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  1. High Planes seem to be hitting all the right notes in the right order, to paraphrase Les Dawson. Looking forward to seeing how you get on Tony, from the back row with the other troublemakers! Edge
  2. Have you tried a Google search for 'Senior Service Hunters'? Modelhobbies appear to have a set, failing that there may be others still holding stock, or there may be alternative producers? Edge
  3. Thanks Dave That was my thinking, but wasn't 100% sure. I had planned (eventually) to use Tony's excellent Special Hobby build as a guide so had assumed additional guns would be necessary, but hadn't covered the different antenna or turret. Edge
  4. A question for the experts. Would fitting the upcoming High Planes Mk.V/VI conversion set an accurate RAF Mk.II? Edge
  5. Edge

    Canberra T17

    Hope you don't mind me following along? I have a couple of these and hope to pick up any tips. Edge
  6. Congratulations on becoming a grandad again! I’ll also echo everyone’s comments re the resin additions and your efforts in getting them fitting so well. Edge
  7. Great choices. I’m part way through building the MQ-9. Nice kit but has some huge and unfortunately placed sprue gates. Edge
  8. I'll follow along if I may. This is something I want to attempt when I'm in a brave mood! Edge
  9. Another one from the top drawer Bill. I wish I had an ounce of your skill. Edge
  10. Great start Ced. I'll follow along if you don't mind? Edge
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