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  2. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    Cheers stix, most appreciated
  3. We're here four the money!

    Which trumped other stories
  4. Just finished the kit: Pegasus models, 1/32nd? Terminator HK Machine. This was an expensive model but close enough to the movie prop and fits together well. Basically a grey-blue soft styrene with one transparent sprue, so you can light it if you want. Landing legs are moulded retracted, and would need new legs to be in the down position. Model has a single leg stand. CAUTION: The internal locating pins are too large for the locating sockets -had to drill socket holes out to get an easy fit...Otherwise a test fit could fix the two body parts together! The two engines are not linked on the model, and probably rotate differentially to balance the machine by computer control, but I found it looked better when they rotate together. To do this I had to cut away two of the large locating and alignment pins and their sockets, which were in the way of the cross shaft, but there are other locating pins, so it isn't important. I then made up a cross-shaft out of a plastic sprue, then drilled out the two collars, (Parts A4), and glued the length of sprue in place, making sure I had aligned the engine mounting lugs: see picture. A very easy mod. Most joints follow panel lines, some need a little filler. and sanding. Painting: There are no guides for this so any imagination can come up with a scheme painting with Alclad Lacquer Gloss black undercoat and dark/light aluminium top coat. Seemed to look just fine with this simple finish so I left it at that for the moment Box Art The kit is otherwise not bad, and only the main body join needed filler. HK1 Internals HK2 HK3 HK4 HK5 HK6 HK7 HK8 HK9
  5. An all new 1/48th Douglas AD-5Q Skyraider resin conversion set is in the development stage. The maker of this yet to be announced product is currently unknown. To be followed Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/695711033832473/permalink/1740945512642348/ V.P.
  6. Socially awkward

    I'm ok with people I know, family friends, old work colleagues etc. Spent years volunteering at a museum, worked for Midland Counties for many years and generally did a lot of stuff that meant interacting with people with no problems...but, most of these people were on my wavelength and that was the key I guess. I run my on business now, and do a few fairs around the country. I'm not too bad with that, but if someone comes onto the stand, and starts talking models or music, you can't shut me up! I'm not very good with idle chat though. Agree with everyone about avoiding crowded places. Drives me nuts. As me and the wife run our business mainly from home now, we've both become anti social hermits! We both hate shopping and visiting town with a passion. We seem to spend most of our time out getting annoyed at the seemingly brainless masses (and don't get us started on the phone gazers!) Oh hang on! I'm about to hit 50 soon....so it must be the onset of Meldrew's Syndrome! Always happy with my own company. I have so much to keep me occupied, so will never get bored on my own and have been like that for years. When I was at school, my folks let me have the garden shed for my modelling. I don't think they saw me until I turned 16 as I lived in that shed, and was more than happy to do so. Always painfully shy around women. I was totally useless as a teenager, although I found out years later that I had a few admirers (thanks for not telling me at the time Mum!!) I just didn't have a clue, was too self concious and had zero confidence. I missed a lot of fun, just because unless an advance was smashed in my face with a mallet, I didn't have any idea that a girl fancied me, and God forbid if I had to make the first move! All turned out ok way later though when I met Mrs Fightersweep, but not until I was 30. Well worth the wait, as she's the most beautiful woman I've ever met, intelligent, funny and quite the rebel. Can't just be me, as my workmates couldn't figure out how I had made such a catch. Come to think of it, neither can I. Interesting topic!
  7. Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Gear is on, now for some ordinance. Nice etched mudguard replacement Never knew I'd turn a Flanker into a bomb truck but I've always liked this cover photo. So I've been rummaging through my stash and finding as many 250 kg bombs and racks as I can. And using photos to find the correct position of the racks with the right number and layout of the bombs. I'll use the nicer resin dispensers for the wings and intakes where they'll be seen more and the lesser plastic ones for the two between the intakes and engines. Same with the bombs.
  8. LF Thoughts on Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro 2 in 1 release

    If it's anything like their Seafire 17, two of whatever is stated on the box. The Seafire I found to be excellent value for money, especially with the spare Seafire XV (late) fuselages included.
  9. Thanks Julien! That's the point I've been trying to make all along. Some people will live with it and fix and that's their choice but it's a bit sloppy from Airfix and people have the right to be annoyed or upset and send/take the kit back for a refund. I was simply trying to raise awareness of the issue and people can make an informed choice. All this 'we're modellers and should be able to fix it' attitude to me is nonsense, we're all different and there's nothing wrong if some people are annoyed at the error and some aren't. If it's not an issue, just ignore the topic and don't comment, it's not helping anyone it's just being condescending. thanks Mike
  10. Ascensio Pegas decals

    @Scott Garard: Did you use these masks yourself? Would you care to share a few word about their quality? Thanks a lot!
  11. supermarine spiteful canopy

