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  1. Nice start! I will be watching this thread with interest.
  2. Great build, great painting without a doubt. And very inspiring.
  3. Brilliantly painted. I really like the flag. If you want to add something like that I suggest ПТН ПНХ They are the Ukrainian letters PTN PNCH: abbreviation of words commanding one gentleman with a high level of aggression to go away) The lettering is so simple that you can try to make a template and paint it
  4. Thanks for kind words. The work has slowed down a lot but it's not a good time to model making (or any hobbies) if you live in my part of Europe. It's hard to think of anything else, living 100 kilometers from Russian military bases. Anyway - thanks! The case is still pending. I will make a decision when I finish the second variant and I can compare them It's very good idea, however, I'm not going to buy anything. This is contrary to my idea of building this model: I try to build parts myself or use spare parts from my collection. So I made an imitation of a shelf made of wooden boards. The bag came from my supplies. I used HIPS styrene, and from the same material I made a "wooden" fruit crate. Fruits (apples I think) are made of green stuff. A glance at the under-deck hold with new elements. I'll put some more boxes and buckets there. Stay safe in these uncertain times. W.
  5. Looks great in paint. Real space conqueror. P.S. I have no biscuits, it's Sunday evening, none of them survived the weekend. Browser cookies will probably not satisfy you?
  6. I agree with the previous commentators, this is a real masterpiece.
  7. Thanks a lot! I like this explanation very much. Especially since it justifies the appearance of the ship as it is and there is no need to fix anything else -------------------- I continue to put the parts together, improving and unifying the painting at the same time It's time for a room below the deck. First, I painted the bulkhead with the door. I did it not very neatly, because this element will be almost invisible. This is what it looks like after assembly, but without the hatch that will cover a large part of the opening. As you may remember: I wanted to build a generator station in this room. But after putting it in place, I started to doubt if it was a good idea. The generator itself is not bad but in my opinion it is made worse than the rest of the ship, has less detail and lowers the overall level. An alternative may be a storage room in this place. So I started doing stuff for that. I chose the classic method of making boxes covered with a tarpaulin. The shape of the boxes is imitated by cubes cut from styrofoam. I covered it with a tissue soaked in heavily diluted wood glue. With the brush, I shaped folds and creases. Painted with vallejo russian uniform green and then drybrushed (the same paint with a bit of off white). In the photo below, the tarpaulin shines a bit because I have secured it with gloss varnish, but at the end I will cover the whole model with a bit of enamel dust, so it will change. And when I finished this work, I came to the conclusion that I still don't know which option is better: generator or storage. Will you help solve this dilemma? I also attached some details. And I painted the frame with the radio boxes above the deck. The whole view, with the crane finally attached, but still no rudders and few other parts. Thanks for watching and commenting! W.
  8. You found a cool use for it. Wheels and tracks are the parts that I have the most in the spare parts box and the most difficult for me to integrate into models.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Your feedback keeps me motivated to work, even though things often don't go according to plan. But I'm a master of masking my mistakes so I think the final result will be good Meanwhile, I entered the phase of assembling the whole ship. I started with mounting the engine. This is a good example of the mistakes I mentioned above (pic below). Next to the blue rectangle on the motor you can see a smaller, light yellow one. It's a decal with a number and letters that I had to cover because I glued it upside down... And this is what the place of attachment looks like. After fitting, it turned out that most of the details will be covered by the engine. I also installed the "wooden" part of the deck. I also paint details that will be attached to the deck and sides. Thanks for watching! W.
  10. I agree with cmatthewbacon: milliput is an excellent solution. I rarely make figurines but if I have to convert them I use this one or Green Stuff (another popular brand). Both work the same way but has slightly different characteristics when hardened. Milliput is like plastic, the greenstuff is a bit 'rubbery'. You can mix them (I do so often). That's WIP photos of guys I currently create. Dark green it's Green Stuff, light green: mix of GS and milliput. Below also unfinished but primed for the evaluation. The guy on the right is a Tamiya's tank crewman. I added the same way a beard and fringe and started making a raincoat.
  11. There is nothing to criticize here. I am impressed with your painting.
  12. Solar panels are great as well as the whole ship. Looks good even without greeblies.
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