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  1. Phone Phixer

    1/48 RAF Tornado Gr.4 ~ 617 Sqn

    Very nice Tonka. Great work.
  2. Phone Phixer

    Airfix 1/48 F.6 conversion

    Beautiful work, a great model of the Hunter T bird. You are OK without the "WC". That was its tail code on 237 OCU between 1984-86. (The OCU had codes ending in C, 12 Sqn F and 208 Sqn S) You have it later, when in the hands of 12 Sqn, the tail codes changed to the last 3 of the serial number in a pale blue. But there are pictures of XL573 with the foxes head and no tail code. So you are perfect as you are. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emdjt42/4247543197/in/photostream/
  3. Phone Phixer

    Andy Hill cleared of Manslaughter.

    There was a company called Seat Star based at Duxford, they were licensed by Martin Baker to work on ejection seats on ex-military jets. A company called SES bought them out and does the seats and survival equipment together. Their guys fitted the seats to Vulcan XH558. I don't think the guys have a license, just CAA certification, because its a bit of a specialist field. https://ses-safety.com/
  4. Phone Phixer

    Airfix 1/48 F.6 conversion

    I built XL573 in the markings of 237 OCU "WC" at Lossie @1985. I did put underwing serials on it, they were included in the Fantasy Printshop decal set for this aircraft. I can't find any photo's of the undersides from that time period to show whether it should or should not have them. I was groundcrew on 237 OCU at the time, but I can't remember for the life of me if they were there. So it's down to personal choice, no one can prove you wrong either way. Rob.
  5. Phone Phixer

    Hawk Trainer

    What a beaut. Well worth all your troubles. Fantastic.
  6. Another well made example of this kit. Very nice.
  7. Phone Phixer

    Supermarine Swift FR.5 1/72 Airfix

    Great work, very nice.
  8. A Phine Phantom. Nice work.
  9. Phone Phixer

    1:48 Phantom FGR2 74 Sqn RAF

    Another Phabulous Phantom from your production line.
  10. Phone Phixer

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1.A

    Nice Jag, great work. The DG/DSG camo looks very nice. The ECM & Phimat pods should be swapped over though.
  11. Phone Phixer

    RAF Typhoon FGR4 - typical loadout?

    It depends on what role you want the aircraft to portray. 29(R) Sqn are the Typhoon OCU. The training squadron for pilots. So for day to day flying they would have either 2 drop tanks on the wings, or a single tank on the centreline. Then an ASRAAM on one outboard launcher and a RAIDS pod on the other outboard launcher. As there are no RAIDS pods available 2 ASRAAMS would not look out of place. If a QWI (qualified weapons instructor) course was in progress then they could be loaded with any in service weapons of the time for use during the course. Of the weapons included. Iris-T, Taurus, GBU 24B and AIM-9L are not for RAF Typhoons. Meteor and Storm Shadow were not available to Typhoon in 2014. There are pictures of aircraft in 29 Sqn markings being used by other Coningsby squadrons, possibly for QRA duties. A QRA load of the time would be 4x ASRAAM and 4x AIM120 AMRAAM. Hope this helps Rob.
  12. Wow, stunning.
  13. Phone Phixer

    Airfix 1/48 Sepecat Jaguar GR.3A

    Lovely finish on it, great job. A baggage pod fitted on the centerline pylon, you don't see that modeled very often
  14. Phone Phixer

    Tengah Scramble

    Really great work. It captures the atmosphere of the real event superbly.