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  1. Not having seen the decals, I don't know which one it was. More than one aircraft carried the tiger.
  2. The "lion" is actually a tiger. I haven't seen the decals but the tiger head Beaufighter is genuine. The pilot was a Richmond supporter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richmond_Football_Club
  3. It's a bogus scheme. Painted on a nose which, as far as I know, has never been attached to a flying aircraft. "A8-186" was acquired in 1965 and restored using parts from many sources to become “Beau-gunsville“. The museum also has another nose section from A8-386 dubbed “Harry’s Baby” which never entered RAAF service. @NAVY870 is the go-to man for further information.
  4. The proof-of-concept model works fine. I scribed around the upper surface edge of the nacelle and then ground out the lower edge with dental burr in a motor tool until a thin gap was evident. The resultant void was chamfered with a reciprocal sander. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. I think it could be done similarly with a piercing saw and hand-sanded in maybe 15 minutes if you are not mad on motor tools. Although it's not a lot bigger than the Academy nacelle the result is very noticeable and will improve the kit a lot. The gap should be easily filled and made good. Those rivets need a bit of reduction but you would not want to sand them all off. The resin part is just held here with a bit of blu-tak and is positioned so the 'wings' on the resin part are in line with the kit leading edge. I think 10-minute Araldite may be best to hold it in place permanently. Maybe a simple wooden jig to keep both nacelles aligned might be advisable - just a piece of flat strip, two holes to clear the engine lugs and some double sided tape. It may be a few weeks or maybe a couple of months to make enough of these sets to supply the expected demand. However the idea is to make enough so nobody misses out. Even if you don't get one in the first release we will keep making them. Thanks to everyone who responded. if you didn't put your email in the PM it is assumed you have signed up for the newsletter. I'm planning to do mine as a Qantas Double Sunrise Catalina and I will do a WIP here in due course.
  5. The Admiral, Christopher Brown of HPM Models and I have been working on this and now we have a prototype. It will be test fitted into an Academy kit, any corrections made and put into production. You can see the new nacelle and cowling are only a little bit larger than the Academy offering but I think it will make a substantial difference to the appearance. The upgrade will consist of nacelles, cowlings, cowling fronts, engines, propellers, exhausts and intakes. The easiest way to determine when it is available is to sign up for the Red Roo newsletter from our web site. Alternatively, PM me your email address and I will put you on a list. Edit - I have sent a PM to everyone who responded, except two members without mailboxes @Wm Blecky and @J.C. Bahr , to draw attention to this update. We haven't determined a price yet, but we don't think it will be that expensive, by current resin casting costs. Anyway, there is no compulsion to purchase before you have seen the price. We ship overseas and charge postage at Australia Post costs.
  6. I suspect @CarLos is quite correct in his evaluation but has anyone verified the Granger drawings? I have compared a couple of his drawings to photos, other plans and measured dimensions and they are not always accurate. The kit could probably be fixed up by splitting the fuselage horizontally and using packers to deepen it but you might be as well off scratch building one. You would have to be a devoted Miles fan though!
  7. Great pictures and an interesting comparison to the rather clean RAF ones. When I did one (a long time ago) I was specifically told not to weather it too much, which the pictures confirmed! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234921689-wah-64d-apache-172-hobbyboss-armycast/
  8. I think you have done a good job interpreting the letters but given the generally poor state of the lettering I think it could well be a white E. On my monitor it is the same as the lowest bars on the cross. Looks like a great project!
  9. If it says Out of stock do not despair as we will keep the supply up and announce in our mail-out when it is replenished.
  10. The small parts are in the process of being painted. Very little clean-up, if any at all, is required. The struts are carefully packeged as the leading and trailing ones are different lengths. I have put one set of each per wooden painting block. Leading, trailing and float struts. These kits are now commercially available. https://www.redroomodels.com/product/de-havilland-dh-50a-1-72-scale/ If it says "Out of Stock" do not despair, as we will replenish the supply at regular intervals.
  11. Ed Russell

    RAF Dark Earth

    Monitor - yes, copy of book - probably not. We looked at six copies and the colour chips were a Grade 1 match.
  12. Although it is not listed here, Cramer Craft Models also made a 1/72 vacform MiG-5. https://www.scalemates.com/brands/cramer-craft--8777 I think the Formaplane one may be easier to find! KPL Models list a vacform MiG-5 but I don't think it is what you are looking for. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kpl-models-mig-5--197442
  13. I like the just-like-a-real-one approach. Following with interest!
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