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  1. I recently purchased a Shapeways 1/144 3D printed CV-8 island. I am now looking for railings and other fittings. Any comments/suggestions/directions appreciated. I haven't been modeling for a while, and I am not a ship builder/modeler. My intent is to build a decent replica of the Hornet's island for a 1942 diorama including Doolittle B-25s Just the flight deck, and the scene around it. I already own a 1/144 wood deck which I had laser-cut a decade ago. I am hoping I can do a visually pleasing, accurate as can be, diorama. Got a tentative order of 1/144 carrier crews/sailors, as well. Thanks for any suggestions and leads. I also acquired radar fittings, railings, portholes, and doors from Toms Modelworks; and ordered directors which fit on the structures on the back and front of the superstructure from the printer, Model Monkey. Waiting on books on Hornet CV8 so I can determine size of the searchlights on the port/starboard sides. Not sure what else I need to obtain so any advice welcome.
  2. i'd purchase 4 possibly 5 sets depending as everyone has said on price
  3. As Hoops said, the Tomytec P-3 is a gem. Wish they would do US squadrons or an unpainted kit. These are getting rare as well.
  4. If you don't mind stripping the paint off of it, think about a Tomytec P-3 JSDF prebuilt. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tomytec-AC305-JMSDF-P-3C-Naha-Air-Base-1-144-scale-kit-Japan/152836410340?epid=1742802448&hash=item2395c28be4:g:lc0AAOSwEOpaO0sQ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tomytec-AC306-JMSDF-UP-3C-Orion-Atsugi-Base-1-144-scale-kit/302835374892?epid=1444014637&hash=item4682651b2c:g:FlEAAOSwKjlbac2r
  5. Thanks, need to figure out if I should buy the 1/48th decal sheet; scan and resize to 1/72. Thanks to you all for the leads.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a decal sheet with the markings of U.S. Senator John S. McCain's A-4. I found one very small profile but it is so small it would be difficult for me to get the markings printed. The profile looks to be of an A-4E/F. Can anyone confirm that this is the aircraft type? Leads appreciated.
  7. I also found this online: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Sikorsky-HH-3E-Jolly-Green-Giant-American-Heavy-Cargo-Helicopter.html which looks like a clone of aurora kit. BTW searching I came across this article on this website:
  8. Revell and Aurora are 2 different kits; Revell has rivets, while Aurora is smooth. I have several Aurora kits and had the same question, whether it could be upgraded with later Seaking interiors, either Fujimi, Revell, or new Airfix; and their accompanying etched as well. Thanks for asking, Watching the replies.
  9. Cobra Company did do a 1/144 Privateer for $58 but was discontinued before the company stopped trading and molds sold to Lone Star Models; I don't know if they have this resin kit in stock. Been trying to buy some 1/72 U-2 cockpits but have not received a reply since the big floods in TX. Check here: http://www.lonestarmodels.com/
  10. Don't have a picture of zimmerit tool in action but here is photo of 1/48 use. There is also a welding replicator. and here is the 1/72-76 zim tool
  11. I have a Towada heat pen, which is a japanese pyrogravure but with interchangeable tips, I am including photos fyi. I don't think these are available in USA or UK and purchased mine with a transformer in Tokyo some years pass. The pen is heat controllable and has the ability to make rivets which require you to smash a piece of plastic and use the tip to stamp out the rivet. Brain Factory also produces screw, bolt and rivet shapes in various sizes. The one I have yet to use is a 72nd scale zimmeritt tip and welding tips. They were available from Hobbylink but I noticed it is out of stock; when in Tokyo mid-year last year, some hobby shops had them, but the tips were in short supply. The tool has a fine pointed tip accessory for use as a pyrogravure. I am including pictures from a prior post of mine on another site, showing the use of the rivet/bolt tips. Finally, I also bought but have not yet used a product by Funtec. This is a battery operated heat pen.http://hlj.com/product/FTE73001. It has a low heat tip which is shaped like a loop which can be used as a pyrogravure I believe, if used on its vertical axis rather than horizonatal.
  12. If you like anime: Skycrawlers and Last Exile (for flying battleships)
  13. First post on this forum: But couldn't resist adding films: Chain Lightning with Humphrey Bogart Task Force with Gary Cooper Toward the Unknown with William Holden Fighter Squadron with Edmund O'Brien and Robert Stack Bombadier with Randolp Scott Flight From Ashiya with Yul Brynner and Richard Widmark Bombers B52 with Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Karl Malden with Natalie Wood Men of the Fighting Lady with Van Johnson Flat Top with Stirling hayden Desperate Journey with Erroyl Flynn and Ronald Reagan A Gathering of Eagles with Rock Hudson and Rod Stewart
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