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  1. My friend and instructor Buzz Polistock -combat veteran Skyraiders Vietnam—would be very happy with this masterpiece. Russ please can we talk you into doing an instructional video with your techniques and processes?
  2. I have a mossie project on the bench that I have not touched in ten weeks and this inspired me to pick it up again.
  3. I recently looked at this Seafire and i really like the detail and weathering. The 47 was such a great subject and you have made it pop to life!!
  4. Question: does anyone make long-range tanks for the photo-recon Airfix 1/48 Seafire Mk. 47? I believe a centerline tank and two form fitting wing tanks were used. Thank you.
  5. Nicely done and tells a story. The optimism of Luftwaffe in 1942.
  6. I don’t see any flaws. Nice build! What was the biggest challenge? I have the same conversion on the shelf.
  7. Sorry for my enthusiasm here but this is simply one of the finest Corsairs on these pages.
  8. I think the weathering is fine. It’s like the acropolis, with irregular columns. The irregular Colums make for a more pleasant viewing experience.
  9. Was this the paint?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gunze-Sangyo-Mr-Color-C-326-Gloss-Blue/163951052765?epid=1023050850&hash=item262c3e87dd:g:71oAAOSw3Fpd02iW
  10. Absolutely perfect. One of the best Korean Corsairs ever. Perfect blend of weathering and semi-gloss. Is there a link to the build?? Which paints?? The GSB is spot-on.
  11. Weathering is so perfect! The filth of the Canal is clearly reflected in the finish.
  12. This will be huge. That being said I sure wish we had a decent Il-10 in 1/48.
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