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  1. I think the MGC suffered for 2 main reasons. One that it wasn’t a Healey, nor was it substantially better than the outgoing 3000 (but a little better I feel). Secondly, it was too close in looks to the MGB as it shared as much of the B componentry that BMC could. The combination of the 2, I think, is what made the C a slow seller, despite the best attempts of companies like Downtown to turn it into a better car. It’s short life & budget cuts mean it had a very limited competition life, so little was learned to improve the car during production. All that said, I love mine. It’s no track weapon, steers like a battleship and drinks fuel like nobody’s business but I can think of few more enjoyable British 6 cylinder ‘sports cars’ I’d rather drive on a sunny weekend. Edge
  2. I admit I was sorely tempted & still hanker after one, but as my wife wants to use it too I figured the roadster was a better car for us. Money no object, I’d be off to see Doug at MG Motorsport for a Sebring replica. Back in reality I figure that a good exhaust system & triple SUs, as per the Downton cars, might be more suitable for our bimbling. Thats after I sort the suspension and steering - it’s like turning a battleship and just as heavy! Edge q
  3. Following along as I have my eye on this set. Almost bought a C GTS replica but went for a sensible blue roadster instead. The GTS was just too much of an unknown as you’re relying on someone else’s work, especially with regards to the body mods. Plus I can’t afford to run one on 3 webers! Edge
  4. https://claybornglobal.com/IHF/index.php/British_RAF Bit of Googling turned up this. Edge
  5. Great looking Mustang there! Have to admit to putting this one back in it's box when I attempted a build last year - the Arma announcement took the will to push on out of me! Edge
  6. My parents had a place in a small village called Clatter, which is between Caersws & Carno. We saw the Hercules on the back road to Newtown, around Aberhafesp I guess, while the Hunter was, I think, near Mychnlleth. Of course Hawks made up the majority of what I saw (and most of those I saw were camouflaged), so anything different was quite exciting. Happy times indeed! Edge
  7. What a fabulous intro. I was lucky enough to be a regular visitor to mid Wales in the 80s, thanks to my parents having a holiday home there. I seemed to spend most of my time scanning the skies to identify the aeroplane responsible for disturbing the peace, which my friends (locals) and resident sheep ignored! Particular favourites are the Hercules (generally seen on Wednesdays) and a 2 seat Hunter, both of which I looked down to see! Plus a one-off sighting of a Canberra which flew, at very low level, directly above us and a Jaguar which screamed past leaving the air crackling & buzzing for several seconds after, something I’ve never understood. We also saw the occasional American aircraft, F-111 screaming along the valley and slower and far more interesting, to this teenage spotter at least, A-10s. Needless to say, any trip to a larger town would necessitate a search for a kit of the latest aircraft to pique my interest. Edge
  8. Hi all. wondered if anyone had come across this previously? Apologies for the grainy phone photo. It shows a piece of pre coloured Eduard etch attached to the kit IP of an Airfix Vampire which I’m slowly building. The piece bonded quite well to the kit part using Bob Smith Industries CA but trouble started when I attempted to attach the 2nd etch piece on top. It looks as if the CA has lifted the ‘paint’ meaning the 2nd piece won’t bond to it. I’m hoping it’ll calm down if left alone (if so I’ll try again with Gators Grip) but I’ve never seen this before. Any suggestions as to where I’ve gone wrong? Edge
  9. Great spot Stu! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72336?result-token=r12Vv Edge
  10. Really nice result! I had similar issues when I built the kit recently - found it becoming a chore towards the end! Edge
  11. Smashing result Ben! Used to have one of those tucked away but sold it as it was way beyond my abilities! Edge
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