  9. Fantastic. Outstanding. Congratulations on this.
  10. Unbelievable- Fantastic! I’m going to RFI now.
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