    The Pegasus Spiteful canopy is frankly awful. Too thick and too wide. Besides which, the cockpit area on the Pegasus Spiteful had an odd cutout for the canopy that shouldn't be there - the real thing has the fuselage top deck continue all the way to the bulkhead. Not to mention the fact that the tail surfaces are too small and incorrectly shaped. Sadly, the Rareplanes one has similar issues. If it was me, I'd give up on the Rareplanes one as it's too much work to sort out and go directly to the AZ Seafang, which makes into a reasonable late Spiteful once the wing fold is filled and the sting hook replaced with the relevant section from an Airfix Spitfire F22. The AZ Spiteful is a complete abortion and a total waste of time, effort and plastic. Apart from being underscale, the cockpit interior is complete fiction and the fit is vile. I loathe the sight of the only one I finished. Avoid the CMR kit as it's just as bad. I'm of the opinion that the CMR Spiteful and Seafang were used as masters for the AZ kits. The Pegasus one, once the tail surfaces and cockpit/fuselage issues are sorted out, looks pretty decent. It has the brutal chunkiness of the Spiteful down to a tee. In the best "Blue Peter" tradition, here's one I finished earlier. The prop's from an Airfix PR19, homecast resin wheels and tail surfaces plus a spare canopy (as clear as it is ill-fitting) from a Magna Spiteful. Despite it's flaws, I'm rather fond of the Pegasus kit and the bulk of my whiffed Spitefuls have been from that kit. If you decide to go ahead with the Rareplanes, I'd advise stripping an Airfix Spitfire F22 of the tail surfaces and anything else useable. What's left can be used with the Airfix PR19 to do a Spitfire F21. It will crosskit - I've done it and I know of at least three other conversions.
  12. A in-box review: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2018/02/in-boxedthe-135th-scale-ah-6jmh-6j.html New boxing with crew - ref. 5000? Sources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/374850216317696/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/372203366582381/ Box art Crews V.P.
  13. Greetings from Lincoln

    Hello Condor ... to Britmodeller. I too am a WW2 aircraft builder and have a soft spot for the Lightning. Im on a jet kick at the moment but starting to feel a withdrawal for propellers. Im hoping to see your work soon. Dennis
  14. I began this with the 2017 Sukhoi Flanker STGB group build but wasn't able to finish in time. To recap it is the Academy Su-30MKK kit with the Sol Su-35 (Su-27M) canards, scratch built instrument panels with the Neomega Su-30MKK cockpit, Aires wheel wells, new resin nose, A.M.U.R. Reaver burner cans, AKAN paint and Begemot decals. Bort 01 Neomega cockpit with MKI instrument panels being made. Tried to make some resin extras as backups but my casting wasn't very good. Canopy mechanism work Days of putty and sanding to come. I ended up filling it with foam to give it some internal strength to compensate all of the cutting of both fuselage halves. A.M.U.R. Reaver exhausts are a lot bigger than the original Academy pipes but look great. No complaints with AKAN's Su-30MKI demonstrator colors. The overall pale blue the dark blue were perfect, I grayed the middle blue just a bit to get a better match. I always use little 1/144 kits as color testers G Gear is on it's way. I found some photos where that wonderful Russian pink sealant was used on this plane's gear which certainly adds a bit more color. I'm using the resin Armory wheel set with the nice sagged tires. Thanks for looking, more to come.
  15. Right folks here goes, This will be my first upload this year, been a messy and wild start to the year. This year I decided that I wanted to build something that could be linked on to the the next build. And with aquiring the airfix handly page victor a few week back, followed by my dad swapping some railway stuff for an airfix valiant. So two v bombers out of three, already I have acquired the valiant and victor and just awaiting on a vulcan. Sorry for the poor photo. Already I have decided that the three will be painted in their famous anti flash white schemes which will all match. Although the vulcan looks a stunner in camouflage the valiant is a matter of opinion. I am going to start of with building the valiant, and after reading the amount of errors I may have a job on my hands. Any help with these three big beautiful bombers will be appreciated. Hopefully get things started later once the kids are in bed. Thanks for looking in.
  16. Greetings from Lincoln

    Another Yellowbelly? Is there a coach parked just off screen? Welcome to the madness. Pete
  17. We're here four the money!

    at the White House
  18. Spitfire Mk 24 80 Squadron RAF

    That's some performance.
  19. That's what I took them to be . Guy
  20. ANOTHER WNW - O.O.P.

    That's interesting. Looking at HLJ's list of WNW every kit listed as "Out Of Stock" is still available from Wingnuts themselves and all the kits listed as "Backordered" are Sold Out with Wingnuts.
  21. Ow I thought you had build a Mirage III. Nevertheless very complete answer to my question. The fitt of the canopy seems to be good as you mentioned. And the last pictures shows it very well. Can't wait to visit my LHS within a few weeks and buy all the goodies to build a C10! Cheers, Evert
  22. Strictly OOB, except I substituted lead foil for the plastic belts. Painted in acrylics.
  23. fj-4 FURY

    Hi all. With regards to the Marines never operating the FJ-4B, I was incorrect. VMF's 212, 214 and 223 operated the fj-4B. I stand corrected.
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