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  1. Oh, thank you very much for kind wishes. BM is solely for modelling stuff and we all ought to avoids politics as u know. But I'd like to tell you that things are not as they seem from there. Despite of your Dad's warning, noone touches a Nato member as long as they commit a serious crime. How I know that? I served in Navy and coming from a military family. I'd like to host you someday and offer you kebap and baklava (a few beers after all ofc ) Like I did to my Greek and Serbian modeller fellas. I bet a visit wud ruin your sterotypes Now I should go back my PV-1 and find some eduard colored seatbelts. Wish you best of all for you and beloved ones.. The Flogger
  2. Thanks Ed. Decision is done: Zinc Chromate! I liked your triple build project. Beside C-47, PV-1 become my fav multi engined propeller plane
  3. Ok, in case of my plane is dissmissed due to wheelbay color by jury in coming Istanbul contest, I am gonna blame you. Get ready to face Turkish courts! LOL Joke aside, thank you very much. I appreciate!
  4. Well, I guess I will listen your advice and gonna make it ZC. Thank you for spending your valued time to response me.
  5. It is ok, I appreciate your kind help. Best wishes, Flogger
  6. Thank you Charlie a million times. Seems like wheelbays's interrior was white. Any chance to get info about bomb bay?
  7. Here, Dave Harris's pic. You can see the white landing gear inside pic! https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1276345 I know museum pics are not always correct.
  8. Dear Gents, Thank you all for interest. I found a link from Australia. A Navy Ventura under restoration. Pics are from 2012. I believe they can give some idea. Here, wheelbay seems zinc chromate but wheelbays still question mark. They look metallic. https://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/History/Aircraft/Harvey_Ventura.html
  9. Hello All! At the moment, I am building a 1:48 Revell PV-1 Ventura. She will be one of planes located in Attu. So, will be in 2 tone blue+ white undersurfaces. Revell suggests that wheelbays and bomb bay should be be zinc chromate. But somewhere I had read NAVY never used zincc chromate on wheelbays and bomb bays on 3 tone camos. I will be very happy if someone enlights me. Best wishes, Flogger.
  10. I am working on same kit at the moment. Better watch out the cockpit platform fits in slots in fuselage perfectly. Otherwise it causes some extra work on top /nose.
  11. Thank you gents! You both saved my life!
  12. G'day Gentlemen! I am currently building a 1:48 Tamiya Mosquito. I purchased An Extradecal sheet and intended to build SEAC one (HR399) in Dark earth-dark green clothes. I have 2 issues to be solved. 1- What sort propellers used that bird? Wide or narrow one? ( forgive me for my ignorance I am sure they have proper brand names; rotol, curtiss etc) 2- Has HR399 carried with strips under wings? I will be pleased if some may enlight me. Best wishes from Turkey. The Flogger
  13. Thank you gents, I searched a bit more; seems like there were no diamond pattern wheel on RAF Fortress. I appreciate your kind responses. Wish all you a happy new year! Flggr
  14. Good evening Gents! Currently building an 1:72 Airfix Fortress mk III, 2016 mould nice one. I didnt like kit wheels and purchased Eduard resin set. But later I realised that on internet, they used radial pattern wheels or many pictures were blurry. So, It will be wrong if I use diamond pattern wheels on British fortress Mk.III? Thanks for reading. Flogger
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