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  1. This is great news for all aviation enthusiasts. The L-4 was a ubiquitous in workhorse in almost every modern conflict 1940-1970, including WW2, the Korean War, the Algerian War, and the Arab-Israeli wars. They served in every branch of the service plus CAT, and civil airlines. I would also like to build, in 1/48, the Norseman, L-17 Navion and L-23.
  2. Hello all, The Hawk 75 featured Madsen guns in pods under the wing. These guns were also utilized on the Fokker XXI and Breda 65. Can anyone suggest an aftermarket replacement in 1/48? Thank you for your interest.
  3. Looks mighty fine from here. Trying to think of how I will preserve the delicate surface detail under the gloss black paint.
  4. Now you did it!! I have all the Hypersonic sets plus the A-Mold nose correction. I was waiting for wheel Wells from Hypersonic but seeing your outstanding whale with the beautiful canopy correction just put ideas in my head. This is a work of plastic art! One question- how did you gently emphasize the panel lines without hitting us over the head with them? They are "there" and then they are "not". Were they penciled in and they overcoated with something to flatten them out? Again my highest praise to you!
  5. I think you gave your son the best gift of all: your time, interest and encouragement. Both 109s look great!
  6. Probably the best Privateer in this scale I've ever seen on these pages. The framework on the glass is in scale and absolutely stunning. It appears that you also filled the trench like panel lines.
  7. Thank you for posting this! The Sea Fury is a beautiful brute of a plane and this rendition captures the look perfectly. In service they were kept generally clean but when they transferred to muddy Korean strips they looked like dirty Corsairs. All the resin was worth it--I can see the detail and improvements.
  8. Happy New Year all! Brother Russ" excellent Siebel 204 (in French colors as a NC 701 in Ready for Inspection this past week), put some thoughts in my head, and now I am considering a full conversion of the Special Hobby 1/48 Siebel 204 to a NC 701. Like Russ, I don't have to get every rivet right--just enough to make a convincing replica. I am especially enthused about a NC 701 with a big .50 machine gun in the door. I've made a short list of changes to be made and if would appreciate some guidance and suggestions. Many thanks! 1. needs three propellers instead of two; 2. Window spacing may need to be revised; 3. Framing and shape of canopy is slightly different. 4. Exhaust placement is slightly different. That is what I have first and foremost. I do hope Special Hobby produce a French version however until then we'll just have to make do with our spares box and sanding stick. Thank you again for any additions to my short list.
  9. They may be both based on the Scale Bureau kit?
  10. 1969 I saw the RF-84's at Athens International in both bare metal and camouflage. It was 10 pm and they sitting out in a line next to our bus.
  11. Baltimore. Beaufort. B-17F, F-82, Hawk 75. This is the golden Era of 1/48 multi engine and lesser-known kit subjects.
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