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  1. If I read Archer ("Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide") correctly, either Yellow No. 4 or A/N Orange Yellow would have been the shade(s) used. The No. 4 chip is actually deeper and slightly more orange than that of the Orange Yellow. If I were doing it with Tamiya paints, I'd get hold of either X8 or XF-3, as Casey advises, and I'd add a VERY small amount of red. Doesn't take much.
  2. Having built one of the Inpact descendants, I can say that it's a surprisingly nice kit for its day and can yield a very satisfactory model.
  3. Probably true, but I doubt the old Revell F-14 kits had recessed panel lines either.
  4. According to Scalemates, RV03865 is a rebox of Monogram.
  5. If orthodox, it would have been white for Staffel 4?
  6. Well, they show the scissors links mounted in the instructions for the Mk. IXe kit, so they're tacitly acknowledging that the links appeared somewhere during Mk. IX production, but leave it up to modelers' specific info for specific planes.
  7. The scissors links are on all the Eduard Mk. IX family sprues: parts G45
  8. Not according to Scalemates: it's Hobbycraft/Academy.
  9. Thanks, Colin. I think it'll be a pretty easy hue to mix with some medium blue and white.
  10. I don't feel qualified to comment on the prop shape, but the kit spinner is noticeably too long and too bulbous.
  11. Based on what I've read here and other places, I've decided to go with Sky Blue for the underside color of Spit Vb (trop) AB264 on Malta. At this point I'm still confused about what Sky Blue actually looked like. Various sources give FS 35622 as a close approximation. This color is what I'd call a pale duck egg blue with a definite hint of green. OTOH, the chip in "British Aviation Colors of WWII" (museum) shows what I'd call a pale powder blue with no hint of green. I'd say the closest FS approximation is 35550. In David Klaus's old "IPMS Color Cross Reference Guide," he gives 35622 as the primary call-out, but also mentions 35550 from "another source." Help, anybody? Thanks, Pip
  12. That's the way it looks to me in the photo. I had already ordered an Ultracast replacement when I started this thread and plan to use it.
  13. For those of us on the western side of the Atlantic, Dull Dark Green is generally linked to FS 34092, AKA Euro Green, the shade used for example on A-10s in the Euro 1 scheme. Humbrol does it as No. 149, which explains the number of people recommending that tin. It's got a definite blue cast. Of the tins shown in the OP's photo, IMHO No. 114 looks the closest, but would need some black added.
  14. I'd respectfully advise reading some build reviews of the Hasegawa Harriers before putting any money down. I've just read a couple: sounds like the same mediocre execution of overly complex engineering design that plagued their F-14.
  15. The same can be said of the Revell Tornado, which can end up virtually unbuildable if certain parts aren't correctly placed. IMHO there are better choices for someone wanting to break into the modern jet genre. I'd personally start with one of the Tamiya F-16s or F-14s. The F-14s especially are not cheap, but they're fabulous builds.
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