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  1. You are welcome zigster and good luck with your project!
  2. They used a similar to RAF type of parachute, as it is shown in this picture.
  3. You are welcome! I think you are right about the LAU 100/101 and the AIM-9L/M.
  4. I think the right word is springs and not coils.
  5. The HAF F-5As used the LAU-57(L) and LAU-58 (R) wingtip launchers. You are right YK GOH about the connectors. An easy way to distinguish a modified launcher is to spot two small coils above and below the nose of the launcher. This photo may help you. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Greece-Air-Force/Northrop-F-5A-Freedom-Fighter/5188691/L?qsp=eJxtjb0OgkAQhN9lahpFNFwnjaUUvsBmb9VLEC57W0gI7%2B55JFZ2k/nmZwFPo8nbbnMUOCQh5ScqRFJ6JbgFFJSV7tZRCrzF2mbfVD9wkVH0P4KrT4d2VyFNat2cDzyZnJklmnhs/lW96BdJ4vL8yDu5E0X7olEfs%2B9DigOVDTEKA9b1A/HXPqw%3D The HAF F-4E were armed with a combinat
  6. Because the fins of the -L have some difference in function compared to -P model, the launchers in F-5A had to be modified. The HAF F-4E used AERO-3B launchers (for AIM-9B) and from the '80s and '90s they use LAU-7/LAU-105 for (AIM-9L/P).
  7. In some of HAF F-5s the wingtip launchers were modified so as to carry the AIM-9L. Here are some examples.
  8. Excellent! I especially liked the weathering and your attention to detail.
  9. These are the IFF antennas of the AN/APX-111 system which is part of the AUP program. The 01512 has the standard antennas of the ''DIAS'' system like 01508, 01524, 01529, etc.
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