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  1. Magna Models did an AS.7 and U.8 in 1/72. Could an AS.6 be conjured from the SpecIal Hobby Mk.IV/V kit? Edge
  2. I wish Special Hobby would downscale this to 1/72? Pretty please? Edge
  3. I tried a few months ago & was told they have no plans to re-release, but no harm in asking again. Edge
  4. Air Graphics do a set: https://air-graphics.co.uk/shop?keywords=JP2&olsPage=products%2Fac-030-jp233-runway-denial-weapon-pods No link or association with them save having purchased a few bits. Edge
  5. Blimey this thing is taking some taming. Great work beating into (Whitley) shape. Edge
  6. Can I argue that we are not awash with either feral children nor the progeny of the finest Anchor Man to grace the airwaves? As the father of 2 children (16 and 10) I am proud to say that both mine and their friends are the nicest, most honest & hard working of kids. My lad (the 10 year old) even loves his 'airfixing' as well as football plus the usual online activities. My daughter has just returned from a 3 week trip to Botswana working on local farms & a rhino sanctuary. This cost her in excess of £4K which she earned herself. Labelling all kids as menaces or feral does no one any good and overlooks the huge majority that are fantastic individuals. It's the same as labelling all over 40s as miserable, or all modellers as geeks. One box does not fit all. What these kids did is unacceptable and has been dealt with under the law as we currently live. We can't go back in time and give em 6 of the best (didn't work for me) and making them watch as their beloved electronic devices are smashed just perpetuates the violence and would teach nothing. Edge
  7. Lovely plastic wrangling Ced. I have one of these (a mk.VII Ithink) buried away. I think it can stay buried based on this! Odd isn't it how the past sometimes touches you. I'm sat at home just a handful of miles from Northcote, indeed it's just off one of my cycling routes. I'll keep these brave boys in mind next time I pass. Edge
  8. Hi Edward good to have you back. As per Will's post, tack cloths are what auto painters here in the UK use when prepping for paint. They're essentially a cloth soaked in a sticky substance that pulls the dust etc from the surface. I used one on my stalled Hurricane & had no trouble from dust or stray dog hair. Edge
  9. Apologies for the duff info regarding Infinity, and such a shame another shop has gone. I checked online for their website which also looks to have gone - he used to do quite a bit of mail order. I know what you mean about TET - it's quite a change from tube glue! Good luck with the paint spraying! Edge
  10. Hi & welcome Kaity! I'd definitely recommend a visit to Affinity Models. Chock full of kits, paints, tools etc and I found the owner friendly, knowledgeable and best of all helpful. I only managed to call in a few times when I used to visit Stoke on business but I was so impressed that I planned meetings to avoid Thursdays! My son is getting into building models and I've started him on Revell Contacta glue (gives more wriggle time than he hotter types) and Tamiya acrylic paints. Tamiya Extra Thin glue (TET) is great too - just hold the parts you want glued together, touch them with a spot of the glue, using the small brush in the cap & watch capillary action flow the glue along the seam. Happy modelling! Edge
  11. Hi Ced. Cracking way to hold your Spit. Could you explain what the Sphere-stand pins are & maybe where to find them? Thanks Edge
  12. Enjoying some great model engineering as my Uncle Bill would have called it! Edge
  13. I have recently done the same and it would appear that the rear end is a dog's breakfast with no simple fix. I was hoping that our friends at Alley Cat or Freightdog might be persuaded to come up with a correction set, but that may be a wish too far! I've also spotted that Print Scale (I think) have recently released several sets of decals for various marks of Javelin - do they know something we don't?? Edge
  14. Think this was Special Hobby but stand to be corrected! Edge
  15. Wonderful job as always. I imagine the pilot was in for a surprise as the nose wheel retracted..... Edge
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