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  1. I would call it a minor mistake, not a huge one and it's easily fixed............ (we did tell them about it at the time of the first release) https://www.redroomodels.com/product/red-roo-boomerang-enhancement-set-1-72/ You will need all the pieces in this set and the instructions and colour guide is worth the money on its own.
  2. Excellent job! We have sold all ours and there can't be many left at HPM https://www.hpmhobbies.com/hpl048003-high-planes-cac-avon-sabre-conversion-1-48/
  3. Very nice build. I like the subtle weathering and the overall finish (and the HA extended wing tips). Good background story as well. I was told the only way to get Kopro decals to move is use saliva instead of Future underneath and on top. I haven't tried it.
  4. It looks rather black on my monitor too but I'm sure @russ c painted them green...!! Very nicely built and painted model with great background and photography. Well done!. Looks very realistic apart from one small thing. I see the manufacturers have done it as a museum piece with a LIMITED placard on the door. This indicates a modern CASR Part 132 restriction. It's inspiring me to do my Airfix one but there do not appear to be any 1/72 decals for this one. My kit ones are unusable.
  5. Very nice build! I really like it. Great finish and subtle weathering. That's a nicely photo-referenced one but not all B-25s in VVS service used that scheme. Some discussion here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076820-b-25-markingscheme-ideas/
  6. Lovely - what scale do they make it in? I want one. Nice looking French aircraft of the approximate WW2 period - Caudron 445
  7. It's a bit like if you bought a Cessna or whatever and painted "Honorable Shaolin Air Force" on the fuselage and seceded from Trumpyland.
  8. Common sense and a knowledge of RAF colour history = yes, it is the same colour Colourisation software = no it was a different shade of red Who knows? It may be fresh red paint on codes and faded roundels but that is not the appearance of the original photo. The photos were reputedly taken in late 1944. and the codes were reputedly painted on in late 1943. If I had built TV-Y I would have used standard red codes.
  9. Note the difference in colourisation between the codes and national insignia - I think this means the software is really struggling and they could be any colour.
  10. This is my first civilian model for a while so @Moa will be pleased…. Or maybe not? More details about the Hutt River Province can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Hutt_River and its web site here http://www.principality-hutt-river.com/ Suffice it to say that it started as an unsuccessful tax evasion idea and morphed into a tourist attraction until it closed down this year. For some time the late owner, Leonard Casley, operated an Aero Subaru Fuji FA200 which was painted up in Royal Hutt River Province Air Force livery as Air Force One. Aircraft ownership is not unusual on the very large Western Australian cattle runs. Note that Hutt River is larger than Bermuda and about the size of Guernsey. The Subaru was strictly a civil aircraft and registered as VH-FJI. Searching that registration will bring up what are seemingly the only two pictures of it RHRPAF guise. As a result of a discussion here…. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/what-is-the-most-obscure-air-force-you-ve-model-an-t11296.html#p110683 ….. I couldn’t resist building this one. The kit is by Arii and is not easy to find. It was built pretty much out-of-the-box. I added flap hinges and an aerial. The decals were drawn originally in 1/48 but my graphic designer son re-drew them in 1/72 with some additions and corrections and they were printed on an Alps printer. Comments welcome.... even silly ones as befits the model! Now I need to find a Bleriot Monoplane for a model of it in Liverpool Air Force service.
  11. Because the error only needs to be made once - all of the subsequent images in books or websites are copies! I haven't researched EF369 - there may well be a picture somewhere. TV-Y above could be MSG for serials and codes as they seem a bit lighter than red in roundel but should be red in 1944. Probably available on generic sheets.
  12. Pretty ugly but quite an advanced design - (ground adjustable) variable geometry. I wonder if "Ape" is an acronym lost in time? Aerodynamic ??? Experiment or did they have an AW Chimp and AW Gorilla? The aircraft was designed to be "infinitely" adjustable: The fuselage could be lengthened or shortened, different fins and tailplanes could be fitted, the incidence angle of both the tailplane and the wings could be altered and the wings could be additionally changed in stagger, rake and dihedral. However, it could not be converted to a monoplane configuration, nor be fitted with a more powerful engine. Additionally, the entire tail was a single unit and the incidence angle of the tailplane could not be changed without also changing that of the fin.
  13. The last two of Chris's pictures are the same aircraft. I considered this Stirling for a build - It is TV-Y EF403/G and it was at 1660CU from 11/12/43 to 24/2/45. It is thought to have been used by 161(SD) Sqn before that. The rear canopy is indeed overpainted as are the fuselage windows. Note lack of guns in rear turret but they are probably off being serviced. [
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