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  1. Nice work indeed. I like the other two keeping it company, too!
  2. Nice one. Perhaps you could add more accessories to the diorama to fill it out a bit.
  3. Yeah, great work. Truck is awesome in particular.
  4. Vallejo do a German Luftwaffe uniform.
  5. Sure, but not 50/50. Still too thick...
  6. I use a combination of Vallejo flesh paints eg sunny skin tone and AK reddish colours. I prefer a khaki base. Flesh colours in most sets are just too pink for my taste, especially as I do North Africa campaign figures. One thing I learnt was to use thin layers. Check out Ian E videos on YouTube. He uses a wet pallet. So keep the paint diluted and add to face in specific areas of highlight or shadow... wait a few minutes til dry then add same thinned colour again. Avoid dumping too much paint on the face. Takes two or three repeats to build colour depth subtly. I do highlights first
  7. That is great work. Difficult to paint horses, too.
  8. Thanks Toryu. I tried several techniques and materials for the first time. Still trying to improve my figure painting... I did a fair amount of research to try to get it right, especially on the radio EP. 2a and the stand. I enjoy this as much as the build. Based on various sources, including the links below, it seems this unit was 2or 3 km from the front and overrun at El Alemain by the Australians. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/0161-119791885896?journalCode=ucry20 https://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/forum/wehrmacht-uniforms-and-
  9. Excellent, with great figures and concept.
  10. Yes, we worked together then. I was a fairy... Of course, Eng not nav position. Old age...
  11. Thanks for your encouragement, guys. Here are more pics of the nav position. This was the most enjoyable part so far.
  12. Just started on doing XW666 R1 Nimrod from the 1980s. I am not that impressed with the Airfix kit so far, and it needs some modification to the windows and panniers.... The front pannier on an R1 was different and housed a large antenna separately. But first, I decided to build a decent cockpit, though little of it will be seen. I used Eduard upgrade and modified the original seats. Here it is. Tough going at 1/72 but it is much closer to reality than Airfix.
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