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  1. If you add an inorganic car of whatever size that is in-scale, you can always reposition the left hand organic figures rather than have 3 separate elements.
  2. Thanks very much. Yes, I tried to depict several conversations going on with interested onlookers sat at the rear of the kubelwagen. I originally didn’t have the walking figure between the tankette and the group of figures but added it to tie the two halves of the diorama together.
  3. I like the idea and action in this a lot. But, like you, I think it would be enhanced by a vehicle instead of a chair and would tie the two groups of figures separated somewhat at each end of the diorama together better.
  4. Thank you, Pyradus. I’m pleased you like all the extras. jeremy
  5. Thanks for the tip on Photoscape. I’ll try it out. Totally agree that it is worth the time and effort and I will be practicing it on my past dioramas.
  6. I just briefly tried GIMP - free software. I followed this YouTube tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGIj8lbgm58 Just a partial and rough attempt as it takes much time to do a proper combining of images, but you get the idea. Not difficult but time consuming doing a careful outline.
  7. Great diorama. I also cant quite figure out how to do this without investing in some software. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy something for photo editing. Anybody recommend something?
  8. Thanks Toryu. A bit of bling...
  9. Thanks Matt. Likewise for your great Arnhem diorama.
  10. Finally finished this one... a shout out to Anirudh - theaa2000 - whose great diorama motivated me to go beyond what was just going to be a vignette of the kubelwagen and figures and scratch build the building and interior. The building is not elaborate but still took a fair time to create. My first tree also. The diorama references are these - For the building and the tree, I used this picture I found from the Bardia area... For the idea I initially thought would be a good vignette... More pictures of figures in Figures section... Some close-up pics... Only tank model I know (Bronco) with separate spark plugs... a lovely but fiddly model to build with a nice interior... Breda from Tamiya LRDG kit and Model Victoria resin boxes, oil drums, helmets, rifles etc... Panzer Ace jerry cans... Thanks for looking. Jeremy
  11. Thanks very much, sanfrandragon. I look forward to your comments on the diorama when I upload it in the appropriate section
  12. Thanks Nanond. I recommend the Hauler 1/48 Sdkfz 223 PE upgrade set. I also did the inside from scratch based on a wartime manual.
  13. The final figures are in the diorama... Hope you enjoy looking at them in-situ rather than on corks
  14. As I have an interest in this unit, I was inspired by another related image below to build an Sdkfz 261 which is not commonly seen. There is only a 1/48 version. Hope you enjoy the diorama. Here it is...
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