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  1. Hello all, I have the Eduard 1/48 Mig-21MF on deck and want to display the kit with the canopy open. Is there an aftermarket cockpit set available that is recommended? I am a patient builder and typically spend a lot of time sanding to fit. Thank you for your interest and suggestions.
  2. This is eye-catching and impressive on many levels.
  3. I love the build and finish. You did a fine job.
  4. I just ordered Rinaldi’s upcoming book on the He-219. Until reading your post and Rinaldis YouTube page, I was a “oil drop” guy. Oil Rendering seems to be a paint process of adding light and gradual shade to a mono color. Thank you again.
  5. Stunning museum piece! How did you achieve the slight variation in the light brown color-staining with oils?
  6. I love the detail work on the prop and shelf behind the cockpit.
  7. Beautiful kit!! I will be buying one. Is there a definitive resource with information on operational history and color schemes??
  8. The vac canopy and exhausts really look great. Very nice work!!
  9. My jaw just dropped. How did you do this?? Please instruct us on how you achieved the dark green patches in multiple “shadows” of verified swirls. Absolutely stunning.
  10. The Yak-25 is my favorite Russian jet of the era. Brutish and bare metal.
  11. Greetings gents. I would like to convert a 1/48 Special Hobby Re-2000 to a Hungarian-built Mavag Heja. Is there a conversion kit available in this scale? It appears that one would only add one foot to the cowl, but I don’t know the exact differences. Perhaps someone has converted the Re-2000 already and has some ideas on a scratch-built way forward? Thank you.
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