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  1. Oh yes, it split into a few pieces when I took it off the backing, but even the fragments stuck in place so well you can't really tell that it came apart, I'm impressed with the quality. Maybe you really do get what you pay for
  2. Going a bit quicker now that I'm not doing any other projects. I've got the "wooden" deck added and completed most the major assembly. The Infini wooden deck was probably the best of these that I've used to date - very fine and a very accurate fit to the kit (and it stuck properly, not always a certainty with some that I have used): One slightly blurry picture, but showing the most intricate part of the deck, I love how this looks now it's done. Next stop, some detail painting, final assembly, railings etc.
  3. That's a great job, really nice weathering as well. I'm in the process of building the I-400, another Japanese sub oddity. If it comes out half as well as this I'll be delighted
  4. That's a really nice job Graham. Can I ask, how do you do the heavy rust effect you have around the ship number?
  5. Thank you and good luck with your build, even more so with the family connection. For a first ship build I'd just day take your time, don't be afraid to step away into something else for a bit to recharge the motivation, especially for one as large as Hood Thanks also to Nick & Graham
  6. This is superb, I love the mottled look you have achieved with the grey, is that from pre-shading?
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks everyone for the comments, sorry I haven't any more images at the moment, time is difficult to find right now. I didn't get the flyhawk turrets, the set just had the blastbags and etch details. It wasn't too bad to work with, better instructions than some of flyhawks offerings, but could have been clearer in places.
  9. Hi, presenting the next in my series of builds (going back in time from most recent), here's my second go at building the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood. I finished this model early in 2021 after beginning it towards the middle of 2020 and putting it away for a while when I was busy with other things (non-model related sadly). I built this kit about 10-12 years ago, soon after I got back into the hobby and sufficient to say I was less than overjoyed with the results. After I'd started getting more practice with photo-etch, rigging and the works, I decided this ship deserved a better example in my fleet than the one I'd built and so I went for a rebuild, this time with wooden deck and Flyhawk detail kit to enhance the final offering, I think the improvement was worth the extra hassle of building it a second time - now I guess I'll need to do the same for the Bismarck to go with it . And here she is sitting alongside the older version, which had taken a bit of abuse in a house move by this point as well.
  10. That is a fabulous model, expertly realized. The weathering is extremely believable and looks great. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Hi David, true about the red and grey for sure here. And C turret does swing past the superstructure, it's tight, which probably means it had a clear amount of room at full size
  12. Wowsers, what a paint job. Very realistic looking weather beaten sub.
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments. The most appreciation the hobby gets at home is "I don't know how you have the patience", which is nice, but it's great to share with others who enjoy the craft
  14. I've only recently joined you fine folks here at Britmodeller, but I have quite a few completed models I'd love to share with you, since my wife has no interest in "enjoying" the fruits of my labour. So when I have some time I'll start with some of the more recently completed items. Here be the Aoshima 1/350 Takao, for which I used the Flyhawk photo-etch set to improve the finer details. I finished building this one back in April this year after a few months effort. It all went together fairly well, although the etch set instructions were terrible, so there are a few questionably described items that I had to deal with/makeup. The resin turrets were probably the best part of the whole set, almost worth the shonky instructions - they are so much better than the plastic originals. Overall I'm happy with the final product, a nice addition to my Japanese WW2 fleet - hope you enjoy
  15. I'll echo the comments already here, that is superb. I've build a KGV in 1/350 and it doesn't look that detailed - mind blown
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