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  1. Hello gang, I wish to upgrade the cockpit of the Trumpeter 1/48 Su-9. I see that a number of modelers have used the Neomega upgrade for the KP Sukhoi Su-7 -- but is there a dedicated aftermarket cockpit set for the Trumpeter kit? Thank you
  2. Love your build and finish, despite my prejudice against the choice of camouflage color by the vietnamense.
  3. Hello, Like many of you, I am looking forward to the Zvezda Mi-8 in 1/48 and Trumpeter Mi-8T. Does anyone know if late MTV versions are planned by either company? With regard to the Anetra (sp?)?kit, was there a conversion kit available to bring it current to the MTV standard? Thank you!!
  4. Beautiful, accurate finish and flawless build. Thank you for posting this.
  5. Sorry to be late for the party, but where did you get your Royal Hellenic decals? Thank you Dimetry!
  6. Hello gang, I watched a YouTube video where the builder of the Tamiya He/219 Uhu uses a "paint pen" to achieve a series of "squiggles" and loops to achieve a realistic mottle finish. The paint pen is identified by the author as "Montana Pen" yet the link provided goes to a paint pen with pre-filled acrylic paint. Does anyone know of where one can find refillable paint pens capable of administering acrylic paints mixed by the builder? Thank you!
  7. I love the splinter camouflage. As an aside my dad was in a ditch, Cyprus 1942, and was attacked by some of these bad boys. He said it was "black" and the attack was terrifying.
  8. I can't wait to see what the aftermarket folks will do with the interior and turret.
  9. Anson was ubiquitous to so many air forces. This kit appears to be another brilliant product by Airfix. I am creating a presentation of 1/48 Hellenic Air Force types, during the 1940-1941 period. I will certainly be adding the beautiful Anson to that collection.
  10. My compliments to you Andrea for a beautiful build and finish. I have often thought of building this kit and adding aftermarket. After hearing the stories from fellow builders, I worry that additions could lead to "project stall". Did you add much aftermarket to the cockpit? Thanks again
  11. Beautiful build and finish. You mentioned the landing gear--is it sufficiently strong for the kit?
  12. This is extraordinary. The surface detail is so fine.
  13. Thank you gentlemen!! Tomas, I truly appreciate your help. Thank you again Graham and Ewen--I am half blind but see your point.
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