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  1. Depends on the type. When the OCU got its war role, Pavespike designation for the RAFG Tornado's, it also inherited the remaining stock of AIM-9B Sidewinders from 15 & 16 Sqns. They were sooo basic, one step up from "light blue touchpaper and stand clear". Included in the mod's for the Pulsator jets was the ability to carry AIM-9G's, big improvement. All the Bucc fleet got that ability when they went through the Sea Eagle update programme.
  2. Only 12 aircraft were fitted with AN/ALE40 dispensers under the exhaust nacelles. These were the Op Pulsator aircraft for Beirut. A slight design flaw developed!! Flares could only be loaded to the stbd dispenser, as the port one ejected them straight past the fuel dump mast (draw your own conclusions as to what could go wrong). Chaff bits were found to be migrating into the rear avionics bay, located in the fuselage under the tail. Aluminium foil and wiggly amp powered fairy kit do not mix well. Later on dispensers were fitted near the hook and on the outboard pylons, better all round.
  3. It was structural failure due to fatigue cracking of the main (front) spar near the wing fold. One wing of the affected jet (XV345) literally broke off due to wind shear when the aircraft crested a ridge during low level flight in the Nevada desert during a Red Flag exercise. Tragically it was all too quick and low for the crew, and resulted in 2 fatalities. During the following investigation it was found that many airframes were well beyond the fatigue test rig for wear and tear/crack prediction. Some airframes were too damaged to recover and were scrapped. Others had very strict limits set for fatigue life, and the whole fleet was closely monitored for main spar cracking. Every 1FI we had to swap the outboard pylons for jacking pylons. The riggers would then "stress jack" the aircraft, remove bolts from the main spars, then the NDT guys would inspect for cracks. Even the mighty Bucc, built like a brick Sh%@house had its limits. Rob.
  4. The upper 2 pictures are of the early version of the type 6MSB seat. The para pack area of the seat structure has side walls to protect the cloth covered para pack. Similar in design to the type 4 seat in Lightnings etc. It also has taller canopy breakers, as MDC was not fitted then to pre break the canopy perspex. It only has the single loop face screen firing handle. The seat straps are for use with the separate body harness, as it has koch fasteners on the shoulder straps. I think this is the seat that is represented in the new Airfix kit. The lower 2 pictures are of the later seat, still a 6MSB. The para pack was now in a hard fibreglass shell, so the upper structure side walls were removed. It has the combined "simplified" harness and para pack (fitted after 1981/2) The canopy breakers were smaller and its the double loop face screen handle. The seat is actually the type 6MSB Mk 5 with the splayed thigh guards for rear cockpit use, so the nav could get his legs either side of the TV monitor for Martel and Pavespike operation. Rob.
  5. As 71chally says stations 9 & 10. https://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php?topic=394.90
  6. Very nice build. The weathering and shades of grey used look great.
  7. Superb work on the camo. Definitely a weird looking beast.
  8. Wonderful modelling and a fantastic diorama. "Break it off................home and tea"
  9. The OP said he wanted to do a 12 or 208 aircraft. Those Xtradecal sheets only give 1 option for an early flat belly 12 sqn jet. The others are for S2B bulged tank versions. Therefore my comment to have the bomb door open and a change of pylons, he can do any of the markings. It adds interest anyway, an open bay with 4 x 1,000lb bombs. Plus wing pylons loaded. The mighty Bucc!!!
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