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  1. I suspect you are right. Even the model looks a bit cramped. I will vacform some P-47 canopies and see what they look like. Pictures of the other one might be useful! I suppose it may be one of those I have seen on the net?
  2. If anyone can help you it will be @Buz or @Hornet133 so they may be along shortly!
  3. https://www.scalemodeller.com.au/collections/british-afv-wwii SMS are a local manufacturer making acrylic lacquer paint. If their AFV paint is done with the same research consultation as the aircraft paint they should be okay. https://www.scalemodeller.com.au/
  4. The DK Decals sheet 72-073 for the 350th Fighter Group includes a miscellany of auxiliaries - a captured Bf109, a Piper L4H and a 2 seat Hurricane conversion. This was apparently converted by the squadron and used as a hack and communications aircraft. There are several photos of 2-seat Hurricane conversions and they all seem to be different. Particularly the canopies have been modified differently. The two pictures of this one are decidedly obscure as far as the canopy goes so guesswork is as good as can be done. The additional landing light is interesting. @Black Knight suggested a camera which seemed reasonable. Building the Arma Hurricane https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235073882-hurricane-tacr-arma-451-sqn/&tab=comments#comment-3697472 seemed like a good opportunity to do another one. There was a Revell Sea Hurricane in the unmade kit pile which was not going to be built as anything else so it was utilised for this build. This was somewhat of a mistake as comparisons were inevitable. The shortcomings of the Revell kit are known - the wing chord is a little large, the fabric on the rear fuselage is not well represented, the windscreen is an odd shape and there is a lack of dihedral on the outer wings. All of these are fixable depending on how far one wishes to go. The rear fuselage was filed and sanded, the upper 'triangular' rear part being sanded away completely and replaced by strips of stretched sprue which were profiled like the rest of the fuselage. It's a fair amount of work but the result is much better than leaving it. The dihedral can be corrected but it is also a lot of work. The wing chord was not that far out - a little bit of sanding. As the subject was an unarmed Mk IIB the gun ports were filled in and the gun bay access panels filled. it is not known whether they were accessible on the prototype but it would not have been that hard to rescribe them. Another wing problem was noticed here, the undercarriage legs are not far out enough on the wings, giving it a narrow track by a couple of mm but it was thought this would not be noticed. So, here it is [ While the build was not particularly enjoyable due to (1) the number of things to be fixed and (2) the invidious comparison with the Arma kit, which was a pleasant process, the result is quite pleasing - it's certainly something different.
  5. It's not that bad.......... and the important thing is you enjoyed building it. With some rigging and a matt coat it would be even better.
  6. There is a build thread on this model here.......... the inspiration is explained therein. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070561-hurricane-mk-i-arma-hobby-inspired-by-a-painting/ It is from 451 (Australian) Sqn, flown by PO Ray Goldberg and used in the Tactical Reconnaissance role. The only modification is a camera on the lower left fuselage. The Arma Hurricane is a really nice kit and an enjoyable build. I will certainly do another one. [mg]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49924522928_c549efb9ca_h.jpg[/img] Thanks to people who offered advice on this one.
  7. If you know the differences between it and what you want I have a walkaround of the interior of a Mk21 under restoration. PM me your email if you want the pictures. Edit - I see I have a Mk Ic interior walkaround as well! Again, there will be diffrences.
  8. That's very nice, you have done an excellent job - no doubt helped by a well engineered kit. It looks great in that scheme. I had hoped to do mine in parallel but it's still a pile of bits in the box - you are too darned quick! I am pleased the nose fitted okay, you are the first builder to use one and they are not even commercial yet. It was inspired by @tonyot ' s build. I am sure he will be along to have a look!
  9. Not the best kit to recover ones modelling esteem with. I am a reasonable modeller but I haven't been game to tackle mine yet. if I were you I would pick something with a better reputation for an easy build, even if it's complicated, and give that a go. I know what you mean but you may be better off just getting one or two easy ones as therapy. You may find it easier to tackle older ones then. It's not only golf that's partly played between the ears!
  10. Well, you are in the right club to get one! They are on the way!
  11. The Luftwaffe theatre colour for the Med was white not yellow. The nacelles on that picture look like the cross outlines. I think there is a thread somewhere postulating this plane was in the Balkans and therefore it should be yellow but it was thought to be an unlikely location. https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/129422-what-are-luftwaffe-theatre-bands-for Edit - I was looking for that thread but Steve beat me to it!
  12. Your problem is solved thanks to the generosity of a fellow modeller who has a spare one.
  13. Looking at pictures of Little Joe, it looks like a 20mm to me. A Browning 0.303 is possible but it would make more sense to have the cannon. I think @tonyot might go for the MG though?
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