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  1. Excellent modelling and a nice historical background, enlivened by some commentary. The most interesting models have some history behind them.
  2. Ed Russell

    Vultee Vengeance Cutaway Drawing & Plans

    There used to be a decent interior set done by the late Peter Russell (no relation) http://www.kitreview.com/reviews/vengeancecockpitreviewbg_1.htm I have tried to track down the masters but no luck.
  3. Ed Russell

    Fieseler Storch Ambulance Markings - Answer

    Thanks Graham, most useful. It's amazing what you find once your memory has been jogged.... And the emblem on the book cover is this........... from a Communications Unit which flew many different types
  4. Ed Russell

    Fieseler Storch Ambulance Markings - Answer

    I had an answer on Hyperscale which not only supplies an example but led to further research on my part - I didn't realise I owned the best book on the subject. The Classic Publication on Luftwaffe Support Units has a chapter on ambulance aircraft.
  5. Ed Russell

    Nakotne 1/72 Tupolev AHT-5

    Looking nice so far. I saw one built recently and under a coat of green paint the corrugations didn't look so deep. Aluminium finish may be a different story. All you need now is another one and a TB-1....... !
  6. Ed Russell

    Fieseler Storch Ambulance Markings - Answer

    Thanks but that tracked landing gear is a bridge too far in the model and a mighty chasm in the real one. Looking at the picture in that article I can't see any code at all. ??+XT on the book cover seems to have a demarcation forward of the badge under the cockpit window.
  7. Looking for information on suitable camouflage and codes for a Fi156 Ambulance. This is to assist with a model and in the restoration of a real one. Given it has some history contained in the book, a fuller version of this cover photo would be very nice........ but any example where there is identification of the unit, the presence of a set of codes and at least an indication of the camouflage would be very helpful.
  8. A page on the AWM site specifically includes photography as one of 13 Sqn's tasks https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/U59378 but I would imagine their Venturas has a similar set-up to what Tony describes above.
  9. Ed Russell

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    There are plenty of references on Vc Spitfires which were more important than the Mk VIII versions to the RAAF. Although the with Mk VIII you can even have a 4 cannon one. At least one genuine one and a couple of speculative ones. I can't remember if I sent you the notes for the Mk Vc Spitfire or not. Let me know. It was a pleasure to meet you at E-day and a pity it was so busy and we could not have chatted longer.
  10. That particular one was doubly cursed and finished off the 631's career in a seemingly appropriate manner https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1948_Air_France_Latécoère_631_disappearance If I had one I'd be tempted.... for a moment anyway..........!!
  11. Ed Russell

    Scale Aircraft Modelling Sept 2018

    At least that magazine has made a sustained effort against typos (used to be 3-5 per page now way <1) but they need to be vigilant! Tyops, tpyos, whatever are hard to eradicate completely. Mind you, proof reading is a disappearing skill and therefore us proof readers are an expensive addition to a magazine's cost. I can't imagine that there is much profit in owning, editing or contributing to a magazine. I wonder if the genre might follow scientific journals and introduce "page charges". just imagine the angst that that would give rise to! (just kidding).
  12. Ed Russell

    1/48 Petlyakov Pe-2: Soviet pawn star

    Crude but effective. Yes, at the new-ish extension to the Czech Air Force Museum. Well woth a visit.
  13. Ed Russell

    Gloster Meteor U.21

    This was recently released https://www.redroomodels.com/red-roo-re ... 148-scale/ Here's a finished one which picked up a well-deserved First in its category at SAPMA 2018 show and here's the builder showing his Best Airfix certificate and prize at the same show
  14. Ed Russell

    1/48 Petlyakov Pe-2: Soviet pawn star

    Looks good so far. Don't make the cockpit area too nice - the real one was pretty agricultural ........... Kbely 2018
  15. Ed Russell

    Sunderland into Empire

    As far as I can see the DNL Sandringhams went to SAS in 1952, not 1940. In 1/144. I imagine decal windows would be fine. The F-RSIN one looks similar to this but I imagine there are some differences. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5d/SAS_Short_Sandringham_at_Fornebu.jpg Decals are available in 1/72 for a RAI one so maybe the SAS one is not impossible. It's probably easier to hire a graphic artist than learn CorelDraw or similar! Good luck!