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  1. Ed Russell

    Bristol Beaufort restoration

    F4U progress https://www.facebook.com/ClassicJetsFighterMuseum/ http://www.classicjets.com/
  2. Ed Russell

    Archangelsky Ar-2. Amodel 1\72

    Very nice. There were probably no parts interchangeable with the SB but you can see the resemblance quite easily. Nicely modelled.
  3. That's a great collection Tony. Most interesting and inspirational. Hopefully it will inspire me to get on with mine!
  4. Ed Russell

    What are the colours on these aircraft?

    FB.VI makes sense as it appears to have been used by 108 Sqn on night intruder missions. http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/RAF/108_wwII.html
  5. Ed Russell

    Help to identify

    10.5 x 13 is a common army size https://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/clarke-and-simpson/catalogue-id-ibcla10094/lot-b14b5c31-9e18-4871-a700-a69101038dd3
  6. Ed Russell

    Vultee Vengeance

    If you mean the one on the preserved Camden one, it is of recent, not WW2, vintage. There are a couple on the ADF Serials Vengeance gallery http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/Vengeance/P026755 An internet search will turn up others. (Perhaps, reading the first sentence two words of your post, I should not have answered this)
  7. Ed Russell

    Wellington Ic Airfix T2508 37 Sqn

    @Greg Law Yes indeed, mine was distorted but it was not difficult to fix with hot water and a bit of pressure. I actually fitted the retraction jacks without cementing in the undercarriage struts so I could leave them until later in the process. This worked fine. I think there has been a mould problem here as every kit I have seen has the same minor issue. That would explain your replacement part! Sure, it shouldn't happen but I'm prepared to forgive a minor glitch in an otherwise excellent kit.
  8. Sorry, this content isn't available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in. Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Center Lots of Faecbook links seem to end up like this.....................
  9. Ed Russell

    Avro Anson Flying Fridge Showroom

    Putting Anson and the rego in your search engine will bring up some pics - some are even what you want! https://picclick.co.uk/Lec-Refrigeration-Avro-Anson-G-AHIB-Vintage-Photograph-273209012096.html#&gid=1&pid=1
  10. Ed Russell

    Avro Anson Flying Fridge Showroom

    They do.............!! More information about "Air LEC" https://www.brgc.co.uk/lec-airfield/
  11. Ed Russell

    Wellington Ic Airfix T2508 37 Sqn

    Thanks for the comments everyone, most appreciated. @Greg Law37 Sqn used the Wellington IC from October 1940-March 1943 so the pictures must be within these dates. You can narrow it down more from the picture caption of Shallufa in Egypt where 37 was based from 17 December 1940 until 25 April 1942 so your estimate of 1941 is likely correct. @VinnieWhile I agree the Airfix kit is better than previous Wellingtons I think quite a decent model can be made from the previous ones. There are plenty of examples out there, notably the multi-build done by @tonyot. Even the old Matchbox kit can be made into a good model.
  12. That's a very nice job. I think the Hase colour callouts are a bit wrong. there are lots of references around like this Nice job on the building and weathering too.
  13. I'm not as quick off the mark as Tony @tonyot or Andy @general melchett at finishing one but it's pretty quick for me. This is a practically OOB build of the new Airfix kit using Tally Ho decals for S/L Peter Lemon's T2508. It is pictured in Egypt with 37 Sqn after transfer to the desert. The striking nose art shows pictographs of the crew names and a dog-latin motto translated (nicely) as "We dump on you from the heavens". https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-the-nose-insignia-on-vickers-wellington-mark-ic-t2508-lf-o-of-no-37-177479803.html [/url] [/url] [/url] I used all the interior bits but I think I could have just left everything out, painted the interior matt black and lost nothing. Good on Airfix for going the whole way though. [/url] There is a series of photos of this aircraft and several decal sheets, all of which have different schemes. From what's visible on the photos I have done a consensus paint job, not really disagreeing with most of the decal makers but not agreeing completely with any of them. https://www.alamy.com/vickers-wellington-mark-ics-of-no-37-squadron-raf-being-prepared-for-a-raid-at-an-advanced-landing-ground-in-the-western-desert-probably-lg-09bir-koraiyim-during-bombing-operations-against-italian-ports-and-airfields-in-libya-groundcrew-are-about-to-refuel-t2508-lf-o-which-has-just-had-its-port-mainwheel-replaced-after-bursting-a-tyre-on-landing-image178277322.html Early Wellingtons had a perspex cover on the front of the DF loop cover, usually in an orange-yellow-brown colour. It may be the this is all T2508 had but the tonal similarity of the football to the fin flash seemed more than a coincidence. [/url] I must say I share the enthusiasm of other builders of this kit here. I really enjoyed it and I hope Airfix sell a lot of them. I'm planning more!
  14. Ed Russell

    Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices

    SH = Special Hobby. The Italeri and Special Hobby Sunderlands have a common ancestry although their paths diverged some time ago.
  15. Ed Russell

    Best Battle of Britain Memoirs?

    I would second Tally Ho as being pretty good. Peter Townsend's Duel of Eagles is as much about others' experiences as his own but is quite interesting, as is Keith Park's eponymous autobiography which covers a lot more than the Battle of Britain.