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  1. They will be missed. I loved the shop in Wheaten, Maryland. I played hookey during a cousins nearby wedding reception. Will never forget that I was buying resin scale bits in a tux.
  2. A very accurate 1/48 two-stage Mossie please. All the French mediums are ripe for a 1/48 kit. A very accurate Nell, Sally or Helen would sell like hot cakes!!
  3. Greetings all, i was looking at my Tamiya Dinah and thinking of how I could backdate it to a Ki-46 II with the stepped nose. I was wondering if anyone makes a fuselage conversion in 1/48? It may be an opportunity for one of the resin conversion resin outfits such as Lone Star Models or Alleycat. Thank you all.
  4. Hi!! Where can one find this kit?? Thank you.
  5. How did you add the smallish “dots” of off-blue paint on the upper side of the wings? I feel like I am looking at the real thing. Stunning build and finish.
  6. How did you get the beautiful finish on the P-51? Cheers
  7. Scary thought that Blenheim fighters were the best aircraft available in 1941 in Iraq.
  8. Hello all, In reviewing the new book on the air war in Iraq, 1941 I ran across a reference to an intercept by a Blenheim nightfighter. Can anyone comment on whether any Blenheims in Iraq were painted in the overall black scheme? Thank you very much.
  9. Pride of the North Vietnamese Air Force!! Put me down for two!!
  10. I read that Wellborn was flying his P-43A with Chinese markings. Looking for the reference. Does the kit provide decals for Wellborn’s ship? Thank you and this is an impressive kit!!
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