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  1. This picture was on the Jaguar group on Facebook. Your model had appeared on the group, so someone has access. Have a scroll through the entries on there.
  2. Hannants currently have 1 remaining in stock. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FHP48122?result-token=0bMV3
  3. I've looked on the Wingman models site and they only seem to make a CBLS 200 practice bomb carrier. These were only used on the Tornado and are incorrect for Jag use. You need a CBLS 100, Flightpath do one, https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17829. There would be a modification to this for use on a Jaguar centreline forward station. Due to the step in the pylon, the CBLS had a shorter tail, so it would fit. This Google search has pictures of the CBLS 100, 200 and the shorter tail for Jag use. https://www.google.com/search?q=1/48+CBLS+100&rlz=1C1SQJL_enCA889CA889&
  4. There was a pod used in the 80's with limited success. It was called the PEWT (Phantom Electronic Warfare Training) pod. It was a low powered ECM pod used for training in an EW environment, the aircrew didn't think much of its value, so was rarely used. Even more rarely photographed. It was a cylinder about 1ft in diameter and 3ft (ish) in length. Loaded on the left inboard pylon using a multiple weapons adapter (MWA) and a carrier bomb triple ejector (CBTE). A Google search has a couple of references to them, but the photo's are no longer available.
  5. Lovely work continues. Sometimes it does help to move on and come back later when the enthusiasm returns for that build. Now I've seen the markings you are doing. Your build and all that, so do as you please. But 2 Sqn had a recce role at Laarbruch, so the hoofing great EMI recce pod would have been a more usual fit under the centreline. Inboard pylons would either be clean or have MWA's (multiple weapons adapters) bolted on with a CBLS or ground attack weapons loaded. Very rare to have Sidewinders, and they would be AIM-9G's. 2 Sqn Phantoms pre-date the introduction of 9L's.
  6. The adoption (or not) of role designation letters just can't be followed lately. The US built and supplied F-35B has none. But the US built and supplied Poseidon is given MRA 1. Go figure.
  7. Good luck with the KH kit. There have been a few build threads in the WIP section over the years. They cover some of the glaring errors with the kit.
  8. Nope. Unless things changed over the years (as they often did). I was on them 95-2004. Flaps & slats were always down. Part of the flight servicing was to check the flap guides and rollers, also for free movement of the slat screw jack plates. All of which needed them down. On start up the pilot raised them and then the liney checked for symmetrical extension to 5 degrees and then full flap. Yes about the microturbo. I think it had a more convoluted official name, but everyone just knew it as the microturbo.
  9. Yep, there was no "bleed down". From what I remember, flaps and slats were operated by screw jacks, so were locked in place. Standard shut down was airbrakes open, flaps and slats down. The "liney" as part of the see in procedure would open the undercarriage doors using a switch just above the ground power socket. @JagRigger would be the one to fully confirm about the hydraulic system. I was an armourer.
  10. That's a lovely Phantom. Looks great in its initial camo colours. Great job.
  11. Weapon load answers. For the Sidewinders, you definitely want AIM 9L's. That was the only variant in use when 74 had FGR2's. If you are doing a full 4x4 load, the usual reason for this is the jet going on QRA duties. The UK based squadrons had centerline fuel tanks fitted, together with the sergeant fletcher tanks on the wings. This was due to the common need for a QRA scramble to be heading far out over the North sea. 4x4 plus the gun was the QRA load for 19 & 92 squadrons in Germany, as their scrambles involved a quick flight towards the East German border. The other times
  12. Superb pair of Harriers. Lovely work. I look forward to more to come.
  13. Yes......good point well put!! I did mean that it was a Navy squadron prior to 1st April 1918, I just totally phrased it wrong.. From what I have heard, and from comments on a thread here on BM that I cant find now. The operational squadrons are to be one from each service, 617 and 809 pending funding (sigh). The OCU was picked to have a pedigree with both, hence one of the 200 numbered squadrons that used to be RNAS. 208 was in the running as it had recently stood down on the retirement of the Valley Hawk T1's. But some Navy top brass objected as they thought it had too much RAF his
  14. I'm at the end of building one. It's typical Kitty hawk standard. It all fits together OK ish. Just do plenty of dry fitting prior to applying glue. It's designed to have everything open, if you try to close up the doors and panels there may be problems. The instructions are again typical KH, wrong part numbers on a few items and missing build steps. Decals wise, what comes with the kit is a work of fiction. Caracal models are in the process of releasing a decal sheet with correct and current markings for a Brit F35B, CD 48141. I am awaiting the release of these decals to fini
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