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  1. Get well soon Martian, the Llama is missing you. Or maybe it is just missing...
  2. Being a concerned and conscientious citizen of the planet, I popped back to Martian towers and have the following to report: 1) Due to an error in scaling the drawing, the diving board for the new swimming pool is actually the size of a coffefe stirrer 2) Went for a dip in the pool (why is the water warm?) and found that my water wings dissolved. Not sure what's in the water. 3) Who knew a Llama could swim... 4) ...upside down 5) No sign of the goat, although there were a couple of guilty looking sheep lurking in the bushes. 6) Found and tidied up a few more welli
  3. Excellent job, old chap. Sorry I am late to the party, I snuck out of the bar for a quick pee and a fag and by the time I got back, you were done. Wonderful work!
  4. Next up, ejection seats.... Actually this has nothing to do with my M-346, it is for another project that is bubbling in the background - any guesses? No? Anyhoo, onto the M-346 ejection seats Thanks to Airscale, I have been able to add some appropriate placards on the side of the seats. In addition, I draw your attention to the black/yellow stripes on the ejection handle. This was an idea I had, using some stripey Airscale decals again. I cut a rectangle bi
  5. It's a chopper, son, it's supposed to be going round in circles. Looking good. Like everyone else, I keep humming the tune from M*A*S*H
  6. Nice progress. That Horton looks like a great little kit, can't wait to see the finished result.
  7. I seem to have acquired a tattoo during the recent festivities. Really not sure what it is but I certainly didn't want it there!
  8. What a party!! I never realised that llama tasted so much like chicken. Too much to drink, all I can see is stripes.
  9. Hi Markus, Yes, the Yak 130 would look great next to the M-346. Go for it, there is always room for one more kit!
  10. I am really enjoying this kit. The fit is excellent, although not perfect. I have found a couple of blanks where locating holes should be, but nothing a modicum of modelling nous can't fix. For a "gold" kit I would have liked a few more stencil decals for the ejector seats and cockpit, but apart from that, it's very good. I have seen other builds where the intakes are a nightmare, so I was forewarned. I would like to thank those that have gone before for their service in this regard because, after a bit of minor fettling, my intakes clicked into place and have required
  11. Oh boy, that Starfighter looks perfect, nice idea! What is not widely known is that Angel Interceptors were "borrowed" by the RAF...
  12. Splashed some paint on the instrument panels and the cockpit. A bit heavy on the wash in the footwells, but it won't be seen. Dry brushing to bring out the switches, cocktail stick for the red/yellow stuff and a green sharpie to do the screens. The screens look better in real life - they are not as shiny as in the photos. Next step...ejector seats.
  13. Wow. great pictures! I notice that the crew open the side windows on the cockpit while taxiing. Any idea why that is? Perhaps it gets a bit ripe in the cockpit after a long mission?
  14. Thanks! I really hope so.
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