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  1. White. The same as the underside color.
  2. You are right about the two seat version. Another issue was the use of AIM-9 instead of Matra missiles.
  3. No, because their exclusive role was the interception.
  4. I believe the third photo was taken in Tanagra AFB in the late 70s. Based on the uniforms I think three officers belong to Luftwaffe. The serial number is hidden besides the rocket pod. The first years of service in HAF they carried the serial nymber only in the rear part of the fuselage.
  5. They carried two under wing tanks for some time before they receive the centerline tank. And another fictional load ...
  6. Some of them were armed with two .30 caliber machine gun pods, 5 in. rockets, american and british bombs. There is a report about a shot down aircraft armed with 4x20 lb british bombs. Good luck with your friend build.
  7. You are welcome zigster and good luck with your project!
  8. They used a similar to RAF type of parachute, as it is shown in this picture.
  9. You are welcome! I think you are right about the LAU 100/101 and the AIM-9L/M.
  10. I think the right word is springs and not coils.
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