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  1. Nice! I agree with you about the shading. What armament will you put on?
  2. Very nice painting. Sorry for the disappointment but some of them have the triangular reinforcement plates on top of the stabilators.
  3. An exception to grey cockpits? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Missouri_ANG_pilot_in_RF-84F.jpg
  4. This one is my favourite reference for F-4F. https://www.scalemates.com/fr/books/pictorial-luftwaffe-phantoms-adps-modern-combat-aircraft-special-series-adps-007-andreas-klein--102387
  5. Good luck with your project! I am building the same kit as an HAF F-4E SRA.
  6. Hi Niels, The SRA were painted with FS 36270 and FS 36118. Probably I will use Humbrol paints.
  7. Hi Niels, It will be paint it according to the ''Hill Gray II'' pattern.
  8. Yes, we are still using the AUP (Avionics Upgrade Program) version.
  9. In 1991 HAF received 28 ex Indiana's ANG F-4E. They were named SRA (Southeastern Regional Agreement) and equipped the 338 Sqn until 1997-1998 when they were handed over to 337 Sqn. They were painted in the ''Hill Gray II'' pattern and they had some significant differences (NWDS, HPC tank, smokeless engines, 2nd TACAN aerial) from the Peace Icarus I, II F-4E. The kit is the old Esci F-4E in 1/72 and it has been started some years ago by building the cockpit. I will use some aftermarket parts as shown in the photo. DSCN2749 And here are my references. DSCN2747[1] I will come back later with more photos.
  10. Hi! Can I join with an Esci F-4E in 1/72 with an unfinished cockpit which have been started many years ago? I am planning to make an HAF F-4E SRA.
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