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  1. Hello once again. Some great comments and insights have kept coming in. Thanks so much. As I originally said I was dreading the rigging but the convo has stimulated my mojo! I've just had a resin seat and appropriate cockpit harness safely delivered courtesy of Australia post. The excitement is building!
  2. Here's a link from the Australian War Memorial. Bare in mind that the original sample has aged with time. www.awm.gov.au/collection/C270770
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Clearly rigging poses challenges , in some form, for all of us. Somehow I find this reassuring. All your input is gratefully acknowledge At a personal level I find,as a result of my eyesight diminishing as a result of aging , the use of EZ line (and similar) rather difficult to use (despite the use of multiple magnifying devices.. As I'm doing the Camel in 1/32 scale the use of turnbuckles may be in order as well.. Just goes to show that after 60 years of "hack" modelling it's never too late to learn.
  4. Hello Old Mull, I've just read your post AFTER posting a query about the AIMS metal rigging set. You mention "extra strong" PVA. What exactly is this? Is it strong wood working PVA? I've botched up some paint jobs and rigging jobs using super glue. I'd rather use PVA as it's more forgiving. Thanks, Paul (AKA Bertie)
  5. Hello chaps and chapesses, Just building up my stamina to undertake building the WNW Sopwith Camel. The rigging is worrying me a tad. I've used plenty of stretched sprue in the past but something of this standard requires that "little bit" more. I've found EZ line frustrating to use on biplanes and using droplets of super glue has been a "hit and miss" affair for me. So............................................... I'm considering using the AIMS metal rigging set. Would you recommend this and can it be affixed with white glue rather than super glue. Comments, thoughts,
  6. Cracking work on a fantastic British design. I like all those "pointy British jets" too!
  7. A very neatly executed job on the ancient Big Airfix Stuka. It took me ages to get rid of all the flash on mine. I love your paintwork-so smooth! Congratultions on this epic build. One question- where do you display it? I've got mine next to the 1/24th Spitfire which is diminutive alongside it.
  8. Just goes to show what can be achieved with "older" kit models. Such beautiful paintwork on this.Nicely constructed.
  9. Hi Dunny/Roger, I think Red Roo do a good job with their research. I checked to see if they had this in stock https://www.redroomodels.com/product/raaf-colour-schemes-markings-part-6a/...... Sadly it doesn't come up as available. Maybe worth giving them a buzz if you like or just follow the scheme on the decal sheet. Cheers. Paul (aka Bertie Lissie )
  10. Greetings from Melbourne Town!! Wow!! You don't get to see an Aussie Airacobra too often! Looks like a beautiful kit to build. One thing I've learnt about Red Roo Models is that they research their colours.
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