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  1. Ed Russell

    A Spitfire diorama...which kits?...

    Maybe because it doesn't matter which kits you use......... to build this diorama in the quality you usually produce you are going to have to do so much scratch-building that the kit will be practicably unrecognisable. Maybe your criteria should include thinnest, most easily worked plastic, possession of an engine (but most don't). cheapest -especially if you are going for 10-20 assembly stations (:>). best fuselage sides fit, compatibility with whatever resin you use etc etc. Do please start a WIP on this one - I'd love to see it!
  2. Ed Russell

    Indiana Jones Flying Wing

  3. Ed Russell

    Shavrov Sh-2

    Thanks guys - info received with thanks. I think I have enough to do something. I have the Meritoimintakoneet book, which i bought at a bookshop in Helsinki! I would have done a Finnish one but it's already been done here! Thanks again.
  4. Ed Russell

    Shavrov Sh-2

    Thanks - that's very helpful.
  5. Ed Russell

    A very understanding wife !!

    You mean a hangar........... room for expansion! I'm guessing second hand female mannequins are easier to acquire than male................... or some other reason! Nice models.
  6. Ed Russell

    Shavrov Sh-2

    I am looking for pictures of Sh-2 aircraft. I am planning to build the Amodel kit, which seems adequate enough. I may not have all the colour instructions as the decal sheet is more comprehensive than the two schemes illustrated. They are K8 (well covered by pictures on the net) and X-104 (pictures - not at all). There are a few profiles around - but, you know........ never trust a profile without a picture. A GPW one with more than just stars would be nice but I'll settle for less.
  7. Ed Russell

    Web site shop

    Good news. I am interested in some 1/72 custom masks. I will check back after la FĂȘte nationale....!
  8. Ed Russell

    Which 1/72 Wirraway suits converting to Harvard Mk.I?

    The 2010 SH Wirraway is a new tooling compared to the 1996 SH version. Without going and looking at them I would guess the later one is better. It did have some local input. HPM is a Singapore based company - it's essentially a one man show so you have to expect he is allowed holidays occasionally. I have never had any problems bonding SH or more recent HPM kits with conventional plastic cement.
  9. Ed Russell

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    The easiest colour scheme is probably overall Foliage Green with a white tail. I was going to send @Troy Smith the picture but his message box is full!
  10. Ed Russell

    Vintage 1970's Airfix Harrier

    I'm sure someone will punch out some red discs from an old decal or red decal paper for you if you specify the right diameter.
  11. Ed Russell

    Web site shop

    Your web site has been down for "scheduled maintenance" for some considerable time. Are you still in business?
  12. Ed Russell

    Airfix Heinkel He 111 H6 colour scheme

    RFI is shorthand for the Ready For Inspection forum on this board. You post some pictures of your completed model there and we can admire it. I think Jamie's advice is pretty good about colours. The contrast on the movie model does seem greater than in most contemporary pictures.
  13. Ed Russell

    Airfix Heinkel He 111 H6 colour scheme

    Although my comment was semi-disparaging of the film, it's based in reality. No props guy who wants to keep working is going to use 900 tinlets of Humbrol or Colourcoats. Therefore they either get something specially mixed or look for a close-enough substitute. The only way to find out what exactly what they used is to contact people from the second unit of Dunkirk and ask them. They are listed in the credits and probably won't remember. "Ahh, it were some sorta dull greeny color and underneath it was gray, nah, maybe blue". However you could use common sense. Dulux do in fact make RAL colours and there are close approximates to RLM colours in this range. Here's a chart of Dulux to RAL equivalents https://www.brewers.co.uk/colourcards/dulux-trade/RAL+Colours?page=6 7022 and 6020 are what you want. if you don't like Dulux, here's another brand you can get in the UK. https://martinbrownpaints.com/ral-6020-paint https://martinbrownpaints.com/ral-7022-paint Although I am sure this is what they would have used, this is all a pointless academic exercise. Just do a bit of research on this site, find the model colour range that appeals to you and get 70, 71 and 65. As to their accuracy, you will find different opinions. In general the variation of paint colours on aircraft of the period is not huge when they are new. However after some exposure to the elements, the variation is probably greater than the variation in one model paint range to another, within reason. So if you see a review comparing them, consider it carefully but don't treat it as gospel. Post your model in RFI when you have done it. When I say semi-disparaging, let me say I thought the accuracy of the physical objects used in the film was acceptable in terms of what they were doing. To my mind, it did however, have serious other faults discussed elsewhere on this forum.
  14. Ed Russell

    Airfix Heinkel He 111 H6 colour scheme

    Probably something out of the Dulux house paint catalogue.
  15. You are right about the obscure view but it's not only the windows. Many of the pictures in my build have been Botophucketed but i have rescued a couple of the view through the doorway.... However the cockpit and turret detail will be seen so that's worth doing.