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  1. I have to say CONGRATULATIONS. You have produced a fine looking Jaguar from an absolute dog of a kit. My feeble attempt is now a paint mule, I didn't get anywhere near finishing it. I echo everything you have said that saps the mojo. So, to finish it and to have such a nice result is a tremendous achievement.
  2. Here"s the link to my thread: I have now got the green camo on, some minor touch ups to do. The front pilot came out. The location for the ejection seat is vague and, next time I will put them in before closing up the front end.
  3. Inspired, I went to the Hannants website to look at vac form kits. Too early - retreated laughing manically and hid in a dark corner shaking gently. I clearly need to absorb more of this excellent tutorial. Appreciate your public service here, Martian.
  4. Continuing my theme of RSAF builds, this is the next one out of the shop. It is the Frog offering (I think it is ex-Academy) with Miliverse designed decals for the RSAF. I know nothing about F-16s so apologies to those who may be offended by colours or weapons fit or anything else. Not my best work, but it's done and in the display case next to the F-15SG.
  5. Clearing my stash during lockdown, I have completed these two kits from Airfix. Not exactly brilliant kits but they went together OK with a little pursuasion and filler here and there. Poor fitting canopies and lack of attention on my part means that I present them to you as "desk models" - i.e. I painted over the canopies. I quite like it and may do the same for my other 1/72 builds. Saves time in the cockpit. By chance, I happened to have the right decals to dress them up in the same clothes.
  6. Never built a vacform and am totally afraid of doing so. Maybe this tutorial will help but I fear I don’t have the correct number of tentacles to cope with this kind of kit. Great thread Martian, I am enjoying the learning experience.
  7. What a great build thread and some excellent background info. I remember seeing an early C-130 in the original camo scheme at RAF Gatow in '66 or '67. I really want to build one as a trip down memory lane.
  8. This is the IDS kit that I have converted to a GR4. Wasn't hard, got a spare GR4 transparency sprue from Revell (great customer service) and the weapons pylons and spine came from the Eduard F3 boxing. Some nice unused parts in that kit to aid conversion, for sure! It will be in the grey/green retirement scheme and posed in flight. No build pics, it fell together so fast and I forgot. I used the kit seats which come out well with a tiny bit of scratch building. Resin pilots from somewhere (I forget where). The grey is Tamiya XF-77 which I think is a better shade than the standard offerings. It looks very dark in the flesh but lightens up in photos, which seems to reflect reality. Quick snaps from my iPhone:
  9. Posting here to create a public record that I actually finished it. Hasegawa kit which I was going to build OOB as a Firebird example but the decals shattered. Got some alternative decals and now it is an ego Tonka (initials DH). Decals and kit are a rough approximation of a Tornado so I am relaxed about the overall standard. Looks OK in the dark recesses of my display case.
  10. Nice progress! I have the Eduard F3 waiting to start (i.e. in the stash) and a GR4 in progress, converted from the IDS kit (not hard to do). The Revell Tonkas are tough kits to get right but reward patience and perseverance. I love them and want to build a few more if I get the chance. Yours look great and I can't wait to see the finished result.
  11. This is the Hasegawa 1/72 F-15SG kit. Overall, quite a nice kit that I was able to butcher into some semblance of the real thing.
  12. Finally completed the Hasegawa F-15SG using Miliverse decals for the special livery. Something different from grey camo and it stands out in the cabinet, for sure.
  13. Yay, it's done. OK kit, average build but nice colour scheme. It looks sweet in my cabinet.
  14. My pocket money was 2/6d. Exactly the amount for an Airfix series 1 kit. Built and painted in a day and then six days to wait for the next one!!! Love the Stirling, enjoying following this.
  15. Excellent work as always, I enjoy watching your wizardry with plasticard. How thick was the plywood doubler? In this scale, a bit of clever trickery could replicate the look without adding to the thickness. With the sides on, not a lot would be visible to blow the illusion. But don't listen to me, all I can do is stick bits of a kit together and am grateful if I don't get glue fingerprints all over it.
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