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  1. @Pete in Lincs as you wish As I mentioned hoverbike is a kitbash of aviation parts in various scales ...and this one is fully scratchbuild.
  2. Actually they are both finished. I even thought about putting them to 'Ready for inspection'. But I've been on this forum just for a couple of weeks, and I've already uploaded two other models there. I did all of them before I joined and I don't want to spam.
  3. It is one of the few sitting figures in my collection, perfect for the construction of seats and cabins. He has sat in all my vehicles for the last 2 years On a kibashed hover bike... ...and in the cabin of the SF fighter. I planned to make him part of the model each time, but finally changed my mind.
  4. Thanks for positive feedback! This is the case I wrote about above. The box with the hose was supposed to stand by the side, but is too high But it's cool, so I gave it a second chance. I decided to combine it with cargo bay. But that required improving the look of the rear section wich was poor. I also found a broken fire ax and thought it was worth adding. I made the new handle from styrene. I also added a handle and a lock to the box' door. This is what it looks like after priming and in a new place. I also primed a few other little things. Helmut considers retiring Helmut 'The scale comparator' helped me with many projects. I think it's time to settle him down somewhere permanently. Remora seems to be good for that. But he has to rest so he shouldn't be in the wheelhouse. I'll make him a comfortable armchair. That's early WIP phase. I'll see what the effect will be. If it will be looks bad Helmut will sit on it. (Pilot's is also still unfinished).
  5. Very good start! I understand it perfectly. I'm working this way myself. Once I started building a 1:16 hover bike and finally a 1:35 fighter was made.
  6. It would probably be good for the model I paint differently: sometimes better, sometimes worse, but more often worse than better.
  7. Stunning! You have amazing painting skills. For me, successful painting is when there are no streaks and this is a completely different league
  8. @Alan R, @Toftdale, @2lefthands thanks a lot! As I wrote earlier: now I have a lot of time for modeling. So my shipyard is running at full capacity. Air conditioner. The steel mesh is part of the faucet aerator. I used to disassemble a few for spare parts and this is one of them. The rotor / turbine is part of the propulsion system of some modern jet aircraft. I just cut off the cone and put it on a piece of sprue rod. The rotor is hardly visible through the mesh but this should change after painting. At least I hope so. I figured the easiest way to put it all together would be to attach the rotor directly to the side. It will also make painting a lot easier. Cargo bay in the middle of the deck. I want to put barrels on board. I bought the MiniArt kit some time ago (1:35 Modern oil drums 200l, the advantage of this is a large number of barrels, decals added and a low price. The disadvantage IMO is quite poor quality). I made railings for barrels. Then I made a movable barrier on the shorter side, but I thought it looked bad. So I replaced it with a chain. It's also a thing I bought when I was building 1:35 tanks. Copper chain with diameter 1 mm, the manufacturer is RB Models. Very good and very cheap (1 meter was circa $ 1). There is a saying: measure three times before cutting once. But I hate this way of working. I like to improvise and create without plan and measurements. And unfortunately it often happens to me that something does not fit. It's too big or too small or it just looks bad. That's why I put the parts together every now and then to check the fitting. I did a fitting test of my ship and by the way I photographed the progress. In my opinion, it looks pretty good. And what do you think?
  9. I'm not a big fan of Star Wars. Actually, I'm not a fan of Star Wars at all (sorry for the heresy ). But I really like this model. Good work!
  10. I still don't feel like making the hull so I do stuff on the board. I was looking for illustrative photos of real ships' decks but uncle google mainly shows me pages with paid photos so I'll be improvising. I decided to take care of fire safety on this ship and build fire hydrant box. Safety first isn't it? The fire hose is made of paper. I cut a narrow strip and folded it in half, then wound it around a plastic tube. It's probably a bit too thick but the first time it was too thin and I don't want to do it a third time. I soaked the spool with cyanoacrylate glue and after it dryed I cut it in half because it was too wide. I pasted a piece of styrene on the protruding piece of paper to easily fit the valve later. There is a chink, but it won't be visible From the spare parts, I chose the appropriate elements: an airplane (?) wheel and a piece of shock absorber which will be the valve. Previous owner glued it badly and painted it even worse. Only a small fragment was usable, but that's enough. I put black styrene underneath to match the size of the hose box. I also made another 'no-idea-what-is-it-doing' device. Let's assume it's some compressor. A cropped air bomb taped with styrene strips to improve the look. Another piece of shock absorber as a valve. Hot bent 1mm rod as a tube and a bit of styrene as a frame. And that' the engine primed I have some free time now so work should speed up.
  11. First: excuse me, that I disturbed the order a bit because I put my models here first and then I put myself I'm halfway between 40 and 50, living in northern Poland. I've been modeling for about 7 years. For the first few years, I was looking for the right path for me. I started with 1:35 armored vehicles then i made WH40k models. And at this stage, I discovered the joy of creating things from scratch. Now I only build SF and fantasy models from scratch (and sometimes kitbash). But I still enjoy watching well-made scale models, tanks, cars and planes and that's how I found this forum. The SF section is also great here, my phone keeps warning me that I spend too much time here And finally: forgive me for poor English. I started to learn it too late and not very diligently. Regards Wiesiek
  12. I started doing fastening the frame to the deck. It will require some details but first I have to finish sanding the fuselage. Then I will finish the frame. I also made a hatch to the engine room. I used a plastic mesh that was in some Tamiya tank kit. Unfortunately my stocks are running low.. This is what it looks like on board. I have put the generator (and the hatch) in place for illustration, so far I will not install it permanently yet. And this is the pipe with the valve that was originally supposed to be at the hatch. But IMO it doesn't fit there so I'll use it elsewhere. I made it from a piece of sprue and styrene. Valve knob is a piece of unknown origin (I found it in a box with spare parts). I have to get down to work with the hull in the end, because lack of progress with it makes it impossible to work with other elements. But I really hate the constant filling and sanding
  13. Great work! Your painting experiments have definitely been successful.
  14. Good idea. It suits my laziness But for now I put down the airbrush and paints and went back to building. In the middle, the McQue's ship has a large frame (I'm not sure what to call it) with a short mast/antenna and two devices of unknown purpose. I made the top part of this Main elements are made of polystyrene (frame, mast and housings for 'devices'). The little roofs are very thin styrene, pre-shaped on the file handle (just like florists do with ribbons). The front part is a piece of an aerial bomb. I have a lot of them, although I have never built airplanes. I bought them at a facebook auction along with lots of other airplane parts. They're just bombs of different scales. I also have a similar box with torpedoes and rockets. And a dozen other boxes with models' parts. Grey details are also various airplane parts. And this is what the frame looks like now.
  15. A few neodymium magnets, properly placed under the floor of the vehicle and in the base (if you plan to have one) could lift it off the ground. The vehicle's floor is flat so it shouldn't be difficult.
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