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  1. Hello John - To attract someones' attention you need to put a @ in front of their name. Like @John S Fox. Nev has answered the question - the Mk I Lifeboat was only on the Hudson. The Lancaster ASR used the larger Mk 2A Lifeboat.
  2. Ed Russell

    Covid Jab

    Aww go on..... one more..... not that gross but I had an air encephalograph once. An excruciating and rare procedure rendered obsolete by the advent of the MRI and CAT scans. My second AZ vaccination comes up in a couple of weeks - absolutely no side effects from first one. I am ignoring all the crazy talk here in Australia demonising the AZ for complications which are at a lower level than ANY general anaesthetic.
  3. I ordered directly from them, paying by PayPal and the whole procedure was no trouble at all. Mr Obscureco seems a pleasant guy and I liked his products - good instructions, casting and research.
  4. Build your own https://www.redroomodels.com/product/red-roo-raaf-target-towing-beaufighter-conv-1-72/ Interestingly in its preserved form at Moorabbin Air Museum it is painted in authentic WW2 Foliage Green. The painter was given two genuine tins but they were so diferent in shade all he could do was mix them together to produce what must be thought of as a "real" FG.
  5. Me too - What a beauty, Having seen a few CMR and S+M kits built, the CMR one is better.
  6. Hi Tony - You didn't need to delete them all. Airliners.net is a bit precious about their photos (for good commercial reasons) so all you had to do was to replace that particular Airliners .net photo with a link to it on their site, which they are fine with, and we could all enjoy the benefit of your excellent communication. You are truly a font of useful info and pictures so please keep it up!
  7. If that is your criterion, it will look excellent!
  8. And the long answer is here. You will probably end up doing yours in Dark Earth/Dark Green/Night unless you are the sort of guy who likes "something different, even if it turns out to be crap".
  9. It was promulgated in 1938 with minor amendments to 1941. Orders for RAF Beauforts were made on 1 July 1939. This picture shows 6 of the 8 arrived. From ADF-Serials. You judge the colour.
  10. 1. Yes, 2. yes, 3. You mean Aluminium dope but probably not, at least according to the official painting specs and the non-relective finish in your photos.
  11. Reviews so far have been very good. Interesting spelling variation. One of my colleagues calls them "Se-vee'-da" and another "Zveeta". Perhaps a Russian speaking member can let us know whether there are any meanings for the spellings other than Zvezda (= star). PM me if they are rude!
  12. If I am in the mood I spin them out as long as possible then offer them a much better remunerated and more worthwhile career cleaning my extensive network of public lavatories. It's a shame they are nearly all male at the moment - the ladies are much more fun.
  13. It looks like you have done a very good job on what seems to be regarded as a difficult kit. A friend built one and said "it's not the best kit in 1/72 of a Lysander available". The figures referred to came with the 1968 Frog kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f193-westland-lysander-mk1-or-mk3-spy-plane--157359 One of mine has done duty as a background station passenger, the other is virgin plastic. Possibly a boxing of the Airfix kit had one but I have not seen it.
  14. The standard turret fitted to B-24 models before B-24H was the Martin A3. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/squadron-9571-convair-b-24j-liberator-main-canopyhigh-hat-turretnose-blisters--248120 In B-24H (some) and B-24J (most) a taller, sloping plexiglass dome was fitted. As well as being taller by a very small amount the shape is a little different. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/squadron-9571-convair-b-24j-liberator-main-canopyhigh-hat-turretnose-blisters--248120 I don't know which iteration (Cobra or Falcon) represents it best in 1/72 but there is also one in the overtrees of Eduards Riders in the Sky B-24.
  15. Green Stuff and a belt sander? Ol'Blunderbuss is a great choice of markings. Note the reference to the different 'High Hat' turret. http://www.internetmodeler.com/2000/january/new-releases/whitedog_privateer.htm
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