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  1. Gentleman (and Ladies, just in case)....to bring you all back to point. As much as I have enjoyed the discourse on where the guns were located, what type they were, how fast they fired and what the gun port rings were for, my original question was of a much more basic nature, namely, for those who can't be a*sed to scroll to the beginning was; in the event that I wanted to fit nose cannons in my Airfix Lightning, what is the best way to hollow out the very shallow gun port panels provided for in the kit?
  2. Thank you. I realise I worded my question very badly. I should have referred to gun PORTS. I notice in the Airfix kit that if building the F6 variant the gun ports in the ventral tank are well defined and deep enough to easily drill out the actual gun port. However, if building the F2a variant, the drop in panels for the gun ports top and bottom forward of the cockpit are very shallow. I was hoping to get some expert advise on the best way to open them up without screwing up the panels.
  3. Thanks! Will give it some thought as it is a little difficult to visualise what you are saying here....but it's a start!
  4. Hi, building my first ever aircraft and am seeking advice on a little bit of info on scratch building. I'm working on Airfix's 1/48 Lightning F2A. I really need some advice on the separate panels that show the recessed area that allows the rounds to leave the guns without striking the air frame. Those of you who have built the Lightning will know what I mean. They sit top and bottom and either side of the air frame just forward of the cockpit. In the kit they are provided as separate panels. Looking at the box art and photos it is clear that the recess in the kit panels are too shallow plus they have no exit hole for the rounds. Are ther any previous builds on here where someone has resolved this to show a more detailed realistic appearance including a description of how they did it? Any advice would be appreciated.
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