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  1. Welcome aboard from a near neighbour! Edge
  2. @LanceB, @Work In Progress I built the Matchbox kit as a kid, lying on my belly in front of the fire watching the Wrestling on World of Sport! Remember the kit well! The 1/32 kit looks magnificent, especially when someone skilled really goes to town, but too big for me unfortunately. Let's hope the KP one is leaps ahead & includes the fuel tanks (I have their Mustang Mk.III and was sore that the tanks were extra). Edge
  3. As is the Mk.VI...... "And now to new forms. Tempest Mk.V launches a family of Tempests of all versions and alternative armaments. In addition to the Mk.V and MK.II, there will also be a version of the Mk.VI, which has never been available as a injection model." Edge
  4. This may have come up already but how about some generic Slate Grey codes & serials for Coastal Command aircraft, as per the old Modeldecal 111, 112 & 113 (I think that’s the correct ones)? Similarly is there any mileage in something similar but in yellow for WWII ASR aircraft (Lysander, Hudson, Defiant, Spitfire etc)? Edge
  5. There's always this: https://www.graphicair.co.uk/product/iwata-airbrush-cleaning-kit/ Available in lots of places & has almost everything you need to strip & clean an airbrush. Probably not enough if it's gunged up enough to need a soak, but should keep on top of things in between sessions. I have one & use the wipes & pipe cleaners a lot plus the small tool to remove the nozzle is really handy and prevents damage. Edge
  6. I have the same airbrush and find it needs regular cleaning. I strip it and clean the needle with cellulose and soak the cap and nozzle in the same but only for short periods. I’ve also used an ultrasonic cleaner to soak the body & stripped out parts to remove some of the deeper crud. It’s quite easy to work on and seems quite robust to me. A scheme of the parts breakdown is always good to have to hand when putting it back together. Edge
  7. This site is not the place for name calling, however much you disagree with another member’s comments. Open & constructive debate by all means but suggesting a fellow member is a ‘snowflake’ for pointing out their concern about a model aircraft marking option is more than a little excessive. Edge
  8. That's some work Ray! I'd love a 1/72 C-17 but there;s no way I could wrestle this beast into anything like a good shape. Edge
  9. Wow - they were going for silly money not so long ago - £60-£80 rings a bell!
  10. Alley Cat were working on a 1/72 Warwick some time ago. Unfortunately Ali has come down with the dreaded Covid (as read on another forum) and is making a steady recovery. He did mention in the post that he was still working on some projects, including some CAD & 3D printing of prototype parts so I am hopeful that the Warwick project is still alive. Edge
  11. My thoughts too. A quick google check shows the 2 Airfix profiles as being B. XVIs - perhaps Special Hobby will release a different version? Edge
  12. I remember Cosford being the Aerospace Museum, before it's name (and possibly it's objective) changed to reflect the history of the RAF. I can see an argument for both keeping the development aircraft and moving them to a more suitable location and maintaining their presence (and even expanding) in the Test Flight Hall. Obviously their development was driven by the then current Air Ministry thinking, and some were most likely flown by RAF and ex-service pilots, however they did not make it into service themselves. Unless there is an overarching body who could be responsible for re-arranging th
  13. Lovely, lovely builds Bill, as ever. Best wishes to you in 2021. Edge
  14. That’s a fantastic output Tony & quite an inspiration too. Lots of subjects I have planned, mainly the obscure FAA and CC stuff, but you’ve tempted us with a generous helping from across the board! All the best for 2021 mate!
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