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  1. Nice work Harry - I especially like it that she is a little dirty!!! - great stuff!! Cheers and regards, PJ
  2. Great job Russ - the setting also presents an appropriate atmosphere. Cheers PJ
  3. Very nice job Bruce - looks perfect, well done mate. Cheers PJ
  4. Hi CJP, Thanks for the kind comments - yes the standard kit does come with markings for a blue/white bird XD653 from HMAS Melbourne. Cheers and regards, PJ
  5. Ha you are right Bruce - it was a bit of a dilemma deciding which airframe to do. As you say the Navy had some very striking schemes including some with extensive banding on the boom which I am sure would make an interesting model. Included in the kit are decals for the blue/white aussie navy bird which I may do at some point. I guess the reason I attacked a recent release with not much extra detailing was to overcome a phase of boredom. I have way too many kits on the go at various stages of completion so decided I needed to finish something and the little Sycamore di
  6. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen, appreciated. Cheers PJ
  7. AMP 1/48 Bristol Sycamore RAAF This is the recently released AMP 1/48 Bristol Sycamore built as an early Australian bird during operations in Woomera. Well this is somewhat of a record for me – a relatively new kit, built almost OOB including kit decals and finished in less than 5 years! Generally the AMP kit is nicely detailed with options for various versions. The kit includes a small etched fret with finer details. A comment, the plastic is very brittle and some of the smaller parts were broken and subsequently replaced with wire and plastic card. AMP is to be c
  8. Very nice build Mike - well done, cheers
  9. Hi Terry, Unfortunately I didn't do a WIP for this build. cheers PWJ
  10. Thank you gents for the kind words, appreciated. Cheers and regards PWJ
  11. This is another of those that have been lurking in the stash. It is from the Hasegawa SH-3H kit incorporating Eric Sujecki's Plane bits conversion which consists of resin short sponsons, six blade tail rotor, dome and blade antennae. I decided to model an early grey/white scheme bird. Decals are from Hawkeye and I also used Eduards exterior and cockpit set along with their canopy mask. Something I missed was moving the port side rear window which was discovered to late. Oh well such is life, it looks like an Aussie Seaking and it is interesting to compare the size against to the ot
  12. WIP 1/48 Westland Scout conversion RAN Calling this one done. This is another of those long term builds that I have dragged back onto the bench. It is the very old Fujimi 1/48 Westland Wasp converted to a RAN Scout. Due to the age of the kit it is a relatively simple model with minimal components. The basic shape is a good basis to work from. Being a conversion however I ended up scratch building a number of components and details particular to the Scout. Cheers PWJ
  13. Hi Russ, Very nice job on an unusual scheme - well done, cheers PJ
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