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  1. There was a folk tale of a Lossiemouth based Buccaneer bombing a Soviet spy trawler with stuffed teddy bears!! Apparently it flew to somewhere for a weekend landaway. The crew did a bit of shopping, including kids toys. They were stowed in the baggage pannier fitted in the bomb bay. On flying back over the North Sea, they spotted the trawler and decided to do a simulated attack. The pilot forgot about the "cargo" and rolled the bomb door open. All the sudden airflow passing through the bomb bay, nicely emptied the contents of the pannier across the trawler.
  2. I never worked on FG1's, so cannot say definitely. But I don't think they ever did. The section in my Phantom course notes for AN/ALE 40 has photocopies from the AP. That AP is 101B-0902, which only refers to FGR2. 101B-0900 was common to both, 101B-0901 was FG1 only. It was primarily the UK based squadrons plus the Falklands aircraft that had them. Neither 19 or 92 sqns in Germany had chaff and flare until we started receiving airframes from the likes of 29 sqn when they re-equipped with Tonka F3's. It made our aircrew very happy to have a new toy. Rob.
  3. That is a superb Phantom. Yes, worn and dirty, but so realistic.
  4. Great work on the chaff and flare dispensers. Something the Phantoms "down south" flew with, that Airfix missed.
  5. Looking good, nice work on the old Phantom. Give it a good weathering, they didn't get washed too much down there. Dug out an old photo. RAF Mount Pleasant 1988. Rob.
  6. You had to follow a set sequence of actions with the chute handle in the cockpit and locking the door. Otherwise things could go wrong. Lineys could make an occasional error, but let aircrew do their own flight servicing and oooer. This is a photo I took, mid Atlantic from a Tristar tanker. We (19 Sqn) were enroute to Nellis AFB for Red Flag, Oct 1987. The Phantoms went from Wildenrath to Leuchars and overnighted, with the aircrew doing their own AFs, BF,s and drag chute fits. The groundcrew main party flew on a Herc to Brize, then got on a Tristar for the journey to the states, via Goose Bay. The Phantoms took off from Leuchars to meet up with us and be re-fueled on the flight leg to Goose. Unfortunately on take off from Leuchars, XV422 "J" (yes, the infamous Juliet the Jag Killer) had it's drag chute fall out still packed in its shell. The door and the main shackle had not been locked properly. It flew all the way across the pond with the door open. The riggers on the support party had to do some repairs to the door in Goose Bay.
  7. Interesting project. I was at RAF Akrotiri with the Buccaneers on Op Pulsator, when the blokes and their equipment were brought back from Beirut. The speed those Landrovers were driven around camp, you took your life in your hands when crossing the road.
  8. A big thank you to the armourers!
  9. You are correct on your theory of the nav light. As for the "vent", there was nothing else in the drag chute door to require venting. No pipes came through from the main tail cone. The only thing it was for to my knowledge was to help close the spring loaded door. Insert the fingers of your right hand and grip the door. Close the door and pull out the T bar shown in the photo with your left hand to lock the door. It required a good technique and timing to get it to go smoothly.
  10. Lovely job. A grey Jag, made to look interesting.
  11. 19F sometimes had the more disparaging nickname of the cod squad. I worked with an armourer who was on 111 sqn for a time. Sometime during their Phantom years, 43 and 111 did a joint detachment somewhere. Their nickname for that period was the trembling cocks.
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