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  1. Wicked!!! Reminds me I still have a long way to go with the Xantho… 😳
  2. This is worryingly good. If I look at this too long I might even be tempted to enter the dark tech alternative reality world of 3D printing. May the old gods of solid modelling forgive me… 😳
  3. That’s looking really good! You should be very pleased with that.
  4. As I learned during my AE2 build many early submarines had collapsible masts for radio arieal lines and other gear that needed to be elevated when in use. I expect that in this case any mast or derrick or aerial etc would either be collapsible or retractable and would be tucked away before the submarine dives.
  5. Rippa model! I really like that cold grey sea too! Just read through the WIP and have picked up a couple of useful tips. 👍
  6. Welcome aboard. Always good to see more Aussies here! 👍
  7. No problem- I always hesitate to ‘point things out’ with models as it can be taken the wrong way. But obviously not in this case! 👍
  8. Not bad… but my understanding is of all the divergent waves only the first one (the bow wave) will actually be in contact with the hull. The second, third etc will be rolling away and don’t visibly contact it. The remaining ‘gap’ (between hull and divergent waves) is where the lower height sine-form ‘transverse’ waves form. Remember though this is your model (and I too am a beginner with seascapes) so feel free to make your own interpretation.
  9. Balsa! I never would have thought of using it in this context. Looks like it’s going to work very well though. Watching with interest.
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