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  1. I’m sure you will all be pleased to know that now I am back above 4000 likes, so the worst of the crisis is now behind. I would like to thank everyone who has provided support and encouragement throughout this difficult time.
  2. A bit of Variation A few posts back @Marklo suggested adding a bit of variation to the clear dope by altering the shade on the upper decking of this thing and I reckoned that was a good suggestion. So the next bit of painting was as shown below. Mask off the upper decking, mix up a slightly darker version of my home-made clear dope and spray it on. Looks OK I think. I was going to do the upper cockpit surround as well but the masking there promised to be considerably more involved so I think any variation in that area will be added later on when I do a bit of light weathering. Meanwhile @kev67 very intelligently suggested using 'Johnson's Klear' as a way of sealing the edges of any especially critical masking. The idea being that if there is any bleed-under the tape it will be colourless and that once in place the layer of Klear will completely seal the edge. Now that strikes me as a great idea! Here I'm trying this technique on the masking that will delineate the bright red unit marking on this model. And here's most of the additional masking that I used for this job - even here it's not complete! I have never regretted using too much masking but have often regretted taking short-cuts and using too little. If anyone's interested here's the paint that I'm using for RAF insignia red. I generally seem to have good luck with Vallejo paints and therefore don't mind the little bit extra that they cost. After a brief couple of coats with the airbrush I had this - which looked OK to me. The tail got some attention also before the stripping the masking. Then some more tape and 'Klear' went on in preparation for the blue on the tail. Action shot - Vallejo 'Azul Intenso' being applied; this stuff airbrushes like a dream. Masking removal - the moment of truth. Please disregard the little bit of wood-filler in on the foreground tailplane, that'll be sanded out and repainted soon. I think the dodo looks alright! As Kev67 suggested there was a slight ridge in the paintwork around the outside of it but it was mostly mitigated by the simple expedient of rubbing the paintwork - once completely dry - with my thumb. I know that you should never ever touch paintwork but the soft fleshy part of a thumb is about the softest 'abrasive' I know and in this case it smoothed the edge nicely without scuffing the red surface. And here's how the project looks right now. A bit of variation in the colours and markings does wonders to liven her up a bit. I've still got roundels and serial numbers to go, these will most likely be waterslide decals and Letraset. There are still many little painted details to go, but I think we can now get a fairly clear image of what the final model will look like. I'm happy with this so far. Best Regards, Bandsaw Steve
  3. I do like these rescue choppers; colourful and important subjects. Nice model. Welcome to BM.
  4. I’ve always wanted to make the journey to scale model world! Am now reconsidering...
  5. No... just checked. He’s currently got 48,387 likes and has ‘won the day’ 331 times! I haven’t ‘Won the day’ even once! Not even when I finished AE2 after a years work! Still - I don’t care... I’m far too hard and street-wise and ‘with it’ to even notice stuff like that. Nahhhh I don’t care. Far too cool for that stuff me! yep.... I don’t care...
  6. My God! It’s hit me too! Now I’m back below 4000 my wife might leave me! The bank might want to take the family home. With less than 4000, people might mistake me for some sort of nerd! Must go and find @CedB though. At one point he had more than 40,000 IIRC. This might have clipped his wings a little!
  7. Sorry Adrian, Despite my ongoing Involvement with ‘things Avro 504’ I have nothing to offer beyond best wishes. No idea at all on those two. You could -of course - do the famous Qantas Avro 504, its very well documented and I have several photos of the replica, but you obviously have those other airframes in mind. They both sound like really interesting subjects. I hope this goes well for you. Steve
  8. Every day’s a school day! Great work Phoenix - and very quick too!
  9. Have only just found this hidden down here in the group builds. Extraordinarily challenging subject. I’m struggling with my ‘one of everything’ Avro 504 and you’re setting out to tackle this thing - and with a looming deadline! Will be watching with interest.
  10. Beautiful - Just like Silver Fox this is one of my favourite civil aircraft & a demanding subject for scratchbuilding; a twin-engined biplane with a voluminous visible interior and complex faceted shapes making up the fuselage all coupled with an extremely technical colour-scheme. Excellent!
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