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  1. I have one somewhere & IIRC the reviews said something similar regarding the geodeic structure. I think the reviewer suggested a light sanding or similar treatent. Edge
  2. There's the Trumpeter one.... Edge
  3. I'm another iPad Gen 2 user who has struggled since the last update. I've tried downloading both Firefox & Chrome from the AppStore but neither are compatible with my ancient device. Looks like I know what to put on my Christmas list! Edge
  4. Hi Chris. My original comment was referring to the 3-part engine cowlings being a faff to put together - hadn't realised that there were also some spurious/non-Blenheim lumps & bumps to remove. Apologies for any confusion. Great work Johnny! Edge
  5. Another from the top drawer Bill & what a beast too! Edge
  6. That's a top job on such a tiny subject. Great finish and paintwork. Edge
  7. Great to have you back Edward! It's been a tough old year so far, particularly, I imagine, on your side of the pond where there appear to be huge societal fractures re-opening, not helped by the constant caps-lock tweeting of POTUS. I have 2 kids and I can honestly tell you that things will improve as they get older. Boys, in particular, are a challenge and seem to know just how to push the meltdown button at the most inconsiderate times! Ted is now 12 and still has a tiny attention span and no understanding of how the world around him works. I built him a new desk yesterday
  8. Looks great Tony! I've thought about one of these, but it's the wrong scale for me & pricey when you factor in the kit cost too. Still sorely tempted, mind! Edge
  9. Lovely build & finish. I've a few (ahem) of these put away for another day - hope I can get anywhere near a job like that! Edge
  10. Eduard re-boxed the Hasegawa Typhoons a couple of years ago so I'd be surprised if they were to produce their own kit so soon after. Edge
  11. Edge

    Airfix 2021...

    That Aki Sea Fury (along with their Firebrand) is a stunning kit. Edge
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