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  1. It looks great. Nice kitbash. I judge it from a non-fan's point of view. Star Wars has never been on my top SF list, although there are quite a few visually great things there IMO.
  2. It is quite scary what you write about, especially since cataracts may appear in all of us with age. I keep my fingers crossed for your recovery (and for returning to hobby too).
  3. Sign me up... ...and answer a few questions. Is there a time limit or some additional group building requirements? Forgive me if I ask for the obvious, but this is the first time I'm considering participating, so I have no experience. And my poor English doesn't make it any easier I am planning to build my own version of a B-Wing (kitbash and scratch build like most of my recent work).
  4. He should hire Games Workshop specialists. The ones who cramed the space marines squad in Rhino APC
  5. I use something which in English is probably called plaster of paris (gips modelarski albo gips odlewniczy in Polish), that is a type of plaster used to sculpting, and casting. I buy it at artist supply stores. For carving I use knives with a small blade, for making texture: a metal bristle brush. In my 'concrete' work HIPS is used for making molds only (if the shape is to be more complicated). The choose of the right plaster/gypsum is the key IMO. In my experience, cheap building plaster (wall finishing) is not suitable for this purpose, because it dries and hardens unevenly: the top layer quickly becomes hard and resistant to sculpting/carving. On the contrary, the casting plaster (plaster of paris) dries slowly and evenly, regardless of the thickness of the layers. Besides, plaster of paris reproduces the details of the mold much better (the quality is amazing). This is an example: unwanted imprint of a piece of tamiya tape. For comparison: a cast of ordinary plaster (the mold was the lid of a disposable soup container). Any scratches made with a knife also have a better "resolution" with casting plaster than with ordinary/building plaster. I take the cast out of mold after an hour or two, and start carving, but thick layer of casting plaster takes up to several days to dry completely and harden. Which is an advantage, because until then it is susceptible to sculpting and does not dust during work. You can also make quite large forms of it, the only limitation is your imagination. That's a mini diorama for the WH40K chaos vehicle. I just poured plaster onto a pieces of styrene foam to pre-shape it and then carved the details with a knife. Fangs and tentacles that's milliput. Cheers. W.
  6. I looked at the base and found there was something wrong with the composition. The background is dominated by a high dock and the foreground is empty. The decals that arrived a few days ago inspired me how to change that. On the top left there are crane markings, on the right the inscription 'benzyna' (and the logo you already know) which in Polish means 'gasoline'. So i decided to make a model for this mark (yes i know people usually work in reverse order ). I used the bottle of airbrush cleaner as a shape maker. I shaped the styrene sheet with the help of a cable ties. For the edge to fit properly, I stiffened it with a copper rod. Without this, the edges would not be touching in places between the cable ties. Then I made an imitation of a concrete foundation from cardboard. Details (HIPS and collectibles). Tank with clamps. On the opposite side of the tank is a pipe with valves. It's a piece of a tank's drive wheel, with teeth cut off. And part of sprue with some wheel as a valve. I put the cardboard base to the ground with a milliput. inside you can see attempts to paint with GW structural paint (this part will be covered by the tank). Because at the same time I was finishing painting the concrete ground surface. This stage of work is already behind me. This is what the details look like: Tank after painting. The next step will be to finish the crane. Thanks for watching. W.
  7. He already has proper clothes and a helmet, now he has a cool motorcycle. He will certainly be pleased. Great scratch build.
  8. It looks great. The soil looks like soil. I envy your skills, because in my performance, the soil usually looks like... hmmm... (using this word must be against the rules, so: it is also brown, it usually lies under the feet but it is not soil I would just add a bit of dust on feet.
  9. I'd love to see a step by step photo or video tutorial on painting your works. Another visually sensational creation.
  10. Fabulous. You perfectly reflect the effect of time and weather on the model. You can see that this guy has a lot of battles on his CV, but he's still capable of more.
  11. Thanks gentlemen! That would only be duplicating the error: few bad looking graffiti instead of one. Freehand is not my forte and I just have to accept it, although it's frustrating because I draw pretty well. That's why I created another template. The letters CPN are an abbreviation of the name of a petrochemical concern from the times of the Polish People's Republic (the only seller of gasoline, because that was the reality). All gas stations had this logo (great, simple and recognizable IMO). Mine already has it too Yes. Like almost all of my works, it is full improvisation. An open chest is half a walnut shell and the belly is a completely dry mandarin. Later I just plastered it with milliput
  12. This project has grown so much that it is now actually several models that I am doing at the same time. Better or worse. Worse: I tried to paint graffiti like Pete suggested. Failed to. Next time. So there will be no graffiti. I painted over it, leaving only the number which looks cool. Better: In the meantime, I painted the crane. It only requires a bit of metallizer and decals. I discovered a Polish manufacturer who makes decals for vehicles from the Soviet era in Poland. I found, among other things, the markings of cranes, from the state-owned company Bumar. It looks cool and vintage (at least for me, because I remember it from my youth). The package will come next week, and after the markings are applied I will finish the ropes. [Off-topic alert] Thanks. But diorama is probably too strong a word, because in my opinion it is just a bit bigger "chair" for the characters. By the way, I don't know why I didn't finish this project anymore, because when I look at it it looks pretty good. This is the guy that was supposed to sit in that chair. I made it out of milliput and greenstuff. The plague is strong in this one. Thanks for watching W.
  13. A great start with details. Judging by the dimensions of the hull, you will have to make a lot of them. That's good - it promises many inspiring ideas.
  14. Great! I definitely like it as much as I like the movie. And the scene in front of the cave of Caerbannog is one of my favorites. It is indeed an eccentric performance.
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