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  1. Blackbird Models did announce they were working on a Halton conversion some time ago. Not heard anything since. Edge
  2. Great finish on a tricky kit. I binned mine well before finishing! Edge
  3. Hi Bill I have no answer to the main point, but I do know that Airone Hobby do make a photo etch canopy frame for the Arma Hobby F4F kit, so the idea is not dead! https://www.aironehobby.com/?lightbox=comp-jtosmw88__c58c5c95-dc69-42fa-9287-fc7e568b5004_runtime_dataItem-jtosmw89 Edge
  4. Ah that explains it! Apologies for jumping in. Edge
  5. Wow, so much concern over a make believe story set on a make believe boat! Maybe best to park things before the mods lock this one. Edge
  6. Coming along nicely, Heather. Such a pity that biplanes aren't satisfied with a jumble of struts, wings & wires but all too often insist on being coloured-in with a larger than necessary number of paints! Edge
  7. It's quite annoying that AIM products aren't shown either on Hannants' site (they refer you, via a link to AIM), nor on AIM's site. I took a punt on the Blackburn and am pretty pleased, but it's certainly a new style of kit to me (lots of print towers attached to parts and reference to polish the kit surfaces to reduce/remove print ridges). Plus the decals have continuous carrier film so will need some care & attention. Not knocking the kit at all - who else is likely to produce anything like this, just wish there was more info on what's in the box without having to take a punt. Edge ps. Hope you're happy with the contents Ali.
  8. Lovely job Chris. Looks good alongside the King Air! Edge
  9. To be fair, Alec has always tried to be open & transparent about the difficulties he's faced running the business, particularly around health issues affecting him and other family members. I've placed a few orders and as tony.t says, there can be a bit of a wait for it to to turn up, but turn up it does. I'll also agree that the quality of the parts of excellent too. Let's hope that the business can find a new & equally caring owner, willing to keep supplying quality resin and adding to the catalogue as new kits are released. Edge
  10. Great choice Bill but shame about that white plastic! Looking forward to you working your magic on this one. Edge
  11. Been looking for these decals in 1/32 for ages Edge
  12. Not announced until 15th August chap. 2 ordered & received in days. Edge
  13. That's great Colin. The ventral H2S piece should allow one of the aircraft on the upcoming Xtradecal sheet to be built. Edge
  14. Hi Bill. Just playing catch-up. Glad to see you back & on the mend - long may that continue! Cracking work on the big blue beast, so neat as ever. Great to see the future of modelling has a chance with young Carter's interest! Edge
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