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  1. Ed Russell

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Follow this guy and you will get the right colours! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043254-rnzaf-p40k-in-rnzaf-pacific-scheme/ Edit - I see Troy beat me to it!
  2. Ed Russell

    Australian Wirraway

    Excellence is a relative term, not absolute and encompasses more than just dimensions. The mere existence of a model, enabling a modeller to build something they want, is often enough! If there was even a Unicraft model of a VNS-41 I would be delighted and fix any problems I found. Years of customer feedback tells us that the average modeller would prefer a SH one to a Hiplanes one. Your mileage (and mine) may vary. Alternatively, you could wait for the Tamiya one, as it is very low on Airfix's (and likely every one else's) list.
  3. Ed Russell

    Australian Wirraway

    Modellers interested in the wartime RAAF owe MPM/Special Hobby a vote of thanks for their excellent kits of the Wirraway and Boomerang in both scales. These have formed the basis of many builds on the net and there is much information attached to these build articles. Google searching should obviate the need for new threads repeating the same information. The various Red Roo upgrade sets are just a small addition to these fine kits. Sometimes they go out of stock (as is the 1/48 Wirraway one at the moment) but we aim to keep them available as long as the kits are in production. Nice builds Tony!
  4. Ed Russell

    blenheim MKI F cam enigm

    Note the slightly darker ailerons on RE-P. Not night - maybe Sky? They are deflected in lower picture but not in others. There were instructions about not painting them when the Night/White scheme came in. I only know about it because of my own Blenheim build.
  5. Ed Russell

    Spitfire V film 64 Squadron at Hornchurch 1942

    Great film. Thanks for the link. Serials painted out on some Spitfires. Individual letters under nose. A Boston takes off (226 Sqn?)
  6. Ed Russell

    The Return of Spitfire A-Go-Go...

    That's looking very nice. The Syrian one can be done in HSS............ (I don't think any were in NMF).
  7. Ed Russell

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    if you want a white one, a few Mk II Sunderlands survived to wear the later scheme Here's my WIP (I think the first post in this link shows a 1/32 model) https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234930547-italeri-sunderland-mk-ii-raaf-10-squadron/ and finished model https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234940047-italeri-sunderland-mk-ii-raaf-10-squadron/ Yours is looking great so far and I will watch with interest.
  8. Ed Russell


    Maybe the best place to look is on Russian web sites? Particularly those that are not easy to find!
  9. Even though VH-UXR is depicted with a wooden wing photos do not support it. It appears aluminium dope to us. It is great that K-P issued it and I will follow your build. Mine will happen as soon as bench is clear.
  10. That may well be true - the alternative RAAF = P.1081, Hunter, Lightning (or maybe something else), Eurofighter! Yes, they are the Uncle Les kits - basic but very nice resin kits - still available I imagine.
  11. I hope @NAVY870 gets back into this as it looks interesting. Lots of people like the old kit and would like to know how to do it properly. Like this one........... http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14960
  12. Nice model and back story. I think the Sabre was a better choice! You may be interested to know one made it into our CAC display this year. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/spasm-display-australian-model-expo-2018-t9913.html#p100226 Scroll about halfway down.
  13. Ed Russell

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Hopefully @orionfield and OOTB Models is quietly progressing on this but an update would be most welcome!
  14. Ed Russell

    BOAC Whitley Question

    This para from http://ww2bombers.e-monsite.com has already been quoted elsewhere by @Troy Smith and seems to indicate 3 Whitleys did not have turrets removed. The B.O.A.C. ( British Overseas Airways Corporation) used 15 Whitleys Mk V modified for transport missions in 1942, especially to supply Malta from Gibraltar. They were painted in green and brown and had a civil registration. 12 of these planes had their turrets removed and received additional tanks in the bomb compartment : their range then passed at 4023 km and the payload at 2270 kg. In August, 1942, they were replaced by Lockheed Hudson and the 14 remaining aircrafts were sent back to the R.A.F. However, the quote is accompanied by a profile in green and grey and is not referenced or expanded on elsewhere. From Post #17 @Work In Progress Here's another fascinating quote to help the "armed conspiracy" theory........... but it's 1941 not 1942 and probably relates to something else. http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?21317-58-Squadron-Whitley-to-Malta-(December-1941) Does anyone have any thoughts on why a No 58 Squadron crew (or crew member) would have flown a Whitley to Malta in December 1941? "Late in December 1941, he was an air gunner of Whitley aircraft which flew to Malta by way of Gibraltar.................." G-AGCF was received by BOAC on 19/4/42 at Whitchurch and returned on 26/8/43. Indications from a correspondent are that it was used only on the UK to West Africa route and thus references to Malta are not helpful. It seems the 9 Whitley trips to Malta were made by Z-series conversions. (Edit - this is contradicted by other sources including the Air Britain one indicating 7 Whitleys were based on Gibraltar.)
  15. Ed Russell

    Listening to the Solstice

    Mmmm... the coward's approach is to take to the Airfix items with a file, sanding stick and eye of faith! Whereas yours is excellent work..............