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  1. Lol. We may need to re-read the part where I ask what would be suitable for a 357th P-51.
  2. These aircraft were based in the UK and painted with RAF paints. Hence the question.
  3. Hi all Does anyone know the difference between these or for what subject/purpose they were released? AS-9 DARK GREEN (RAF) AS-30 DARK GREEN 2 (RAF) AS-11 MEDIUM SEA GREY (RAF) AS-32 MEDIUM SEA GREY 2 (RAF) Which would be suitable for a 357th P-51D? Thanks all Tony
  4. Review here: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=16373
  5. Hi All Approximately 21 Australians took part in the Battle. Whilst I have been able to find a list of whom took part, it's harder to find what actual aircraft they participated in. I'm happy to keep researching but in the meantime does anyone know of any decals for Australians in the BoB? Any and all scales. Thanks! Tony
  6. Hi Carl It's not me selling but I can advise that the subject has been cancelled due to lack of interest. That';s why it is not on the website anymore. Shame really. Cheers Tony
  7. Limited run (once only) and only available if enough pre-orders received. Pre-order here: https://roningraphicsaustralia.com/
  8. I'm sure they will have in service with foreign operators releases after this initial one.
  9. I think their hands are tied on this one. In Australia you can't even sell model cars with Tobacco advertising that were around in the 70s! It looks wrong but that's the rule. Probably the same elsewhere that has banned tobacco advertising.
  10. Pity about the Roo decals. One side of the jet they will be facing backwards.
  11. Looks like the decals will have the Roos on one side of the jet facing the wrong way!
  12. External tanks released: https://roningraphicsaustralia.com/shop?olsPage=products%2F172-pc-21-fuel-tanks-ronin-graphics-oz-mods
  13. A29-108 “SHUFTIE”. A29-99 “CLEOPATRA” A29-23 “BEVERLY” A29-29 “I” A29-136 “STARDUST” A29-153 “ORACE” A29-126 “POLLY” A29-133 “Polly” https://roningraphicsaustralia.com/
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