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  1. Seawinder

    Help required in choosing next subject 1/48

    Hi TC. Here's the link to the La-5 page at my SmugMug site. As you'll see, I didn't build it with open engine. You can click on the thumbnails for bigger photos. https://seawinder.smugmug.com/2014-Models/Lavochkin-La5/ FWIW, I used parts from a Vector cockpit detail set (IP and seat belts) and a Pavla vacuform canopy for the sliding section -- the kit's is very thick. Cheers, Pip
  2. Seawinder

    Help required in choosing next subject 1/48

    1/48? I don't there's an open engine option.
  3. Seawinder

    Help required in choosing next subject 1/48

    Dunno if Soviet stuff tickles your fancy, but the Zvezda La-5 and La-5FN kits both provide the option of exposed radial engine. I've built both kits and IMHO they're pretty nice.
  4. Seawinder

    High Speed Siver

    Well, I just Googled Alclad 125, and there it was, available at a bunch of sites.
  5. Having just bought the recent Airfix Meteor F.8, I figured I'd better build this one, which has been in my stash for years, or risk never doing it at all. It's pretty much OOB except for an Eduard PE set for properly sized seat and other cockpit details, and Eduard PE seat belts. Paints are all Model Master enamels. Decals are from the kit except for the starboard codes which I managed to wreck, so I generated them on my computer and a modeling buddy cut masks with his plotter/cutter. Cheers, Pip
  6. Seawinder

    High Speed Siver

    FWIW, although you didn't mention the brand, Alclad also does High Speed Silver (ALC 125). Alclad is almost always my choice for metallics.
  7. Seawinder

    1/48 Tamiya Meteor cockpit enhancement/replacement

    IMHO, yes, having just finished the same kit. The Eduard set includes a seat, which is not hard to fold into shape and is more accurate in size than the kit part. The instrument panel is a sandwich with film for the instrument faces. There's also a number of other detail bits to make the area somewhat busier. I also used some pre-painted Eduard RAF seat belts. Do bear in mind that the whole cockpit is basically black, and with the canopy in place (open or closed), the lack of detail is not going to pop out particularly.
  8. Seawinder

    -Soviet La-7 colors

    I used them for a 1/48 Yak-3 build. Although they did look pretty dark out of the bottle, I didn't lighten them. Once the whole paint job was done, they appeared lighter and IMHO quite satisfactory. Probably too dark for the scale effect guys, but I'm personally not much into that. FWIW:
  9. Seawinder

    Paints and Colors

    1. The Mr. Color acrylic lacquers and Mr. Hobby aqueous acrylics don't always have the same code numbers. I had already posted the Mr. Color codes for RLM 74/75/76 above, but I see Chuck1945 has filled in most of the gaps anyway. Mr. Color's RLM 79 sandgelb is C-119. 2. The Mr. Color paints are all (or nearly all?) semigloss out of the bottle. Not a problem -- makes it easier to get a good gloss surface for decaling, and you're going to have to apply some sort of clear flat coat at the end most likely anyway. 3. There are plenty of options besides Mr. Color for things like black, white, metallic silver (aluminum, probably), steel and gunmetal.
  10. Seawinder

    Paints and Colors

    In case you haven't found them already: RLM 02: Mr. Color C-60 RLM 70: C-18 RLM 71: C-17 RLM 66 (common cockpit color): C-116
  11. Seawinder

    Paints and Colors

    No apology needed; but yes, I did mean the standard 74/75/76 scheme, which was used on night fighters at some point, I think just about into 1944. I'm not any kind of expert on Ju 88 NF schemes before the G-6, but the Special Hobby instructions (assuming they can be relied on) do show what looks like standard 74/75/76 for one of the options, as I noted above.
  12. Seawinder

    Paints and Colors

    OK, I found an image of the Special Hobby instructions online. There are three options, two of them in overall black, the third in 74/75/76, that one being R4+MT.
  13. Seawinder

    Paints and Colors

    Well, the OP said Ju 88 C-4 NJ, which makes it a night fighter, so whether or not 74 was present (It was in a good number of Bf 110G night fighters), 75/76 seems pretty likely. In any case, I agree -- it would be good for Jaca to post the RLM numbers he needs to use, as I said in my post above.
  14. Seawinder

    Paints and Colors

    I'm thinking the camouflage colors would have been RLM 74/75 topsides over RLM 76. Those paints in the Mr. Color line (which FWIW I like very much; they're acrylic lacquers and cover well) are 36, 37 and 117 respectively. Yes, you'll need to thin them to airbrush. You can use lacquer thinner, but I prefer Mr. Color proprietary thinners for airbrushing, especially their Self Leveling Thinner, which contains a retardant. If you have other RLM numbers to ID, you might post them and one of us can match them with the Gunze paints. p.s. the Gunze H- line paints are aqueous acrylics and no longer available where I live.
  15. Seawinder

    Meteor F.1 landing gear colors

    Beautiful photos, Troy -- thanks for posting them. I think they definitely add weight to the MSG idea. Cheers, Pip