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  1. Hello all, I am planning to add resin engines to my 1/48 B-17G by Hong Kong. There must be six options available with a wide range of pricing. Eduard Brassin set looks good. Can anyone recommend a set? My interest is in ease of assembly (as opposed to accuracy) as I have just completed my P-43 with 100 fiddly parts the size of a ant's head. Thank you all in advance for any response.
  2. Dmitry--did your grandfather describe the cartographic missions or locations? Did they travel to the Far East or southern border? Any border encounters with Americans, Brits or Chinese? Sorry for hijacking the thread. Topic is fascinating.
  3. This is inspirational. I love the slight variation in the finish. My Tomahawk is still in cockpit-build mode. I got tired of it, put it down. Mistake.
  4. Dmitry this is a historical and important to all Russian aviation historians. Any idea of the nose configuration--was it modified A-20G for cartographic work?
  5. Thanks Usual. So the Freightdog (early) 1/48 conversion is correct for a PR.34? I thought (apparently mistakenly) that the Paragon camera bay was correct for a late version.
  6. Sorry for the odd question but I have an idea for a Mosquito diorama. Just learned that PR.34s flew all about the southern borders of Russia in the Cold War and made fuel stops from time to time in friendly territory. What types of aircraft would be sitting around the edges of a Syrian airfield in the immediate post-war years? So far I have located photos or profiles of Spitfire 22's, Machi 205's and Fiat G.55's. Also Percival Proctors, and NA T-6's. Were there any other odd-ball planes left over by the French such as Morane 406's, Dewotine 520s, or other types? I would think most Vichy types were in the junk yard by then but not certain. Thanks for any response!
  7. How did you emphasize panel lines? They're noticeable, understated and give the gloss sea blue finish some depth. Nicely done short cake!
  8. The side gun sticking out of the fuselage is savage!! I want to build this in 1/48!! Inspirational!!
  9. Sorry to be late to the thread but does anyone have any information on John Cunningham's Blenheim nightfighter in August 1940? Thank you.
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