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  1. Seawinder

    Beginner, what to start with?

    C'mon, man! In any case, I apologize for muddying the waters with things like P-47s. I failed to notice that the OP was specifically interested in Spitfires. Speaking as an American who builds in 1/48, I stand by my earlier recommendation, but I'd actually lean toward Eduard over Tamiya: although complex, the fit is first rate, including the wing-to-fuselage join, which is staggeringly good.
  2. Seawinder

    Beginner, what to start with?

    Well, I build in 1:48, and while I love Spits, they're not the only good option IMHO. Off the top of my head, Tamiya P-47, Tamiya F4U, Tamiya A6M5, Eduard or Tamiya Spitfires as alternatives to Airfix -- both are really pleasant builds even though the Eduards are complex.
  3. Seawinder

    Beaufighter Nightfighter colour help

    I just built one of those. I found a photo somewhere of a nightfighter cockpit, and it definitely looked black, so I went with that.
  4. Seawinder

    What are the colours on these aircraft?

    DG over overall MSG was applied to many night fighters including Mosquitoes and Beaufighters.
  5. Seawinder

    F-16 Arctic Aggresor - Paints

    You might want to take a look at this photo -- http://www.f-16.net/forum/download/file.php?id=4839&sid=0aae64b5fe56c4e74198e08946ff558a&mode=view -- which I think is in another BM thread somewhere. At least one of those nosecones is as dark or darker than 36118.
  6. I already posted photos of this build at HyperScale, but I hope people will forgive my posting them here as well -- I figured it being a British subject ... Anyway, I've had the Tamiya kit for a long time and wanted to build it as a nightfighter using decals from a Techmod sheet covering several planes, most of them serving with RAF Polish 307 Sqn. X8005 had non-dihedral tail planes, so I used a Red Roo resin set. Other aftermarket items include parts from a True Details resin cockpit as well as Ultracast seats, wheels and hedgehog exhaust stacks. The starboard wing vertical plane radar dipoles are pieces of .017 guitar string with the teardrop fairing carved/cut from a piece of sprue. Paints are Model Master enamels and various Alclad shades for the exhaust collectors and stacks. Cheers, Pip
  7. Seawinder

    Yak-9 - one-stop Go-to reference?

    There's also AJ Press Aircraft Monograph No. 14, "Yak-7, Yak-9" by Robert Bock. Photos, data, profiles and a bunch of drawings. No. 13 covers the Yak-1 and -3.
  8. Seawinder

    A6M2 fabric control surfaces

    Agreed -- don't change it now, especially with the decals in place. As Stew D says above, it was largely a matter of the dope on the fabric fading differently from the paint on the airframe, rather than a different starting color. i think what you've got looks fine, FWIW.
  9. Seawinder

    Question on the prop on P-40B on Pearl Harbour Dec 41

    I don't believe the NM props had yellow tips -- only the all black ones.
  10. Seawinder

    Seafire F.XVII cockpit interior colors

    I did an Airfix Mk. XVII last year and went with the information I read and/or was told online: Interior Grey-Green seat, floor and fuselage sides up to the level of the longeron beneath the portside pilot's door.. Black instrument panel, upper areas of fuselage sides, and bulkhead/armor behind seat.
  11. Seawinder

    Beaufighter VIF night fighter: holes in wings?

    Yes indeed, Dave. Having filled all the holes last night, I took a closer look at the Tamiya instructions, only to find that the holes are indeed the cartridge ejection slots; there's a plate that goes over them for the rocket rails. So now I'm drilling the slots back out. As Homer would say, "DOH!!"
  12. Seawinder

    Beaufighter VIF night fighter: holes in wings?

    Thanks, Graham. That clears it up nicely. I think I'll just fill up the slots for the launch rails and leave it at that, not having any reference photos of cartridge exit slots. Anyway, I don't tend to display my models upside down.
  13. Photos of these planes show at least some with the six holes in the wing leading edges (4 port, 2 starboard). I'm wondering about the corresponding rectangular openings underneath for the rocket launch rail mounts: should these be filled for a night fighter that presumably wouldn't carry them? Does anybody know what the leading edge holes were for? (venting of some sort?) Thanks, Pip
  14. Seawinder

    F-16 Engine Nozzle Colour?

    Alclad makes a shade they call Pale Burnt Metal that has that yellow cast. You'd probably want to dust it over some other light metallic base coat.
  15. Seawinder

    Question about 307 Sqn Beaufighter

    Thanks for the link, J-W. He apparently used a light metallic for everything. That would certainly be an easy way to go, except I'd probably use a darker shade. The model is very well done indeed, but I question a few aspects: From what I've seen in photos, the front cockpit should be black; the actuating levers under the horizontal tail shouldn't be symmetrically placed; I'm not sure the vertical scan dipoles (sticking out of the wing roundels) were installed in both wings. Ah, nitpicking!