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  1. Hi there. No, I did a tour on 19(F) Sqn at Wildenrath in Germany. When I finished there, the Tornado F3 was taking over in the UK. The only place left for Phantoms was Wattisham. I didn't want to go there.
  2. I was down the Falklands on 23 Sqn as was, May-Sep 1988. Standard fit was loaded 4x4 plus gun. The only time a CL tank was fitted was for ferry flights to/from the UK. Seeing as the closest place to divert to was not very friendly, it was not needed. Plus with only 4 Phantoms down there, as much weaponry that could be carried, was. You can't shoot anything down with a CL tank! Yes, by 1991, all Phantoms had the TESS periscope fitted. Rob.
  3. This maybe a bit late for you. The upper and lower wing skins don't match around the flaps. The upper wing skin extends over the flap. Have a look through the BM walkround section. There is a huuge section of photo's showing the Jaguars at Cosford. Rob.
  4. Decals are on and a UMP dark dirt wash applied. I had the Werners Wings Pave Hawk sheet 2 decals for the general markings and stencils. The Lakenheath and aircraft specific decals from the OOP sheet 1 were graciously supplied by @bentwaters81tfw. Many thanks to Frank for that. Then it was on to lots of small sub assemblies to add, that seem to take forever, with no signs of progress. I had a go at creating the prism effect for the countermeasures "disco ball". First a chrome coat from a Molotow pen. Then a light coat of Tamiya clear yellow, f
  5. That is a fantastic build Alan. Large and an interesting subject. Certainly very different from a standard F3.
  6. Superb work Alan. Now that is how weathering and wear and tear should be done. The majority of "distress" on many an airframe is from mucky hand and boot marks, not to look ready for the scrap yard. You have replicated that perfectly. Rob.
  7. That's an improvement on the seat option. You could use those, my single seat GR1/3 kit only had the seat on the right! I don't think there are any AM pylons out there, the kit one's can be changed with a bit of cutting and sanding.
  8. I've only built the single seat kit as a GR3A, but I'm guessing everything rear of the cockpit is common to both kits. Look out for poor fit of any panel that is poseable open, if you are fitting it closed. The wing leading edge is the wrong shape outboard of the wing fences. The leading edge slats are too deep. The wing pylons are French versions, they need surgery to do RAF ones. As you have already said, there is only 1 1200 ltr drop tank, and that is the wrong shape. Get a pair from Flightpath, they are good. The ejection seats are French type, not the Matin Baker Mk 9B's it should ha
  9. Yep, definitely a baggage pod. Have a look at this list and take your pick https://www.scalemates.com/topics/topic.php?id=60088
  10. A bit of a gap between updates, but I'm back again. Primer applied to the Pavehawk. I use Tamiya grey surface primer in a rattle can. It gives a lovely finish and I have never had it lift, even on photo etch. There are some anti slip areas on the roof, around the "doghouse". Rather than just painting them black, I thought I would add some texture. I used Mig Ammo anti slip paste, as used in armour modelling. The effect looks good. Then the whole body had a coat of Mr Hobby aqueous H305 Gunship Grey. Black areas were done with Tamiya XF69 NAT
  11. Fuselage construction continues. All the main structure is complete that will not get in the way of painting. Notice how, after all the work to get the driveshafts in, they are covered by the intakes! Well I know I got them in. While fitting some of the blade aerials, I had an oh bu**@r moment. I had not planned through the instructions enough with regard to opening up holes in the fuselage. The instructions show what holes to open for the flare dispensers. But not for the aerials. Consequently, anyone planning to do this kit, take
  12. Looking at my 1/48 Revell F3, yes it is placed towards the trailing edge. But I totally agree with you, it looks waaaay better in the location you have the roundel. Everything is looking fantastic, with paint and decals on. Lovely work.
  13. Lovely, classic Phantom build. Anything in "Jolly Rogers" markings gets my vote.
  14. Hi, yes no problem. The F4J(UK)'s were in use when the missiles loaded were Skyflash and AIM-9L Sidewinders. The Sidewinders supplied with the model are AIM-9E's with the extended seeker nose, the RAF have never used them. 9L's are coloured light ghost grey on the body and wings, anodised metal on the seeker nose and fins. Skyflash are light aircraft grey on the body, wings and fins. The nose is ceramic, so an off white colour. They also have 4 longitudinal lines towards the nose that are proximity sensors. White painted missiles are AIM-7 Sparrows that had been relegated to training firi
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