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  1. I like it a lot. Maybe a bit more colour range and definition in the flesh tones, but I really like the uniforms. Well done.
  2. And thoroughly deserved. It’s an excellent Sherman. Congrats.
  3. Excellent diorama with a lot of well-thought out and we’ll-executed detail. Very impressive.
  4. Thanks Toryu. Not quite perfect, though… Thanks, it might change depending on the diorama I am making.
  5. Good efforts all round. Yeah, I like the Sherman, too. Check out Night Shift on YouTube for AFV painting. Also, his approach to figure painting is worth checking out.
  6. thanks Pete. It was an enjoyable build... Thanks very much, Pete.
  7. Seems it was from 1974!!! Very old kit. Thanks very much. Happy you like it.
  8. Thanks, yeah, was looking for something different to attempt. Yes, it is a bit garish in the photo. Luckily AK's desert pink is more subtle. Thanks, Ed. Glad you liked it. Thanks very much.
  9. I liked the look of this alternative camo apparently used by the LRDG and then SAS. With the desert pink and olive green exterior camo, and sand interior and green engine bay, it has a lot of variety to enjoy modelling with. It's for a diorama. Thanks for looking. Jeremy
  10. Excellent in all respects! Well done and interesting kit.
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