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  1. Monster diorama. Lots to see. Great job. I bet it looks even better in real life. I sometimes find a camera does not really represent how pleasing to the eye a diorama can be.
  2. Thank you. The cracked ground is a good product with interesting effects. Thanks Ozzy Thank you!
  3. Very nice diorama. Tank looks great, too.
  4. Thanks, George! Yes, patience and perseverance... especially with the fiddly stuff.
  5. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated as always. At the moment, my basic modifications range from switching legs, hands, arms, arms, boots and heads to sculpting new lower legs with putty for Afrika Korps figure conversions. The arms for holding the map came from another figure and I repositioned or replaced the hands if I remember correctly. So not a big mod. Mr. Black Publications and AK Interactive have great reference books on modifying and sculpting figures which I recommend for ideas and inspiration. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks Pete, yeah, you are right about it being busy and I hadnt thought about that aspect before...
  7. Hi everyone, This is diorama #3 related to Nachrichten Fern Aufklarung Kompanie 621 (NFAK 621) as you can see from the references below of the Sd.Kfz 251 likely attached to HQ of 90. leichte Afrika Division which inspired the diorama. The Kfz. 21 is a further conversion of a Plus Model Horch conversion to represent one of the vehicles used by Rommel and Bayerlein which is now owned in Germany. The Sd.kfz. 232 shown in the rear of the first reference photo is likely from Kampfgruppe Kiehl which was attached to Rommel. Other two armoured vehicles are modified AFV Club and the figures are modified and unmodified Dragon and ICM (Dragon's Bayerlein figure is an exact copy of the pose for him in Rommel's Kfz. 21 and the diorama). North African dioramas can obviously be challenging in terms of the scene going beyond just a palm tree and sand, so I decided to try some things to recreate a dried-up riverbed in Libya using crackle and still water products from AK. The tree is supposed to be an acacia. Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating all the components. References Here it is for comment... Thanks for looking, Jeremy Detailed Sd.Kfz. 251 interior before adding the top half... one figure later swapped out for the standing officer.
  8. Solid effort all round for tank, diorama and figures! Well done, Stix, especially at 1/48 scale.
  9. Great! What are the dimensions of the base? Must be huge. What were the challenges beyond this at 1/16 scale for tank and figures?
  10. Excellent work. Well done. Adding any figures?
  11. Very nice scene and idea with some great modelling. For me, though, no offence, but I think the soldier on the tank looks isolated and I think he should be looking to the left side where the kids are playing and engaging in the central scene. Also, the car and other figure are lost behind the brick wall, almost as if it is another diorama and, for me, doesn't really add anything to the main theme of the diorama. That is not to take away from your lovely work on the models, Matt, but just my belief and own preference. Cheers, Jeremy
  12. This is really great, particularly given it is 1/72 which can be difficult to paint and work with figures. Love the photo shop. Not sure about the figure being on the bonnet of the 251 or the ones on the sat on the tank’s left side and walking one not interacting with the crash scene events. Very minor quibbles.
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