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  1. It's not geoblocking as suggested above. You can obtain copies but it will incur charges. Everyone wants to monetarise the net where they can. They have a section called Access which explains it. http://screenarchive.brighton.ac.uk/access/
  2. Ed Russell

    Mosquito markings

    Well I have a friend whose grandfather worked in Swedish military intelligence and she has inherited all of his old logbooks, notes and photos etc but it's likely that even if his files included information about this that there would not be a colour picture so I won't assume anything.
  3. 1. Gawd, I hope not......... will a wooden stake work? 2. I think if you add Spitfire to anyone's search it will increase the number........... NPL % Spitfire About 1,530,000 results (0.37 seconds)
  4. I couldn't resist - Full name = About 195,000,000 results (0.61 seconds), As abbreviated here = About 304,000,000 results (0.45 seconds) What has that got to do with Spitfires - well, a lot as it happens.............. My name & Spitfire as search terms = About 2,990,000 results (0.56 seconds) My name AND Spitfire = About 5,590,000 results (0.44 seconds) Yeah, I know............ totally irrelevant!
  5. Estocada - Graham Hurley - Fiction from a novelist whose usual area is well written police procedurals, mainly set in Portsmouth. He has gone into WW2 fiction and they are also quite well written, blending fact and historical characters into the mix. The first was Finisterre and this is #2. It's mainly 1938 diplomacy and espionage but some Bf109s feature.
  6. Simply an awesome build! If I had one it would now be heading for the rubbish bin after seeing that.
  7. Thanks to all of you - that pretty much answers all the questions I had!
  8. Historians seem to fall into two camps about him. Some more or less idolise him as a highly successful ace pilot. Others point to the fact that, as well as the characteristics in the post above, he only claimed a very small number of bombers in his 100+ score. It could be argued that it was the WDAF bombers that were doing all the harm to the Afrika Korps, sinking ships, blasting supply dumps and materiel concentrations and the first priority should have been to shoot them down. It can be argued it was necessary to shoot down escort fighters but from what I remember of his biography this isn't what happened - some of his most useful victories were while escorting Stukas but many were battles of encounter.
  9. Thanks guys, most helpful. I sort of figured it must be that spot as there is nowhere else on the port side that has suitable clearance and access. It must be further forward on the starboard side as the opposite spot is the door and you wouldn't want opposing side guns anyway as it would be too cramped. I'm working in 1/72 and I have some Aeroclub ones somewhere.
  10. The January 2019 issue of Aeroplane contains one of their Database series - this one on the Avro Anson. There are several mentions of 500 Sqn fitting waist guns to their Ansons. For instance...... The basic armament of two .303 machine guns worried the CO so much that he and the squadron armament officer, Fg Off Harold Jones, devised the idea of adding two further guns which would fire through the glazed side windows. They would be needed in the days ahead, for 500 was about to enter a period of intense flying during Operation 'Dynamo'. Also, from the net - https://juhansotahistoriasivut.weebly.com/deadly-avro-anson.html One must remember that the Ansons of 500 Squadron carried two extra 0.303-in (7,7mm) machine-guns in the cabin windows one each side. These had been installed on special mountings made locally by a Maidstone company which refused to charge for them. The arrangement enabled the wireless operator and the navigator to provide additional defence if necessary. They seemed to be widely used by 500 at least, quite effective and contributed to the shooting down of at least one Bf109. Does anyone know of a picture of these waist guns?
  11. LOL - inadvertently Freudian! cursor - markör curse - förbanna curser - one who curses
  12. 1. Probably footboards given practice in other seaplanes. 2. Lap belts, given contemporary Russian practice. 3. The ambulance service was quasi-military, a bit like my Shavrov below. 4. can't help you there. You may find these links helpful but I think most of it has been covered above. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040793-shavrov-sh-2/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047672-shavrov-sh-2-amodel-gone-fishin/ The PE set is not worth having for the cockpit gear as it is invisible. The other parts look sort of useful but easily made yourself.
  13. This is an account by Sgt Pilot Reginald V E Nathan (born 1916 in Singapore, enlisted in RAAF in May 1942) and accompanies a painting of two Tiger Moths (he is flying #29) and is dated 12 February 1942. The caption reads We flew in pairs with No.2 stepped down so that he would not collide with No 1 if it made a sudden turn towards him. The text reads (in part) When Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939 all civilian aircraft operated by flying clubs in Malaya were requisitioned by the RAF. Included were aircraft such as the Tiger Moth, Moth Major, Miles Magister, Hornet Moth, Whitney Straight, Avro Cadet, Moth Minor and DH Dragonfly. They were then known as the Malayan Volunteer. Air Force and camouflaged in dark jungle green and brown. The RAF roundels painted on the wings and fuselage did not have any white showing. The registration letters for each aircraft were located at the rear of the fuselage with small letters and numbers painted in black. If this is accurate maybe this below is what happened
  14. Best use for an Academy Mustang https://www.redroomodels.com/red-roo-kits/red-roo-dart-stang-172/ The kit comes with it so unfortunately it's not a way of using an existing one!
  15. Yeah - I was just going on what he built - a modified Sunderland V. A fine model too!
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