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  1. Here's the next entry for my back catalogue, this is a fairly recent build (early 2021), that just hasn't been added to my library yet. This is Trumpeter's 1/32 English Electric Lightning, with Aires resin cockpit and exhausts. I decided on the extras for this one because the kit cockpit was a bit spartan and it's one of my all time favourite aircraft. The kits pretty easy to put together, no real problems encountered other than the well documented lack of decals for two of the same missile, leaving you either with two mismatched missiles or some improvisation to do. I've painted it to one of the schemes from the box as I liked the red and chrome arrangement and don't have anything else that looks like it. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Oh yes, that's a stunning piece of work there. I love the coverings on the railings round the bridge. The paintwork and rigging are both flawless, so much to enjoy here.
  3. Another entry in my collection of Star Wars fighter craft, this time the Y-Wing. This one went largely unoticed for me when I was young, I was always distracted by the bigger ships, Imperial Star Destroyers in particular. Nowadays though, I love the Y-Wing, especially the Rebel Alliance version from the original films with all the innards exposed. Plenty of room for a wash to make it look lovely and dirty and used, plus articstic license with all the pipes etc can be enjoyed to your hearts content without ruining the "authenticity" of it. The Bandai kit was a joy to work with (as always), sometimes you do get what you pay for I suppose even if I can't afford too many. Hope you enjoy as much as I did
  4. That's super impressive for a 1/72 tomcat, beautiful work
  5. That's a very nice finish. I'm really intrigued by these types of ships, all the odd design evolutions between HMS Warrior and HMS Dreadnaught, including the masted turret ships like this one. Beautiful display and finish, makes a really nice scene, thanks for sharing
  6. Hi @Telboy3510, that's a really nice model and a nice display. I've had similar thoughts about the kits in my stash that represent current Russian equipment. Is a model just a model? I tend to think so, but I'm in the UK so maybe not the right person to say.
  7. That's quite the outstanding collection, the HMS victory looks great alongside them
  8. That's a superb build, as previously highlighted, your rigging is immaculate and insanely intricate, love it
  9. Having built the Takao, I hear you with the vague instructions. Turned out nice though, great work
  10. I'm with everyone else here, that's a superb build. There's nothing to fault here, the sea looks great, detail amazing, weathering superb, bravo
  11. That's really nice work, a great end result there. Did you use a specific PE set for her?
  12. To echo the other comments, I was looking at this and enjoying your nice build, then I saw the engine detail - wow, that really elevates it for me, beautifully painted all round, but again the details really make it stand out - nice!
  13. Missing blade, sadly. Very easy to break off when fitting to bases like this one. But you know, we have standards to maintain
  14. Some of the kits do seem like that sort of money, like the Very Fire Taiho
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