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  1. Edge

    Bob Willis RIP

    Sad loss of a boyhood hero. Always liked his attitude and modesty on and off the field, particularly in light of the current crop of cricket 'stars'. Love Spookytooth's description of him being all hair & elbows running in to menace the opposition. Being the slightly gangly lad I was, with an abundance of flowing curls (long since gone), I'd imagine myself to be Bob as I practiced my bowling at a single stump in the garden. Rest in peace Bob
  2. Finally going to call this one finished. Lost my enthusiasm quite early on, so had to force myself to sit at the bench & soldier on. Just one of those things! Things I'm disappointed with include the undercarriage. I found it over complex and the fixing points were miniscule. I left off the 2 actuators as one broke removing it from the sprue & I'd almost binned the kit! I found it impossible to align the Eduard Brassin wheels on the undercarriage legs too, so much so that I took a guess with the flats on the tyres & guessed wrong! I should have removed the Brassin exhausts from their pouring block before painting. I didn't & chipped them in the process. On a good note, gently touching them in with some Alclad Burnt Exhaust with a fine brush added to the tonal variation! Bits I'm pleased with? Well the antenna looks cool. IMG_3227 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr IMG_3228 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr IMG_3229 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr IMG_3230 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr IMG_3232 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Edge
  3. Have to admit to feeling a little disappointed in the masks. They obscure the base colour meaning you can't see to judge any colour variation until you move it. I ended up with a poor marbling effect. I like your idea for using them during pre-shading - I'll pinch that for next time! Edge
  4. Catalina build on hold awaiting a set! Plus us more in the stash pile that will need 'accurising'! Edge
  5. What a lovely job. Great build and a flawless finish. Edge
  6. I'd had both Valom's TF.4 and TF.5 on order with Hannants until seeing this thread. No disrespect to Valom but all of their kits need work to build whereas the Clearprop Gloster E.38 has received some glowing reviews. I know it's risky to base any judgement on such little evidence, so I can always pick the Valom offerings later. Or build the 4 CMR kits I've got somewhere. Might also have the Aki kit (not too sure, but definitely have their Sea Fury). Edge
  7. Alan Please count me in for one of your VC-10s.
  8. I'm definitely up for VC-10, Voyager, Belfast & Tristar. Plus Beverley too! One thought though, these are likely to be expensive kits so it would be handy to have some notice of release dates to allow purchasers to save up their modelling tokens. Believe me, that's not a criticism of anyone's pricing structure, just a simple reality for me, where big ticket items have to be budgeted & saved for. I'd hate to miss out & disappoint Alan @Icelandic Fine Art by saying I'll buy one then not following through. Edge
  9. Thanks Jan. What a shame. I'll still get one in the hope that selling lots of kits will encourage Arma to roll that Navalised fuselage!
  10. Does anyone know if a Sea Hurricanr IIc is likely from Arma Hobby? Edge
  11. Thanks! Not sure where I nicked the idea from, but it's quite effective. Edge
  12. A little more time & experimentation (for me at least) on the Hurricane today. Having messed up the camouflage last time, I masked with blue-tac & copydex before spraying the RAF Dark Green Xtracrylix. I stuck with the Night Black as to darken the green as I thought the green could cope better, being darker than the earth tones. I added white to lighten selected panels. Untitled by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Untitled by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Removing the masking, always a nervous time revealed a not too bad result. A little bit of an edge on one wing where paint has seeped beneath the blue-tac and a couple of areas where the brown has lifted. All in all, I'm quite pleased. Untitled by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Untitled by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Edge
  13. I've just bought a set of Artool FX masks (which appear similar) to use as a method of breaking up single colours by spraying varied shades of the base colour through. I found them useful, although the material they're made from is a little stiff, making Fitting them closely to tight radii, such as small fuselages quite a fiddle. Also bear in mind that it's another thing to hold when spraying (airbrush, stencil & model). None of these things stop me recommending them but forewarned is forearmed I guess! Edge
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