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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. 28ZComeback

    Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Airfix 1/48

    I kept asking myself “how”? This is gorgeous.
  3. Love the paint scheme—brown cowl and overall green. So Russian!
  4. 28ZComeback

    Yak-9P 1/48 Special Bureau

    I want to point out that the color of the Yak-9P is perfect. Thank you for posting this. Great build and paint!
  5. Greetings, I would like to build an accurate/detailed Special Hobby Fairey Barracuda II in 1/48 for a diorama. Canopy will be opened. I would like to add as much detail as possible. There is the HiTech kit, plus the Brengun detail set. What is the best path to a detailed Special Hobby Fairey Barracuda kit? I see that a number of detail sets are available, and wonder if they supplant the generous resin pieces provided in the HiTech kit. Thank you.
  6. 28ZComeback

    Blenheim Mk If

    Beautiful little build! I have ordered two Blenheims and look forward to building them. Thank you for remembering the Herrick Family! May there memory be eternal!
  7. I was totally wrong about the stop in North Korea. The Colossus stopped in the south. No planes debarked. I would like to thank you gents for your research assist. It’s been very helpful. Thank you again and best wishes for a healthy new year!
  8. Gentlemen, Happy New Year! My question concerns the HMS Colossus’ trip to Choison and Wonson, North Korea in 1945 immediately following hostilities. The purpose of the trip was to locate and transport Allied POWs from the camps, and photos show the Colossus’ entire hangar deck dedicated to temporary beds for survivors. Can anyone tell me if the Fairey Barracudas onboard were used to survey the camps, transport POWs, conduct combat patrols or for any other purpose? Did they land in North Korea? Apparently the Barracudas from other carriers were used to fulfill a number of such tasks in Shanghai and Hong Kong along the same time. Thank you for any response, which I appreciate.
  9. 28ZComeback

    Question about 1/48 P-38L Lightning: what is best option?

    Thanks - I built the Mongram P-38 in 1972. Pure pleasure!!
  10. 28ZComeback

    Question about 1/48 P-38L Lightning: what is best option?

    Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. I truly appreciate your informative posts including the helpful links. Thank you many tines.
  11. 28ZComeback

    Question about 1/48 P-38L Lightning: what is best option?

    Actually the F-5G.
  12. Good information and I appreciate your research! Thank you both.
  13. I was chatting with an US Army Aviation pilot from the Korean War and he mentioned that at least four South Korean pilots defected to the North in 1952-1953 in L-19’s. In reviewing the history of the South Korean Air Force, these were not the only defections during the war. One F-51 was flown to North Korea. It is rational to believe that any such plane would be destroyed within hours by either the North Korean AAA or United Nations air attacks. Still my friend told me that it was believed the North Koreans used the L-19s for liaison work. Does anyone know if such accounts are supported by operational histories or action reports, photos, or first hand accounts? Wondering if the North Koreans used the F-51 for any purpose if it survived. Thank you and best wishes for the new year.
  14. Greetings, I am contemplating a 1/48 P-38L build and was wondering what the best option is given the numerous chioices available. My interest is in detail and scale appearance. I understand the Hasegawa kit has some detail issues. Can the Academy/Eduard P-38J be modified sufficiently to replicate a “L” model? It would appear then that the Eduard Special Limited edition P-38J would be the way to go. Thank you for your comments.
  15. This is the definition of modeling triumph!!