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  1. Welcome aboard Mikhail.
  2. I think that the figurehead probably started out as something quite simple but, over time, evolved into a beagle.
  3. Great subject! I know from various discussions that, as you say, the exact configuration of the ship is still somewhat open to speculation. Don’t let that stop you though!
  4. We seem to have very similar tastes in both modelling subjects and films. I’ve been kicking around the idea of building a dropship for years and would also give it a custom camouflage scheme. This one is looking good!
  5. No ‘shortage of mojo’ problem with the PZH, just no spare time and no place to work on it. I am replacing my old shed and now the new one is nearly finished I might actually strike some blows on the PZH this week.
  6. ‘Irony’ noun: When the literal meaning of a statement is opposite to the intended meaning. Still, you have chosen 1/24 scale so that much is highly admirable. After a four month delay there might be an update on my 1/24 Pzh2000 soon.
  7. So nice to see a modern jet in something other than uniform mid grey.
  8. That’s my understanding - not that I follow these matters closely. It always upsets me when the media call cruise ships ‘ocean liners’ and vice-versa. That’s really cool that you built that model while on-board the ship.
  9. Two-part epoxy resin glue pretty much sticks anything to anything so that’s an option. If that’s too thick and blobby at this scale then maybe old fashioned cyanoacrylate super-glue.
  10. Sorry - but I must respectfully disagree. Especially when in her full civil livery I think this ship is a stunner. Anyway, each to their own.
  11. NATO - A genuine force for good in the world. Worthy of commemoration. Stick my name on the list please. I feel an attempt at an F104G coming on.
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