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  1. If you hold your mouse cursor over the abbreviation it will show the words - Clear Doped Linen. Whenever you see "canvas" or "fabric" mentioned they usually mean CDL. Without added colouring it is usually a cream colour.
  2. The pre-war VT code is usually associated with 216 Sqn. Valentia K3612 has been quoted as VT-D. As per post above 70 Sqn used DU pre-war. Given the tonal similarity to the roundel yellow in B&W pictures, Medium Sea Grey would seem reasonable for codes.
  3. You get it in labs too - Problem in chair, not in computer. Labs also have PICNIM - microscope or machine. ID-10-T error is also common!
  4. I heard a rumour that Revell and Airfix were going to insist on payment in bitcoin for all kits!
  5. If we had a better view of the bomb log and data panel it would make a nice model. According to americanairmuseum site it is P-47D-15-RE #42-75626 "Jeeters" Code: B4-C
  6. Silver Wings have been collecting info and maintaining an interest for some time. I would like to see it but it would be a commercial risk. It's an esoteric subject and the cost of the kit would be very high. Maybe 50-100 people offering a cash deposit might entice them. I would buy one but maybe there are not another 49-99 like minded weird, nutty wealthy discerning people around.
  7. Combat Codes lists DU as the pre-war 70 Sqn code and SJ as the wartime one. Examples are K1311 DU-L and K4630 SJ-X. 21 OTU in the UK also used SJ.
  8. Someone will be along to tell you it is absolutely dangerous to put a post like this on an authoritative source like Rumourmonger.
  9. You think anyone here believes stuff on the internet? Surely we are too cynical for that? I find it utterly amazing that about 50% of users believe all the tosh spouted on the internet https://www.marketingcharts.com/industries/government-and-politics-76894
  10. I wish I had a dollar for every unsubstantiated rumour I have heard in a model shop - I would be pretty rich!
  11. I'm not sure what your post has to do with anything about colour! As many English words have been donated to other languages as have been adopted into English. If you are trying to say language is related to the colour an actual object is or how the person perceives (sees. physically responds to) that colour, well I don't buy that either. it's all about wavelengths, rods and cones and receptors. How they express what they are seeing is certainly language-specific and limited by the word they are familiar with.
  12. Probably no worse than a contemporary Dakota! it could carry five passengers. Usual cargo was boxes but there are pictures of passengers disembarking. This one crashed, killing crew and all five passengers - 5 erks aboard as flight test ballast. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/AC0241 The most photographed one had exhortations to surrender in Nip characters http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/Beaufort-A9-712 There is a kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/high-planes-models-72006-dap-bristol-beaufreighter-ix--244623#
  13. Well we will wait and see - I don't think we can afford to collect tax for the EU either! A couple more orders for the UK without problems but nothing guaranteed for the future. Some EU orders have gone okay but a couple 'lost' by the Post Offices of two countries.
  14. I can't see many people buying that one - here are 11 other names for blue - there are probably more. Fancy names sky, azure, cobalt, sapphire, cerulean, navy, saxe (saxon), ultramarine, lapislazuli, aquamarine, teal. To make it simple you can just translate this into any language. Simple definition - the primary colour between green and violet in the visible spectrum, light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm
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